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Top 10 Best Rebar Tie Guns in 2024 Reviews

If you work in industries involved in the production of wires, then you might have come across the Rebar Tie Guns. It comes as necessary equipment that companies need where you can also use its construction, workplace, and more. Rebar Tie Guns operates with battery power, where it works at the intersection of the rebar rods. The operator requires placing one edge of the wire to the Rebar and depress the trigger of the Rebar Tie Gun, which then feeds the wire needed to the rebar rod for various purposes.

Rebar Tie Guns works at high speeds by wrapping the required wire length onto the rebar rods, thus promoting productivity and high performance. It’s a time saver machine or equipment that finds its operations in various industries. It’s also a time saver machine that requires you to consider several factors when purchasing one. One may find it challenging to select the most suitable, but here’s the review of the best Rebar Tie Guns in the market today for you.

List of 10 Best Rebar Tie Guns in 2024

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#10. WANLECY Rebar Tier Tying Machine

WANLECY Rebar Tier Tying Machine

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WANLECY provides maximum power to pack the rebars at a higher speed, thus saving time up to 5-times as compared to employing manual manpower. The gun uses 12V power for operating the steel bar rod, thus tying and binding the required wire length in minutes. It’s an exclusive electric tying tool that comes with an extendable strapping from 8 – 34mm. The tying machine features a highly advanced craft structure in a simple design that promotes convenience when working.

It’s a Rebar Tie Gun that comes in a compact and lightweight design that’s easy to grab and get going to your workplace. The machine features a high-performance miniature motor that ensures maximum power, credibility, and maximum safety. It is also simple to use where you only need to tilt left after banding and then tilt right for the next banding, thus left and right banding. It’s versatile equipment used in building construction, steel bar, floor piping, floor meshing, and more.

  • Operates at high speed thus saving time up to 5-times
  • Uses 12V power for operating the steel bar rod
  • Extendable strapping from 8 – 34mm
  • Highly advanced craft structure
  • Comes in a simple design
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • High-performance miniature motor
  • Simple to use

#9. JIAN YA NA Rebar Tie Tying Machine

JIAN YA NA Rebar Tie Tying Machine

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JIAN YA NA comes with an exclusive high-quality design, and it comes in a compact and lightweight design that simple to grab when one goes to his or her workplace. The Rebar tie provides unlimited power to pack the rebars at high speed. This speed limit saves time up to 3-5 times compared to employing the workforce. Besides, the rebar tie comes with an advanced craft and structure, which is convenient and straightforward to operate. This trait makes it a highly efficient tool to use in the building market, such as steel bars, floor pipes, and civil buildings. JIAN YA NA is also convenient because of its maintenance capabilities. The machines feature an excellent miniature tool that ensures credibility and safety.

Also, when using the machine, one can properly relax, as one only needs to tilt 45 degrees left after banding and 45 degrees right after banding. It is an electric tying tool with an expandable strapping of 30-60mm. For the durability of the machine, maintenance is vital. One should clean the machine, avoid short circuits by batteries, do not disassemble the machine without professional skills, and give professions to resolve the failure.

  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Simple to use
  • Extendable strapping of 30-60mm
  • Good miniature tool
  • Advanced craft and structure
  • Operates at high speed, saves up to 3-5 times

#8. NEWTRY Rebar Tying Machine

NEWTRY Rebar Tying Machine

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 NEWTRY is a high-quality Rebar tie machine that uses a lithium battery. The Rebar batteries have a large capacity and take a short time to charge fully. Also, the batteries stay a long time, that is, up to 4 hours, approximately 3000 knots. Besides, it features copper motors that give the tool advantage of strong power and prolong the time the machine is in use. Also, it is convenient and simple to operate NEWTRY, as it takes approximately 0.8 seconds to tie one knot.

Furthermore, the machine features a sharp knife edge that is of high quality and steel made for cutting edges. The sharp knife –edge makes the cutting of wire easier and gives durability to the final product. It is also simple to control the length and the tightness of the Rebar, which saves on costs. Using the NEWTRY rebar is advantageous because you can adjust its tightness; hence one can use it in any environment conveniently. The Rebar tying machines bind steel bars quickly.

