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Top 10 Best Car Seat Trays in 2024 Reviews

Driving with toddlers can be enjoyable, but sometimes they get bored, when they get fed up, the journey can become chaotic and nightmare. The way out for this is a travel car seat tray. In all honesty, it can be your kid’s personal study and play spot and keeps them busy and engaged during road tours and long journeys. This review covers ten of the best-selling car seat trays for toddlers and young kids.

As all parents know, entertaining little ones on long trips can be so challenging. In all honesty, some kids are addicted to a smartphone because they like to play a game and watch a video. Nevertheless, this can never be the perfect solution. The car seat tray below features a broad range of aspects for young kids to enjoy.

List of 10 Best Car Seat Trays in 2024

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#10. JiniKids Car Travel Seat Tray

JiniKids Car Travel Seat Tray

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Coming first in this compilation is this car seat tray from JiniKids.  The JiniKids tray is a great car seat tray for the kid. With this tray, your kids will always be contented, happy, and engaged while on the go. In addition, the travel trays are space-saving and hence doubles ordinary eating trays. It has storage pockets, detachable storage, and a zipper that provides quick access to snacks, small toys, and art supplies for kids.

What’s more, this travel tray is waterproof and can be restored in damp areas. It has an eco-friendly and sturdy design, making it infant resistant. In addition, a lifetime warranty is a warranty. The overall tray weighs 2.51 pounds.

  • Eco-friendly and sturdy design
  • Weighs 2.51 pounds
  • Lifetime warranty guaranteed
  • Has storage pockets, detachable storage, and zipper
  • It is waterproof and tear-resistant

#9. DMoose Waterproof Car Seat Travel Tray

DMoose Waterproof Car Seat Travel Tray

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These car seat trays provide a spacious surface for drawing, reading books, enjoying snacks, writing, or even using mobile tablets or watching. Its flexible mesh storage is ideal for holding small stuffed animals and toys, or even crayons. Apart from that, this car seat tray from DMoose keeps school-age kids, preschoolers, and toddlers happily engaged in various activities while the father drives.

Additionally, its storage pockets have a stretchable mesh that helps prevent and organize things in a secure place. They’re great for pacifiers, small books, bottles, toys, snacks, sippy, cups, or other essentials. Apart from that, this car seat tray features wool, a soft padded base that’s supportive and lightweight, and has reinforced robust walls to keep crayons, snacks, or toys from rolling off or dropping on the floor. And ultimately, this car tray features a TPU coating, which prevents it from absorbing spills or liquids.

  • 4 available patterns and colors
  • Sturdy, strong raised sides
  • Well-balanced & lightweight
  • Its base is well padded for comfort
  • Adjustable stability strap
  • Water-resistant & spill-proof finish
  • PVC free and non-toxic

#8. BE Family Products Car Seat Tray

BE Family Products Car Seat Tray

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Next in the compilation is a car seat tray from BE family products. It is upgraded with snaps and zipper pulls to the sturdiest metal. The sturdy buckles alongside thick and wide adjustable carry straps are used in construction. In addition, this tray is made of the most durable material with the softest feel. Also, its pocket is designed with transparent mesh.

This travel tray from BE Family can be quickly converted to a handy and stylish messenger bag. With plenty of large pouches and storage pockets, all your accessories are well taken care of.  An inbuilt protective PVC smart screen Tablet protective cover keeps dirty fingerprints off your Kindle, iPad, or other smart devices. It is ideal for toys, snacks, drinks, crayons, and coloring books to keep all items within their reach.

  • It weighs 1.9 pounds only
  • Easily converts to a handy and stylish messenger bag
  • Its pocket is designed with transparent mesh
  • Its side pouches folds and zip to give room for storage
  • An inbuilt protective PVC smart screen tablet protective cover
  • Has large pouches and storage pockets
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#7. KIDSMARTER Kids Travel Car Seat Tray

KIDSMARTER Kids Travel Car Seat Tray

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Keep your children calm, happy, and relaxed while in a restaurant, traveling by car, or flying with this car seat tray from KIDSMARTER. And to start with, this tray also accompanied by a headrest tablet holder and water sketch coloring book for your kid. The materials of this kid’s car seat tray include pocket storage with elegant mesh that can be cleaned with little effort.

