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Top 10 Best Pen Scanners in 2024 Reviews

As time goes by, technology advancement continues to bring more tool advancement in respective areas. In the case of today, we are going to deal with the pen scanners. The pen scanners are like electronic highlighters but operate differently. As the second name suggests, this device is used to scan printed text, store it, or even record it directly to your computer with the aid of Bluetooth connectivity.

Since the invention of this technology, there have been following upgrades and feature twists, hence resulting in a variety of models from different companies. The distinctive properties across all the pen scanner models might be your point of attraction. To help you find the pen scanner that suits your needs, we intensively researched and reviewed the ten best of these products and compiled them in the list below.

List of 10 Best Pen Scanners in 2024

Last update on 2024-06-06 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

#10. Wizcom tech Reading Pen Scanner

Wizcom tech Reading Pen Scanner

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Are you tired of copying and writing texts from magazines or books by hand? Worry no more as here comes your solution. The WRPTS comes to make your work easier as with it, you have to scan your area of interest, and it reads for you. Additionally, you can take as many notes as you want, and then after you’re done, you transfer them to your PC. The gadget is suitable for schoolwork, research as well as hobby reading.

Apart from storing texts for future reference, the WRPTS can be a learning tool for better vocabulary, fluent speech, and reading ability. The WRPTS is a perfect reading aid for people with dyslexia. Protection from any form of damage has already been offered by the manufacturer and convenient storage and transport by the provision of a protective carry case. The package also comes with a stylus pen, earbuds for private listening, and a USB cable.

  • Easy to use
  • Improves language fluency
  • Effectively assists people with dyslexia
  • Convenient storage
  • Collective damage protection

#9. C-pen Connect Pen Scanners

C-pen Connect Pen Scanner

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The C-Pen is a digital mobile highlighter as it uses Bluetooth connectivity to transfer scanned text to your Smartphone instantly. While scanning text, the device will capture it, recognize it, and then transfers it to a supportable host in an editable format. The C-Pen is compatible with both Androids and iOS. The pen scanner comes with text-to-speech capability where you concurrently listen as it scans, which helps in learning pronunciation and memorizing your coursework.

The C-Pen aids learning more languages by instant translations with consistent pronunciations. You don’t need internet connectivity to scan and copy the text to the host, not unless you want additional functions such as language translations and text to speech capabilities, which require third-party apps like Google-translate. However, there are many options for the scanned texts; you may opt to locally save the scans, share with someone via message, or upload them to your online drive. The C-Pen comes with a built-in battery with sufficient life to take you through hours of scans.

  • Text-to-speech capabilities
  • Long life battery power
  • Compatible with both android and iOS software
  • Have multiple text destination options
  • Language translations

#8. PenPower STP2TL01EN/ Worldictionary USB

PenPower STP2TL01EN/ Worldictionary USB

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Here comes an efficient and easy way to learn foreign languages around the world. The Worldictionary USB pen scanner requires a simple tap, and it instantly displays a full description and example sentences. The Bookmarks and lookup history features of this device help language learners recite and repeatedly memorize, thus improving their vocabulary.

The Worldictionary USB comes with an embedded micro-camera that picks images in high and rich resolution. The information you capture with this pen scanner gets to your host just as it is on the source.

  • Recognizes more than 10 languages
  • High speed response
  • High resolution images
  • Easy to use
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#7. PenPower Portable Pen Scanner

PenPower Portable Pen Scanner

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Would you like a pen scanner that suits multiple host choices?  The PenPower WorldPenScan is compatible with Win/Mac or Android phones/tablets. The reliability standards of the pen scanner are high as it recognizes around 200 languages and translates them to your intended style. The device is easy to use as you only got to have Bluetooth connectivity to transfer the scanned data to the host. You might opt to store your data in the 100Mb internal storage of this scanner before moving it to your intended destination.

However, the scanner gives you digital application options such as browser, email, office, etc. the Android host can be your translator of the data scanned using the Google translator. Also, as you transfer the scanned data to your final host, the texts get there in an editable format, and you can make the necessary changes.

  • Recognizes 200 languages
  • Has ample storage capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with a variety of devices

#6. Ectaco C-Pen 3.0 Scanner

Ectaco C-Pen 3.0 Scanner

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The Ectaco C-Pen 3.0 will provide you premium scanning service for all printed texts. Upon scanning documents from the sources, it transfers directly to the PC’s standard applications, where you format data to your intended form. The device perfectly rhymes with WindowsXP and later, Mac MAC-OSX 10.6-10.11. It recognizes and translates several languages in the world. When you order the package from the market, you will find the package packed with a scanning pen and USB cable.

For usage preparations, you will have to download the drivers and manuals from the Cpenshop site. The device is USB connected and USB powered, and the installation is straightforward. The C-pen comes in a compact size with an ergonomically placed control panel that allows you to feed special characters and commands. Your computer powers the device via USB, so it never runs out of battery. The pen supports the text to speech applications and translation software for added practicability.

  • Easy to install
  • No running out of power
  • Convenient to use
  • Easy to use additional assist softwares
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#5. IRIScan Portable Scanner

IRIScan Portable Scanner

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Would you want a cordless high-performance pen scanner? The IRIScan Book won’t disappoint you in a variety of factors while scanning text from books, newspapers, magazines, and other sources. It is lightweight and thus can be carried anywhere and everywhere. The scanner recognizes around 138 OCR languages and translates them. The scanning speed of the device is incredibly high and instantly saves data into the included micro SD card. For convenience, the scanner is powered by 3-AAA alkaline batteries.

The IRIScan Book scanner comes with a colored monitor for clear data preview. The pen scanner allows any paper document, image, or PDF conversion into editable office functions such as outlook, word and excel. You can create a hyper-compressed PDF with the scanner which is ideal for sharing and archiving through e-mail. By use of a USB data cable, you can transfer the scanned data stored in the device SD card to your PC (win & mac) for a better preview, proper organization, or archive.

