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Top 10 Best Right Angle Drills in 2024 Reviews

A right angle drill with no doubt is really remarkably important in our homes as well as jobs. This is the item that for many reasons should not miss in the list of your tools. The ultimate reason to go for the right angle drill is that it can reach places other types of drills barely reach. Are you binding parts on construction where the environment is so uncomfortable or unnatural? The right angle drill will make your working moments easier. The drills come into two powering methods which are corded and battery-powered.

However, there is a variety of the right angle drills in the market and it is the need for every user to get the best. For that case, we had to make systematic reviews on the best of these products you can ever find. Below is the list of the top ten best right angle drills in 2024, go through them, and from that point, you can make up your mind on one or more drills that meet your needs.

List of 10 Best Right Angle Drills in 2024

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#10. Metabo HPT Right-Angle Drill

Metabo HPT Right-Angle Drill

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The Metabo HPT Right angle drill is a cordless drill and instead uses lithium-ion batteries. In case you are working in an environment that is far from electricity connectivity, this tool will help you work incredibly. The Metabo HPT chucks need no key and this makes it less complicated for you. Another reason that makes this drill so useful is that it is lightweight equipment and by using it, turning and moving around with it will be less hustle. The Metabo HPT drill rotates up to 1800 RPM which is an incredible speed that will save you time.

Your drilling needs will be satisfactorily being met with the Metabo HPT drill as it provides you the power and enough torque. The machine uses 18Volts Lithium Ion slide batteries but not included in the package. Interestingly, the Metabo HPT drill gives you the low battery alerts visibly by a light indicator so you may not be left inconvenienced. You can buy several batteries that you can replace after the other drains power. Additionally, the machine is provided with LED lighting for increased visibility in dark environments.

  • Lightweight; weighs 3.53 pounds
  • Voltage: 18 V
  • Speed: 1800 RMP
  • Support handles provide optimum comfort
  • LED light for visibility in dark working surfaces
  • Conveniently at hands due to its belt hook

#9. Chicago Pneumatic 879c Right Angle Drill

Chicago Pneumatic 879c Right Angle Drill

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Do not judge or underestimate the CP879 right angle drill for its physical appearance From its feel on your palms to its practicability will change your mind. You don’t need to worry about batteries recharge or the unavailability of electric power to operate the drill as it uses compressed air as its power source. You will not struggle to find the right grip of the machine since it perfectly fits in your palm and the trigger switch is conveniently located. To start and control the drilling, you will just press your fingers tight around it, and loosen when the stoppage is needed.

The drilling speed of the Chicago Pneumatic right angle drill reaches up to 2000 RPM. This is such an incredible drilling rate which gives you a free chunk of time. Additionally, the machine’s torque is powerful enough to work on surfaces of various textures and degrees of hardness; it comes with 3.2 ft. Lbs torque power. Sometimes under a working pressure of accidents, the drill might fall off and bang the ground hard; you are assured that this machine will hardly get damaged as it has composite housing with a thermo-plastic reinforced on the rubble grip handle.

  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Durable housing
  • Easy and comfortable grip
  • Incredible speed of 2000RPM
  • High drilling power of 3.2 ft. Lbs torque
  • Power source: air powered

#8. Makita XAD03Z Right Angle Drill

Makita XAD03Z Right Angle Drill

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Are you looking for a cordless right angle drill that will make your drilling optimally controlled? The Makita XAD03 is available in the market. The machine is ergonomically constructed in order to make your work a lot easier in all harsh and squeezed up environments. The handle is conveniently located and has a rubber layer to offer a soft and tight grip to enhance optimal comfort at work. Also, the machine’s top handle is convenient and easily adjustable in order to provide easier positioning.

You don’t have to light up the whole place to see what you are working on as the Makita XAD03Z drill has built-in LED lights to improve visibility in a dark environment. Speed and power have been well considered in the construction of this magical drill. You can drill and drive with it under various surfaces; it comes with 1400RPM max efficiency. For ultimate performance, the drill comes with auto-speed change technology that helps in adjusting speed and torque at the job.

The manufacturer of the Makita XAD03Z right angle drill has well catered to the future wellbeing of this machine. The interior components of the drill been well protected in order to channel away dust, water, and debris. These are the kind of impurities that make your tool susceptible to destruction. With this kind of protection, your machine’s shelf life is extended.

