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Top 10 Best Popcorn Machines in 2024 Reviews

From time immemorial, popcorn is a favorite snack. With the best popcorn machines, you can now create fond memories of watching movies with your family or invite a few friends for a movie night. Unlike store-bought popcorns, this machine enables you to personalize your popcorn and try various flavors. This will also enable you to prepare healthier, low calories snacks.

Coming in various designs from simple to complex, popcorn machines also make a perfect solution to the various issues that come with microwavable bag popcorns. These machines enable you to get delicious popcorns with no burned kernels. Equally, these machines come in various capacities, allowing you to pick a model the suits your needs. After all, movie sessions are all about relaxation. So, kick back, and relax in your favorite spot to enjoy delicious homemade popcorns from any of the following best popcorn machines.

List of 10 Best Popcorn Machines in 2024

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#10. Olde Midway Popcorn Machine Maker

Olde Midway Popcorn Machine Maker

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Do you love watching movies as a family? Are you planning to invite a few guests to a late-night movie in your home? The Oldemidway popcorn maker enables you to enjoy tasty homemade popcorn at your home’s comfort. This model boasts of an authentic style and has modern features to ensure top performance, lasting durability, and a visually appealing design.

For enhanced convenience, this unit comes with stainless steel accessories including a 0.5-cup measuring cup, popcorn scoop, salt as well as a saltshaker. Its intuitive three-switch design makes operation super easy and popping super fast.

  • Comes with high quality tempered glass walls
  • Has a warming deck and kernel tray
  • Convenient three design for easy operation
  • Includes stainless steel accessories

#9. Hamilton Beach Hot Air Popcorn Maker

Hamilton Beach Hot Air Popcorn maker

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Create mouthwatering popcorns at the comfort of your home with this popcorn popper from Hamilton Beach. For starters, this is a famous brand when it comes to kitchen accessories and equipment. Therefore, you can trust its performance and lasting durability. As expected, this unit comes with a powerful 500W heater that requires no prior heating. This enables you to make fluffy popcorns in less than a few minutes.

The machine includes everything you need to make the process easy. It includes a measuring cup, a stirring mechanism, and a warming light. With it, you can also personalize your taste by adding melted butter, salt, chili powder, parmesan cheese, or cinnamon sugar. Moreover, this unit doesn’t use any oil allowing you to create healthier snacks.

  • It pops up to 18 cups per batch to keep your entertainment going on
  • No need to use oil, this unit uses hot air for a healthy snack
  • Makes delicious popcorns in a few minutes
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable design

#8. Carnus Home Popcorn Machine

#8. Carnus Home Popcorn Machine

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Are you looking to satisfy your cravings as you relax to watch a movie? Well, this home popcorn machine will enable you to enjoy healthy corn with your friends and family. The machine boasts of a retro style but includes all the crucial modern features that produce large quantities of healthy and mouth-watering popcorns. We love the stovetop design, which is easy to use and safe. It also has tempered glass walls and heat resistant handles that protect your fingers.

Thanks to the stirring mechanism, this machine cooks the popcorns evenly. It also ensures that all popcorns pop. The machine also comes with a vented lid that releases moisture to prevent having soggy popcorns. Moreover, this unit comes with all the accessories that you need, making preparation super easy.

  • Pops about 16 cups that is enough for up to ten guests
  • Made from high-end materials for lasting durability
  • The walls are made from premium tempered glass
  • Comes at a budget-friendly price
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#7. Cuisinart CPM-28 Classic Popcorn Maker

Cuisinart CPM-28 Classic Popcorn Maker

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With an impressive 500W heater, the Cuisinart CPM 28 popcorn maker enables you to prepare the perfect popcorn batch in less than five minutes. The classic popcorn popper enables you to provide your family popcorn fix whenever the cravings strike. For efficiency, the set brings you everything that you need including a butter-warming tray as well as a recipe book.

