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Top 10 Best Outdoor Power Strips in 2024 Reviews

Outdoor power strips give you the green light to get connected outdoors without a risk. For instance, you can charge while using your laptop in the patio, power your security lights from outdoors, and do more. The point is; these strips give extra protection (from water, dust, and other noxious things) to your devices outdoors. They have an additional protective layer that’s responsible for the task.

You need to find these handy power strips if you’d like to power your electronic devices from the yard. And, don’t let getting one be a problem. I’ve made a review of the top 10 best outdoor power strips in 2024 to ease your shopping. Likewise, I’ve added a buyers’ guide in the article — to help you get more user-friendly power strips for your patio. Keep scrolling.

List of 10 Best Outdoor Power Strips in 2024

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#10. The DEWENWILS Outdoor Power Strip

The DEWENWILS Outdoor Power Strip

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The DEWENWILS power strips feature spring-operated covers that protect all its outlets from dust and water. You can always leave the strip outdoors, even in the stormiest rain. Both its body and extension cord are heavy-duty rated for all types of weather. Its green color will perfectly match your garden’s — to create a uniform look.

Since you can leave the strip outdoors (even at night), you don’t need storage space. However, if you choose to keep it inside — away from burglars — it will require the smallest space you’ve ever imagined it can occupy. This strip is UL certified. That’s why it is safe from fire, rainfall, snow, dust, and wind damages.

  • Power rating: 15 A
  • The extension cord is 10 feet long
  • Number of outlets: 3
  • Color: green
  • UL certified

#9. JYTY Outdoor Power Stake

JYTY Outdoor Power Stake

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Whether you want a power strip to use in the lawn, by the poolside, or under the tree, the JYTY power stake suits all these locations, and more. Its spring-operated covers will close automatically when you unplug your cords. The stakes make installation seamless and worry-free.

These stakes are green so that they blend with your lawn’s healthy grass. The strip’s built-in timer makes it easy to make on/off switches automatic for all the outlets. Apart from the product’s spring-operated covers, it has additional transparent covers to offer secondary protection.

  • It features 6 outlets (3 on each side)
  • Amperage: 10 A
  • Cord length: 6 feet
  • It features a 30-minute multi-socket timer
  • The material is both weatherproof and fireproof

#8. ILIFESMART Outdoor Power Strip

ILIFESMART Outdoor Power Strip

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This isn’t only an outdoor but also an indoor power strip for your lawn, kitchen, traveling, and more other locations. It is proof of electrical shock, too. That means it’s safe for kids than most others. When any object gets inserted into one of the outlet’s holes, no electrical shock will be transferred.

The beautiful power strip will always match your decor. Its power on/off switch will go off automatically when the device detects a surge in its voltage. This will protect its users (humans and devices) a lot from unnecessary shock. The strip is usable in the bathroom, too, because of its splash-proof property.

  • Current rating: 12 A
  • The input cord has a length of 6 feet
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • It is UL and FCC certified
  • It features three outlets
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#7. The Taboyt Outdoor Power Strip

The Taboyt Outdoor Power Strip

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The Taboyt power strip will only work when the right type of plug is inserted, thereby protecting you from unnecessary electrical shock. It protects your devices from power surges, short-circuiting, and overload. When there’s rain, the ETL listed strip will resist water, dust, and other stuff.

Only environment-friendly materials were used to construct this strip. Also, it has a mechanism to protect users — especially children — from electrical shock, especially when they insert foreign objects into the outlets. The manufacturer of the strip is an experienced one with an excellent reputation.

  • Material: Fireproof ABS plastic
  • Power: 12 A
  • The cord is 6 feet long
  • It senses excess heat around it and automatically turns off for safety
  • Features three power outlets

#6. The Electes Outdoor Power Strips

The Electes Outdoor Power Strip

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If you need a three-prong grounded outdoor power strip, here’s your best fit. The cost-effective strip has a long cord that serves you with power wherever you are in the outdoors. The space saver will also minimize the amount of space it needs to rest after use. Alternatively, you can leave it outdoors if your compound has no access to burglars.

The Electes power bar doesn’t restrict you from using it on the outside alone; you can also use it indoors. With a UL listing, this is one of the best-quality outdoor strips you’ll ever bump into. Its flat plug will always lie perfectly flat on your wall socket — to reduce risks and make the area look great.

  • Power: 13 A
  • Cord length: 30 feet
  • It features three outlets
  • It is UL certified
  • Color: white
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#5. Wisdom Bravery Outdoor Power Strip

Wisdom Bravery Outdoor Power Strip

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This multiple power outlet has quite a few features that will ensure you and your devices are safe and supplied with the right amount of power. It’s anti-water splash, anti-shock, flame retardant, anti-lightning, and protects all your devices from power surges. When any objects are inserted into one of the outlets, there’ll be no electrical shock.

You can install this power strip in the kitchen, patio, living room, and many other places. Don’t hesitate to use the device in heavily humid or dusty areas, because it’s designed to resist these conditions. Remember that it won’t cost you a fortune to acquire one.

  • It has three outlets
  • The extension cable is 2 meters long
  • Material: flame-resistant ABS material
  • It can suit use indoors and or outdoors
  • 15 A

#4. The Bwoopop Weatherproof Outdoor Power Strips

The Bwoopop Weatherproof Outdoor Power Strip

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Even if you need to go on a journey, the Bwoopop can accompany you without worry. The compact and safe design that’s approved by the Patent Cooperation Treaty will give you all the convenience you need. The strip is also safe for use in the bathroom, kitchen, and other places where you fear using your regular type.