  • Interior Protective seals against dust, debris, and water
  • Led lighting in a dark environment
  • Ergonomic handle construction for a comfortable grip
  • Easy and convenient positioning
  • Battery-powered
  • Voltage: 36v
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#7. Neiko Tool 30084AA Drive [reversible]

Neiko Tool 30084AA Drive [reversible]

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if you want to enhance the effectiveness of your drilling job in confined spaces, the Neiko Tool 30084AA Drive air powered drill will do you better than any regular drill. Holding it all the time while drilling barely tires you since it’s lightweight; weighing only 2 pounds. Instead of electric power, this machine uses compressed air to drive it. Also, the drill can powerfully drill on different surfaces such as composite, metal, and wood.

The Neiko 30084AA reversible drill helps you to correct your work by removing the unwanted screws from the surfaces. Drilling might lead to dust and debris blowing, to prevent these from heading to your face; the drill comes with a rear exhaust conveniently located to blow away dust and debris. Also, the drill’s free speed runs up to 90PSI, 1900RPM, and 4CM. Additionally, it comes with a  1/4″ NPT(inlet size), and a hose size of 3/8″.

  • The rear exhaust blows dust and debris away from your face
  • Powerful enough to work on various surfaces
  • Works at an incredible speed
  • Efficient at close clearance operations
  • Easy to drill at constricted area
  • Lightweight and thus comfortable to use

#6. SKIL PWRCore Right Angle Drills [12 brushes]

SKIL PWRCore Right Angle Drill [12 brushes]

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A right angle drill that runs without a fast battery power drain is highly recommendable. The SKIL PWRCore right angle drill lithium-ion battery runs long enough to complete a couple of jobs. Its cells are placed under a wrap with a cooling mechanism that keeps the battery power 25% above the normal running period. This special casing also helps in doubling the life of the battery.

The drill comes with a USB charger and charges the battery in a flash of time; within 5 minutes, the battery charges to 25% which is enough to do 100 screws with 2.0Ah and eventually fully charges to 100% in 45 minutes. Working with the SKIL PWRCore right angle drill ensures you are not fatigued as it is a compact and lightweight tool. The drill variably peddles allowing you to operate it on various grip bearings. When it comes to illumination, the 90-degree drill comes with LED light 5 times more than the regular LEDs.

  • Allows multiple grip positions
  • Bright illuminating LED lights
  • Charges incredibly fast
  • Longer battery life
  • Longer run battery power
  • Convenient to charge at any time
  • Compact size and lightweight
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#5. Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill

Ryobi P241 Right Angle Drill

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Here comes a premium 90-degree drill for professionals as well as regular users. The drill has ergonomic features that make it easier to use in all kinds of environments. Discomfort is the last thing you want in a critical drilling position, at these moments, you need a tight and comfortable grip on your tool and that’s why the machine comes with a handle covered with a hex rubber.

The drill is fast and strong with just the right torque and enough to satisfy professional as well as household needs. It rotates 1100 times a minute beyond 130’’ lbs torque. In addition to that, you are not afraid to miss targeted drilling spots as it is provided with powerful LED lights for illumination. The bits provided for this machine are magnetic and that helps you in two different ways. If you are using the drill to drive screws on a ceiling or other places, the magnetic attachment of the screws to the bits helps to prevent them from falling off every time. The other importance is that bits do not roll off when placed on the onboard bit tray.

  • Fast enough rotation speed
  • Powerful drill torque
  • Magnetic bits that prevent screws from falling off
  • Comfortable and anti-slippery grip
  • Powerful LED lights for added visibility in the dark

#4. Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle Drills

Bosch PS11-102 Right Angle Drill

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Sometimes one may get into a situation where it is required to drill or fix parts with a screwdriver in a tight area. Well, no other drill can do better than the right angle Bosch PS11-102. The machine is crafted in a way that you can modify it into five positions for comfortable and accurate drilling. Also, the drill’s chuck is made to automatically lock so that you can replace the bits as well as enable you to focus on the target points. Also, you can adjust the drill’s head for distinct technical reasons.

When it comes to speed, Bosch PS11-102 is remarkably fast. It runs at 1300rpm at a maximum torque of 115’’ lbs. However, speed is adjustable through a paddle trigger that is easy to handle and is perfect for a single-hand performance. On arrival, Bosch is accompanied by a 12 v battery and its charger. Interestingly, with a built-in fuel gauge, you can measure the life of the battery. The soft rubberized surface and other ergonomics applied on the handle grip of the Bosch PS11-102 allows you to maintain a secure and comfortable grasp even in slippery environments. For the most part, the lightweight nature of this machine (2.75 pounds) allows you to conveniently carry it along at your work.

