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Best Weighted Dips in 2024
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Top 10 Best Weighted Dips in 2024 Reviews

When investing in the perfect power or weight-lifting tower, it is good to buy the weighted dip if you have little space, a limited budget, or you don’t have time to go to the gym. The weighted dip helps to add resistance and challenge to many bodyweight and weightlifting exercises. You can also use them for muscle-ups, chin-ups, weighted pull-ups, weighted kettlebell lunges, and hip belt squats. When you use it correctly, the weighted dip can add your muscle mass to the upper body.

In all honesty, there are so many available models of weighted dips are so many, and therefore, it is very challenging to find the right one. However, with the compilation below, picking the ideal weighted dip has become stress-free and straightforward.

List of 10 Best Weighted Dips in 2024

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#10. Dominion Strength Training Professional Grade Leather Dip Belt w/chain

Dominion Strength Training Professional Grade Leather Dip Belt w/chain

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By: Dominion Strength Training

Advanced overload is the basis of any great strength training or bodybuilding program. This weighted dip belt from Dominion Strength Training allows for the effective loading of many workout exercises. Moreover, its better quality materials translate to long-lasting longevity. Unlike many competitors who use weak or cheap materials that fail and wear out over time.

Additionally, it offers extra grip with its heavy-duty suede lined. This leather dip belt is a professional grade and thus can fit virtually all waist sizes. The large steel Carabineers and 1/4″ Steel Chain used in its construction are not prone to wear out. Besides, its hardware is sized perfectly to work with kettlebells, dump bells, and plates. It is perfect squats, chin-ups and pull-ups, and weighted dips.

  • Weighs 2.38 pounds
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee in case of discontent
  • Lifting Belt measures 34-inches while the chain measures 36-inches
  • Large Steel Carabineers with easy to latch mechanisms
  • Fully adjustable to comfortably and securely fit any waist
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#9. Spud, Inc. weighted dip Medium Belt Squat Belt

Spud, Inc. weighted dip Medium Belt Squat Belt

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By: Spud, Inc.

The medium-sized weighted dip from Spud, Inc is a superb belt for workout personnel who finds him/herself in need of less length contrary to large or regular. This belt provides wider back padding when compared with the small size. Using the squat belt from Spud Inc. is a superb way to exercise and train the lower body with no need to place a weighty load on the spine to enhance powerlifting strength exercising and weight lifting.

What’s more, this weighted dip is not only designed for optimal comfort & support on your hips but also for training your legs. Besides, this weighted Squat dip Belt is suitable for athletes.

  • Provide wider padding on the user’s back
  • Its measures 43 inches in length
  • It can fasten a plate of 45-pounds
  • Has spring clips and chain to load the girdle with kettlebells, weight plates

#8. DEFY Sports Premium Double Padded weighted Dip Belt

DEFY Sports Premium Double Padded weighted Dip Belt

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By: DEFY Sports

Have you been in pursuit of the best and effective way to expand your bodybuilding training routine? If yes, then defy sport has exactly what you need to enhance your powerlifting strength. With its contoured design, this polypropylene weighted dip belt offer upper body and back support, fitting securely during rigorous training.

Apart from that, it also features a carabiner mechanism and 32-inch steel chain that allow for easy weight adding for dips and chin-ups, aiding in developing strength and power in chest and triceps. The polypropylene weighted dip from defy is entirely made of polypropylene with strong steel grommets to fasten chain to dip belt for optimum durability. Luckily, one-size-fits-all and hence it is adjustable.

  • It is made with super-quality nylon and neoprene material for optimum durability.
  • It’s adjustable, hence One-size-fits-all.
  • Comes with 32-inches sturdy Steel chain for heavy weight lifting workout
  • Its heavy-duty striped nylon measures 2-inches in width
  • Double-stitched design for optimal comfort and support

#7. IronMind Super Squats weighted dip Hip Belt

IronMind Super Squats weighted dip Hip Belt

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By: IronMind

The ironmind SUPER SQUATS is Hip Belt, which has been used to increase your vertical jump, improve sheer leg strength, and gain muscle mass. Luckily enough, it is easy and safe to use at the gym center and at home. It is also an ideal for weighted dips and chins, an assortment of calf exercises, hip lifts dragging, and pulling. To squat, bestride a short bar, doing some front and back clipping, or even hang the workout load just in front. , the weighted dip allows you to imaginatively squat by a bar on the shoulders.

