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Top 10 Best Porcelain Kitchen Sinks in 2024 Reviews

Nothing beats the porcelain sink in terms of its vintage appeal, myriads of color options, and other competitive parameters. Its surface resists stains, scratches, and breakage. I won’t talk much about how quiet the porcelain sinks operate, especially compared to the metallic types. Most homeowners have switched to these kitchen sinks for their chic appearance, durability, and other features.

You probably want to make a switch, too, but something’s limiting you; the endless market options. Well, multiple options are handy. However, they also make it confusing to choose the best product, but not with this review in place. The review details the top 10 best porcelain kitchen sinks in 2024. Use it to find one that fits your kitchen and home perfectly while saving your wallet and time. The included buyer’s guide further helps you fine-tune your selections.

List of 10 Best Porcelain Kitchen Sinks in 2024

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#10. The Enbol White Porcelain Kitchen Sink

The Enbol White Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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This durable white porcelain sink from Enbol is made out of firing and glazing the porcelain material under extremely high temperatures in a kiln. Consequently, it’s hard to crack and has exceptional heat resistance, despite giving a stellar visual appeal that blends seamlessly with your countertop.

The vitreous surface makes it non-porous and resistant to absorbing odors and stains. It’s also easy to clean due to the glaze that gives it a smooth surface. Enbol is a double-bowl farmhouse sink that adopts a huge size. You can wash your large kitchen appliances in each bowl. Utilize the full divide to separate dirty utensils from clean ones.

  • The sink features the standard 3.5-inch drain opening
  • Full size: 32.75 (L) by 19.75 (W) by 10 inches (D)
  • Recommended installation: undermount
  • The smaller inner bowls differ in size
  • It comes with a detailed installation guide

#9. KLXHOME Farmhouse Porcelain Kitchen Sink

KLXHOME Farmhouse Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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Constructed from fireclay porcelain heated at 2900°C, this white porcelain kitchen sink is quite durable and resistant to destruction. The large, single-bowl sink enables you to wash your large cookware without a hitch while resisting stains, heat, and wear from chemicals. The smooth surface is also easy to clean.

The KLXHOME has a white color that gives it admirable conspicuousness, which blends perfectly with your kitchen design. Its 3.5-inch drain opening suits every garbage disposal system. You can use the under-mount, flush-mount, or the overmount installation methods for this sink without adjusting its parts.

  • The sink is 24 inches large
  • An installation guide is included in the package
  • Size (exterior): 24 by 20 by 10 inches (L × W × D)
  • It adopts a single-bowl design
  • Easy to clean

#8. Kichae White Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Kichae White Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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The Kichae porcelain kitchen sink is great for its lasting elegance, resistance to thermal shock, ease of cleaning, and other stellar qualities. Its material resists collision noise while in use, and that’s a boon. Utilize its extra-large space for your huge cookware. Cleaning the glazy surface is easy due to the smooth surface.

The sink is made of a special type of white clay heated under a great temperature of 2900°C. The heat gives this sink the ability to resist cracks and scratches, not to mention heat and shock. The sink’s thick design lasts long while deadening sounds from the interior. Here is additional information about the sink.

  • Color: white
  • It has a single-bowl design
  • Size: 30 by 20 by 10 inches (L × W × D)
  • The drain opening is 3.5 inches
  • It comes with a drain strainer and bottom rinse grid
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#7. The Houzer PCS-2500 NB Porcelain Kitchen Sink

The Houzer PCS-2500 NB Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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The porcelain-enameled Houzer kitchen sink is an innovative sink that features a galvanized steel core and a porcelain enamel. The porcelain enamel is fired at high temperatures 1500°F) to resist stain, scratch, and chip. Its glossy surface is also easy to clean; you don’t need to scrub the surface to remove food stains. Just wipe it off, and you’re done.

While you can find the hygienic sink in eight other colors, this specific one is navy blue. Despite the metallic core, this porcelain sink is quite lighter than the cast-iron types.

