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Top 10 Best Telescope Lens for Smartphones in 2024 Reviews

Gone are the days you needed to carry a professional camera to capture stunning pictures of our best moments. We often use our smartphone as cameras even though they are limited in their quality. Telescope lens saves the day by converting our smartphones into quality cameras in an instant.

The article presents you with the top 10 best telescope lenses for smartphones in 2024 to help you navigate through the numerous products in the market. We take you straight to the best of them all with the best features.

List of 10 Best Telescope Lens for Smartphones in 2024

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#10. Godefa 12X Zoom Telephoto Cell Phone Camera Lens

Godefa 12X Zoom Telephoto Cell Phone Camera Lens

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By: Godefa

Capture crystal clear and quality pictures of both far and close sceneries with the Godefa telephoto phone camera lens. The telescope lens turns your pictures into close high-resolution versions, and it converts your phone camera into a telephoto. The lens has a long-lasting and premium-quality shell and glass, which is portable and compact for easy storage.

The telescope lens uses a removable clip crafting to keep it steady on your phone. An eyepiece cap on the lens means you can still use the lens when it is not attached to the phone. Its installation and removal processes are straightforward, and it helps the phone camera to capture top-quality and high-definition pictures. It is compatible with a wide range of phones, including iPhone 5S, SE, 6Pluse, 6s, 7,8, X, Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8, and many others.

  • Has a top-quality shell and glass
  • Has a removable clip
  • Comes with an eyepiece cap
  • Usable without a phone camera
  • It is easily portable
Reason to buy
  • Easily installable and removable with a removable clip
  • It has an eyepiece cap that makes it usable without a phone camera

#9. Ampufi – Monocular Telescope 22X Telephoto

Ampufi - Monocular Telescope 22X Telephoto

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By: Ampufi

The Ampufi telescope lens for phone cameras features a staggering 22 times magnification of the naked eye. It brings the additional quality and zoom to the phone camera, thus making the pictures brighter and top-quality while bringing far sceneries much closer. It uses a BAK-4 lens that offers high clarity with dual-viewing modifications. This product has a focal length with a 32 millimeters vast-angle view, and its focal modification offers more than 1000 yards of focus magnification.

The telescope lens is compatible with any Android, Samsung, and iPhone devices enabling them to capture distant places with clarity and ease. The package includes a phone adapter and tripod that are crucial in setting up a steady viewing experience. The components are compact, making them easily portable, and they come in a classic case for transportation. The telescope lens has a long-lasting and sturdy Aluminum construction that gives it a good feel.

  • Has a 22 times magnification
  • Uses a BAK-4 prism lens with dual-viewing adjustments
  • 32 millimeters vast-angle focal length
  • Focal adjusts over 1000 yards of magnification
  • Comes with a phone adapter and tripod
  • Comes in a fashionable transportation case
Reason to buy
  • It is compatible with all Android, Samsung, and iPhone devices.
  • It has a powerful 22 times magnification.

#8. APEMAN Smartphone Adaptor Tripod

APEMAN Smartphone Adaptor Tripod

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It is now possible to capture smartphone pictures that are ten times closer with a 100 meters to 1000 meters broad view using the Aperman telescope lens for smartphones. It enables you to get a fantastic viewing experience that is ideal for capturing wildlife, hunting, camping, bird watching, outdoor sports, and sceneries.

The smartphone telescope lens comes with a phone adapter and a tripod stand, and it is compatible with all smartphones in the market. The tripod and adapter give you fast HD pictures for you to share instant and elegant moments with those close to you. Its large eyepiece and large viewing field give you a comfortable watching, and its adjustable eyecup is a fit for more people. Twist the eyecup down if you wear glasses and twist it up if you do not wear glasses to get a clear view.

  • It has a ten times magnification
  • It has a 100 to 1000 meters viewing field
  • Comes with a phone adapter and a tripod
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Has adjustable eyecups
  • Resistant to light waters
Reason to buy
  • It has a ten times magnification and a 100 to 1000 meters viewing field.
  • Twisting the eyecups down gives a clearer view to eye-glasses wearers.
  • It is compatible with light waters.

#7. MIAO LAB Apexel HD Phone Telephoto Lens

MIAO LAB Apexel HD Phone Telephoto Lens

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The Apexel HD telescope lens for smartphones features an incredible 28 times magnification that is perfect for professionals and enthusiasts to explore a new and brighter world using advanced smartphone photography. It is the ideal telescope lens for those of us who love outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, traveling, scenery, wildlife, hunting, and bird watching. You can alter the sharpness of the objects using the focus rings.

