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Top 10 Best Bell Kits in 2024 Reviews

You’re here because of your diligent enthusiasm for music, aren’t you? I sail in the same boat. I love music, and the tones from bell kits ever light up my days. Although I’m not a perfect player, I’m excellent at listening and enjoying every single tone from this collection of dear musical instruments. It’s this passion that has, in the past, made me lose loads of cash in buying the wrong bell kit models. I was full of haste, so I couldn’t get my facts right beforehand. After two wrong turns, I learned from experience. I’m proud to say that I’m now an expert in purchasing bell kits.

Today, I review the Top 10 Best Bell Kits in 2024 to save people like me from falling victims of haste. You have to get your facts right before purchasing these instruments, and that fact is what I have for you in the buying guide. My list of 10 best bell kits is a perfect collection of the unbeatable value of these musical instruments. I bet you’ll fall for one of them.

List of 10 Best Bell Kits in 2024

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#10. The Eastar Advanced 32 Note Bell Kit

The Eastar Advanced 32 Note Bell Kit

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If you want to be successful in your desire to become a professional percussionist, here’s the ideal kit for you. The kit contains only the necessary high-quality tools and a backpack for transportation. It has an umbrella-like bell stand with four sturdy arms at the top. With aluminum tone bars, the tone is perfect for both trainees and intermediate players. The bars are expertly tuned with each note marked accurately.

There’s no need to worry about your instrument’s safety while on the stand. The high-strength, electroplated bells stand on extra two support legs for stability. The top of this stand is such generous with space that the drum practice pad can be fixed here for better practice. After using the kit, it’s advisable to package it into the free, spacious, and sturdy bag that’s included in the package.

  • Features an adjustable & tunable practice pad (8-inch)
  • Comes with two Glockenspiel sticks
  • A sturdy carrying bag is included
  • The bell stand is 90 cm high
  • Also comes with two drum sticks

#9. Yamaha 285 Series Mini Bell Kit

Yamaha 285 Series Mini Bell Kit

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This Japanese instrument kit is from a famous company with decades of experience, and that has a substantial positive impact on its quality. The bell kit is ideal for trainers who also perform on large occasions. It’s perfect for trainers because it’s professionally customized for rookies in the field. The 285 series mini bell kit has the highest quality of sound needed for training an amateur.

The aluminum bells sound like a typical large kit. Their toning begins with F and not G. Those that start with G create more confusion for the trainees. A backpack with reflective security stripes is included. It accommodates all the components of the kit. For transportation, there’s a rolling cart included. The rolling cart is height-adjustable. If you need to know more about this kit, here are additional features.

  • Features a robust, x-style bell stand
  • The aluminum bells produce high-pitched sounds and are durable
  • There’s a carrying bag for all the components
  • A strong rolling cart is included
  • The overall design is beautiful

#8. Rakumi Professional 30-Note Bell Kit

Rakumi Professional 30-Note Bell Kit

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Rakumi brings a rare percussion experience to you, your students, and your children. It suits both primary secondary music learners, plus professional music players. The bars are made of pure aluminum, which is enclosed by a durable first-grade wood base. As you use Rakumi to teach your children how to play music, they gain both musical skills and wisdom.

The combination of this kit’s wooden base and 5-millimetres thick and pure aluminum material bars produces exquisite sounds. Its glockenspiel can be folded into a compact, easy-to-carry mass. With a backpack included, portability is at its best here. You don’t have to hit the bars hard for the desired sound — a simple tapping will do.

  • The glockenspiel has 30 notes
  • Comes with a pair of mallets
  • The Package is highly portable
  • It’s foldable so that it fits into the bag
  • Diatonic scale: G to C; semitone scale: G to A
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#7. CB Percussion 6855 Bell Kit

CB Percussion 6855 Bell Kit

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If you’re on a low budget, but still wish to carry on with your dream of owning a high-quality bell kit, the CB Percussion 6855 will offer you a choice. Though small in size, it has the right quality of tones, both for those on training and actual performers. It stands up for heavy duties, yet highly affordable. The electronically tuned bars are wide, and the mallets are double-ended for clear pitches. Each end of the mallets provides a different pitch.

