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Top 10 Best Sofa Arm Tables in 2024 Reviews

Lolling on the couch never gets better when you have everything you need at arm’s reach. You don’t have to sit up to reach for that glass of wine, a coffee, phone, or anything else lying on a far-seated table again. Use the godsend sofa arm table to keep your glasses, the TV remote, phone, and other personal items always close to you — as you lounge to pass some time.

While they hold your items close to you, sofa arm tables also help you save space (you don’t need the big table again) and keep you comfortable. We have fantastic options in our review of the top 10 best sofa arm tables in 2024. Our collection includes armrest tables made of different durable materials and numerous features that serve different needs. What’s more, most of them are quite affordable; thus, nothing can stop you from adding one to your shopping cart from Amazon.

List of 10 Best Sofa Arm Tables in 2024

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#10. Ewart Woods Sofa Arm Table

Ewart Woods Sofa Arm Table

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This miniature table is made for round sofa arms. Its non-slip, high-quality surface holds your cups, laptop, phone, and other items without spillage or fall-off. Twenty-two sticks are put together to make the small table. Its design makes it cling firmly to the arm of your sofa to provide stability.

There’s room for custom engraving on the table’s surface. You can add your favorite logo or other images. The table’s generous size will hold as many items as you need, and there’s a phone compartment for your small and wide cellphones. Here is more information about the table.

  • Materials: natural products and ash wood
  • The phone holder space has a size of
  • 3.5 by 0.47 inches
  • Each stick is 7.8 by 11.8 inches
  • The top size: 17.3″ by 11.8.”

#9. SLINKY Sofa Arm Table

SLINKY Sofa Arm Table

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Have your popcorn, glass of wine, food, phone, laptop, and other things right beside you on the pair of SLINKY sofa arm tables. The ready-to-use tables need no assembly and hold onto both flat and rounded sofa arms. They’re a perfect gift idea for your parents, friends, and other relatives alike.

Cleaning this pair is a walk in the park; simply use a damp cloth to wipe off any dirt, and you’re done. Before you purchase the pair, please ensure that your sofa’s arm is at least 5.3 inches wide. Use the included bumpers to install the sofa arm tables on rounded sofa arms.

  • It’s coated using polyurethane, hence, the easy cleaning
  • Tabletop size: 5.3 by 9.75 inches (W by L)
  • It suits flat and rounded arms
  • It comes in a pair
  • Features a protective felt backing

#8. My Sofa Arm Clip Table

My Sofa Arm Clip Table

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This cost-effective sofa arm tray from My Sofa Arm holds your items safe and close all the time. It has side stoppers that keep your things confined to the space within it. The tray uses spring arms to clip to the arm of your flat or rounded sofa. You can place anything from phones and drinks to TV remote control and others.

Clip the handy arms on and off, and attach the tray to your sofa’s arm each time you need its services. When it gets dirty, use a damp cloth to wipe off all the dirt from its surface. After use, clip the arms off and store the new compact item wherever you need it. You’ll love the way it blends with your home decor.

  • Size: 12.3 by 9 inches
  • Material: food-grade PP
  • The surface is waterproof
  • No tools required for assembly
  • Colour: wine red
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#7. Meistar (Large) Sofa Tray Table

Meistar (Large) Sofa Tray Table

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The Meistar uses weighted sides to keep itself in a still posture on your sofa’s arm. That means you don’t have to purchase any kind of tool for installation. It also gives you ample space for all your items, yet it’s cost-effective. Gift it to your parents or other friends, and you’ll hear them thanking you big for the genius item.

The Meistar is for use with square arms alone. The two large storage compartments attached can help you keep phones, remotes, and other critical items. Use it to take a beverage, water, or even some dinner. Clean its waterproof surface using a wet cloth. Here are more features again.

  • The dimensions of the table are 18 by 12.59 by 0.2 inches
  • It’s crafted using the MDF wood
  • It comes with two large storage compartments
  • Installation is straightforward without tools
  • The surface is waterproof

#6. U NEATOPA  Sofa Arm Table

U NEATOPA  Sofa Arm Table

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This is a durable and versatile sofa arm table that you can always take along with you to any location. Apart from providing you with ample space for your glasses, phones, e.t.c., the table features three small and one large pocket for your keys, remote control, and other stuff. It retails at a highly affordable price.

The top tray can be detached from the whole item. The wings feature a non-slip backside, which is what keeps the whole table held onto your sofa. Utilize the large top table surface to your advantage. U NEATOPA will stand the test of time due to its durable leather and wood construction materials.

  • It comes with a gift box
  • The table features three small and one large storage pockets
  • Materials: PU leather and wooden top tray
  • Top table size: 18 by 24 centimeters
  • Useable with both flat and curved sofa arms
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#5. LENUE Bamboo Sofa Arm Table

LENUE Bamboo Sofa Arm Table

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The strong LENUE sofa arm table will live for as long as you wish due to the natural bamboo construction. Use it to hold your drinks, as a mouse pad, and for other purposes. The kid-proof tray is highly durable and beautiful. Ensure that it matches your home’s set-up before you purchase one.

LENUE has an anti-slip top surface that provides maximum friction for the items you place on it. Easily wipe it clean using a moist cloth. While in use, the arm table will stay stable to avoid spilling your drinks. The rubber grip underside helps to make it stable.