The FOV ring allows you to alter the viewing field of pictures, which is vital in capturing long shots with an HD quality. The telescope lens does not have dark spots unlike cheaper lenses, and it comes with robust and long-lasting aircraft-level aluminum and an optical glass that offers clarity. The glass has a multiple-element coating of glass lenses that reduces lens flare, reflections, and ghosting. The lens is compatible with rear and front cameras, single cameras, and multi-style cameras.

  • Has a massive 28 times magnification
  • Comes with a focus ring
  • Has a field-of-view ring
  • Does not have dark corners
  • Has an aircraft-level aluminum construction
Reason to buy
  • Has a vast 28 times magnification
  • Comes with both focus ring and a field-of-view ring to help you capture long shots with HD quality

#6. VLANCH Phone Camera Lens

VLANCH Phone Camera Lens

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The VLANCH phone camera telescope lens is perfect for advanced videography and photography with top-quality multiple-resistant coatings that handle all shots from landscapes to portraits with great clarity. The telescope lens has a proven 95 percent transmittance without any distortions. The ultra-advanced coating reduces flaring and ghosting to prevent fingerprints and smears on the lens.

The telescope lens has a strong 25 times magnification and an industrial-level aluminum shell with a premium optical lens that enables the smartphone camera to shoot distant objects with clarity. It comes with eyecups that are useful when using the lens as a mono-tube telescope. The lens is suitable for watching games, concerts, wild animals, birds, landscapes, and other sceneries.

  • Has a 25 times magnification
  • Industrial-level aluminum construction
  • Usable as a mono-tube telescope
  • Has a premium optical glass
  • Multiple elements coating on the glass
Reason to buy
  • Compatible with multiple-camera, single-camera, rear-camera, and front camera smartphones
  • It has a long-lasting industrial-level aluminum construction

#5. Bostionye Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

Bostionye Cell Phone Camera Lens Kit

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By: Bostionye

The Bostionye cellphone camera is ideal for exploring mobile videography and photography with eight lenses including a22 times magnification telephoto lens, a 0.63 times vast-angle lens, a 198 degrees fish-eye lens, 15 times macro lens, a two-times telephoto lens, a four-line star filter, a CPL filter, and a Kaleidoscopes. The telescope lens comes with auxiliary equipment including a universal clip, a Bluetooth remote control, eyecup,

and a tripod.

The telescopic lens comes with a 22 times magnification fixed focus lens that magnifies far-away objects and provides a long-distance vision. The 198 degrees fish-eye creates a unique and mysterious and exciting circular effect picture. The 15 times magnification macro lens is ideal for capturing insects and flowers and other small objects with the best shooting distance of one to three inches. The 0.63 times lens shoots a broad view.

  • Comes with eight lenses
  • Has a 22X telephoto lens
  • Has a 0.63X wide lens
  • A 15 times macro lens
  • Has a 198 degrees fish-eye lens
  • Two times telephoto lens
Reason to buy
  • Comes with a 198 degrees fish-eye lens that creates mysterious circular effects
  • Its 15 times macro lens is ideal for capturing insects, flowers, and other small objects within on to three inches

#4. CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens

CoPedvic Phone Camera Lens

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By: CoPedvic

The CoPedvic telescope lens for smartphones is ideal for professionals and enthusiasts who love exploring with advanced mobile videography and photography. Top-quality multiple-resistant coatings help the lenses to capture every shot from landscapes to portraits. The advanced coating reduces flaring and ghosting. The four-in-one phone lens package can work as a telescope or a monocular.

The kit includes a 22 times telephoto lens with a fixed focus, a 205 degrees fish-eye lens, a 4K 0.67 times vast-angle lens and a 25 times macro lens with an adjustable clamp, a metallic tripod, a phone holder, an eyecup, a zipped case, and a Microsoft cloth. The 22 times telephoto lens is perfect for shooting distant objects, while the 205 degrees fish-eye lens is ideal, creating unique and fun mystical circular effects. The 25 times macro lens captures close insects, flowers, and other small objects.