  • It uses a lithium battery to operate
  • Large capacity battery
  • It features copper motors
  • It takes 0.8 seconds to tie a knot
  • It has a sharp knife-edge
  • Easy to regulate length and tightness
  • 3000- Knots for one battery filling
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#7. Morphon Rebar Tying Machine

Morphon Rebar Tying Machine

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Morphon is designed with metal and plastic material, which makes them durable. It comes with an adjustable strapping of 8-30 mm. Tying and banding the required wire is simple and saves time up to 3-5 compared to the use of the workforce. Besides, the Rebar tying machines come with two batteries, which are of high capacity. The battery requires 1.5 hours to charge and lasts for about 3 hours fully. The free battery serves as a backup. Also, the Morphon tying machine features a reasonable structure that promotes high efficiency and convenience when working

In addition, the machine comes with a sharp cutting edge that is durable and stable. These Rebar tying machines have adjustable tightness, which makes them suitable in any environment. It also comes with a carrying bag that protects the machine from any damage. Morphon Rebar is a versatile tool used in building construction, heating floor mesh, and piping of floors.

  • Highly durable equipment
  • Two lithium materials
  • Adjustable strapping of 8-30mm
  • High capacity batteries
  • It has a sharp cutting edge
  • Comes with a carrying bag
  • Highly versatile

#6. MABELSTAR Rebar Tying machine

MABELSTAR Rebar Tying machine

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MABELSTAR tying machine provides maximum power to pack the rebars at a high speed. It comes in a unique design compared to the traditional one as it automatically ties the Rebar. Also, the high speed of the machine saves time up to 3-4 times compared to the manual workforce. Besides, it features a highly advanced structure ad a simple design that offers efficiency and convenience when working. It comes with an adjustable strapping 0f 8-34mm, which makes it easy to use in varied environments.

In addition, the rebar tying machine has a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to operate. MABELSTAR is a versatile tying machine that is used in several constructions such as bridge building, subway construction, and site buildings. Maintenance is vital for it to serve the user for a long time.

  • Operates at a high-speed saving time up to 3-4 hours
  • Extendable strapping of 8-34mm
  • Automatically ties the Rebar
  • Maximum power for operating the bar
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Highly versatile machine
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#5. BN Cordless Rebar Tier

BN Cordless Rebar Tier

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BN tying machine comes in a compact and lightweight design, which makes it easy to use and gives a friendly grip. The machine is well balanced and ties rebars as quickly as one can pull the trigger. Besides, it can tie up to 6 rebars. It comes with a carrying case with protects the machine from any damage. Moreover, the BN comes with two batteries with high capacities that give over 500 ties. Batteries are extra-large, and one can use the machine as they charge. The Rebars tying machine uses lithium batteries that drive the motors.

Besides, the BN tying machine is simple to use, as it comes ready to use, it has an average weight of 5.8lbs. The tool is affordable and saves a lot of time. It also features a one-piece CNC rigid nose piece that is durable. Furthermore, it is plated with zinc to inhibit corrosion and rust. The rebar tying machine features a high performance, which gives credibility.

  • Comes with two extra-large batteries
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • High capacities batteries wit up to 500 ties
  • Features CNC rigid nose piece
  • Compact and lightweight design
  •  Zinc plated wire design
  •  It weighs 5.8lbs
  •  Highly durable machine

#4. MAX USA Rebar Tie Gun

MAX USA Rebar Tie Gun

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Max USA provides maximum power to tie the rebars at high speed. It comes ready to use, thus efficient even for non-professionals. Besides, it is battery powered with a high voltage of 14.4. which makes tying and binding the required wire in a short time. It also comes with a battery capacity of 3.0Ah which has a charge time of 1.5 hours. Every charge produces up to 2000 ties. Besides the MAX USA rebar features a one and operation machine which makes it convenient and easy to operate.

Furthermore, the Rebar tying machine comes in a compact and lightweight design, which is easy to grab and get to your workplace. It is also easy to operate, and the tying speed takes less than 1 sec/Tie. The Rebar is a versatile tool used in building subways and bridges. Also, it comes with an adjustable strapping of 8-34mm.

  • Powered high capacity batteries
  • High voltage batteries
  • Simple to use
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • It takes 1.5 hours to charge batteries fully
  • The machine produces 2000 ties per charge
  • Adjustable strapping 8-34mm
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#3. PEX Rebar Tie Gun

PEX Rebar Tie Gun

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PEX GUN is a battery-powered Rebar. The guns come with 14.4v lithium-ion batteries, which are of high capacity and takes 1.5 hours for them to charge fully. Also, the batteries give over 3000 ties in every battery charge. Besides, the machine comes complete with high-quality wire coils, which ensures the gears are not worn out easily and avoid clogging of the wires. It is a Rebar Tie gun that is easy to operate and only requires one hand for its operation.