  • It features a silicone grip top pad for more stability of your items
  • Main material: 100% eco-friendly bamboo
  • Size: 11.8 by 5.8 inches (L by W)
  • 100% silicone top provides friction
  • The protective rubber underside will go easy on your sofa’s arm material

#4. Greystone Avenue Sofa Arm Table

Greystone Avenue Sofa Arm Table

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The Greystone sofa arm table is what you need for an improved lolling on the sofa. It’s a solid, wooden table that serves you with ample space and stability. Use it as a mouse pad — or dinner table — to keep your glasses (for water, wine, juice, etc.). This is a perfect gift idea for the holidays for anyone.

The waterproof finish on both sides of this wooden sofa arm table prevents stains from food and drinks from reaching your sofa. It also makes it easy to clean the table using a damp cloth. The silicone top prevents spills. It also has a silicone bottom that attaches to your sofa safely and firmly.

  • Size: 13″ by 4.7″ (L by W)
  • Main material: acacia wood
  • The all-round waterproof construction prevents your sofa from spills
  • The adjustable tray can be used as a dining table when stretched flat
  • It suits both rounded and flat couch arms
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#3. MEISTAR (Smaller) Sofa Arm Tray Table

MEISTAR (Smaller) Sofa Arm Tray Table

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Whether you have a square or rounded sofa arm, it’s time to take a look at the MEISTAR sofa arm tray table. The table features two dented drink holders on its surface and pocket organizers for storage. Its weighted sides plus the anti-slip base give it stability on the arm of your sofa.

Use the miniature table to easily access your items and even to add beauty to your lounge. Clean the waterproof sofa arm table using a wet cloth to keep it shining in your space. Enjoy the spill-proof tabletop design with enough friction for your items.

  • It features three pocket organizers
  • Size: 15.75 by 12.59 inches
  • Material: MDF wood
  • It’s very easy to clean up
  • The large tabletop can hold your mouse, too

#2. iLemon Sofa Arm Table

iLemon Sofa Arm Table

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If you want to stay in your comfort zone with everything you need at an arm’s reach, here’s a durable sofa arm table. Use the waterproof iLemon table to keep messes away from your sofa area. It uses real wood on the top surface to extend its life. Storage pockets on each side provide more space for organizing your items.

The small table stays snugly in place, whether you’re using it on your sofa, mattress, bookshelf, or anywhere else. The price is highly wallet-friendly despite all the features it offers. Purchase it on Amazon and enjoy even better deals. Here are more features.

  • It features one large and three small pockets for convenient storage
  • The center tray is detachable and useable separately
  • Material: top-quality PU leather
  • The leather surface cleans easily by wiping off all dirt using a wet cloth
  • Detachable tray size: 12 by 3 inches

#1. The GEHE Bamboo Sofa Arm Tray Table

The GEHE Bamboo Sofa Arm Tray Table

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GEHE wins as the best sofa arm tray to shop for in 2024. It’s the best for many reasons: it can fit any type and size of the sofa arm. This is the ideal product to keep the mess caused by a spillage on your sofa at bay. The black rubber material on the top of the little table’s surface ensures that your items are safe and secure on top of the tray.

This tray is brought together using bamboo. The lower surface is non-slip and goes easy on the surface of your sofa. GEHE stays stable on your couch using the weighted sides. It has a waterproof cover that prevents spills from reaching your sofa’s surface and makes cleaning the table easy. Here are more features.

  • Tray size: 13.25 (L) by 6 (W) inches
  • Material: 100% biodegradable bamboo
  • The rubber tabletop prevents sliding and spillage
  • It suits any size of sofa
  • When stretched out the table is useable on the mattress, floor, and other places
  • It’s highly durable

Sofa Arm Table– Buyer’s Guide

Size: The best sofa arm table has enough space for all your intended items, and more to spare. You’ll mostly need space that can accommodate a glass of water/coffee/wine, your phone, the remote, and other items. Likewise, the size shouldn’t look odd on your sofa’s arm. On my list, I’ve specified most of the small tables’ sizes — to help you easily make a judgment between them.

Material: You aren’t going to purchase a sofa arm table without checking the materials used to put it together. Materials give an idea of the product’s durability, looks, texture, and other attributes. While most of these ingenious tables are built using different types of wood, others also made using leather and other materials. There’s no single best material for all the tables, but pine wood, leather, and other coveted materials will never cease to stand the test of time.

Compatibility: No one’s ready for a wasted purchase, or are you? A sofa arm table that can’t fit the arm of your sofa is an excellent example. You need to confirm that the small table is able to cling to your sofa’s arm firmly — so that fall-offs are minimized. There are universally compatible sofa arm tables (some on my list above) and other types. If you can’t do it yourself, find a specialist to help you determine the right type that can grip your sofa’s arm best.

Colour: The best miniature sofa arm table should have a color that blends perfectly with your home decor. You aren’t going to ignore this because it’s part of the beauty that this equipment adds to your house. You have your taste, so feel free to choose your favorite color, as all the products on my list come in a wide range of colors to choose from.

Other Features: Despite serving you as an arms-reach table, sofa arm tables may also have extra service features. A good example is the inclusion of a storage compartment for your phones, TV remote, and other things. Also, some of the tables may feature a lockable compartment for more security. Check out these features and see if you may need any before you shop for the table.


So these are the best sofa arm tables that you’ll find in the market today. This article relieves you from the tedious market research involved in trying to find the best product from a list of uncountable brands. Use it to your advantage to save time and money. We hope you enjoyed the read, and that you’re willing to share the article with a few friends and relatives. Meanwhile, have a happy shopping experience, pals.

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