The bars are made of pure aluminum with an enamel finish. They’re 1.25 inches wide and 1/16 inches thick. Notes are inscribed on each set. There’s one note under each white key and two per black key. Each side of the wooden framework of this kit is made up of high-quality ABS plastic material. More features are in the section below.

  • The chromatic bells have 25 notes
  • A nylon bag is included for storage and transportation
  • Comes with two strong mallets
  • The framework under the keys is made of wood
  • Mallets are double-ended

#6. The inTemenos Professional Bell Kit

The inTemenos Professional Bell Kit

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The thicker the keys, the deeper and clearer the sound produced by a bell kit glockenspiel. That’s what the inTemenos Professional Bell Kit has; thick keys with rubber support at the bottom of each for prolonged use. The glockenspiel has a wood frame, bound to the sides by plastic materials, and with a central metal plate that attaches it to the stand. For rookies, there are letter notations on each key that helps them begin playing.

The stand is a foldable and adjustable one. You can tilt its top to an angle that’s most convenient to you. You can also adjust the stand horizontally so that it fits your height. This stand is three-legged so that it is stable and strong. Storage and transportation are made easy, with a storage bag included. This bag can be carried as a backpack with a lot of ease.

  • Each key is 4mm thick
  • Each mallet has long handles for a non-fatiguing play
  • The glockenspiel has got 30 keys
  • Each key is supported by a soft rubber underneath
  • The keys’ screws can be loosened for a variety of tones
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#5. Giantex Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit

Giantex Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit

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The Giantex full set of musical equipment could be the next fortune you’re meeting. In the mix are an 8-inch practice pad, two long bell mallets, and another pair of wooden drumsticks. There are two rows of aluminum keys. These are suitable for the whole range of musical instrument enthusiasts, more so the newbies.

I like this kit’s metal-plated stand. Firstly, it’s strong enough to hold all the instruments of the kit. It also has a triangular shape that assures you of stability. At the base of each of its three stands, slide-proof pads are attached to improve the level of stability. Height-wise, the stand is adjustable, too. It will fit children’s heights.

  • Adjustable height from 23-38 inches
  • The plates make a 30-nite percussion glockenspiel
  • A carrying bag is part of the package
  • Has a pair of bell mallets attached
  • The stand is lightweight for smooth movement, yet strong enough

#4. CB Percussion 6854 Bell Kit

CB Percussion 6854 Bell Kit

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Another money saver is here. Remember that a low budget shouldn’t be a stumbling block to your musical career in buying a bell kit. This set comes at a price below $100 on every retail platform. On Amazon, the deal is better. The fact that you can remove and replace the plates gives this package a versatile name. Some people will replace metal plates with wooden ones for a different experience.

A pair of mallets are included in this kit. However, you can as well buy another pair of your choice, and they will be compatible with this instrument. Each key is engraved with its note for teaching rookies. Although it doesn’t come with a stand, you can use this glockenspiel with any stand, or simply place it on the table. It’s compatible with almost all stands.

  • Storage and transportation bag included
  • Made in the chromatic scale
  • Has 25 notes
  • Double-ended mallets
  • Comes with a strong case
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#3. H HUKOER Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit

Uttiny Percussion Glockenspiel Bell Kit

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H HUKOER wins the third position on the list of the best bell kits of 2021. A plethora of features and the exceptional quality of each instrument in the mix have made it qualify for this slot. It features both diatonic and semitone scales. The diatonic scale ranges from G to C while the semitone scale runs from G to A. It also comes with an electroplated stand that’s adjustable to fit the user’s preferences.

A practice pad and wooden drumsticks are included with the package. It has two rows of keys. The stand is triangular in shape, featuring three stable stands. At the base of every stand, there’s a non-skid foot support material that further ensures no unnecessary movements while the instrument held is in action. The glockenspiel has thirty notes, each made of thick aluminum both for high-quality sounds and durability.

