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Top 10 Best Wireless Charging Lamps in 2024 Reviews

From time immemorial, lamps have been one of the essential gadgets that your home/office shouldn’t miss. These innovative gadgets provide you with a cool glare-free light to enable you to study or relax before you retire to bed. While this is nice, nothing feels exciting than having something that goes beyond its core function. And this is where the best wireless charging lamps come in. These innovative lamps will not only deliver a relaxing light at your desk or bedside but also brings you the much-needed convenience. Who doesn’t love having their smart gadgets fully recharged every morning before they can rush to work?

Well, the Best wireless charging lamps doubles as a convenient wireless recharging dock for your Smartphones and Smartwatches. These gadgets also offer you with the USB recharging option so that you can recharge two phones or gadgets at the same time. These USB ports can also be useful for powering your aromatherapy diffusers and other devices for your bedtime.

More importantly, some of these gadgets also feature the Bluetooth speakers that enable you to enjoy soothing music as you work at the office or doze off in your cozy bed. Clearly, theses gadget delivers multiple benefits at the same time giving your space a modern stylish look. But, which is the best model among the multitudinous models on the market? Let’s find out.

List of 10 Best Wireless Charging Lamps in 2024

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#10. Ampulla Beacon Multi-Function Desk Lamp

Ampulla Beacon Multi-Function Desk Lamp

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By: Ampulla Store

Function meets style; you will definitely love having this multifunction desk lamp. Whether you are looking for a functional choice for your bedroom or study, this unit serves you well. To begin with, this high-end lamp is customizable in your desired height and angle. Besides the elegant lampstand, this unit features versatility that is hard to beat. In its housing, also a Qi-enabled pad allows charging your Smartphone quickly.

This means you will not only benefit from the cool light at your bedside but also recharge your Smartphone conveniently at your bedside or study. And this isn’t all, the unit also features wireless stereo Bluetooth speakers that enable you to listen to your favorite tunes as you sleep.

  • Multifunctional wireless table lamp with wireless Bluetooth speakers
  • Equipped with four dimmable LED bulbs
  • Compatible with Qi-enabled charging devices
  • Stylish yet functional design
Reason to buy
  • Energy-efficient and recharges in minutes
  • High-quality construction for enhanced performance and durability
  • Has adjustable height and angle
  • Also offers inbuilt clock functions
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#9. Lampression Table Lamp

Lampression Table Lamp

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The lampression is an underrated desk lamp that doubles as a convenient wireless charger. The standout feature that you’ll fall in love with instantly is probably the exquisite design. This unit boasts of a fully adjustable design and emits a soft natural light that is easy for the eye. You can use it for prolonged periods without eye fatigue.

Notably, this unit also has three dimmable color modes, allowing you to create a peaceful environment for your liking. More importantly, this unit comes with an inbuilt Qi- charger that enables you to recharge your Smartphone. The charger has an auto shut off feature that ensures that your phone doesn’t overcharge. Overall, this multifunctional wireless charger/lamp makes a decent addition to your study or bedroom.

  • Automatic shut off when charged fully
  • Comes in a contemporary brushed steel
  • Supports 5V fast USB charging port and 5W Qi-certified wireless charger
  • Friendly LED light provides a beautiful illumination
Reason to buy
  • Easy to assemble and comes with two shade colors
  • Fully adjustable length and angle
  • Recharges quite fast
  • Stylish design adds a touch of sophistication wherever you place it

#8. Nillkin Wireless Charger Desk Lamp

Nillkin Wireless Charger Desk Lamp

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By: Nillkin

Stylish modern table lamp with a wireless and USB charger, the Nillkin charger desk lamp makes a convenient choice for your home office, bedroom as well as your sturdy. This desk lamp creates a lovely and welcoming atmosphere wherever you place it. The Qi- charging system recharges your Smartphone quite fast than your USB charger. There is also a USB option if you have a second phone or need to plug in your Bluetooth speakers or aromatherapy diffuser.

Bring elegance to your home or office. Unlike other models that come with manual buttons, this unit comes with touch buttons that allow for an elegant and effortless control. Moreover, this unit is energy efficient and has a dimmable option to avoid eyestrain.

  • High-end table/ bedside lamp that includes a Qi charging pad
  • Simple yet functional look
  • Touch control with eye protection
  • Also includes a wired USB charging
Reason to buy
  • Unlike the plastic lamps, this versatile desk features a metal base
  • Solid construction ensures safe charging and performance for years
  • Ideal for home and office use
  • Compatible with all phones that support wireless charging

#7. Lecone Table Lamp with Wireless Charger

Lecone Table Lamp with Wireless Charger

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By: Lecone Store

Are you looking for a stylish desk/ bedside lamp that also doubles as a charging dock for your Smartphone? If your answer is heck yes, then this table lamp will suit your needs. For starters, this unit comes with a Qi- wireless charging dock that is compatible with iOS and Android Smartphones. Equally, this unit also includes a charging USB charger. This allows you to charge two phones simultaneously.