  • Mounting clips and installation instructions are included
  • Size: 20.4 by 15.1 by 9 inches (L × W × D)
  • The steel core: 16 gauges
  • You need a 30-inch sink base to install the sink
  • Installation: undermount

#6. Logmey Small Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Logmey Small Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

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Special white clay is fired to 2900°F to come up with the Logmey farmhouse kitchen sink. If you need a small-sized sink, here is your type. It has a width of only 24 inches, which is perfect for most kitchen activities. Due to its high-temperature heat treatment, the sink’s body is resistant to such adverse effects as heat, scratching, breaking, cracking, and staining, among others.

Cleaning the sink’s smooth surface is seamless, and the R10 rounded corners make the cleaning even simpler. You can install the sink on all sides. Whichever side remains exposed, it’ll look elegant and appealing. Read about more features below.

  • Size: 24 by 18 by 10 inches
  • It resists over 550°F of heat
  • Drainage hole: 3.5.”
  • You need a cabinet size of 27″ to install the sink perfectly
  • Color: white
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#5. VASOYO Porcelain Kitchen Sink

VASOYO Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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Here is another large, single-bowl kitchen sink for your kitchen cleaning activities. Its body consists of blended fireclay and other minerals put together under high heat (at 2900°F) in a kiln. The result is a smooth and non-porous surface that’s easy to clean and is resistant to stains, scratches, cracks, and heat.

One side of the single-bowl sink is flat while the other side is fluted. You can install the sink with either the flat or fluted end exposed; the choice is yours.

  • It comes with a retractable drain basin
  • Drain opening: 3.5.”
  • Interior size: 26 by 16 by 8 inches (L × W × D)
  • It has no faucet hole
  • Material: white fireclay

#4. Lordear Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Lordear Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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If you need decades of beauty and service from a strong and elegant kitchen porcelain sink, this one from Lordear has your back. Its thick, sound-deadening material gives you a quiet operation in the kitchen. The large size is ideal for your huge pots, pans, and other cookware. Don’t worry about the price; purchase the sink on Amazon and get exceptional discounts.

Utilize the sink’s smooth and glazy surface for easy cleaning with a damp cloth. The stainless steel grid adds more strength to the sink, and the porcelain finish makes it everlastingly beautiful. Take a look at more features in the following section.

  • Size: 605 by 455 by 256 mm
  • It comes with microwave oven gloves and an apron cloth
  • The drain opening is 3.5 inches large
  • Its surface has food-grade materials
  • Color: white
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#3. Kraus KE1US21GWH Porcelain Kitchen Sink

Kraus KE1US21GWH Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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This is another porcelain-enameled kitchen sink with a cast iron core. Despite the fact, you don’t need a specialized installation for it due to the lightweight design. The superior porcelain enamel is a high-gloss finish that resists scratches, cracks, stains, and other undesirable effects. You won’t find it hard to clean the surface using a damp cloth.

The sink’s rounded corners are easy to clean despite keeping your kitchenware free from damage. You’ll operate at the lowest noise disturbance due to the sound-deadening wall materials. Its surface will resist bacterial growth. The sink is 65 percent lighter than other steel sinks, and that’s an advantage towards a seamless installation.

  • The sink is 7.75 inches deep
  • Its drain opening adopts the standard 0.75-inch size
  • Its enamel consists of double-fired clay at 1500°F
  • Timeless aesthetics
  • It measures 19.75 by 15.75 inches (L × W) on the interior

#2. The BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Porcelain Kitchen Sink

The BOCCHI 1138-001-0120 Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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The Boochi porcelain kitchen sink brings cutting-edge features to your kitchen for convenience, appeal, and long service. Its 100% non-porous surface has exceptional resistance to stains, discoloration, scratching, cracking, and other adverse effects. Due to a high-temperature heat treatment, the porcelain sink has an admirable resistance to heat.