The tray features an extremely sturdy design. Besides, these car seat trays by KIDSMARTER are characterized by extra insert layers situated on either side of the base or the walls, with strong buckles and high-quality fabric. It also supports the phone or tablet, plays with magnetic dolls, toys, cars, colors, and many more.

  • Has ultra-sturdy and durable construction
  • It weighs 3.05 pounds
  • Multiuse portable travel activity tray for supporting various things
  • The lateral and frontal margin for secure storage
  • Has mesh pocket storage
  • Its construction includes strong buckles and high-quality fabric

#6. BonaBee Baby Kids Travel Car Seat Tray

BonaBee Baby Kids Travel Car Seat Tray

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Are you in search of a tray with multiple compartments? If yes then, this Car Seat Tray from BonaBee is designed for optimum storage and comfort. With its numerous compartments, you will stay organized. More increasingly, a universal tablet holder characterized by a touch screen guard, allowing your kid to play games and watch videos with no worry of the iPad or tablet getting damaged or falling. Its plastic slipcover safeguards the smart gadget from getting greasy or wet while your kid is snacking.

Moreover, the car seat tray from BonaBee Baby is accompanied by the manufacturer’s one-year replacement warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee. The tray features enough space for markers, crayons, toys, snacks, and more.

  • Measures 16-inches by 12-inches by 7-inches
  • Universal tablet holder characterized by touch screen protector
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Weight: 1.11 pounds
  • One-year replacement warranty
  • Waterproof, storage space and solid construction
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#5. CERIZONA Portable Kids Travel Tray

CERIZONA Portable Kids Travel Tray

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Bring happiness, entertainment, peace of mind, and orderliness on the go using a piece of CERIZONA kids seat tray inside your car. It keeps your kid’s books, water bottles, and other toys safe and stable. With its long and sturdy straps with strong buckles, you’re sure that the tray will stay in place regardless of the road terrain. It’s easy to fold and carry away, leave alone reinstall on the car/trolley/plane seat.

You’ll love the tray’s quality design with strong zippers, reinforced walls, and padded barriers that help keep each of your toddler’s stuff in place. The tray’s waterproof pad quickly wipes clean to save your time and prevent dirt buildup. What’s better, it retails at the most affordable rate, especially if you use our link to get more discounts. Here are additional features.

  • Material: 600D polyester
  • It comes in many colors that suit both girls and boys
  • It quickly folds into a compact (16″ x 13″ x 2″) unit that’s seamlessly portable
  • Size when expanded: 16 by 13 by 11.5 inches
  • It can be used for drawing, eating, and playing

#4. Modfamily Travel Car Seat Tray

Modfamily Travel Car Seat Tray

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Traveling with young children can be a hectic experience. Instead of subjecting your children to screen, provide them with a unique way to make themselves happy while on trips. Modfamily lap car seat trays enable children to play, color, and snack nicely. This car seat tray from Modfamily has a convenient and superb mesh side pouch. It also has an extra zippered bag that is ideal for holding toy cars, crayons, coloring books, dolls, puzzles, action figures, and more! A cup holder is also included.

Unlike other trays that are cheap, flimsy, soft and bent, this tray by Modfamily is characterized by plastic and foam insert to form a firm, solid and smooth surface for a kid to play & write on.

  • Expandable storage and zipper-protected pocket for holding items
  • Weighs 1.15 pounds
  • Four sturdy edges inhibit toys & snacks from rolling off
  • The patent-pending larger surface area included
  • Durable and wipe-able surface
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#3. Lusso Gear Travel Car Seat Tray

Lusso Gear Travel Car Seat Tray

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This is a space-saving travel car seat tray from Lusso gear is a useful item that features a child’s need to stay content, engaged, and happy. The elegant zipper storage pockets onboard provide your children with easy access to small toys, various art supplies, and snacks, keeping them organized & neat until you get to your destination. It includes a stand that secures your smart gadget in place, allowing children to interact & watch hands-free.