Luckily, it does not cause back stress, lower back or spine, because its supported weight is by the hip structure. The package is accompanied by an instruction booklet, a couple of Daisy Chains, and two large carabiners. There are four waist sizes available these include X-large (42″-50″), large (36″-41″); medium (31″-35″); and small (26″-30″);

  • Supports 3,500 pounds with ease
  • Its versatility makes it suitable for weighted dip & chins, hip lifts, dragging, pulling and calf work
  • The package includes instruction booklet a couple of Daisy Chains, and two large carabiners
  • Available waist sizes: four sizes

#6. ARD-Champs Neoprene weighted dips

ARD-Champs Neoprene weighted dips

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By: ARD-Champs

ARD-champs weighted dips with Metal Chain is made of Neoprene together with a wide padded back piece for added support and comfort. In all honesty, this is indeed an essential weighted dip for back exercise. It has superior saddle stitching all over. In addition, it is characterized by a heavy-duty metal chain that can a fully adjustable and thus making it fit all waists.

The weighted dips from ARD-Champs have undergone thorough testing and approved for endurance and strength. Also, it contains 9.5-inches wide back support, which makes you feel dependable. It’s available in black and can stand a weight of 500 pounds. Ultimately, it features a steel chain that measures 28″ L and 1/4″ W.

  • Has 2″ width Heavy-Duty nylon
  • Padded back support is wide enough for added comfort
  • Weight supporting capacity of 500 pounds
  • Superior saddle stitching all over
  • It features a steel chain that measures 28″ L and 1/4″ W
  • Fully adjustable metal chain
  • ·Weighs 1.1 pounds
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#5. IronMind De Rigueur Weighted Dip

IronMind De Rigueur Weighted Dip

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By: IronMind

Safely and confidently handle the heaviest weights with IronMind weighted dips. To begin with, it features very strong construction and can handle half-ton loads easily. An advantage of this weighted dip is that you can use either without or with a carabiner and a loading pin. Also, it is sharp-looking, durable, adjustable, and comfortable. Thus it is the most efficient weighted dip and can fit nearly everyone.

On the other hand, you can use this flexible weighted dip for basic dragging and pulling. The next feature of this dip is that it weighs 14.4 ounces only. The IronMind weighted dip is a top-performing and top-rated belt for weighted chins and dips.

  • Ideal for basic dragging and dragging
  • Comes with Wicked-Strong construction & handles
  • It can support 1000 pounds with ease
  • It’s durable, adjustable, comfortable with the sharp-looking design
  • Made of skip leather & chain

#4. SPUD INC 1 Strap weighted Dip Belt Yellow

SPUD INC 1 Strap weighted Dip Belt Yellow

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By: Spud, Inc.

Next on this list is the SPUD INC weighted lift. Firstly, it features durable webbing for long-lasting performance. Its design is comfortable to wear and easy to use for everyone. Having a thick, flexible, and soft leather material, this dip does not dig into the hips while you use heavyweights. Remarkably, it comes with a two feet long chain and two large clips. So, you do not need to upgrade the chain or the clips.

In addition to that, the back pad dimensions measure 10″ by 6″. It also has four 45lb plates. From one round ring to the next is 35 inches. Therefore this weighted dip lasts longer. With a weight of 3 pounds, you can’t get tired easily since the weight is comfortable for you.

  • Made from durable webbing for longevity service provision
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Comfortable to wear with its soft padded design
  • Includes chain of 2-feet and two clips
  • Back pad’s dimension 10-inches by 6-inches

#3. Grizzly Fitness Premium Leather weighted dip

Grizzly Fitness Premium Leather weighted dip

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By: Grizzly Fitness

Get a quality weighted dip from Grizzly Fitness. This dip features steel and quality leather construction. This makes it durable and prevents wearing out. In like manner, the reinforced double stitching also ensures durability. Most importantly, this weighted belt has a thick and wide with flexible and soft leather material. Thus this prevents it from digging into the back or the hip even when you carry heavyweights.

Uniquely, it has a 36 inches steel chain with snap closure and D-Ring. Therefore, it can lift heavier weights without cracking. This weighted belt is used by many bodybuilders to increase the weight amounts they lift without getting injuries and offer stability. It holds about 750 lbs.

  • Wide, soft, genuine, premium leather for optimal comfort & support during heavy lifts
  • Thick multi-ply premium leather construction alongside armored double stitching to guarantee extra durability
  • Solid steel 36-inches chain alongside snap closure and D-ring
  • One-size-fits-all
  • It will hold 750 pounds.

