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Top 10 Best Plastic Drawer Organizers in 2024 Reviews

Plastic drawer organizers are best for use in homes, offices, and shops allowing for easy storage of diverse equipment. The drawer organizers keep all your stuff safe and secure and also organize for easy access when needed. They provide storage and many of them have large spaces holding much of the stuff in a compact organizer. The plastic drawer organizers usually utilize vertical space other than the horizontal space. Therefore, giving you much room for other things and activities. Many of the drawer organizers in the market are multipurpose and therefore can be used in the storage of diverse products.

The plastic drawer organizers in this list are of high quality and offer you long-lasting services. This is because they are well made. You can also see through the drawer organizers and thus enabling you to easily locate stuff without much sorting. They are also portable and another mobile for they have wheels for easy maneuverability. The drawer organizers are thousands in the market, therefore it is challenging to select the best since counterfeit are countless. Here are the top 10 best plastic drawer organizers. They have been tested and are of superior quality. Pick the most functional to you without a doubt.

List of 10 Best Plastic Drawer Organizers in 2024

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#10. Happygrill Drawer Organizer

Happygrill Drawer Organizer

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This drawer organizer features high durability as compared to thousand in the market. The mainframe of this organizer is made of superior quality steel. It has then been treated with smooth chrome giving it an elegant finish. The drawer organizer has five large drawers and ten small drawers. Therefore the space in this organizer is ample and suitable for multipurpose storage of diverse stuff.

Additionally, the plastic drawer organizer can easily be moved from one place to the other. The assembling process is fast and easy and you do not need any tools for the installation process. Anything needed while installing is included in the package. The drawers are clear and thus can easily see through making locating of diverse stuff easily and fast.

  • Easy to see through drawers
  • Ample storage space
  • Easy moving
  • Multipurpose

#9. Gracelove Plastic Drawer Organizer

Gracelove Plastic Drawer Organizer

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The Gracelove Drawer Organizer has black plastic frames that make this product more stable and strong. It has three deep drawers that allow for easy storing of all your stuff. It is multipurpose and can be used in homes, shops, and offices helping keep all this safe and secure. The accessibility is also fast with easy to pull handles.

Additionally, the plastic drawer organizer allows you to easily locate different stuff inside for you can see inside clearly. It also has ample space where you can keep much of your stuff. The drawer organizer has wheels and therefore you can easily maneuver from one corner of the room to the other.

  • Easy to move organizers
  • Spacious and large drawers
  • Compact organizer
  • Heavy-duty and durable

#8. IRIS USA, Inc Drawer Organizer DPC-24

IRIS USA, Inc Drawer Organizer DPC-24

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This is a cabinet with 24 drawers providing you with high-quality services in your home, shop, or office. The drawer organizer is made of high-quality plastic. Thus, assuring you of long term durability and satisfying service. This unit is best for the storage of pens, hardware, and beads among others. The cabinet has ribs on all 4 corners to keep all the drawers in place.

Additionally, the IRIS USA, Inc Drawer Organizer DPC-24 can easily be mounted on the wall without strain. This is because there are screw holes on the sides of the cabinet for easy mounting. The drawer organizer has dimensions of 7 by 19.50 by 15.50 inches. Therefore, compact enough to save you much of your room space. The unit has been designed and made in the USA.

  • Easy mounting on the wall
  • Multipurpose
  • Portable
  • Heavy-duty construction
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#7. Sterilite Drawers Organizer 17918004

Sterilite Drawers Organizer 17918004

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The Sterilite Drawers Organizer 17918004 is high quality and elegant product in the market. It has a white color that makes your home or office beautiful. This is because it merges the color of many office and home decors. The outside dimensions of these organizers are 13.5 by 11 by 9.63 inches. The drawer organizers can easily be carried from one place to the other for they are lightweight.

The package of the organizer comes with four 3- drawer units. You can stack all four units to make one big multi-unit drawer organizer. The drawers have high-quality handles that allow for easy access to your stuff. The units are all made from high-quality plastic. Therefore long-lasting and durable.

  • Multipurpose
  • Heady duty and durable
  • Spacious drawers
  • Stackable to make a single system

#6. HOMZ Plastic Drawers Organizer

HOMZ Plastic Drawers Organizer

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This drawer organizer has four deep drawers having medium width. It is best for the storage of much different stuff like shoes, clothes among others. The organizer is best for use at home, office, and art rooms and therefore keeps all your stuff safe and secure all time. The accessibility of different items inside the organizer is fast for you can easily see-through.

Additionally, the HOMZ Plastic Drawers Organizer has been made from high-quality durable plastic. Therefore, assuring you of long service. You can easily move around this organizer if needed for it has 4 casters. Moreover, the top lid has an elegant design that allows the easy keeping of papers and pens

  • Easy to move organizer
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to see through
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#5. Seville Classics Drawer Organizer

Seville Classics Drawer Organizer

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The Seville Classics Drawer Organizer assures you of keeping all your stuff in one place and well organized. The ten drawers give you ample space in your home, office, and shop among others. The drawer organizer is high quality and solves all your needs instantly. The accessibility of your stuff is also easy and fast.

Additionally, this plastic drawer organizer is compact with dimensions of 15 by 13 by 34 inches. Therefore, it uses a small space in your room while holding so much stuff. The drawers in this high-quality organizer are equal and measure 14 by 11 by 2 2/5 inches. You can easily remove the drawer for easy cleaning. Moreover, the drawer organizer is easy to move for it has four casters.