More importantly, we love the elegant and practical solution. With a stylish design, this unit adds modern charm to your room. It also has a glare-free experience making it a decent choice for people who love reading before sleeping. And thanks to the additional USB charger, you can attach your aromatherapy diffuser, desk fan, or even a Bluetooth speaker.

  • An elegant and practical solution for home and office use
  • The convenient design eliminates dangling cords
  • Includes two USB ports and wireless charging dock
  • High-end construction to ensure optimal service for a year
Reason to buy
  • Great multifunctional bed/desk lamp that also doubles as a USB/wireless charger
  • Stylish on and off with a pull chain
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
  • Beautiful beige shade and sleek wooden base

#6. LEGELITE Touch Table Lamp

LEGELITE Touch Table Lamp

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Truth be told, we love having our phone at our bedside. For most of use, we love using the alarm feature on our phone. We also find it convenient to charge the phone at our bedside. Well, this bedside lamp serves its core function at the same time providing a wireless charging dock for your Smartphones. This means you are not only going to get a cool night light in your bedroom but also charge your phone conveniently.

We love the classic design that adds a charm of style to your space. The lamp also has dimmable light that enables you to select your desired brightness. The head is also adjustable to the angle of your choice. Moreover, this unit includes a USB charger for your aromatherapy diffuser, Bluetooth speakers, and other gadgets.

  • Stylish, Unique design that looks gorgeous in your room
  • Features superior construction making it functional and durable
  • The LED lamp is dimmable
  • Intuitive touch controls
Reason to buy
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Includes the dimmable bulb
  • Non-glare light to protect your eyes
  • Lightweight and portable
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#5. COZOO Wireless/USB Bedside Table and Desk Lamp

COZOO Wireless/USB Bedside Table and Desk Lamp

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By: cozoo Store

Did you know that the little things could improve your interior drastically? Don’t spend too much on renovating your home while simple gadgets such as this desk lamp can improve the look of your bedroom/ study drastically. And you will get more than just elegance. The COZOO wireless/USB lamp also integrates a convenient wireless charging system that is compatible with your Smartphone and smartwatch.

As mentioned, this unit also features three USB charging ports that enable you to charge more than one device simultaneously. This function is also crucial for people with Bluetooth speakers or aromatherapy diffusers. Similarly, this unit has a power output of 6A which enables it to handle multiple devices at the same time.

  • Qi-enabled wireless recharges all your smart devices quickly
  • Has 6.0Amps output which enables it to charge multiple devices simultaneously
  • Have a wireless docking system and three USB ports
  • Boasts of a solid base and sleek shade
Reason to buy
  • Delivers warm and cozy lighting
  • Eliminate charging cables from your bedside table
  • Solid construction that is made to last
  • The exquisite design looks great in your office and bedside table

#4. Gokey LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging

Gokey LED Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging

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By: Gokey

Who doesn’t love getting something that offers you more than one function? With this unit, you will not only get an elegant desk/bedside lamp but also a convenient charging station for your smartwatch and Smartphone. This elegant lamp is equipped with dimmable LED bulbs to create an exquisite environment in your study, office, or bedroom.

More importantly, this versatile gadget is equipped with a Qi-certified wireless charging dock and a USB charging port. This enables you to recharge more than one device at a time. With it, you don’t have to carry your aromatherapy charger or Bluetooth speaker chargers. This eliminates the cables, creating a neatly organize space.

  • Three Brightness Levels for a customizable experience
  • QI Fast Charge for your Smartphone and smartwatch
  • Eye caring lamp that eliminates glare
  • Includes a USB and wireless charging dock
Reason to buy
  • Lightweight, foldable, and portable design
  • Stops charging automatically when you phone are fully charged
  • Flexible head adjusts to your desired angle
  • Solid base with an espresso coated support and head

#3. Brightech Owen End Table Lamp with a wireless charging station

Brightech Owen End Table Lamp with a wireless charging station

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By: Brightech Store

If you thought that you need to have a loaded bank account to enjoy the best thing in life, think again. One of the reasons we have always loved the products that come from this brand is the fact that you will get an exquisite design at a low price. The first noticeable feature is the impressive artisanship that gives your room an instant touch of style.

