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Top 10 Best Ball Joint Presses in 2024 Reviews

The removal and replacement of ball joints are only possible with a ball joint press. Both exercises demand a lot of pressure, and the ball joint press offers just that — while reducing the amount of workload for the user. A ball joint press tool comprises a set of driving cups, adapters, and a C-frame tool. All these tools work in different combinations for different ball joint types and sizes—the more the tools in a set, the more extensive the range of applications.

Whether you’re a professional mechanical engineer — or a DIY mechanic — you need one of the top 10 best ball joint presses that I’ve reviewed in this article. My team took to the market for a variety of top-notch ball joint presses, tested them, and came up with this list. The team also came up with a list of the choicest factors to consider before purchasing your best set, which I explain below the review. I can’t keep you waiting any longer; scroll down.

List of 10 Best Ball Joint Presses in 2024

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#10. OEMTOOLS 27089 Ball Joint Press Set

OEMTOOLS 27089 Ball Joint Press Set

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If you need service on cars and light trucks, this is the joint press to purchase. It deals with the press-fit ball joints and U-joints, both on 4WD and 2WD vehicles. The tools included are durable and rustproof. You don’t need to break the bank for this set. It comes at a highly affordable price.

All the tools are organized inside a molded carry case to help you with both storage and easy portability. If you deliver mobile services, this is a fortune. Customers that have used the OEMTOOLS praise it for its durability and efficiency. They’re also happy about the highly-affordable price.

  • Adapter sets available from #27163-#27166
  • Material: heavy steel
  • The case: molded plastic
  • The forged C-body is very durable
  • All parts have a rust-resistant finish

#9. The 8MILELAKE Universal Ball Joint Repair Kit

The 8MILELAKE Universal Ball Joint Repair Kit

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The 8MILELAKE is a feature-packed set of ball joint press that retails at a remarkably affordable price than most of its kind. It suits use on brake anchor pins, ball joints, and U-joints, among others. All domestic and imported 2 and 4WD cars, SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks can have their press-fit ball- and U-joints removed and replaced using this tool.

Receiver tools and removal/installation adapters are included in numbers — to serve a wide range of vehicle types. The installer and remover adapters will work for the 1967 and current 1/2 and 3/4 ton 4-wheel drive vehicles with the Dana 44 rear axle. All the tools are durable, rust-resistant, and safely kept in a storage case.

  • It comes with a molded storage case (plastic)
  • Quantity: 21 pieces of tools
  • Each tool’s surface has a black oxide finish
  • Material: carbon steel
  • From a reputable manufacturer

#8. A ABIGAIL Ball Joint Press

A ABIGAIL Ball Joint Press

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Both DIY and commercial repairers can use the A ABIGAIL ball joint press set for the removal and installation of upper and lower ball joints. The set is suitable for use on most 2-wheel and 4-wheel drive cars, vans, and trucks with the press-fit type of joints. This, coupled with the fact that each tool is constructed with durability in mind, is why mechanics will find it useful.

Installation and removal adapters of different types are available in the set. Its forged C-frame alone can remove and install a wide range of universal joints. For easy transportation and secure storage, the included carry case will come to your help. The manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee with the package.

  • Material: heavy-duty solid carbon steel
  • The blow-mold case: 24 by 19.69 by 4.72 inches
  • There are 21 tools in the case
  • The black-oxide finish on all the tools protects them from rust
  • The blow-mold case is highly durable, lightweight, and features an ergonomic handle
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#7. PMD Products Ball Joint Press

PMD Products Ball Joint Press

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You can use this ball joint press to install or remove truck anchor brake pins, all universal U-joints, and a wide range of ball joints. It features a forged (and not cast) C-clamp that promises to stand the test of time while withstanding high loads of applications. The set will work with most 2-wheel and 4-wheel trucks, cars, SUVs, and vans.

Receiver tools, installation, and removal adapters are among the much-needed tools in the package. The set also comes with a reference manual that helps you install and remove the various joints that you’ll be dealing with. The molded case in which the tools are packaged will help you with secure storage and carriage.

