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Top 10 Best Scroll Saw Blades in 2024 Reviews

A scroll saw machine is a practical and handy tool used for performing intricate cuts on various types of materials. Wood is the most commonly cut material, but others also use it to cut metal and plastics. At the heart of this machine lies the scroll saw blade that performs the actual cut. However, these blades are designed differently for different materials and results. So, you have to make the right choice for them if you want the best results ever.

In this article, I’ve reviewed the top 10 best scroll saw blades in 2024. The review contains ten expert-endorsed blades and a list of the chief factors to consider before purchasing an ideal blade. By reading this review, you’ll save yourself a great deal of time and money. You’ll evade personal research and test time, leave alone using more money on faulty or fake blades before you find the right one. Here we go.

List of 10 Best Scroll Saw Blades in 2024

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#10. Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blade

Flying Dutchman Scroll Saw Blade

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The Flying Dutchman scroll saw blade comes as a dozen of four different sizes of blades. You can, therefore, use each for a specific project, based on its size and other specifications. Each of the blades features a reverse tooth that will leave you with clean-cut surfaces, which need little or no sanding.

Reverse tooth blades don’t usually only cut on the downstroke but also on the upstroke, and this is what gives your wood a smooth finish. With this blade, you’ll also get splinter-free finishes only. Always remember to check if the blade is compatible with your scroll saw machine.

  • Sizes: #2/0, #1, #3, and 2×#5’s
  • Each blade is pinless
  • Each blade has three teeth; two down and one up
  • Cuts at a high speed
  • Each blade is five inches long

#9. Ryobi Scroll Saw Blade

Ryobi Scroll Saw Blade

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Ryobi is a collection of four regular scroll saw blades for cutting most wood and plastic materials. Each of the blades is pinned, so you’ll make sure that your scroll saw machine accepts pinned blades. The blades are made in Switzerland.

Each blade will make intricate cuts on your wood (even thick ones), but at a reduced speed due to the high number of teeth per inch. Customers have said that these blades are one of the most affordable, durable, and easiest to use and replace.

  • Blades are 5 inches each
  • 15 teeth per inch
  • Made of high carbon steel
  • Each blade is pinned
  • Blade length: 5 inches

#8. Pegas Scroll Saw Blade

Pegas Scroll Saw Blade

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With Pegas, you get five dozens of differently-sized scroll saw blades in one pack — at an affordable price. Each of the blades will make intricate, splinter-free cuts on your wood and plastic. Apart from being easy to use, the blades are hard to wear, and they’ll save you on replacement costs.

The blades feature MGT (Modified Geometry Teeth), which are currently the bed ones in the market. Unlike other blades, Pegas will produce the least amount of heat while operating, and this reduces the rate at which it wears out.

  • Material: steel
  • Sizes: 2/0, 1, 3, 5, and 7
  • Each blade is pinless
  • Blade length: 5.”
  • Uses MGT teeth
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#7. Flying Dutchman 6-dozen Scroll Saw Blade

Flying Dutchman 6-dozen Scroll Saw Blade

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The six dozen teeth are of different sizes for different results and materials. They can work perfectly on 3D projects, to give exceptional results. You can use the polar blades to cut plastics, plexiglass, wood, and other materials, too.

Each of the blades is straight, extra hard, and long-lasting. The #5 blade is ideal for cutting extra materials like Corian. Customers say that the value they get for the price paid is worthwhile. Take a look at the blades’ extra features below.

  • Teeth arrangement: skip-tooth
  • Teeth sizes: #2/0, #1, #3, #5, #7, & #9
  • Each blade is pinless
  • The different sizes fit different projects
  • Works on wood, plastic, plexiglass, and Corian

#6. Grobet Saw Blade

Grobet Saw Blade

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This is a unique set of blades used for resizing rings and repairing jewelry. The flat blades are used to cut through metal with a lot of ease and minimum noise pollution. They aren’t useable with a scroll saw, but a jeweler’s saw frame.

The Grobet will cut your metals without any rough surfaces left behind. This intricate cut is achieved by the blade’s high number of teeth per inch. Each blade is of the same size and has exceptional durability. Here are more features.

  • Size: 2/0
  • Each blade has 56 teeth per inch
  • Thickness: 0.52 mm
  • Can be used to cut spruces
  • Very durable
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#5. Salmue Scroll Saw Blade

Salmue Scroll Saw Blade

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Salmue offers you twelve blades in one package at the price of one. The blades can perform different tasks, as they all have different results. There are plastic, metal, and wood blades within them. Each blade has sharp teeth that increase the cutting speed to save time.

Each blade is labeled with a number. You should use the right blade type on the right type of material for the best results. For example, #1, #2, and #3 are useable on metal, while #4 -#7 are useable on wood (both hardwood and softwood). #8 is useable on plastics. Ideally, thinner saw blades are used on thicker materials, and vice versa.

  • A set contains 12 pieces of blades
  • The teeth are arranged ins a spiral pattern
  • The blades fit major scroll saw machine brands
  • Material: carbon steel
  • The blades are labeled by size, from #1 to #8

#4. Bosch SS5-115PL Scroll Saw Blade

Bosch SS5-115PL Scroll Saw Blade

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The professional craftsman needs a set of durable, multipurpose scroll saw blades to meet his various customers’ needs. That’s what the Bosch SS5-115PL set of blades has for them. The blades come in two different types; pinned and pinless — so that they can be accommodated by most scroll saw machines.