Additionally, this tray is designed with the most durable, sturdiest, reinforced stitching, and “toddler resistant” materials. For this reason, this car seat tray is environmentally friendly. When it comes to cleaning the mess, you can wipe it using a wet towel without staining, ghosting, or looking dingy.

  • Designed with the most durable, sturdiest, reinforced stitching
  • Provides ultimate viewing experience with its transparent tablet stand
  • Weighs 2.94 pounds
  • Easy access zipper storage pockets
  • Environmentally friendly material construction

#2. Kenley Kids Car Seat Tray

Kenley Kids Car Seat Tray

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Are you a long-distance traveling type? Kenley Kids’ car seat tray is truly a toddler’s best friend since it offers functionality and fun. And more increasingly, the two big zippered pockets plus bonus mesh pockets for storing more items. With a collapsible/detachable storage compartment, an average-sized smart device pouch, and two cup holders, your kids will have more room to put snacks, travel toys, and many crayons.

Other than that, its fully collapsible design, give it perfect portability while its padded carrying strap makes transport easier. The padded, water-resistant surface provides the ultimate comfort for your kid while saving your clean up time.

  • Weighs 1.95 pounds
  • Fully collapsible design for easy transport
  • Full lifetime warranty offered
  • Padded carrying strap enhance portability
  • Two cup holders included
  • Padded water-resistant surface for ultimate comfort

#1. ecoZen Lifestyle Car Seat Tray

ecoZen Lifestyle Car Seat Tray

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Keep your toddlers entertained while still enjoying a stress-free journey with a sturdy car seat tray that makes playing, eating, snacking, and super easy while traveling. Your kind will keep snacks, crayons, toys, books, paper, and tablets with front & side pockets. Moreover, this car seat tray from the ecoZen Lifestyle has a cup holder to make sure that your beverage is every time close at hand.

Extra-long straps are another key point that provides comfort. Its design features a flexible yet firm wall and base. More increasingly, ecoZen Lifestyle car seat tray has been thoroughly verified to fit booster seats, car seats, pushchairs, strollers, and buggies. The tray is constructed of PVC-free & Non-toxic Nylon alongside premium quality craftsmanship. Lastly, it is tailored to be durable & strong to hold out serious abuse of little children, time after time.

  • It weighs 1.6 pounds
  • Made of PVC-free and non-toxic nylon with premium quality craftsmanship
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty allowed
  • Extra-long straps provide ultimate comfort
  • Its design features a flexible yet firm wall and base

Car Seat Tray– Buyer’s Guide

The Tray Material: The material you choose for your trays must be sturdy enough to inhibit easy staining. Consider the car seat tray that can be easily and conveniently wiped clean. The travel tray should also be strong, tear-proof & sturdy enough to serve your kid nicely. The material you choose can determine the performance and longevity of your car seat tray.

Storage Options: The tray of choice should be well-equipped with multiple storage compartments and pockets to cater to storage needs for any items like snacks and toys. Similarly, these pockets should be easily accessible. For instance, most car seat trays feature side pockets & mesh pockets for media players, stationery, and snacks.

Seat Compatibility: The ideal car seat tray should be compatible with all car seats. Nevertheless, since trays are constructed of different specifications, though compatibility can never be guaranteed. In all honesty, some trays are well-suited with both infant car seats and strollers. For this reason, ensure that the brand you purchase is the better option for your kid

Maintenance: Anything built to keep a kid busy, contented, and engaged will get dirty. The tray you choose must be constructed of a material, which doesn’t stain easily. For example, the material should be waterproof, machine-washable, and easy to clean.


In sum, the above compilation of car seat trays is good enough to assist you in identifying the model for your need. Most of these models are the construction of premium quality craftsmanship. If you require a durable and elegant travel tray, get the car seat tray. The highlighted brands are solidly made and are constructed of waterproof material. Choose the ideal model, depending on the need.

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