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Top 10 Best Wood Planks in 2024 Reviews

Whether you want them for your walls, ceiling, and or floors — or in making structures like boats and tables — you only need wood planks with unparalleled features. Durability, alluring grain patterns, and appealing hue, among others, are just a few of the most bewitching features you won’t let go of. The best wood planks will possess all these features, plus more.

To find them, you need quite a bunch of knowledge and research, leave alone time and money. I’ve relieved you from all these, however, by this review of the top 10 best wood planks in 2024. While selecting them, I had various basic factors in mind. That’s why you’ll find the strongest, most cost-effective, and, of course, beautiful wood planks on my gem list. Without further ado, here’s the review.

List of 10 Best Wood Planks in 2024

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#10. P. Graham Dunn Pine Wood Plank

P. Graham Dunn Pine Wood Plank

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The ready-to-hang Graham Dunn wood plank comes waiting to get installed. It features a sawtooth hanger on its back for this. Both rookies and experts in woodwork can use the wood without trouble. Minimal spot defects on its surface mean that the wood is ready to stand the test of time and give a beautiful look in the long run.

This wood will come unfinished to give the user freedom of artwork. Its surface is welcome to paint, the use of decals, drawing, and other user-defined artworks. The wood can be used for building, too, and it comes at an affordable price to everyone.

  • Measurements: 17.5 by 0.65 by 17 inches
  • Made of dried pine wood
  • Comes in an unfinished state
  • Made in the USA
  • It’s quite durable

#9. UFP-Edge Wood Plank

UFP-Edge Wood Plank

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The UFP-Edge wood planks are crafted to look like naturally aged barn wood, which is perfect for indoor projects. Each wood is finished on one side so that the other side remains rough — to highlight its looks while rough, too. Kiln drying is used on each of the planks so that shrinkage and warp are at their minimum.

Installing the plank is a park’s walk. For example, installing it horizontally will only require that you nail it directly on the wall. The UFP-Edge wood isn’t for use in the outdoors. However, if you choose to, you should find a sealant that protects the wood from extreme conditions.

  • Very lightweight but sturdy
  • Comes in a gray color
  • Useful installation instructions are included
  • Each wood is 1″ thick
  • Comes in various lengths

#8. EAST COAST RUSTIC Reclaimed Wood Plank

EAST COAST RUSTIC Reclaimed Wood Plank

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These are wall-cum-ceiling decor boards that will give you all the charm and appeal you’ve been looking for in your house.  The boards’ species are sourced from the East Coast Century-old barns. You can use them in your bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and other places.

At East Coast Rustic, the woods are passed through many processes that give it both an appealing look and strength. The great thickness of East Coast’s wood planks allows for more weathering, which gives it a long life. Here are more features worth taking a look at.

  • Thickness: 0.32 inches
  • It’s ready to install
  • Usable both indoors and outdoors
  • Each plank is 5.5 inches wide
  • Straightforward installation
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#7. WoodyWalls Peel and Stick Wood Planks

WoodyWalls Peel and Stick Wood Planks

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If you need a warm, natural look using peel-and-stick wooden planks, WoodyWalls has got you covered. The planks are installed in a neat manner; you only need to remove the outer tape and push the remaining adhesive onto the wall, ceiling, countertops, or wherever you need the planks. No experience is needed!

The adhesive layer used on the planks is free of pollutants hence non-toxic. Each of the planks has been heated in environments without oxygen — to increase their lifetime. The manufacturer has guaranteed customer satisfaction.

  • Made of the American pine
  • Uses VOC-free paints
  • It can be used in temperatures that do not exceed 125°
  • To be used on flat surfaces
  • The planks better suit indoor use

#6. Smart Paneling Wall Wood Planks

Smart Paneling Wall Wood Planks

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These are thermo-treated wood planks with resistance to damages caused by water or heat—the Smart Paneling wood planks better suits walls and ceilings in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other rooms. Most users will love the plank’s overall look that mimics an old village or some peeling paint of an ancient barn. What a look!

These planks won’t attract insects, given that they’re thermo-treated to remove all the resin, moisture, bacteria, and others. They’ll also neither twist nor warp on the walls. Each piece of the planks is different from one another, and this brings a unique display when installed.

  • The package includes 12 planks
  • Crafted to last for 50 years
  • Each plank is 0.3 inches thick
  • Each wood has a 3D surface appearance
  • The woods are all thermo-treated
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#5. Wall Dimension Wood Wall Plank

Wall Dimension Wood Wall Plank

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Wall Dimension Wood Wall Planks are made from natural North American wood. They give an unprecedented warm and natural look and last longer than you can expect of them. Their peel-and-stick installation gives you an easy time while saving you a substantial amount of money.

Each plank is thermo-treated at high temperatures to increase its resistance to harsh climatic conditions. You need a clean, dry, and flat surface on the interior of your house to DIY-install these planks. Using them on the outside will destroy the planks quite faster.

  • Made of pine wood from North America
  • Treated at over 360° of heat
  • Each plank has a thickness of 0.18 inches and a width of 0.54 inches
  • The package comes with 12 planks
  • Every plank is easy to install

#4. Timberchic Reclaimed Wooden Wall Planks

Timberchic Reclaimed Wooden Wall Planks

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Timberchic wood planks are made in the state of Maine, but that’s not the news. The company never cuts trees for wood but reclaims logs from deep the waters of Penobscot River. Such logs are as intact as when they were cut. They’re also safe and strong.

