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Top 10 Best Marine Subwoofers in 2024 Reviews

Spending your time out at open water is a wonderful way to unwind, catch up with your friends, or even polish your fishing skills. Once you go out there, you often leave behind hectic city life and get to enjoy fresh breath and a calm environment. While this serves as the best therapy for your mind, too much silence, especially for extended periods, may make your experience somewhat boring. This is where the best marine subwoofers come in. these music systems enable you to enjoy your favorite tunes as you have a good time with your friends.

Unlike regular subwoofers, the marine subwoofer should be tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions. Strong sunlight, strong breeze, excess humidity, and UV rays are just some of the harsh weather elements accustomed to the marine environment. Therefore, you’ll need a rugged subwoofer that is strong enough to withstand these elements. In the same breath, these marine subwoofers deliver a powerful and accurate bass response. This ensures that it provides a superior sound output that holds against the sound of the sea. Similar to other subwoofers, there are multitudinous marine speakers on the market. To make your work easier, we have to go through the various models available and narrowed down the choice to the following top 10 best marine subwoofers.

List of 10 best Marine Subwoofers in 2024

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#10. DS18 NXL10SUB Marine Audio Subwoofer

DS18 NXL10SUB Marine Audio Subwoofer

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If you’re looking for a marine subwoofer that is compact and powerful, then the DS18 NXL10SUB Marine Audio Subwoofer is the best choice for you. This subwoofer measures 10-inches in diameter and has a mounting depth of 4.98-inches. It features a peak power of 600 watts and 120W RMS power. This powerful system produces loud and deep bass.

It is made of durable materials that can withstand harsh weather, sun, waves, and rain. On top of that, it is simple to install and connect. This speaker is suitable for both cars and boats. The overall dimension of this subwoofer is 10.76 x 8.78 x 5-inches. It can be installed in front or under the helm or compartment, or behind the seat.

  • Simple and quick to install
  • Ideal for cars, boats, ATV and UTV
  • Has a sleek and compact design
  • Waterproof, rust-resistant and UV-resistant
  • Overall dimension: 10.76 x 8.78 x 5-inches

#9. Rockford Fosgate PM210S4B Marine Subwoofer

Rockford Fosgate PM210S4B Marine Subwoofer

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The Rockford Fosgate PM210S4B Marine Subwoofer is suitable for both small and large boats. This speaker boasts 500 Watts max power and 250 Watts RMS. It is engineered to deliver high output bass that you can feel and hear. This subwoofer is suitable for Powersports and watercrafts applications.

It is constructed with marine grade materials to withstand harsh outdoor weather conditions. Also, it comes with a removable stainless steel grille that protects it from heavy objects that can damage it. This subwoofer is versatile and is used in infinite baffle or sealed installations.

  • Delivers punchy and deep bass
  • Subwoofer size: 12-inches
  • Compact and sleek design
  • Heavy-duty and weather-resistant construction
  • Overall dimension: 6.13 by 12 by 12-inches

#8. MB QUART NW1-254L Subwoofer

MB QUART NW1-254L Subwoofer

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MB QUART is a high-quality and powerful marine subwoofer that comes at a very affordable price. This single subwoofer has a peak power of 600, which means it provides plenty of powerful and strong bass. It has a 2.8-inches mounting depth to allow it to fit most places without taking up much space at all.

This subwoofer is marine-certified which means that it can be used on land or water. Moreover, it is completed coated with waterproof paint to protect it from corrosion, water, UV-rays, and fog. Another nice feature of this speaker is that it has beautiful LED lights which can be controlled with a remote.

  • Made using quality and rust-resist materials
  • Features beautiful LED Illumination
  • It takes up small space
  • Overall dimensions: 12.8 by 12.4 by 6.3-inches
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#7. Jensen JMPSW800 Amplified Subwoofer

Jensen JMPSW800 Amplified Subwoofer

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Jensen is well known for making good-quality audio systems and the Jensen JMPSW800 subwoofer no exception. This subwoofer is designed for marine applications and has waterproof housing. It can be mounted vertically or horizontally anywhere on the boat. This unit meets the ASTM D4329 and ASTM B117 salt which means that it can be used in harsh weather and humid areas.