  • It comes with the top 8 much-needed tools
  • The carry case is lightweight, with soft handles for comfortable portability
  • The forged C-frame is solitarily useable for universal joints
  • Its press shaft features a ball bearing that alleviated
  • The C-clamp is forged

#6. OTC (8031) Ball Joint Press

OTC (8031) Ball Joint Press

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You’ll love the uniquely broad C-frame of this ball joint press. It serves several vehicles that include modern 2-wheel and 4-wheel cars and trucks. The set consists of a complete set of adapters to work with most vehicles. Top technicians have recommended the OTC ball joint press, and that’s one reason to invest your trust in it.

The replaceable forcing screw tip works with several adapters and the large C-frame to suit other applications. This is one of the tools that offer you value for their high price. It’s best for commercial mechanics; DIY users may find it quite expensive, but it’s still worth the price.

  • It features 19 adapters
  • Material: carbon steel
  • The tools come in a molded case for storage and movement
  • C-frame width 8-7/8 inches without any attachment on it
  • From a famous quality manufacturer
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#5. The Goplus Ball Joint Service Tool Kit

The Goplus Ball Joint Service Tool Kit

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If you’re on a low budget, it helps to purchase the Goplus ball joint press. It helps in the removal and installation of most press-fit joints. Almost all, if not all, the 2WD and 4WD domestic and imported cars and light trucks in the US can get quality repairs on their press-fit parts from this set of tools. For example, the 0.5 and 0.75 ton 4-wheel drive vehicles with the Dana 44 or 30 rear axle vehicles.

A plastic blow-molded carrying case stores all the Goplus ball joint press tools safely, and in an organized manner. Its handle is soft and sizeable for comfortable portability. It’s always essential to purchase from a quality manufacturer, and Goplus is one of them with many decades of experience and praises.

  • Material: carbon steel
  • It comes with a durable carrying/storage case
  • All tools feature an anti-rust finish
  • Weight: 18 lbs
  • It comes with 3 receiver tools

#4. The Powerbuilt Ball Joint Press

The Powerbuilt Ball Joint Press

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You won’t have to disassemble your vehicle to replace or remove or replace all press-fit types of joints with the Powerbuilt ball joint press. It works for both the press-fit ball joints and U-joints in all rear-drive vehicles. Likewise, this is the ideal tool for threaded upper ball joints, which are common in most Chrysler vehicles.

The sturdy carry case that contains all the tools of the Powerbuilt ball joint press promises durability and resistance to abuse. Each tool in the case has its compartment, from which you’ll get used to getting it. Therefore, you won’t have to comb the case for a tool.

  • It includes 23 pieces of tools
  • Also includes user instructions
  • The storage case is easy to carry and use
  • Tools’ material: carbon steel
  • Each tool features rust- and corrosion-resistant coating
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#3. Orion Motor Tech Master Ball Joint Press

Orion Motor Tech Master Ball Joint Press

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Remove and install press-fit parts like the U-joints, brake anchor pins, and ball joints without disassembling your vehicle and with ease using the Orion ball joint press. The tools work with most 2- and 4-wheel drive cars, SUVs, and small trucks. Some of the unique vehicles that the set can serve include the ones with Dana 28, 44, 30, 60, and more.

Each tool in this set features a finish with rust and corrosion-resistant features. The tools’ materials are sturdy and durable; they’ll serve the commercial mechanic for many years. Both novices and gurus can use the set of ball joint press tools without any difficulty. The user guide helps beginners with step-by-step procedures of how to install and remove the press-fit parts.

  • It contains 21 tools with 9 adapters
  • Material: forged solid carbon steel
  • Each tool has a black-oxide finish
  • Carrying case: made of ABS and has an appealing look
  • Each tool has its compartment to provide easy access

#2. Astro Pneumatic Tool Ball Joint Press

Astro Pneumatic Tool Ball Joint Press

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If your vehicle has corroded and rusted press-fit parts, it’s time you removed and replaced them. This is where the cost-effective Astro ball joint press comes in. It can manage both 4 and 2-wheel drive ball joints in various types of cars, vans, and small trucks like Ford, Dodge, Jeep, and many others.