  • Easy mobility
  • Multipurpose organizer
  • Highly spacious drawer organizer
  • Easy access of your stuff

#4. Akro-Mils Drawer Organizer

Akro-Mils Drawer Organizer

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Akro-Mils Drawer Organizer has been one of the best organizers in the market. The features of this high-quality drawer organizer are unrivaled. The plastic storage has ample space that you can keep different things comfortably. The organizer is best for the storage of hardware, crafts, and cosmetics among others.

The plastic drawer organizer has a high impact and rough polystyrene frame. Therefore making this organizer strong, durable, and long-lasting. Moreover, the dividers have been molded at the back of the cabinet. The drawers are 24 in number and are virtually unbreakable. This product has been designed and made in the USA. Therefore will give you quality services for it is heavy-duty.

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Multipurpose
  • Heavy duty
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#3. STORi Plastic Drawer Organizers


STORi Plastic Drawer Organizers

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The STORi Plastic Drawer Organizers have been designed and made in the USA. Therefore, it has met all the relevant regulations and standards of a high-quality product. The drawers in this organizer are multipurpose. Therefore, can easily be used in the storage of different types of products. The drawers are also customizable and therefore you can merge them the way you want.

Additionally, this plastic drawer organizer is best for home, office, and cosmetic shop use among others. The design used is high-quality and characterizes a clear color for you can view everything inside. Therefore, searching for anything inside becomes simple. The drawer organizers are available in 8 different sizes allowing you to choose the best.

  • Multipurpose
  • Customizable drawers
  • Easy see-through drawers
  • Available in eight diverse sizes

#2. IRIS USA, Inc. Drawer Organizer

IRIS USA, Inc. Drawer Organizer

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The IRIS USA, Inc. Drawer Organizer gives you ample storage for different things in studios, homes, and classrooms among others. The color of the drawer organizer is semitransparent and thus elegant for it allows for easy finding and locating different things in the drawer. The drawers can easily be moved from one point of the room to the other for it has wheels. They are lockable and thus stable and no movement when not needed.

Additionally, the drawer organizer can easily be assembled. You do not need help from a professional or either to have tools. It is assembling that you can easily work on alone. The top of this high-quality drawer can be used as an additional workplace too. Moreover, it does not use much of your space for it is compact with dimensions of 15 by 25 by 32 inches.

  • Easy maneuverability
  • Fast assembling
  • Provide extra workplace
  • Ample storage space

#1. Honey-Can-Do Plastic Drawer Organizers

Honey-Can-Do Plastic Drawer Organizers

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This is a storage cart with all features you need in your home or office. It has an organizer top, two deep, and two shallow drawers. The Honey-Can-Do Plastic Drawer Organizers have glide casters that allow for more comfortable mobility. Additionally, it has drawer stops for added security of the drawer. The drawer organizer also has an inbuilt top for easy accessibility.

This drawer organizer features clear drawers that you can easily see inside for easy identification of your content. The drawers can accommodate papers with dimensions of 11 by 8.5 inches. The shallow drawers hold lighter weight with a capacity of 2.5 pounds. However, the deep drawers can accommodate weight up to 10 pounds. The plastic drawer organizer has been made in the USA and thus a high-quality product.

  • Two type drawer with diverse capacity
  • Easy to see inside
  • Easy accessibility
  • Mobile storage cart

Plastic Drawer Organizer– Buyer’s Guide

Material: The material used in the making of the drawer organizers is a factor to put into consideration. Ensure that the material is hard enough to withstand the weight that will be exerted by the stuff you add to drawers. The frame should be much stronger and firm. Some of the drawer organizers are made of plastic while other steel frames giving the whole unit stability. While in the market select the drawer organizer with materials most appropriate to your purpose.

Number of Drawer Compartment: The number of compartments in a drawer will define how much content you need to add inside. If you have much stuff you can decide on buying a drawer organizer with many compartments. Therefore, while selecting the best unit, check on the compartments most appropriate to your work

Size of Drawer Compartments: The size of the compartment will largely depend on what you want to store. If the stuff to store is small in size you can opt to buy a drawer organizer with small drawer compartments. If large the select one with big drawers for utmost satisfaction.

Capacity: The capacity of the drawer organizer is also a factor to check before purchasing the right one. Drawer organizers have different capacities and thus you need to pick the appropriate one. If you have much stuff to store in the organizer, then you need to choose a large unit. However, if you got a few stuff, you can decide on buying a smaller drawer organizer.

Maneuverability: There are those drawer organizers with wheels and thus moving the organizer from one corner of the room to the other is much simpler. This is because all you need is to push or pull and it will move without any struggle. There are others that you need to carry for they do not have wheels. While buying make the appropriate decision on the best that suits you depending on the purpose.


These are high-quality plastic drawer organizers that you cannot match any other in the market. Their performance is outstanding and without a doubt, you will never regret having one. They are easy to use and also move from one place to the other. They have met the regulation standards and thus give you the best results all time. The plastic drawer organizers are also compact. Therefore they do not use much of your space. They are best to use at home, schools, offices, and craft rooms among others. While buying the best one, it is advisable to check on the characteristics. This is to help you make the best decision on which one suits you best.

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