  • Has top-quality multiple resistant coatings
  • Comes with a 22 times telephoto lens
  • Has a 205 degrees fish-eye lens
  • It has a 4K 0.67 time’s vast-angle lens
  • Has a 25 times macro lens
  • It has an adjustable clamp
Reason to buy
  • Its advanced coating reduces flaring and ghosting
  • The eyecup allows you to use the lens as a telescope and as a monocular
  • Its 205 degrees fish-eye lens creates fun and circular effects

#3. VIVREAL Monocular Telescope

VIVREAL Monocular Telescope

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The VIVREAL telescope lens has a 50 millimeters diameter and a 12 time’s magnification to capture bright and clear images that enable you to enjoy the distant beauty up-close. It has a vast field of view of 360 feet and 1000 yards which is suitable for outdoor adventures such as scenery, wildlife, camping, hiking, hunting, and bird watching. The telescope lens uses a modern optics technology with a BAK-4 prism and multiple coated lens.

The telescope lens shoots bright, colorful, and clear images with a light transmittance of 99 percent by allowing more brightness and light transmission. It has ergonomic crafting that enables you to focus on the target accurately and fast with one hand. It has a slip-proof grip with a good-feel stripped rubber armor. A Nitrogen full coating and an O-ring optics protect it from dust, moisture, and debris.

  • Comes with tripods and a smartphone holder
  • Has a 12 times magnification lens
  • The lens has a 50 millimeters diameter
  • 360 feet and 1000 yards field of view
  • BAK-4 prism lens with multiple coating
  • An IPX7 Nitrogen-full coating
  • It has a sealed O-ring
Reason to buy
  • It has ergonomic crafting with a good-feel slip-resistant rubber armor
  • Its Nitrogen-full coating and O-ring protects it from dust and moisture to keep the images clear

#2. Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

Xenvo Pro Lens Kit

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By: Gskyer

The Xenvo lens kit is compatible with all smartphones, including iPhones, Samsung galaxy and note, Huawei, Google Pixel, and others. The kit comes with 0.45 times vast-angle lens, lens clip, 15 times macro lens, fast-release Lanyard, easy-clip, a dura case, and a cleaning cloth. It is ideal for capturing colorful clear images of selfies, architecture, landscapes, travel scenery, pets, and people.

The telescope lens does not have dark corners unlike cheaper versions, and its housing has long-lasting aircraft-level aluminum construction. It uses a top-quality optical glass for clarity with multiple element coating to reduce ghosting, flaring, reflections, and other distortions. It is the ideal lens for hobbyists and experts.

  • 15 times macro lens
  • Has a lens clip
  • Comes with a glow clip
  • Has a 0.45 wide lens
Reason to buy
  • It has a 0.45 times wide lens to capture more details
  • Has a glow clip that illuminates the subjects and surroundings

#1. MACTREM Phone Camera Lens

MACTREM Phone Camera Lens

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The MACTREM smartphone lens comes with a 20 times telephoto lens, a 0.5 times vast-angle lens, 25 times macro lens, a 205 degrees fish-eye lens, a tripod, a universal clip, and an EVA bag. The nine-in-one phone lens package converts your phone into a portable camera and lens, enabling it to capture quality pictures. The 25 times magnification macro lens shoots excellent up-close pictures.

The 0.5 times vast-angle lens adds to your pictures, and it is ideal for city and group shoots. The 205 degrees fish-eye displays the world in exciting ways. The 20 times magnification telephoto lens is suitable for capturing distant objects. The tripod keeps the phone lens steady for precise shots. Each of the lenses comes with ten layers of green coating on both sides, and the lens has an Aluminum alloy covering.

  • 20 times magnification telephoto lens
  • A 205 degrees fish-eye lens
  • Has a 0.5 times vast-angle lens
  • Has a 25X magnification macro lens
  • Comes with an eyecup, tripod, clip, and an EVA bag
  • Each lens has ten-layer green coating
Reason to buy
  • It has a long-lasting and sturdy aluminum alloy covering
  • The tripod keeps the phone telescope lens stable for clear pictures

Telescope Lens For Smartphones | Buying Guide

  • Portability: The telescopic lens needs to be easily portable since we take most of our pictures on the move. The lens should balance between size and picture quality.
  • Flexibility: The telescope lens should quickly adapt to different locations and bring out the beauty of every environment with color and clarity.
  • Construction: Working outdoors means the lens will is exposed to a good number of outdoor hazards such as falls and moisture. The lens material should be resistant to these hazards.
  • Quality: The primary reason we purchase telescope lens is to improve the quality of our shots, and it should serve this purpose to its best. Look for lens clear shots.


Purchasing a telescope lens for your smartphone is one way to explore the immense potential of your smartphone camera to capture our best moments in clarity and color. Telescope lens makes a huge difference between regular shoots with our smartphone camera in terms of quality and clarity.

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