  • The stand can be adjusted in the range of 23-38 inches
  • Comes with a pair of double-sided bell mallets
  • Practice pad: 8 inches
  • Carrying case included
  • The stand is foldable

#2. Mendini MGS-30 Educational Glockenspiel Bell Kit

Mendini MGS-30 Educational Glockenspiel Bell Kit

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This is an educational set of the highest-quality musical instruments that include a 30-note glockenspiel and practice pad, among others. It is a perfect starter in the career of percussion. The kit comes with a tailor-made storage and transportation bag. This bag has additional slots that you can use to keep other tools you use for music or any other activities.

The bag is further reinforced with backpack straps for easy transportation. It has a wide range of pitches, and you don’t need to hit the bars hard for a clear pitch. A wire music desk is further added to the package. Drum sticks are available for free. There’s also a pair of strong, durable mallets. I like the overall design of the strong stand that securely holds your glockenspiel at your desired height.

  • Features 30 notes; from G5 to C8
  • The practice pad is 8 inches wide
  • It comes with a nylon bag
  • The pitch ranges from A to 442Z
  • It is foldable

#1. Pearl PK910C Educational Bell Kit

Pearl PK910C Educational Bell Kit

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The precision-tuned aluminum bars of the Pearl PK910C Educational Bell Kit make it sound like the world’s best bell kit of 2021. And indeed, it is. All starters should practice with the best quality bell kits, and there’s no better than this one elsewhere. The four-arm suspension stand holds the glockenspiel in place for a better tone. The setup instructions of this kit are permanently attached to the bells so that you keep reminding yourself about them.

Its storage backpack is further equipped with rollerblade wheels for a smooth transportation experience. Two mallets are added to the package. These mallets are strong, long, and durable for a non-fatiguing operation and long life. I like the 2.5 Octave Bells that have a wide range of pitches. Take a look at the following additional features.

  • The 8-inch practice pad is tunable
  • Features aluminum tone bars
  • Tone range: F5-C8
  • Equipped with SPK5A wooden tip drumsticks
  • It has extra storage pouches
  • The three-legged stand is made of strong metal

Best Bell kit– Buyer’s Guide

The Mallet Material: The Mallet is a rod with a head (mostly round) used to strike the bars of the instrument for a sound. Mallets come in pairs. Its material is vital when considering purchasing a bell kit. Firstly, the rod that holds the head should be strong material. It’s likely to break when the instrument is in play, in case it’s weak. I know strong ones that are made of hardened ABS plastic. Others are made of wood, but they’re likely to break, always. The material that makes the head is also important. This material mostly depends on the material of the bars of the instrument.

Bar Material: The bars are often made of different materials, too. Metal and wooden materials are common. Metal bars often produce higher pitches of sounds than wooden bars. Also, they need stronger mallet heads, preferably those made of metal, too. The case is the same with wooden bars that usually produce rounder tones. The Mallet heads used on wood bars should be of the same material (wood) so that the resultant sound is perfect.

Flexibility and Portability: Most of these instruments will come with stands. If the stands offer sufficient flexibility, they should be adjustable so that people with various heights can get access. If possible, the stands should be movable for portability. Flexibility can also refer to whether or not the bars (in #2 above) are replaceable. Replaceable bars make it possible to use the instrument for various occasions, including training.

Tuning: Tuning refers to the alto, bass, and soprano, among others. These instruments differ from pianos, guitars, and other instruments in their tuning. Please check the range of tuning for each of the three above.

Price: Better quality doesn’t mean higher prices. That’s the first thing you should have at your fingertips while budgeting for these musical instruments. However, we both know that some additional features will often come at quite higher prices. I bet you won’t be too stingy to buy a great bell kit at an extra dollar or two, due to your love for music.


Not all the items on my list will fit your unique needs, but you’ll find at least one or two that will do. If you love music, this is your chance. Don’t waste it! Come forward and go for a bell kit that will serve you best. As you shop, I wish you the best of luck, pals. See you soon.

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