Each set of Bosch features twelve blades of various sizes and capabilities. They can, therefore, be used for different materials and purposes. The price of the whole set of twelve blades is amazing — very wallet-friendly! Buy it on Amazon for better offers.

  • Made of premium steel
  • Each blade is 5 inches long
  • Recommended for wood, non-ferrous metals, and plastics
  • The blades have different TPI
  • Each blade comes with a different thickness
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#3. Proxxon 28741 Scroll Saw Blade

Proxxon 28741 Scroll Saw Blade

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Proxxon also comes in a pack of twelve different scroll saw blades. The blades can make intricate cuts on wood, plastics, and other soft materials. They’re perfect for thick wood. Their teeth arrangement is standard.

All the blades have sharp teeth that fasten the intricate cutting process. The blades have pins that attach them to the scroll saw machine at their bases. You’ll love the cost-effective price at which the whole set of blades retails on Amazon and even other platforms.

  • Each blade is five inches long
  • The blades are made of top-quality steel
  • A set of Proxxon comes with 12 blades
  • Each blade is coarse-toothed and sharp
  • The blades are durable and resistant to rust

#2. SKIL 80182 Scroll Saw Blade


SKIL 80182 Scroll Saw Blade

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This is a set of the most versatile scroll saw blades with the highest compatibility to a wide range of scroll saw machines. The blades come in a variety of widths. If you need various TPI ratings, this is also the model to go with.

You’ll meet both pinned and pinless blades in this pack of several blades. This means that you’ll be able to use them with several scroll saw machines for several results. The blades are precision sharpened to offer fast, clean, and beautiful cuts. Here are more details about the SKIL blades.

  • Comes in a set of 36 pieces
  • They can be used for non-ferrous metal, plastic, and wood materials
  • Teeth per inch: 9.5 (12 blades), 11.5 (12) blades & 28 (12 blades)
  • All blades are made of steel
  • Each blade is precision sharpened

#1. Olson Saw PG49802 Scroll Saw Blade


Olson Saw PG49802 Scroll Saw Blade

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Olson Saw is the manufacturer of the best scroll saw blades in 2024. These are the sharpest, fastest, and most accurate blades, according to our in-depth analysis and past users, leave alone top experts. Olsen blades come in a set of differently-sized blades with varying widths as well. They’re made of top-quality materials that stand the test of time.

If you need sand-free finishes, don’t go past the Olson blades. They’ll give you the most intricate cuts on both softwood and hardwood materials. According to the experts, these blades last three to four yes longer than the ordinary types.

  • A set of Olson contains 18 blades
  • Each of the blades is designed with reverse teeth
  • Each blade is made of high-quality carbon steel
  • The blades are pinless
  • Each blade is 5 inches long
  • They can cut plastics, wood, and non-ferrous metals

Scroll Saw Blade– Buyer’s Guide

Number of Teeth Per Inch: Scroll saw blades differ in the number of teeth they have per inch — some have more while some have fewer. Blades with more teeth per inch have the positive characteristic of making more intricate cuts than their few-teeth counterparts. However, they’re often relatively thin, and this means they have a shorter life than the thicker ones. They also tend to be slower, since their teeth will only cut smaller chunks of wood per time. On the other hand, blades with fewer teeth often remove bigger chunks of the material being cut, are thicker, and last longer. However, they aren’t perfect for intricate cuts.

Compatibility: It disappoints to consider all the other factors, only to end up with a great scroll saw blade that doesn’t attach to your scroll saw machine. In the market, you’ll only meet two types of scroll saw blades; one that works with the pinned blade, and another one that only works with the pinless blades. So, always ensure that you check your scroll saw’s compatibility before going for the blade. Meanwhile, both types are often great, but each of them has a different result as demystified below.

Pinned or Pinless: The pinned scroll saw features relatively thicker blades that last longer. It’s also easier to use and is quite more affordable. However, it doesn’t provide as intricate cuts as the pinless scroll saw. The pinless scroll saw is the most modern one. Besides providing intricate cuts, it often needs only a small hole to get into before starting the cut. However, it’s usually quite difficult to replace its pins.

Material To Be Cut:  We all do not want to cut the same material. Some may want to cut wood, some plastic, and some metal. Most scroll saw blades are strong enough to pierce through wood and plastic. But, you still have to consider the type of wood (hard or soft) as well as its thickness. Thicker materials will indisputably need harder and bigger blades and vice versa. It also helps to know that there are blades that can only cut through wood and those that can extend their service to metals.

Teeth Arrangement: There are quite several teeth arrangements to go with. Each arrangement has its own pros, so you have to know what you want. For example, the reverse skip-tooth arrangement features a reverse tooth at the blade’s bottom. The tooth prevents the tearing of any material while it’s getting cut so that there are no wasted materials. Other types of arrangements include but are not limited to double-tooth, spiral, and standard arrangements.

Price: No one can go shopping without a specific budget in mind. If you want to leave the shop without any regrets, finding the balance between quality and price is a no-brainer. Luckily, my product list has less pricey scroll saw blades that are also of stellar quality. Make sure that you leave with at least one.


Ostensibly, there are many types of scroll saw blades with different results and that work with different materials. My review, despite recommending to you the best scroll saw blades ever, enlightens you on how to choose the best one for your needs. I hope you’re going to love the review and even share it with friends and relatives, pal.

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