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Top 10 Best Ring Stretchers in 2024 Reviews

Reasons for wanting to stretch a ring are countless. You may be a jeweler that intends to customize rings for customers to keep them coming for more accurate services. You may have as well just grown bigger (or smaller), and you’d like to retain your beautiful but smaller/bigger ring. Sometimes, you wish to switch ring fingers, but the beautiful ring you bought won’t fit on the other one. Either way, fixing the ring’s size is the only trick, and the best ring stretcher is all you need.

You don’t have to find the best stretcher by learning from the experience of wasting money on fake ones. The following top 10 Best Ring Stretchers review and buyers’ guide will help you save time, money, and effort in finding a precision ring stretcher for your treasured jewels and or jewelry business. It carries a list of matchless stretchers of various kinds that fits multiple situations. Enjoy the read, pals.

List of 10 Best Ring Stretchers in 2024

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#10. The SE Premium Ring Stretcher (JT-RS151P)

The SE Premium Ring Stretcher (JT-RS151P)

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The JT-RS151P is perfect for an accurate and easy stretching of all kinds of rings, including some types of stones. Before you stretch your ring, please make sure that you anneal it in advance to avoid unnecessary destruction. Push the lever until there’s some resistance. When you feel resistance, this is when you should be careful. Apply less pressure at this point.

The SE ring stretcher is suitable for a wide range of uses, including both commercial and at-home purposes. However, it’s perfect for commercial use. The stretcher is also DIY mountable on a bench, which gives users an easy time in the stretching process. Please make sure that you stretch the ring bit by bit as you check the size again and again.

  • It stretches sizes from 1 to 15
  • Very easy to use
  • Not for use on rings with prongs
  • Mountable on a desk
  • Comes in a variety of colors

#9. Durston Ring Stretcher And Reducer

Durston Ring Stretcher And Reducer

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The Durston stretcher doubles up as a reducer to cover all your ring resizing needs. It is made in the UK by one of the most trustworthy rolling mills and jewelry tools makers — Durston LTD. This is the first indication that it’s a quality tool. It’s made of both hardened steel and cast iron. The shaft is made of hardened steel and bends up to 4 mm thick.

The Durston stretcher will provide precision resizing to all types of rings except those with stones. Its performance is indisputably the best, judging from the customers’ feedbacks on various platforms. Make sure that you get the original model from Amazon. Take a look at additional information about it below.

  • The mandrel uses six spines
  • The reducing plate is made of steel
  • Uses 16 polished dies
  • It can reduce rings to 12 mm wide
  • Expands rings to 16 mm wide

#8. The Pongnas Ring Stretcher and Reducer

The Pongnas Ring Stretcher and Reducer

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Pongnas offers exquisite size adjustments while saving your precious time. You don’t have to use more time and effort to adjust your rings by hand. Hand adjustments also put you at risk of sacrificing the quality of adjustments. With the  Pongnas stretcher and reducer, you can achieve your desired ring size in seconds.

This stretcher-cum-reducer is double-poled so that you can work with a wide variety of ring sizes. I like the fact that this stretcher leaves little or no marks on your ring, leaving you with no need to polish it later. It will make no noise while in use, and that’s a fortune. Here are more features.

  • Made of durable and wear-resistant metal
  • Double-poled
  • Base Dimensions: 7.13″ (L) by 4.41″ (W) by 1.34″ (H)
  • Reduction plate material: Aluminium
  • The tool is mountable
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#7. The Tianjin Ring Stretcher

The Tianjin Ring Stretcher

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The Tianjin ring stretcher is one of a kind that gives even those with arthritis the chance to resize their rings, having been made of an easy-to-turn lever. The handle needs not much twisting to change the ring’s size, just a weak turn. It’s a handheld stretcher that can be used both in jewelry repair shops and at home for personal purposes.

The manufacturer, Tianjin, is known for its quality products alone. That’s why this stretcher had to appear on this list. This is also one of the most affordable ring stretchers on this list. After the stretch, your ring is ready to wear as the stretcher will leave no marks on it so that you again look for polishing services. This is a rare feature in most stretchers.

  • Resizes bands from 1-14 (US sizes)
  • Weighs 2.56 pounds only
  • Dimensions: 12.8″ (L) by 3.7″ (W) by 1.8″ (H)
  • Made of hardened steel
  • It is handheld

#6. Salmue Ring Stretcher Reducer

Salmue Ring Stretcher Reducer

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Salmue can expand and shrink your ring in no time and with the least amount of effort. It can enlarge more than half your ring size. Likewise, it can only shrink smooth polishing rings. Expect no marks that may tamper with the beautiful outlook of your precious jewelry. After placing your ring on the shaft, slowly and carefully press down the comfortable operating shaft to gain the desired shape.

This stretcher also allows you to make rings from pennies. This is a massive advantage to professional jewelers. It’s their chance to make more money with this tool. Salmue is also mountable so that the user gets an easy time operating the instrument without an inch of distractive movements.

  • Usable for contracting and expanding your ring
  • Comfortable operating shaft
  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Scale design on the tool gives precision sizing
  • Can also be used for ring shaping
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#5. Rosenthal Collection Ring Stretcher And Reducer

Rosenthal Collection Ring Stretcher And Reducer

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The rugged, heavy-duty sizer is made to give you convenience, precision, and long-lasting service. Apart from the stretcher, Rosenthal has a reversible base plate for reducing your ring’s size. The base has 16 honed reduction dies that are smoothly polished and accommodates up to 12 mm (approximately 0.5 inches) bands.

Rosenthal also allows you to make rings from coins despite being able to deal with a wide range of ring materials. You can mount the stretcher using the holes at the base. It’s a DIY process that needs no special tools and the least of your time.

