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Top Best Drawer Slide Jigs in 2024 Reviews

The installation of drawer boxes in woodworking is a painstaking process without the right tools. The chances are that the drawers won’t ride well, or will look odd due to inaccurate positioning and because of a lot of errors and guesswork. Luckily, there’s a sweet tool that never goes wrong — the drawer slide jig. It’s painlessly used by both newbies and professional woodworkers to install drawer slides perfectly and in no time. Plus, you don’t have to break the bank for one.

While you may need the best one for your projects, too, you’re likely to find a hard time nosing it out due to the multiple brand choices available. However, my review of the top 7 best drawer slide jigs in 2024 will serve you right. It contains a list of carefully selected, expert-endorsed drawer slide jigs that’ll not only make you more accurate but also last longer and save your money. A buyers’ guide is also at the bottom of the review. If you make good use of it, you won’t regret your purchases. You must be waiting for the list. Here it goes.

List of Top Best Drawer Slide Jigs in 2024

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#7. Rok Hardware Magnetic Drawer Slide Jig

Rok Hardware Magnetic Drawer Slide Jig

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I wasn’t able to relegate the ROK drawer slide jig from my list. It’s an accurate and intuitive installer for all users. Whether you need a drawer slide jig to update or work on a new cabinet, ROK has got your back in both situations. It helps you position your slides in a level posture so that your drawer won’t get stuck while you try sliding it in and out. Using it is easy for both newbies and experts.

If you’re worried about its durability, this is one of the long-lasting drawer slide jigs on this list. It’s made of hardened plastic, which is both hard to crack and bend. You can use it to install multiple slides and drawers, even in a business setup. Enjoy the jig’s wallet-friendly price and original quality, too, on Amazon.

  • Made of high-quality plastic
  • Made for both frameless and framed brackets
  • Features magnets that keep it firmly in place
  • Usable by one individual
  • Comes in a variety of color selections

#6. CHS Drawer Slide Mounting Kit

CHS Drawer Slide Mounting Kit

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This isn’t one of those cheap drawer slide mounters that have flooded the market. It features thick parts that not only withstand high pressures but also live with you for a lifetime. The jig will suit both commercial and at-home uses. People are talking much about its strong magnets, which hold the jig firmly in place during the installation process.

If you’re totally new to the woodworking field, don’t worry. An easy-to-understand user manual comes with this installation kit. No skills are needed to mount your drawer the perfect way with this kit and its user manual. Plus, the usage processes are explained by both pictorials and words to help you understand faster. You’ll save a fortune by purchasing the CHS Drawer Slide Jig on Amazon.

  • Features a powerful magnet
  • Made of industrial plastic
  • The plastics have an exceptionally valuable thickness
  • Features smooth curves that are comfortable to grip
  • Gives repeatable results
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#5. Blum Inc. 65.3300 Drawer Slide Jig

Blum Inc. 65.3300 Drawer Slide Jig

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You must be looking to save on a high-quality drawer slide jig from a trustworthy manufacturer. This one from Blum inc fits you best. The tool will work with all types of cabinets and most slides to give you a perfect drawer alignment. There’ll be no more uneven drawer slides, no more trial-and-error installations, and poorly-fit drawers that won’t slide smoothly.

One of the tool’s most admired features is the extra strong magnet that holds slides in place as you drill the cabinet. It works with open and framed cabinets, too. The jig’s price will amaze you, as what it offers is far more valuable than relatively expensive models. Customers also praise it for its durability. Getting one from Amazon will ensure that you leave with the original brand.

  • Very durable
  • Easy to use
  • Made of thick, hardened plastic
  • Its smooth curves give you a fatigue-free grip
  • The lightweight design promotes use for a more extended period

#4. ROCKLER 865042 Drawer Slide Jig

ROCKLER 865042 Drawer Slide Jig

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So this is my list’s runners up drawer slide jig with regard to cost-effectiveness. It also comes from a trustworthy manufacturer. The jig features built-in indexing tabs that help you position the slide correctly while in use. It is usable in cabinets, cases, and other furniture. All levels of woodworkers can now use this tool easy to install their slide jigs. It comes with a user manual that uses both pictorials and words to explain the navigation process.

Rockler’s lightweight design promotes easier handling. Its body doesn’t contain reactive chemicals that will make your skin itchy for no reason. Overall, the tool is a perfect and beautiful one that’ll also last long. Coupled with its cost-effectiveness, you’ll be the luckiest woodworker. Purchase one on Amazon and enjoy more and more discounts and offers, plus an assurance that you’re purchasing the original version.

  • It comes with a sliding wedge
  • Features recesses that allow drilling easily
  • It has an adjustable display foot
  • Made of plastic
  • Lasts long
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#3. The Kreg Drawer Slide Jig

The Kreg Drawer Slide Jig

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It’s in the public domain that Kreg manufacturers the best drawer slide jigs ever. Apart from its primary function, this jig can as well help you install concealed hinges, knobs, and pulls. It eliminates guesswork and enables you to make perfect slides, concealed hinges, and others, even with no past experience.