The Jensen JMPSW800 Amplified Subwoofer has a frequency rating of 60Hz to 200Hz. It produces strong bass at low volumes. Along with that, it is very simple and quick to mount. The subwoofer measures 18 by 12.8 by 11 inches and takes up little space. Another thing you will like about this unit is that it has a modern and sleek design.

  • Durable and long-lasting construction
  • Resistant to corrosion and harsh weather
  • Overall dimensions: 18 by 12.8 by 11-inches
  • Frequency: 60Hz to 200Hz

#6. Polk Audio Marine & Car 10 Inch Subwoofer

Polk Audio Marine & Car 10 Inch Subwoofer

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Polk Audio is a versatile subwoofer that can be installed on boats, cars, or ATVs. This 10-inch subwoofer has 350-watts which enables produce strong and superior performance. It features Dynamic Balance technology for loud, cleaner, and richer sound.

This speaker is made of tough materials to ensure longevity. On top of that, it is fully waterproof for protection against rust and moisture. Also, it has thermal protection feature to prevent overheating during extended use. This subwoofer has a low profile design, which allows it to fit in tight or narrow spaces. Overall, this speaker is durable, powerful, strong, and waterproof.

  • UV-rays, fog, and water-resistant
  • Extremely powerful bass
  • 10 Inch marine and car Subwoofer
  • Features Dynamic Balance technology
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#5. Fusion MS-SW10 10-Inch Marine-Grade Subwoofer

Fusion MS-SW10 10-Inch Marine-Grade Subwoofer

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If you are looking for a marine subwoofer with excellent quality, durability, and power, then the Fusion MS-SW10 10-Inch Marine-Grade Subwoofer is the best choice for you. This speaker is designed for louder and deeper bass. It has an RMS power of 400 watts, which more than enough for a marine sound system. The frequency response is 30 Hz-2.0 kHz.

The Fusion MS-SW10 subwoofer is water-resistant and waterproof, which means that you can use it in harsh weather conditions. Moreover, it has a mounting diameter of 8.75-inches and a mounting depth of 4.5-inches. Therefore, this subwoofer can fit in many small locations in your boat. Connecting the wires is very easy thanks to the uncomplicated input.

  • Frequency response: 30 Hz-2.0 kHz
  • Ultra-powerful and loud bass
  • Made of durable and long-lasting materials
  • Wattage: up to 400 watts
  • Completely waterproof and weather-resistant

#4. Alpine SWR-M100 Marine Subwoofer (10-inch)

Alpine SWR-M100 Marine Subwoofer (10-inch)

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Alpine SWR-M100 is one of the top-rated marine subwoofers on the market. This marine subwoofer has a peak power of 900 Watts and a frequency response of 35 – 1000 Hz to ensure deep bass and high volume production. It is entirely water-resistant, making it perfect to mount anywhere on the outside or inside the boat.

This unit is built to last, it is made with high-quality materials that are both durable and weather-resistant. Moreover, it has simple to install on the boat and comes with all important mounting tools. It has a shallow compact design that allows it to fit easily into tight spaces.

  • Subwoofer Diameter: 10-inch
  • Frequency response: 35 – 1000 Hz
  • Rigid and Durable construction
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Simple and quick to install
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#3. JBL MPS1000 10-Inch Marine Subwoofers

JBL MPS1000 10-Inch Marine Subwoofer

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JBL MPS1000 is a perfect option for anyone who is looking for an affordable marine subwoofer that offers high-quality sound with deep bass. This subwoofer has a frequency response of between 70Hz and 170Hz. On top of that, it features RMS power of 250-watts which helps to deliver loud sound and high-impact bass.

Even better, this unit is crafted from premium materials that are sturdy enough to withstand the harsh marine environment. Unlike other models on the market, this unit is designed to offer impressive corrosion and rust resistance. Equally, the unit comes with a low heat sink as well as a compact size that takes minimal space in your vessel.