  • Can support up to 32 GB micro SD card
  • LCD screen color
  • Recognizes 138 OCR languages
  • Highly responsive to scans
  • Scan directly to PDF or JPG.

#4. PenPower WorldPenScan X, Pen Scanners

PenPower WorldPenScan X

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Do you have iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows devices, and want a compatible pen scanner for them? The PenPower WorldPenScan X comes with substantial solutions for you. The pen scanner will recognize a variety of languages on your PC and mobile phone and translate them when needed. Instant reading starts immediately you establish Bluetooth connectivity between the scanner and the Mac and mobile devices; to work with the PC, you have to use the USB cable.

You can do instant edits direct from the scanned data to programs such as iWork, word docs, PDF, e-mail, and others. You can as thoroughly scan screenshots and pictures to extract texts and transfer them to Microsoft office editable programs. Knowing definitions of words comes through with just a single and simple click. In class, you can conveniently extract formulas, pdf, and charts.

  • Translates texts to multiple languages
  • Compatible with a variety of devices
  • Lightweight and portable
  • You can use it anywhere and everywhere
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#3. C-Pen Reader Pen Scanner

C-Pen Reader Pen Scanner

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Would you want to hear the scanned texts aloud so that you may know the appropriate pronunciation of words? The C-pen Reader does that for you quite effectively. The C-Pen Reader is independent because it requires no Wi-Fi connectivity or a host to perform a read function. It comes with a strategic monitor where you will conveniently preview the scanned data. The device comes with multiple dictionaries installed in it to give definitions for many words. If you have limited working memory, then this is the best tool for you.

The scanner has an 8GB SD card for scanned data storage from which you can optionally transfer the text from Mac or PC directly via USB cable; this requires no additional software. The full package comes with the Reader Pen, carry-case, USB cable, earphones, and instruction manual. Unlike most pen scanners, the C-Pen Reader comes with a built-in microphone and recorder that aids in creating voice memos. The integrated electronic dictionaries have look-up capability that keeps a history of words previously searched for.

  • Has large data storage capacity
  • Multiple built-in dictionaries and look-up capability
  • Built-in voice recorder
  • Text-to-speech function
  • Might not need host for read function

#2. IRISPen Air 7 f Pen Scanners

IRISPen Air 7 f Pen Scanner

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Do you have a health condition that limits your reading capabilities? The IRISPen Air 7 Pen Scanner is one of the best assists for reading books, newspapers, magazines, and other text sources. Also, the pen scanner plays a significant role in student development as it aids in graduate reports and thesis construction. The device resembles the traditional highlighter in terms of size, which means it’s compact and easy to hold. Through Bluetooth connectivity, you can synchronize it with your Smartphone, computer, or tablet for hosting. It gets even more comfortable to connect the IRISPen Air 7 to the compatible devices using the respective software.

The pen scanner further simplifies your work with the reading function where it converts any scanned texts to audio; you will stay relaxed as it reads out loud the lines for you for more understanding and pronunciation learning. The scanner translates any text up to 55 OCR languages. The device can be used for data entry in logistics like bank accounts, software keys, index-tracking, awl#, etc. A lithium-ion rechargeable battery powers IRISPen Air 7 pen scanner. Compatible with PC, Mac laptops, Android smartphones & compatible with iOS or tablets

  • Compact and easy to use
  • Scans as It Speaks Loud
  • Scans CMC-7 barcodes
  • Functionally translates about 50 languages

#1. Wireless Scanmarker Air Pen

Wireless Scanmarker Air Pen

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If you are wondering how to make quick summaries most simply, the wireless multilingual OCR Scanmarker Air Pen should come to your mind. You only have to hold the pen and slide it over the printed text, and it will instantly appear on the monitor. The device is so accurate and is ideal for students in the library and professionals. If you want to rewrite a piece of article from a printed text, you will scan it and transfer it directly to the Microsoft Office applications for edits.

For the hosts, the Scanmarker Air Pen is compatible with Mac and Windows desktop& Android and iOS mobile devices. The pen scanner is conveniently portable, and thus you can carry it to the library or any other place as it requires no power cord. Built-in quality battery rechargeable with USB cable keeps the scanner working for hours. You can find the Scanmarker Air Pen in many different colors. To connect this scanner to the host device, you have to configure them both with Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Reading around
  • Time saving [retexts 20-times faster than normal typing]
  • Portable and convenient
  • Multilingual OCR function
  • Translates 40 languages

Pen Scanner– Buyer’s Guide

Below are the important factors that you should consider before buying a pen scanner. These features include:

Language Recognition: As you buy the pen scanners, check on the number and type of languages that suit your needs. Also, the device you purchase should have the most used languages in the world.

Power Source: The pen scanner power source should be powered by either battery or via USB. Whichever the cause, it should be in your favor in terms of the amount of time you require to work with it. For example, if you need extended time to exhaust scanning your documents, your scanner must have a power source that sustains it long enough. Also, if you are studying books in areas with no electricity, you need a battery-powered scanner.

Compatibility: Compatibility is another step in determining what type or model of pen scanner to purchase. You have to find out which scanner can work with the available device. Some of the host devices require Bluetooth connectivity and other USB cords for data transfer and thus need a pen scanner that has a respective medium of data transfer.


Every device on the list above can be a great learning tool, and research boosts your area of profession. Instead of tediously retyping information from the printed sources, you can quickly scan the text and transfer it to the host in an editable format. As you have seen, most pen scanners come with talkback capabilities, built-in dictionaries, and multilingual text recognition to make learning easy and have a significant impact on people with low reading capabilities.


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