You’re going to find it easy to store and take this set with you anywhere. All the tools are placed in an ergonomic storage bag with a soft handle that keeps fatigued away, not to mention giving easy access to the tools. Better still, this set retails at a highly affordable price. Here are even more features.

  • The blow-molded case is easy to carry and lasts long
  • The C-frame consists of a heavy-duty forged steel
  • Each tool features a rust-resistant coating
  • The other tools (apart from the C-frame) are made of carbon steel
  • From a highly reputable manufacturer

#1. The Orion (Heavy-duty) Ball Joint Press

The Orion (Heavy-duty) Ball Joint Press

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So this is the best ball joint press. Luckily, it’s also the most cost-effective on my list. So you don’t need to break the bank for the best ball joint press in 2024. The set of tools works with several vehicles that include 2WD and 4WD types with the press-fit ball joint types on them. Its 4WD adapter suits vehicles that have the Dana 30 and 44.

The heavy-duty Orion ball joint press features a C-frame, three receiving tubes, installation and removal cups, adapters, and more. All tools are inside a molded storage-cum-carrying case, which is durable. Each tool features a sturdy steel construction that bears all intense workloads and accidental fall-offs.

  • Material: heavy-duty forged steel
  • It includes ten tools
  • The durable carrying case measures 11 by 3 by 15 inches
  • It comes with an easy-to-read guide for the novices
  • Each tool has a black oxide coating for preventing rust and corrosion
  • The C-frame is made of forged steel

Ball Joint Press– Buyer’s Guide

The Tools and Their Compatibility: Cars’ ball joints aren’t all of the same sizes. On that account, there are specific tools for specific joints. Moreover, the two activities (removal and installation of the joint) already need different cups. The best ball joint press should include ten tools at the minimum. However, your choice for the combination of a set should rely on the frequency and range of use, leave alone the types of joints you’ll deal with. For example, a mechanic should have a broad-spectrum set while a DIY user should have a vehicle-specific set.

Carrying Case: The best set of ball joint presses should come in a molded case. Likewise, the best molded case should be compact, lightweight, and sturdy. You need a good carrying case to help you with easy transportation, especially if you provide mobile mechanical services; you never know where you can be called to help. A great case will also organize your materials so that it’ll be easy to pick the right one without having to think a lot.

Construction: The materials that make up your ball joint toolset have a huge impact on its durability, efficiency, and other useful things. For example, I recommend that you purchase only presses made of carbon steel or any other heavy version of steel. These types of materials will offer back the value for your money, and serve you in the long run, leave alone doing the job correctly.

Versatility: The versatility of your set of ball joint press is dependent on its combination. Does the tool have a pair of 4-wheel ball joint presses? What about various cups of different sizes and shapes? If the answer is yes, you’re on the right track. All the presses on my list have versatility at their best. I hope you checked out the list.

The Model (Manufacturer): So who made the tools? Are you planning to deal with a new manufacturer without a proper reputation, or will you go with quality manufacturers of all time? Saying yes for the latter sounds perfect. There are manufacturers known for only quality products throughout their life. Their products will always last a lifetime.

The Price: Your willingness to spend for a ball joint press also has an impact on the type and quality you’ll get. Highly versatile presses will often come at slightly higher costs than their counterparts. However, you have no reason to worry about high prices with the list above in place. My research aimed at finding high-quality but cost-effective presses, and the results were great; we have only such.


All vehicle owners — as well as mechanics — should own a set of ball joint press. It’s economical to own one both as a vehicle owner and as a mechanic. The review above has a comprehensive guide to the best ball presses (which are hard to find due to the numerous models). It is accompanied by a dope list of things to consider before you can land the right one for yourself. It’s good to research from the right sources, and this is the best source.

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