Besides aesthetics, this lamp comes with a clamp that ensures that you never knock it off the bedroom table. More importantly, this lamp also doubles as a charging dock for your Smartphone, smartwatch, and other devices. And this is just the beginning; it is compatible with Alexa, Apple home kit and Google Home assist. This allows for hands-free operation. What’s more, this unit includes a three-level dimmable bulb.

  • Alexa and Google home assistant compatible
  • Accepts LED and Incandescent dimmable bulbs
  • Includes a clamp to ensure that you don’t knock it off the table
  • Functional lamp with charging capacity combination
Reason to buy
  • Also includes a USB charging option
  • Stylish and functional design
  • Includes a wood shelf that matches your décor
  • Compact design that occupies minimal space in your room

#2. Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp

Masdio by Ampulla Bedside Lamp

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By: Ampulla Store

Beautiful bedside lamp, wireless charging, and Bluetooth speakers, what a good combination. Ordinary is boring, with the Masdio bedside lamp, you can be sure to bring optimal convenience and elegance to your bedroom. Your love for music is unchallenged with this unit. Different from the mediocre products on the market, this unit comes with premium Bluetooth speakers that enable you to stream millions of songs all night now.

And when it comes to the core functions, this unit comes with a versatile lamp that delivers a cool night light. It also features a widely compatible Qi- wireless charging system that works with all your wireless charging Smartphones and Smartwatches. Pretty amazing right?

  • Concise Design table lamp with a wireless charger and Bluetooth speakers
  • Energy-efficient lamp and charger
  • Creates beautiful glare-free light
  • Three dimmable levels enable you to create your preferred mood
Reason to buy
  • A Gorgeous design that matches all décor
  • Also includes a step-less dimming features
  • Has a good night mood mode
  • Enables you to listen to your favorite music before you sleep

#1. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

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By: TaoTronics Store

We saved the best wireless charging lamp for the best. As everyone can attest to the TaoTronics is not a new name in the electronics world. For the last couple of years, this brand has emerged as one of the top-rated companies in the field of smart gadgets. And it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the wireless charging lamps. One of its stands out features is that it is crafted using solid metal. At first glance, you will feel its classy touch.

In terms of performance, this unit is in a class of its own. For starters, this unit comes with quick charge Qi-enabled wireless charging. This is the latest wireless charging system that works with most Smartphones and Smartwatches. Secondly, this is one of the few lamps that accept both incandescent and LED bulbs. Moreover, this unit ensures glare-free illumination. This is especially important for people who love reading in bed.

  • Features five brightness levels and five color temperatures
  • Has a practical Night Light Mode
  • Comes equipped with a Qi-Enabled Wireless Charger and USB Charging Port,
  • Dimmable desk lamp makes it energy efficient
Reason to buy
  • Unlike the cheaply made lamps, this unit comes with a metal base and frame Made of metal
  • Delivers well-diffused light to prevent eye fatigue Eye-caring
  • Exquisite artisanship to ensure solid performance and durability
  • Affordable especially considering the features included
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The Best Wireless Charging Lamps | Buyer’s Guide

Undoubtedly, picking any of the above choices you’ll get a reliable service. However, we aim to ensure that you get the best pick. As such, we are going to point out some of the crucial features that you should consider before making your final purchasing decisions. These include;

  • Construction materials: A good-looking piece is great, but once it is made from poor materials, it wears incredibly fast. Make no mistake, the best wireless charging lamp should feel as great as it looks. We recommend going for high-end models that are made from high-end materials. Overly light plastic products tend to fade after a few months of use. Make sure that you go for a model that is not only gorgeous but feels solid too.
  • Is it versatile enough: Well, versatility is a broad quality measure. Howbeit when it comes to the wireless charging lamps, it refers to the performance and durability of a product. The lamp should feature the latest Qi-enabled wireless charging technology. This ensures that it is compatible with the latest Smartphones and Smartwatches. Moreover, this gadget should at least be compatible with your USB powered devices. This means it should support Bluetooth speakers or at least have a USB port that powers your aromatherapy diffuser.
  • What about the Style: Who doesn’t love something that stands out? Well, make sure that you pick a model that stands out. It shouldn’t be too obvious but should blend well with other items in your room to bring out a modern and unique look. More importantly, pick a style or shade that works well with your interior style and decoration.


It is our norm to provide you with the best-rated and unique products that work exceptionally in terms of performance, style, and look. After detailed research, we came up with the above rundown. The above models do not only excel in terms of looks but deliver a solid performance wherever you need them. Get your priorities right and pick any of the above models that serve your needs perfectly. All the best!

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