Coming is a classic design and unmatched performance, this marker will liven up any gathering and makes your movie time, parties, and festivities fun. It has the capacity of making up to 10 cups of popcorn per batch and includes a measuring cup and oil spoon. Moreover, the accessories are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

  • Makes popcorns in no time, unlike other models, this unit doesn’t require any heat up
  • Features a mechanized spinner to ensure even cooking
  • Includes all the accessories needed including kernel measuring cup, scoop, and oil measuring spoon
  • The tilting access door allows for easy serving

#6. Hot and Fresh Countertop Popcorn Popper

Hot and Fresh Countertop Popcorn Popper

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Make your favorite movie night treat in less than five minutes with the Hot and Fresh countertop popcorn popper. With this machine, all you need is to add the kernels with the inbuilt measuring cup add your butter or cheese and plug your machine to watch the fun begin. The best thing about this unit is that everyone can have their bowl of popcorns thanks to its large capacity.

Unlike other models on the market, this unit makes about 3 gallons of popcorns per batch. Better still, this is an air popper, allowing you to customize the flavor by adjusting the seasoning. The unit also comes with a warmer light, as well as a heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction for lasting durability.

  • Comes with an inbuilt warmer light
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Large capacity that allows it makes roughly 3 gallons of popcorns per batch
  • Requires minor assembly
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#5. Nostalgia CCP1000BLK Vintage Popcorn Maker

#5. Nostalgia CCP1000BLK Vintage Popcorn Maker

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Designed after the antique popcorn carts in the 19 century, these classic professional popcorn makers will not disappoint when it comes to making healthy and delicious homemade popcorns. The unit features a 10-ounce kettle that has an inbuilt stirring system. We love the unique popping chamber that delivers superheated airflow that ensures all the kernels pops without burning.

Other than this, this unit delivers up to 12 cups of delectable popcorns. This decent capacity will meet the needs of the whole family. Unlike other models on the market, this unit also boasts of a high-end heater that enables it to pop the kernels in no time. The 500W heater will make popcorns in no time. When it comes to construction, this unit also boasts of high-end construction materials for enhanced performance. Moreover, the included wheels allow for easy maneuverability.

  • Boasts of a vintage 1900s design
  • Despite the antique design, this unit features all the handy accessories
  • Comes with an inbuilt stirring system
  • Have durable tempered glass windows and doors as well as interior lighting

#4. West Bend Hot Oil Popper Machine

West Bend Hot Oil Popper Machine

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The west end hot oil theater styled popper machine is another machine that you can rely on for top-notch performance. Starting from its construction, this unit will surely stand out. It is made from a combo of tempered glass panels and stainless steel materials. Secondly, this unit comes with a superior 500W heater that guarantees efficiency to ensure that all your corns are popped.

Notably, this unit also comes with a hard-coated anodized aluminum kettle that brings about powerful performance and easy operation. The unit also has a decent capacity that offers 5-6 servings per batch. Besides impressive performance, this unit comes with an inbuilt light that not only gives an attractive display but also keeps the popcorns warm.

  • A decent capacity that offers 5-6 servings in minutes
  • Stylish, durable and space-saving design
  • Includes all the necessary accessories
  • No preheating is required
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#3. Nostalgia OFP-501 Popcorn Machine

Nostalgia OFP-501 Popcorn Machine

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Make the movie night at home memorable and fun with fresh, healthy, homemade popcorns. Similar to other models from this brand, the OFP-501 popcorn machine features an ancient, antique design, which you will love. It has an attractive cabinet with two wheels for easy portability. Despite the classic design, it still maintains a compact design, so it won’t take much of your space.

One of the reasons why this is a widely sought product is its large capacity. It is great for home use, parties, as well as themed events. With the capacity to produce up to 10 cups of popcorn per batch, this model will suit the needs of a large group. The best thing is that it also makes popcorns in less than three minutes. This means you don’t have to keep your guests waiting. More importantly, this unit comes with a tilting drawer that provides a simple serving solution.