A simple wipe is enough for keeping this sink’s surfaces sparkling. Enjoy a timeless use assured by the durable materials that make up this godsend kitchen porcelain sink. The fireclay that makes it up is fired in kilns at 2000°F. Since the fireclay material is natural, the sink has a food-grade design that protects you from harm.

  • It’s a single-bowl kitchen sink
  • It’s 10 inches deep
  • The protective bottom grid is removable
  • The interior size is: 28.5 by 16.5 by 8.5 inches
  • Installation: Undermount

#1. The Sarlai Porcelain Kitchen Sink

The Sarlai Porcelain Kitchen Sink

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The best porcelain kitchen sink is here. Sarlai has the best modern design and lasting impression. It’s easy to use and maintain, leave alone installing. Natural fireclay is blended with a few other minerals to form the material that makes this sink’s body. At the core, a T-304 stainless steel frame adds to the strength and durability of the sink. The porcelain double layer has a sound-deadening effect that allows you to operate with the lowest noise pollution.

Everyone loves this sink’s premium glossy finish that comes with a bunch of advantages. Despite being easy to clean, its timeless elegance is a thing to be happy about. Enjoy easy cleaning with the sink’s rounded corners that make it easy to wipe clean the interior part. Don’t worry about stains and scratches; the finish is highly resistant to them. The gorgeous workspace is rare to find.

  • Minerals and fireclay are blended at 2900°F to form the body material
  • Dimensions: 33″ by 21″ by 10″ (L × W × D)
  • It doesn’t absorb stains or odors
  • The sink features the standard 3.5-inch drain opening
  • Round corner: 10 mm radius
  • It needs at least a 32-inch cabinet base for easy installation

Porcelain Kitchen Sink – Buyer’s Guide

Number of Bowls: Sinks can have one or more (mostly two) bowls. While single-bowl variations are spacious in size, some double-bowl types also offer a significant space for your large utensils and other space-demanding kitchen sink activities. Double-bowl sinks can have equilateral or varying-space compartments, the choice of which will rely on your needs. A rule of thumb is to ensure that the compartment(s) meet your space needs.

The Size: There are various sink sizes to choose from. Whether large or small, a suitable size of the sink is all you need. So do you need one that accommodates all your large pots, dishes, and other utensils, or only a small one for your cups? You’re at liberty to make the right selection. Farmhouse sinks are known for their large sizes, and you’re free to choose from the assortment of choices available in this review. Also, remember to relate the size to your available installation space.

Shape: The shape of your porcelain kitchen sink not only has a huge significance on the aesthetics of your home but also on how convenient it is to handle and maintain it. Mostly, you’ll meet round and rectangular sinks. While round sinks seem to be more versatile and easy to clean, the rectangular options are a bit harder to clean, less versatile but look more chic and modern. Also, consider how easy or hard it is to install the shape in your kitchen before you pick one.

Undermount vs. Top-mount: Sinks can be categorized by how they’re installed. Top-mount sinks are often easier to install than their under-mount counterparts. Also dubbed drop-in sinks, the top-mount types simply need that you sink them into your countertop’s available cavity, with its edges remaining at the top of the counter. This is quite practical and time-saving. Undermount countertops install from the underside of your counter. While they’re harder to install, they seem to have a better appeal than the top-mount types.

Sink Accessories: It’s also essential to go with a sink that supports several accessories that you may need for your primary kitchen activities. Faucets and sprayers are the two accessories that most sinks support, although some will support even more. You’re free to choose the number and types of accessories that you need, even zero.


Choosing a porcelain kitchen sink from the innumerable market options isn’t as straightforward as it may sound. You need to wrap your head around the essential features that make the piece durable, versatile, appropriate for your needs, appealing, and cost-effective. The review you just read has all the knowledge and selections you need for the best market experience regarding purchasing the best porcelain kitchen sink. Use it to your advantage—meanwhile, happy shopping.

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