The machine is a high-speed gun, which makes it an economical tool as it saves a lot of time and resources. Furthermore, the PEX GUN is very affordable and simple to use. Attaching PEX pipe to wire mesh is very simple and saves the users a lot of costs. It also features polymer material, which makes it a durable gun. In addition, it is highly portable, thus convenient and efficient to carry to any workplace. It also comes with a tool kit that protects the machine from any damage.

  • 14.4-v Lithium-ion batteries
  • Over 3000 ties per battery charge
  • High-quality wire coils
  • Features polymer material
  • Highly portable
  • Quick and very economical
  • Affordable and simple to use

#2. Makita Rebar Tying Tool

Makita Rebar Tying Tool

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Makita tying machine is the most productive and efficient Rebar tying machine. It features an 18v, 5.0Ah lithium-ion battery, which gives maximum power to use the tool at high speed. The battery can produce up to 5,300 ties per 3X 3 -diameter of the wire; this is about 120 ties per wire that provides maximum productivity. Besides, it has a multiple wire tying ability, which makes it a simple machine to operate. It features an automatic locking mechanism that offers a protective cover. It also comes with a lock feature that requires double actions to trigger power.

Makita tying machine also features a transparent wire cover that protects it’s from harmful debris. In addition, it has a well-centered position which provides comfort and reduces fatigue. It is a rebar tie machine that features a brushless motor which enables the motor to run more efficiently and gives it durability. It comes with a rubberized handle, which increases the user’s comfort. It also features protection technology, which improves its water ad dust resistance for harsh environment operations.

  • Comes with a brushless motor
  • It uses 18 v batteries to power the bars
  • Extreme protective technology
  • Maximizes its productivity
  • Highly efficient and durable
  • Rubberized soft handle
  • Transparent reel cover wires
  • Automated locking mechanism

#1. MAX Twin Rebar Tying Machine

MAX Twin Rebar Tying Machine

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MAX machine comes in a unique and attractive design compared to other Rebar tying machines. It also features an innovative triple mechanism that makes it a highly efficient tool. In addition, it comes with a dual feeding mechanism, which increases the productivity of the machine and makes it more economical. The twin tying machine uses less wire because it features the pullback wire mechanism making it an affordable tool. Besides, it ties wires more tightly, which ensures their durability.

A twin tying machine is a battery-powered tool that uses lithium-ion batteries. The batteries are of high capacity and take a short time to charge fully. Fully charged MAX rebar batteries could tie up to 4000 ties and up to 240 ties per wire coil. Also, the Rebar comes complete with a case that protects the machine from damage, and a charger. Besides, the twin tying machine is durable because it features steel plastic material. MAX rebar plays a significant role in the construction industry. An excellent tool in building bridges.

  • Triple innovative mechanism
  • Dual feeding mechanism
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Highly Economical and affordable
  • Made of plastic steel material
  • Fully charged batteries tie up to 4000 ties

Rebar Tie Gun– Buyer’s Guide

Design: Anytime you consider purchasing a rebar tying machine, you need to choose Rebar that comes with an exclusive design to match all your needs. Look for Rebar with a high capacity battery, which charges faster and lasts longer. Consider Rebar that has a compact and lightweight design to ensure ease in use and provide a friendly grip. Choose a tying machine that features long-lasting designs. Look for a portable machine that you can easily walk around.

Multifunctional: Look for Rebar that can serve several purposes. Identify a tying machine that you can efficiently and conveniently use in the building industry and also fill pipes. Consider rebars that are simple and safe to operate to ensure your safety as you use them. One should also consider a machine that is highly affordable and can serve several functions.

Versatility: Consider a ready-to-use machine that is easy to operate. Choose a one-hand operation tool that will reduce fatigue while using Rebar. One should look for a fast and economical tool that will save on time and cost you incur while cutting the wires. Identify Rebar featured with high protection technology, which will ensure water and dust resistance in case one is working in harsh environments.

Durability: Anytime you consider buying Rebar, identify one that lasts longer. Consider a machine that features highly durable material such as a steel plastic tying machine. Look for a rebar machine that requires less maintenance to last longer.


Rebar tying machines are easy to operate and durable tools. The machines work with high capacities batteries that charge fast and last a long time. Besides, they are common in the construction industry. Constructors use the tools in building subways, bridges, and filling pipes. One can conveniently use the tools because they are portable. Highly economical, affordable, and simple to use machines. It’s now your turn to select the most reliable Rebar Tie Gun from the above review and place your order today while stocks last.

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