  • Sturdy construction that is engineered to handle the harsh marine conditions
  • The variable bass boost circuit offers enhanced bass turning
  • Low profile heat sink and compact design that fits tight spaces
  • The integrated amplifier provides big, dynamic power

#2. Kicker 41KM604W Marine Speakers

Kicker 41KM604W Marine Speakers

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Are you looking for an extra kick in your boat but don’t want something that is overpriced? Well, you will love having this unit. Boasting of a 150 Watts RMS output, this speaker delivers an immersive bass in a compact area. At the same time, the speaker is reinforced with premium materials to ensure optimal performance in the marine environment.

When it comes to size, this ten-inch subwoofer features a stylish silver grill. The superior design makes it stand out among other models at similar price points. The best part is its injection-molded cone. This gives it superior weather resistance including impressive resistance against the UV rays. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-end speaker that is going to assist you in improving your boat’s entertainment system then you shouldn’t hesitate to go for this model.

  • 150 W peak powers offer unrivaled performance
  • Features a high-end polypropylene woofer cone
  • Also includes a dome tweeter that ensures an immersive sound output
  • Advanced technology featuring Santoprene woofer surround

#1. Rockville MS10LW White Marine Subwoofer

Rockville MS10LW White Marine Subwoofer

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When it comes to overall performance, very few models can best the Rockville MS10LW marine subwoofer. Forget the mediocre product, this unit boasts of a peak power rating that goes more than a thousand watts. This ensures that you get immense bass and crisp highs that you can listen to your favorite tunes and TV shows with ease. Another exciting feature that comes with this unit is the double-stacked 80Oz magnet. When compared to other models, this magnet is two times larger, giving it more advantages when it comes to delivering better sound output.

Notably, this unit has a 2400 W peal and 1200W RMS output. This ensures better sound quality even for larger spaces. This is not all, with CEA compliant certification, this unit makes one of the best models on the market. Besides the sound quality, this unit is built to last for years. It boasts of solid construction that ensures optimal performance even in a harsh marine environment.

  • Rugged construction brings enhanced rust and corrosion resistant
  • This is a free air subwoofer that doesn’t require any enclosure
  • Boasts of a premium polypropylene cone with a rubber edge
  • Comes with an 80 OZ double stacked magnet to ensure optimal performance

Marine Subwoofer– Buyer’s Guide

The best marine subwoofer is necessary to have for boats, yachts and other water vessels. Unlike regular products, marine weather is harsh for most materials. That is why you’ll need something that is made from superior materials. Besides premium construction, below are some of the other features that you should look for before settling on the best marine subwoofer.

Superior construction: A regular subwoofer for your home or car doesn’t need to be able to stand weather elements. However, water splashes, strong wind, sun, and excess humidity are just some of the weather elements that characterize marine weather. Before settling on the best marine subwoofer, ensure that it is crafted from high-end materials that withstand the harsh weather elements.

Power Rating: Just like any other subwoofer, the marine speaker volume is determined by the power rating. If you are looking for casual listening as you enjoy your voyages, we recommend going for a subwoofer with a power rating of not less than 100W. Howbeit, if you are a party animal and love having your friend on your boat regularly, we recommend going for a model with a power rating of not less than 400W.

Size: A bigger speaker is often likely to deliver better sound output. The problem is that we don’t have the luxury of space in our boats and other marine vessels. Luckily, with the advanced technology today, you can find a compact speaker that delivers a superior sound output. Overall, look at the available space before making your final purchasing decision.


With any of the above-rated marine subwoofer, you can enjoy your favorite music as you explore the open waters. These subwoofers are a great way to entice your parties and motivate yourself when fishing or taking part in various water activities. The best part, each of the above models is easy to install and comes with budget-friendly prices. With that said, nothing should hold you back. Moreover, our detailed guide brings you all the information that you need for you to make an informed decision. All the best!

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