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Top 10 Best Guest Pagers in 2024 Reviews

People need pagers for different activities in different environments, depending on their types and features. Restaurants need them for customer service betterment, while hospital setups need them for their penetrative signals (that can go through thick walls). I won’t delve into the details of who needs pagers when and why (for now), but into the details of which type and model are the best for you.

The following review covers the top 10 best guest pagers in 2024, plus the chief factors to consider before purchasing one. If you’re a restaurant merchant who needs one to keep customers close while they wait for preparations, I have both alphanumeric and signal pagers in the review. Family members that need to chat or notify one another about something will also find the ideal two-way pager on the list. Let’s move straight to the review below.

List of 10 Best Guest Pagers in 2024

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#10. CallToU 20 Restaurant Guest Pager

CallToU 20 Restaurant Guest Pager

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CallToU is a popular pager brand, and this specific one will suit your bakery, food court, hotel, restaurant, and more. The pagers come in a set of 20. They can notify your customers using LED lights, buzzers, or vibrations. The keyboard host is call-enabled so that the waiter can call the other pagers to notify them of their orders.

A single power adapter charges all the pagers simultaneously. Use the fast-charger to save valuable charging time. Each pager has a long-life battery that can last for as long as 72 hours (after fully charging) before it’s charged again. The high sensitivity and range of pagers make them the best choice for your restaurant.

  • Range: 200 meters in an open space
  • The sizes: 11.8 by 5.9 by 1.3 (call host) and 4.1 by 2.0 by 0.4 inches (pager)
  • The rechargeable battery of each pager is 3.7 volts
  • You can add a maximum of 99 pagers to the group
  • High receiving sensitivity

#9. LIOTOIN Wireless Caregiver Pager

LIOTOIN Wireless Caregiver Pager

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The LIOTOIN caregiver pager is useful in hospitals and for at-home caregivers. The small-sized pagers can easily be kept in the pocket, attached to a bed or wheelchair, and in more places. Use the silent mode with a flashlight to notify your hearing-impaired caregiver, too. You can also use loud sounds (with adjustable volume).

The transmitter call button is IP65 waterproof. Most people love the pager’s sleek design that’s highly presentable. Choose your best between the pager’s 36  — to enjoy the alert. The LIOTOIN pager can penetrate quite a few walls and obstacles to reach doctors in x-ray rooms and other well-protected areas.

  • The range: 600 feet
  • The volume can be adjusted between 0 and 110 DB
  • It’s easy to store and carry with you to any place
  • You have 36 melodies to choose from
  • IP65 waterproof

#8. Paging Shop Restaurant Server Pager

Paging Shop Restaurant Server Pager

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If you want a pager that will have all your customers eating fresh and hot food as soon as they’re served, you have a reason to purchase this set. Use the set in your restaurant, eatery, bar, lodges, and many other service points. It has a belt clip that helps you to attach it to a belt, which you can hang on the neck for easier portability.

The pagers can light up, beep, or vibrate to give the user an alert. You can regulate the volume of alerts to your desired level. The full year’s warranty offered by the manufacturer means that these pagers’ quality is dope. You aren’t going to spend much cash on the pager, as the most cost-effective price is on Amazon.

  • Range: half a mile in a clear space
  • The set contains 12 pagers
  • Size: 2 by 3.5 inches
  • It uses very penetrative signals
  • You can easily purchase and add more pagers to the system
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#7. Retekess T114 Wireless Caregiver Pager

Retekess T114 Wireless Caregiver Pager

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Bring more convenience to your hospital, restaurant, factory, and other places with this set of receivers. Their sophisticated receiving technology, coupled with top-quality speakers delivers sound and clear messages. Using this set of pagers is simple, and you can easily add more pagers to the system.

The flexible system has a broad range of adjustability, which lets you easily adjust the volume and standby time, among other features. Retekess has a sturdy frame that protects it from damage. Its large screen gives a highly legible display. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank for this pager.

  • The volume is adjustable through 15 levels
  • There are three device buttons on each pager; the pay, call and cancel buttons
  • Standby time: up to 6 months
  • It comes with an easy to understand user manual
  • You can install the pager on most safe places in a room, like a wall

#6. CallToU Wireless Calling Pager System

CallToU Wireless Calling Pager System

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Here’s yet another pager system from CallToU. It’s an anti-blockage type that penetrates heavy walls in long distances. The wireless pagers feature waterproof calling buttons and ABS shell materials. You have a deletion, volume adjustment, and other buttons that make your operation straightforward.

The standby time of each pager of at least six months indicates their powerful nature. For the customer or patient to get a quick alert, the pagers are designed into a compact size that can easily fit his/her pocket. Use the pagers in cafes, supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, and other setups.

  • System signal: 1000 feet in an open setup
  • All buttons are waterproof
  • Each button features a hanging necklace
  • Battery: 12 volts (available)
  • The size: 0.52 by 0.36 by 0.13 feet
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#5. SHIHUI 20 Coaster Pagers

SHIHUI 20 Coaster Pagers

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SHIHUI brings you 20 pagers and one keypad caller. The system is perfect for restaurants and hotel setups, among many other environments. Different people can use the pagers, even the blind. Three alerts systems are available for you to choose your best; you have the flash, buzzer, and vibration modes.

The system is made of ABS material that lasts long while in use, leave alone, giving a very beautiful look. You don’t have to charge each pager on its own; they all use a single charger. You’re free to purchase and add more pagers to the system as your business grows. Here are more features.