Kreg will support your drawer boxes even in the process of installing slides. It gives you enough space for drilling your cabinet during installation. There are mainly three types of drawer slides, and this kit works with all of them. Commercial woodworkers can take this chance and use this tool for their projects. If you’re one of them, you have the word.

  • It has scales that indicate perfect positioning
  • Compatible with: epoxy-coated, ball-bearing, and under-mount slides
  • Features 2-inch face clamps for creating classic joints
  • The pack contains three jigs and two clamps
  • Made of plastic

#2. Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig

Rockler Universal Drawer Slide Jig

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This is the most cost-effective drawer slide installer on my list. Rockler doesn’t charge you much for this feature-packed product but offers you all the features you need. It’ll help you install perfectly level slides for a smooth slide of your drawer. You don’t have to be an expert to use this tool — its user manual will guide you through the intuitive slide installation process.

This installer is able to work with ball-bearing, side-mount, epoxy-coated, and center-mount slides. It’s made of ABS plastic, which is highly resistant to breakage, lasts long, and withstands use in both high and low temperatures. Its height settings are fast and repeatable, courtesy of its adjustable rod. Feel free to choose from this product’s variety of colors.

  • Comes with a robust locking wedge
  • Features an adjustable indexing foot
  • Maximum drawer slide height: 1.75 inches
  • Works with most types of drawer slides
  • The foot can be used both on top and bottom

#1. Kreg KHI-SLIDE Drawer Slide Jig

Kreg KHI-SLIDE Drawer Slide Jig

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Kreg is so far the best woodworking tool manufacturer of all time. Its KHI-SLIDE drawer slide jig from finally wins on my list. It’s the best drawer slide jig in 2024, and maybe beyond! The KHI-SLIDE installer will help you install slides fast, easily, and correctly. And, you don’t need to measure and or mark anything, and the results are repeatable. The installer is reversible; hence, it can help you mount slides both on the cabinet and the drawer box.

You can use this tool in cases, cabinets, and other wood structures. Place your slides on the tool’s indexing tabs, to get a firm grip that allows you to drill the underlying wood without distraction or movements. The KHI-SLIDE is made of lightweight materials that will enable you to enjoy a fatigue-free operation. The same materials have smooth curves that give your hand a friendly grip without getting hurt.

  • The installer is reversible to fit both the drawer and cabinet
  • Useable by both experts and new woodworkers
  • Features highly effective clamps
  • It’s made of industrial-grade plastic
  • It works with most drawer slides
  • It’s very durable

Drawer Slide Jig– Buyer’s Guide

Brand: It’s essential to choose a consistent and trusted brand of a drawer slide jig. There aren’t really many manufacturers of these products, so going with a long-been-there brand will give you peace of mind while saving your selection time. Also, reputable brands offer reasonable warranties, which they fulfill. All the brands on my list are loved by customers and have a history of high-quality products only.

Customer Reviews: The power of customer feedback on product selection is inevitable. A customer with past experience in using a product will say exactly what using it feels like. Reviews will highlight the strengths and weaknesses of a product. Always make sure that you go through as many reviews as possible. Also, take care to use only credible reviews from credible sources like Amazon. My list of products is made after careful insight into customer reviews on Amazon and others.

Price: You’ll be disappointed after identifying a product, only to find out that its price is far above your budget. You have to cut your coat according to your size. Ensure that you choose a product within your budget. A piece of free advice is that the best drawer slide jigs don’t have to be expensive. There are a lot of less pricey but useful drawer slide jigs that I’ve included on my list.

Material: Most drawer slide jigs are made of plastic, to enhance their lightweight properties. However, the quality of this plastic has to be stellar, as plastics differ. For example, ABS plastics have extended durability, are resistant to impacts, withstand heavy-duty uses, and are less reactive. They’re also durable. Nevertheless, there are other types of hardened plastic types, too, that will stand the test of time. My selections are promising in terms of durability and perfect service.

Warranty: Warranty is another buying tip that assures you — the buyer — that the underlying product has no manufacturer’s defects. It also gives you the right to ask the manufacturer to deal with specific issues on the product of trade, according to the terms and conditions set. While shopping for a drawer slide jig, check if the manufacturer has provided a warranty. If there’s one, ensure that you understand the underlying terms and conditions for the offer.

Ease of Operation: These tools are designed to help both rookie and guru woodworkers alike. Some may, however, prove difficult to operate, especially if they’re not accompanied by a user manual. Please check customer reviews for the ease of operation of these tools. If there are none, ensure that you get an easy-to-understand manual to help you navigate the process.


All the products listed and reviewed above live to their descriptions. They’ll make you realize that making drawer slides can be a quick and effortless process. I hope you’ve already found your ideal drawer slide jig, and you’re ready to install your drawer in the perfect position. Get it done, pal!

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