#2. Hawk Weighted Dip Belt W/ Chain

Hawk Weighted Dip Belt W/ Chain

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By: Hawk

The Hawk weighted dip features a chain belt measuring 36 inches long. For chain adjustment, this weighted dip has two-sided hooks. Further, its rounded edges make it comfortable to grasp. The mesh lining ensures durability. In this way, the extra-thick and heavy-duty neoprene help it to withstand high impacts and heavyweights without falling apart. During heavy workouts, it embraces the core in order to reduce the stress on the spine. Moreover, it features top-level rivets. These help in holding the chain together with the weight belt for several years.

Most importantly, it has 6 inches wide belts for lifting/dips, which are essential during heavy lifting for tightening the core. Uniquely, it can withstand a weight of up to 300lbs since it is proven to be stronger. With heavy-duty stitching, this weighted dip has a longer life. Also, it features anterior pressure for stabilizing the spine as you weight lift. Finally, it has a lifetime warranty.

  • Two-sided hooks to facilitate chain adjustment
  • Rounded edges for a comfortable grasp
  • Mesh lining for durability
  • Withstands 300 lbs of weight
  • Heavy-duty stitching for longer life
  • Anterior pressure for stabilizing the spine
  • 6 inches wide belts for lifting/dips
  • 36 inches long chain belt

#1. RDX weighted Parallel Dip Belt w/ Adjustable Steel Chain

RDX weighted Parallel Dip Belt w/ Adjustable Steel Chain

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This dip features a hard-wearing polypropylene material to ensure durability. It perfectly helps the lower back in Chin Pull-ups, Weighted Triceps Dips, and Box Squats. Furthermore, it provides a contoured design for keeping the lower back in place. This dip features tightly packed and double stitched strengthened webbing to offer extra support when carrying heavyweight. The padded lining also prevents the belt from slipping down the hips when the weight increases. Besides, this weighted dip is 10 mm in thickness and 6 inches in width. Also, it features a strong HG-Steel chain. Therefore, it can carry heavy weights without cracking.

Its robust D-shackle is designed to allow for easier attachment of plates supporting the tough chain. Moreover, the HG-steel chain has a length of 32 inches to allow you to place more plates easily. The dipping belt offers injury prevention and back support because it maintains a stable body posture and prevents the weight on the chain from banging into your body. Lastly, it has an adjustable carabiner hook for safe and easy attachment to the discs.

  • It has robust D-shaped carabiner, reinforced polypropylene construction, and 24-inches chain link
  • Well-padded for super comfort
  • Polypropylene sling webbing for extra support
  • Support functional training drills
  • Includes sturdy D-shackle & HG-Steel chain
  • Inner EVA Padding Material offers soft and light feeling around the waist
  • Adjustable Carabiner hook makes it safe & easy to fit the discs
  • Its exterior is made of Mesh Panel
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How to Choose the Best Weighted Dip Belts

If you know what you are searching for, then it won’t be challenging to get the best-weighted dip. Before resting on the ideal weighted dip for yourself, here are the factors you should consider.

  • Material: The best-weighted dip belts feature a high-quality leather material. While some are leather, others feature nylon material. Nevertheless, you should understand that these materials have their pros and cons. The best-weighted dip should have high-quality TOP grain leather. The split-grain leather is inferior and has weaker fiber structures. Therefore, choose the best leather for added comfort during exercise. Weak leather will fail you during the wrong time. The nylon weighted dips are cheaper than leather dips but stronger, considering the weight-bearing capacity. You should choose the nylon-made weighted dip for durability and lower price. It’s recommended that you select the one with wide enough straps and belt so that it does not injure your hips.
  • Chains Lengths and Training Purpose: The best tool requires a chain that goes through the weight plate’s center while the belt moves around your back. Choose the length of the chain, depending on the exercise you are planning. Longer chains are good for squats, chin-ups, and Pull-ups. You can choose a shorter and adjustable chain if you are short or want to do core exercises or dips.
  • Length and Size: The best-weighted dip to buy should have one size that fits all. Also, ensure that its size is adjustable according to your need. When you wrap it around the back, it should not be too tight or too loose to fall during exercises.
  • Durability of Stitching: Always ensure that you check the attachment and stitching points of the chain. The stitching should be solid since these parts are prone to failure on weighted dips that are crappy. If you consider stitching, it will last for many years.


In the final analysis, the above information is well-detailed to provide you with the golden chance of identifying the best model of weighted dip for your ultimate workout program. You can select any of the listed models depending on your specific exercise. All of these models can even provide a soft and comfortable feeling when wearing. Therefore, you have a better chance to take your workout experience to an advanced level. Get yours today!

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