  • That power will last 36 hours while in use
  • You can include up to 999 pagers in the system
  • You can choose any between the three alert modes
  • This package comes with 20 pagers
  • Battery voltage: 3.7 V

#4. The NOLAS Pager

The NOLAS Pager

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Everyone’s talking about the favorable signal strength of this paging system. It allows customers to roam around the restaurant, eater, bar, and other places while their food is under preparation. The pager’s loud and clear alert sounds will never have the customer giving excuses of no alert.

Add and remove pagers at your convenient time without any difficulties. You can choose from vibration to beeping and flash alert modes, plus their different combinations. NOLAS pagers have powerful speakers that not only deliver clear sounds but also last a lifetime.

  • Receiver battery life: 72 hours
  • This set includes 72 pagers
  • You’ll get a user manual with the package
  • Signal range: 400 meters
  • Rechargeable battery: 3.7 volts
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#3. KERUI Wireless Restaurant Paging System

KERUI Wireless Restaurant Paging System

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If you’re looking to save some cash while making away with a top-quality set of pagers, the KERUI set will do just what you expect. The ten service buzzers can send signals to the waiter’s receiver in no time. All the buzzers are wireless, and each of them features high-frequency transmission engineering.

There’s now a better user (host) experience with this set of pagers that feature a real voice report, which is capable of attracting all service providers’ attention. The Host caller will also show the waiter the time and date (on a calendar). Here are additional features.

  • The receiving frequency is 433 MHz
  • The system matches up to 999 pagers
  • The set includes ten service buzzers and a single host
  • The user manual included to guide you
  • Range: 100 meters

#2. Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

Pagertec Complete Coaster Paging System

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Pagertec is the ideal paging system for your business of any size. It contains thirty pagers and one receiver, all that have great battery lives and two fast-charging bases. Business owners that have used the Pagertec system have a lot of positive things to commend. Disney’s, Amazon, and the Hilton hotels are just a few of the paging system company’s customers.

All the batteries will recharge (at once) for a short period of 6 hours, and each of them lasts 48 hours while the pager is in use. Get alerts from the red lights, a beep, or a vibration. All beeps and vibrations are clear and loud enough to alert you and not destroy your eardrums. Each pager in the set is water-resistant.

  • Range: 2 miles
  • The pagers use rechargeable AAA batteries
  • Two charging bases are part of the package; each base carries 15 pagers
  • The set comes with 30 pagers, two charging bases, and one transmitter
  • It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee

#1. The NADAMOO Restaurant Pager System

The NADAMOO Restaurant Pager System

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The NADAMOO restaurant pagers are compact and have high-frequency transmission abilities. They’re the best pagers that you can ever shop for in 2024! The pagers have the ability to penetrate obstacles that cellphones can’t. This set comes with ten pagers and a single signal transmitter, plus a fast-charger base, all that is durable.

Each transmitter can work with not more than 999 pagers, a feature that gives NADAMOO an edge over the rest. Enjoy the standby time of the system’s batteries, which can last up to 36 hours while in continuous use. You can choose to get alerts via a flashlight, vibration, buzzer, or a combination of three or two of the alert modes.

  • Range: 500 meters (on the open space)
  • The working frequency is 433 MHz
  • You can easily add more pagers to the system
  • Each pager has a thickness of 1 centimeter and a diameter of 2.7 inches
  • The vase charger can contain ten pagers
  • The pager features a rechargeable 3.7-volt battery

Guest Pager– Buyer’s Guide

The Range: The range of a pager refers to the farthest it can go while still receiving signals. It’s essential for various reasons. For example, restaurants do not need a very long-range, because they do not want the customer to wander far from their premises; s/he might decide to use a competitor’s services. On the other hand, hospitals need pagers with ranges that depend on the size of the hospital. If it’s a big one, long-range pagers will be ideal. Some pagers also have range alert systems that notify the user when they’re about to leave a given range.

Battery Life: Most pagers have long-lasting batteries that also seem to charge fast. You don’t want to purchase the few whose batteries are disappointing. Luckily, my team of experts has chosen only pagers whose batteries have the longest life ever. You’ll get at least two days’ service from the pagers on my list. Likewise, the pagers will recharge super fast — to save much of your time.

Type: There are basically four types of pagers that you can choose from. Two-way pagers, for example, enable users to communicate with one another mostly via messages. They’re best for families. Alphanumeric and numeric pagers enable you to read messages and numbers from the sender. They’re common in hospitals and restaurant setups. Signal pagers will only notify you (without a message or number) of a concern.

The Number Per System: Most pagers often communicate in a group, where one individual can send messages to multiple users. A specific group of pagers can only support a given number. Eatery owners have the responsibility to determine the usual size of their customer queues, to know the number of pages they’ll need for customers. A sufficient number of pagers will contain all the eatery’s customers on the waiting bench before their tables get ready.

Where You’ll Use It: After knowing the types, it helps to determine which type of pagers will suit your environment. Hospital setups will work best with long-range, alphanumeric pagers. Eateries will find no disadvantage in working with short-range pagers. Two-way pagers are great for families. There are more setups, and the type that suits a specified setup will always depend on the prevailing needs.


Pagers are still essential during these smartphone ages. They operate at high frequencies, a characteristic that gives them an edge over phones in some environments. You can purchase some for your busy restaurant, and you’ll attest that the pagers are worthwhile investments. The Journal of Hospital Medicine also has it that 80 percent of hospitals use pagers. It’s a valuable asset that you don’t want to let go of. I hope that the review was helpful. Meanwhile, have a happy shopping experience.

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