  • Unique popping chamber ensures swirling airflow to ensure efficiency
  • It utilizes hot air instead of oil to help you make healthier snacks
  • 12 cups capacity makes it a great pick for parties
  • Has a convenient countertop size

#2. Nostalgia Concession CCP510 Vintage Popcorn Machine

#2. Nostalgia Concession CCP510 Vintage Popcorn Machine

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This is yet another classic model from the Nostalgia brand. With a 32-cup capacity, this model is the largest we have on the market, making it a great pick for large parties, holiday celebrations, and home use. When it comes to the design, this unit retains the sleek vintage street-corner popcorn stands of the early 1900s. It is table-sized and comes with a heavy-duty heater that requires no preheating to provide you with freshly popped popcorns to enjoy.

Different from other models, this unit also uses hot air instead of oil. This enables you to make healthier snacks quite fast. The unique popping chamber builds swirling airflow that ensures that all the kernels pop without burning. What’s more, the tempered glass windows plus the lighted interior brings a pleasant room ambiance. You can also watch your corn pop.

  • Comes with tempered glass windows and door
  • Lets you prepare up to 32 cups of popcorn per batch
  • It is made from high-end materials
  • Has a lighted interior that enables you to watch your popcorn pop

#1. Great Northern Popcorn Machine

Great Northern Popcorn Machine

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Saving the best for the last, the Great Northern Popcorn machine is a great pick for anyone looking for the convenience that comes with electric popcorn makers. It boasts of a versatile design that is easy to use. Dissimilar to other models, this unit comes with a motorized stirrer that ensures that all the kernels pop without burning. Besides, a convenient cover builds enough heat to pop all the corns in minimal time.

It features an 8 ounce that is large enough to make at least 3 gallons of popcorns per batch. The machine also includes a reject kernel tray, popcorn scoop as well as an oil scoop. Another notable feature that comes with this unit is the commercial-grade heater that enhances its performance at the same time ensuring lasting durability. Overall, this is a great pick for anyone looking for a commercial quality popcorn machine.

  • With 860W heater, this unit enables you to make delicious popcorns in just three minutes
  • Comes with an inbuilt warmer light
  • It takes roughly 3 gallons of popcorn
  • Includes a pot heater, stirrer, and a scooper

Popcorn Machine– Buyer’s Guide

Popcorn lovers understand that it can be quite expensive to keep buying popcorns at your stores. Most often, these popcorns aren’t fresh and with the increased chemicals in foodstuff, it is safer to make your popcorns at home. The above popcorns are designed to offer the best performance at your home’s comfort. Below are some of the other features that should assist you in picking the best model.

The Cooking Capacity: Well, these machines come with different capacities. Before making your choice, you should think about whom you will need to serve when watching the movie. If you have a small family, a model that produces 4-8 servings per batch is enough. However, if you plan to serve a hoard of kids or several family members who cannot get enough of these popcorns, go for models that deliver at least 10 cups of popcorns per batch.

Construction Materials: As with any equipment, it is crucial to ensure that you pick a model that will serve you for quite a long time. Before settling on the best model, you should check the construction materials. For starts, make sure that the machine comes with solid construction. All the parts that touch the food should be made from food-safe materials. You should also ensure that the unit has a decent heater to hasten the process.

Is it Versatile?: Making your popcorns should be easy. Obviously, you wouldn’t want to be left behind every time you need to prepare a quick batch. Ensure that the unit comes with all the necessary accessories. For enhanced convenience, these machines should also be easy to clean. Here we recommend going to models that are dishwasher safe.


With any of the above best popcorn machines, you can now enjoy your favorite movies and TV shows with your family and friends. These machines are made from the highest-grade materials to ensure efficiency. Additionally, you get to choose your ingredients, allowing you to make healthier treats. More importantly with these machines, you can make as many popcorns as you need to satisfy your craving and that of your family. All the best!


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