  • For sizes 1-16
  • Features six splines
  • It resizes any non-ferrous material
  • It has four mounting holes at the base
  • Dimensions: 17.5″ L x 7.25″ W x 4.5″ H

#4. JPB Ring Stretcher and Reducer

JPB Ring Stretcher and Reducer

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JPB has the right strength for steel, iron, aluminum, and other ring materials. It can reduce and stretch a wide range of ring models to fit your customers’ or personal desires. Plus, it has comfortable handles that allow you to use the stretcher/reducer for a long time. You only need a little effort for the activity.

The machine can be secured onto a workbench, or used without mounting. It’s usable for personal rings or commercially at a jewelry shop. Customers who bought this stretcher have recorded lots of advantages, including durability, precision, ease of use, affordable price, and countless more. Take a look at more of its features in the next section below.

  • Features four splines
  • It is mountable
  • The handle is non-threaded and can be adjusted using a screw
  • The item weighs 19.4 pounds
  • Measurements: 7.5 by 4.5 by 18 inches
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#3. The EURO TOOL Ring Stretcher

The EURO TOOL Ring Stretcher

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This Italian stretcher is a dual-purpose tool that can also reduce ring sizes. It features an already-graduated mandrel that measures your ring as you resize it. The mandrel is graduated in US sizes. Most people love its compact size that doesn’t consume much storage or mounting space. The stretcher comes in various colors on Amazon.

You can use this tool while mounted or not. I’d advise professional jewelers to consider installing it for a more comfortable operation. The reversible base plate features smooth reduction dies that will leave no marks on your ring.

  • Enlarges rings up to size 15
  • Uses six splines
  • Features 16 reduction dies
  • Has four mounting holes
  • Reduces rings up to 12 mm

#2. The Tek Motion 2in1 Ring Stretcher

The Tek Motion 2in1 Ring Stretcher

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If you need back the value for money invested on a ring stretcher, you better go for the Tek Motion ring stretcher/reducer. It wins the second position on this list for being rich in a number of much-needed features. Its graduated vertical mandrel helps you measure the ring under stretch so that you can achieve the right size while stretching. Mounting holes are drilled to help you fix the tool on a convenient surface for a less fatiguing task.

Tek Motion uses technology to solve problems, and that’s what it has done with this ring stretcher. A slight movement of the machine’s lever system leads to a wider stretch than in most other stretchers. This means that you’ll need just a little effort to resize your rings. Here are more features.

  • It features an already-graduated mandrel
  • It has four mounting holes
  • The sophisticated lever system needs little user effort
  • The tool can deal with sturdy rings because it’s strong itself (steel)
  • It will live longer than expected

#1. The SE Ring Stretcher and Reducer  (JT148RR)

The SE Ring Stretcher and Reducer  (JT148RR)

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Ring stretchers from SE are of unsurpassed quality, and that’s why the  JT148RR is the second one on my list from the same manufacturer. It’s also the best in 2024! The stretcher can also reduce the size of your rings. It’s suitable for use with any materials due to its strength.  You can use it in your jewelry shop, repair store, and at home. Make sure that you adjust your ring’s size only after annealing.

If your ring features a stone, make sure that the stone type is compatible with this stretcher to avoid losses. Remember not to use this stretcher for rings with prongs. Make use of the graduated mandrel to achieve the desired size. Here are more features.

  • Can be used to shape rings using balls
  • It stretches to size 14 (American)
  • Uses six splines
  • It’s mountable
  • You can make rings from coins using it
  • Needs minimal effort

Ring Stretcher– Buyer’s Guide

The Materials It Works With: Mostly, you’ll find it written that ring stretchers do not work with rings that contain stones. The case doesn’t apply to all stretchers, but quite a number of them. It’s highly advisable to purchase a stretcher that actually works with rings with stones. Apart from having extra material to work on, these are one of the most accurate stretchers due to their accurate and “cautious” stretching mechanisms that lead to precision adjustments.

The Number of Splines: Some stretchers use splines to adjust your ring’s size. Splines are the loose segments on the stretcher’s mandrel that move apart upon pushing up the stretcher’s handle. More splines imply that you can customize more ring sizes, leave alone, giving you room to customize one size more perfectly. Eight splines are better than six, so be sure to go with a larger number of the splines.

Price: In these tight times, you have to be vigilant about what leaves the pocket. Everyone seeks to spend on excellent value, and that’s what you need, too. As you make your way (guided by this buying guide) towards the best stretcher, keep your eye fixed on what you can afford. This can be confusing, especially if you don’t have much experience. That’s why my list includes cheaper but quality-stamped stretchers.

How Much You’ll Use It: You’re free to purchase the handheld or mountable ring stretchers. Mountable ring stretchers are mostly used by professional jewelers while the handheld types are common to home-based users. The handheld ring stretchers are often not used multiple times due to fatigue, but they’re less costly and easily accessible, leave alone straightforward to use. If you’re a professional jeweler, you need the mountable type.

Additional Functions: Adjusting the size of your ring not only needs stretching it out but also reducing the size. Most stretchers, nowadays, have both functions in one machine. This is worth going for, as you’re likely to need both, even if you’re not a commercial user. Luckily, most of the stretchers on my list are of the dual-purpose type.

Other Factors: You may also want to consider the machine’s size for ease of operation, color for beauty, material for durability, manufacturer’s warranty for quality assurance, and more. Always make sure that the stretcher you buy checks all the boxes for the factors listed above.


Ring stretchers are much-needed tools for jewel businesses and jewel freaks. Although there’s an overwhelming number of models in the market, choosing the right one for your needs is easy with such a comprehensive review in place. Please make the best use of the review and buying guide to your advantage.

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