Plugging in is practically hard. This isn’t a mistake, but a strategy to keep children away from using the multi-socket strip. The ETL certificate given for it means that it has met several safety and functionality standards that are conventionally acceptable. The manufacturer had given a full year’s warranty on the product as well.

  • It is IPX4 waterproof
  • The extension cord is 6 feet long
  • It has 3 outlets
  • Amperage: 12 A
  • Material: fire-resistant ABS plastic
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#3. K KASONIC Outdoor Power Stake

K KASONIC Outdoor Power Stake

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K KASONIC’s more power outlet ports serve you with more choices. The stake is installable on the lawn, and the green color will blend with the green grass. This power strip comes with a long, lightweight, and waterproof extension cord that suits the outdoor setup. It won’t break, cause shock, or easily cut fir to outdoor temperature changes.

Outlets are on either side of this device. Such a configuration yields a compact size for the device, which can easily be stored, transported, and hidden in the yard.

  • It has six outlets
  • The extension cord is 9 feet long
  • ETL safety certified
  • Features individual spring-operated covers
  • Colour: Green

#2. BN-LINK Outdoor Power Strips

BN-LINK Outdoor Power Strip

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Whether you want to power your security devices, the decorative Halloween lights, a water fountain, and other devices, the BN-LINK power strip will serve you right. It has the weatherproof property that resists damage brought by water, dust, fire, and other destructive things. The safe device also features the overload protection feature that prevents damage to your devices.

A remote-controlled timer is attached to this power stake to add more operation convenience. You can operate the remote even through thick walls. Use it to program the time intervals for which power should be on/off. The green color of the device will make it camouflage perfectly in your grassy yard.

  • It features an on/off programmable timer
  • Amperage: 15 A
  • 6 outlets
  • Extension cord: 6 feet
  • The device is green

#1. BESTTEN Outdoor Power Strip

BESTTEN Outdoor Power Strip

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BESTTEN is the best power strip to use outdoors and indoors in 2024, and most possibly beyond. The double-sided strip serves your AC adapters with sufficient plug-in space while also making the device compact for easy storage. Each outlet features a protective cap for preventing the entry of water, dust, and the likes. The strip is also made of fire-retardant materials that also stand the test of time.

BESTTEN has been ETL certified for quality assurance, too. You will only need DIY skills to install this device in your yard. The green color will perfectly blend with your yard’s grasses. Please ensure that you do not exceed the maximum power rating of the power strip. Here are additional features of the device.

  • Extension cord: 9 feet long
  • Features 6 outlets
  • 15 A
  • Operating temperature: -35°C to +66°C
  • It features an automatic surge protector
  • It has 6 outlets

Outdoor Power Strips– Buyer’s Guide

The Maximum Amp Rating: This is the total amount of drawable power from the strip. It will dictate the number and type of devices that you can use. A gem hint is to plug in only devices whose total amperage does not go past this rating. To make it even safer, it’s wise to leave an allowance of one or two Amperes. For example, if an outdoor power strip has a rating of 15 amps, connecting devices that need 14 amps is an excellent idea.

Number of Outlets: The best outdoor power strips should give room to all your devices at the minimum. It should even have more room for a few friends’ devices, too. So how many devices do you want to connect? Most strips have between 4 and 12 outlets. My list also has strips with different numbers of outlets to fit my readers’ needs. Remember not to daisy-chain a strip — because it comes with a lot of dangers.

Cord Length: The length of your multi-socket’s cord should reach wherever you need it outdoors. Before you go shopping for it, remember to measure the farthest distance between your wall outlet and where you’ll love to sit. This is an ostensibly trivial step, but it’s one that failing to do can lead you in the wrong direction. For example, it can make you think about daisy-chaining, which I have already said is dangerous.

Surge Protection: Surge protection is nowadays a prevalent feature in most multiple sockets. Mark that not all of them may have this feature, but it’s essential to go with those that have it. More often than not, inconspicuous power surges occur along with your connections, and they may destroy your devices in the long run. If you choose to go with surge protectors, kindly choose one with a high rating (like 700 Joules).

Material Construction: You’ll mostly find that power strips are made of plastic. The quality of this plastic matters a bunch if you need something that’s going to serve you in the long run. The ABS plastic material is great, but metals are the best. I have listed strips with various material contractions. All of them are long-lasting because we had to test them for durability before each strip qualified to be on my list.

Cost: Most outdoor power strips do not often demand a lot from your wallet. However, there are some with extra features that cost a bit more than others. For example, strips with more outlets are likely to cost more than those with less (not guaranteed). Nevertheless, you don’t have to break the bank for them; just a few bucks and you’ll be an owner of one.


Finding the best outdoor power strip shouldn’t be elusive any longer; you have this review to guide you. You can easily choose from the list above, making use of the buyers’ guide to steer you in the right direction. Luckily, all the products on this list have been tested for all the good qualities. They’re in line with the buyers’ guide above. I hope that the review is going to lead you to the power strip that keeps both you and your devices safe. Please share it with friends, too. Meanwhile, happy shopping, pals!

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