All the planks are pre-finished so that you receive and install them immediately. Their surfaces are easy to maintain and clean, too. Plus, as the buyer, you’ll be helping in the fight to maintain standing trees. Here are more features.

  • The planks come in different lengths, 12-42 inches
  • Each plank is ⅛ inches thick
  • Comes in seven colors and three widths to choose from
  • The planks only require a peel-and-stick installation
  • Each piece of plank lasts long
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#3. Rockin’ Wood Wall Planks

Rockin' Wood Wall Planks

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The Rockin’ wood planks have a natural look that can’t be easily replicated. It’s a more affordable option than the peel-and-stick types. However, you’ll need that you spend a little on the installation to buy some construction adhesive and or nails.

During installation, you can use nails or construction adhesive materials to embed the wood(s) onto your walls or ceiling. The planks are made of reclaimed wood in Oklahoma. Each piece of the planks is naturally aged and beautiful to look at.

  • Thickness: 0.25 inches
  • The planks are made of 100% barn wood
  • You don’t need specials skills to install the planks
  • All the woods in a package can be installed in an area of 46 ft²
  • Each plank is extra durable

#2. Woodchucks Wood Wall Planks

Woodchucks Wood Wall Planks

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This is a collection of small wood planks with different heights, widths, and breadths. Their sources are different, with some being leftovers and scraps from other orders. The collection has a wide range of wood species, too. Some of these wood planks are sanded while some aren’t. Others are also flat whirl others aren’t.

A wide variety of wood types are usually within the package. You’ll find pine, oak, cedar, ash, and other types of woods within. Most likely, you’ll find two or three species collected within a package. However, you don’t have an idea of the type of planks you’ll meet inside the box. Meanwhile, take a look at its features below.

  • The woods are all kiln dry
  • All boards are below 0.5″ thick
  • Each of the wood pieces is likely to be 12 inches long
  • All woods have no cracks
  • All woods are thick enough for a wide range of uses

#1. BarnwoodUSA Wood Wall Planks

BarnwoodUSA Wood Wall Planks

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The BarnwoodUSA wood plank is the best one you can ever meet in 2024. The manufacturer makes use of unused wood (recycling) to make these planks. The planks can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and more others. Amazon customers have given an account of how these planks can create a beautiful message board.

A coffee table, barn doors, and countertops are some of the appliances you can make with this type of wood plank. The 100% recycled wood will save the environment a lot. You have many reasons to trust this manufacturer because of the reputation it has. Here are more features.

  • The planks are made of reclaimed barn wood
  • A package carries six wood planks
  • The planks can be repurposed to fit various uses
  • They’re all thermo-treated so that they last longer
  • None of the reclaimed wood planks has a crack or spot
  • The recycled wood is friendly to the environment

Wood Plank– Buyer’s Guide

Wood Species: The wood material to go with depends on what you’re planning to use it for, your budget, and where it will be installed. With regard to their durability, we have materials that can last for decades and weaker ones that are as well more cost-effective. For example, hickory and maple are some of the most durable wood types, but you have to expect them to come at greater costs. Meanwhile, using the Janka scale can easily help you find strong and weak wood types easily.

Surface Finish: The surface finish of your wood plank will dictate how matte or shiny it will look. Besides, the finish provides protection from discoloring, stains, water, and other unwelcome things. You may decide to go with finished or unfinished planks, depending on what you need. With finished planks, you know what you’re looking for. With unfinished ones, you’ll find a trustworthy carpenter to do the job.

Solid Vs. Engineered Wood: This is a consideration mostly made by individuals who’d like to use the planks on their floors. And, it depends on the type of sub-flooring in place. There are various types of subfloors and their behaviors. Some floors may be exposed to a different form(s) of heat fluctuations while some, moisture, and so on. With varying degrees of temperatures and other natural changes, the engineered wood type is recommended. Its ability to cope with the situation makes it more forgiving of changes in climate. The solid wood plank, on the other hand, can fit ground levels without temperature fluctuations.

Price: No one can ignore the price of whichever good she/he wants to purchase. We all have a budget to obey. On my list is a wide range of wood planks with different prices that are affordable to different people. There are cheap, as well as expensive planks. After determining your budget, make sure that you choose only wood planks within this budget.

Plank Width: Traditionally, wood planks used to come in widths of two and three inches. But nowadays, there are even wider ones. It stands out that the wider the plank, the more conspicuous the grain pattern it has. If the type of wood plank you have chosen has a bewitching pattern, you better go with a wide one. If not, you’ll check the size of your room—a large room blends with a large width, and vice versa.

Spot Defects: The quality of a wood plank can easily be compromised by a few spot defects. You must check the plank for things like cracks and knots. Knots are the joints of the intersection between a branch and the main trunk. They feature a spiral pattern, which is often likely to shrink and fall off when subjected to variable temperatures.


You’re now armed with sufficient wood plank selection knowledge, not to mention a list of the ultimate best ones in 2024. You don’t need to skim the market again for a long time than read this comprehensive guide with tried and tested selection methods. It’s now time to make your order and enjoy the view of your new wood-made products. Happy shopping, pals!

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