  • Lightweight for convenient carriage
  • Adjustable drill speed
  • Fuel gauge enables you to track the battery’s life
  • Improved ergonomics on the grip handle
  • Auto-lock nature of the chuck
  • Adjustable drill head
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#3. Milwaukee 2615-20 M18 Right Angle Drill

Milwaukee 2615-20 M18 Right Angle Drill

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Here comes another cordless but excellently functional M18 right angle drill. The drill is admirably compact made possible by its total head length of 3-3/4-Inch, and the electronic clutch integration. When it comes to operating ability, the drill is powerfully driven at 18v providing a maximum torque of 150 in-lbs. it comes with a single-sleeve keyless chuck that measures 3/8-Inches and an extended power trigger with multiple positioning for ease of use.

Not forgetting the importance of proper visibility at work, the Milwaukee 2615-20 M18 Right Angle Drill comes with built-in LEDs to illuminate the job surface as well as indicates trigger out. The body of the drill is enhanced with steel making it sturdy and durable. The drill is run by two lithium ion batteries which are bought separately.

  • Steel body makes it durable
  • Heavy duty nature makes it sturdy
  • Powerful torque
  • Convenient and versatile handling

#2. DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Drills

DEWALT 20V MAX Right Angle Drills

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The DEWALT 20V MAX is another compact and cordless right angle drill in the market. From front to back, the drill’s length measures 4 inches that are sufficiently compact to work in tight places. It is flexible and applied on a wide range of tasks since its dual speed ranges are 0-600/0-2000RPM. You can use the machine to drill holes on various surfaces as well as drive screws while binding parts.

In addition, the lightweight DEWALT 20V MAX right angle drill has been designed with a soft and convenient grip to ensure comfort and optimum control. With this consideration, the effort is minimized making it possible to work for longer periods. Also, the multi-grip trigger contributes to the ergonomics channeled to this drill and it ultimately provides convenience and comfort.

  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight and compact (weighs 3.9 pounds)
  • Can work on a wide range of applications
  • Multi-grip trigger for comfort and convenience

#1. Makita DA3010 Right Angle Drill with LED Light

Makita DA3010 Right Angle Drill with LED Light

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The Makita DA3010 right angle drill appears first in this article for the foremost reason. The drill has a set of importance that makes it a topnotch of its tool line. To start with, the machine is lightweight and compact; that does allow you to work with it in constricted areas. The head length and width measures 10-5/8″, 2-5/8″ consecutively. This makes it effective to work between framing studs and a couple of other close quarter operations.

The drill comes with peddle switch with a speed regulation dial to prevent tightening fasteners beyond the required limits, and to enable single-hand operation. The variable speed runs at 0-2,400RPM which is an outrageous rotation but saves you a great time. Additional information on the practicability, the drill’s power at 4.0AMP at less weight of 3.5 lbs. with the speed and the torque provided, the machine can controllably be used to drill on metal/wood so effectively and swift screw fastening

  • Longer shelf life due to all-ball bearing structure
  • Compact and easy to operate
  • Fast and powerful motor
  • LED light for illumination in dark areas
  • Powerful and safe grip

Right Angle Drill– Buyer’s Guide

The following are important features to take into consideration while purchasing the right angle drills:

Drill size: The drill size matters when your custom options can’t be exempted. You might be wishing to use certain drill bits but they won’t conform to the chucks that come with a certain drill. Every drill has those specific types and sizes of the bits they work with effectively.

Motor Speed and Torque: In regard to the nature of your activity or the surfaces you drill most, speed and torque consideration applies greatly. The harder the surface, the more powerful and speed the drill should be. Also, in the case of driving screws, for accuracy purposes, the drill should not be too fast and powerful. However, you can purchase the right angle drill with a variable switch so you can optimize speed and strength

Build Quality: As you look for other important factors like speed and torque, you have to consider the quality of the top cover, interior parts, and reliability. The components inside the motor have to be well protected and the top cover should be hard enough to endure harsh impacts. The build material and methods will determine the shelf life of the drill.


As we get to this point in the article, you are probably conversant with several types of right angle drills and the way they operate. Also, we have put across some of the special features in every drill including lighting, speed, torque, material, and other more practicability qualities. From these features, you will make a decision on one or several in regard to the nature of your job requirements. It is very important to put in mind that the right angle drill stands out as the best in its tool line to work within hard-to-reach areas.


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