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Top 10 Best Nature Sounds Alarm Clock in 2024 Reviews

The early bird… Sleeping, tracking our sleep hours, and waking up in time (and on the right foot) demands a smart move. Having an alarm clock is smart, but owning the best one is smarter. I guess you already have an alarm clock within your smartphone, thinking you’re already smart. Okay, a smartphone’s alarm clock is just one of the bog-standard types. Besides lacking more natural sounds, it won’t offer additional features apart from the waking sounds. Plus, I hate having to reach for the phone before finding the snooze icon and catching a glimpse of the time.

The Top 10 Best Nature Sounds Alarm Clocks reviewed here are handpicked after a careful investigation into their performance, features, customer reviews, prices, and other attributes. This review is meant to put an end to the hurdles our readers have to overcome in finding the best alarm clocks. We have only listed alarms that will reliably and gently help you from sleep at the right hour. Some have additional features like soothing sounds, wake-up lights, FM radio functions, and others. A buying guide is also at the bottom of this review. Let’s go.

List of 10 Best Nature Sounds Alarm Clock in 2024

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#10. The FiveHome Nature Sound Alarm Clock

The FiveHome Nature Sound Alarm Clock

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If you want to synchronize your body clock in a sure way, FiveHome is the best alarm clock to go with. It wakes you up gently and naturally without unnecessary and unhealthily loud sounds. In the morning, just before your alarm time arrives, the clock has a dark light. When the alarm sounds go off, the color gradually changes to bright yellow. There is a variety of alarm sounds to choose from.

This nightstand also comes with an FM radio function, with 50 channels to choose from. It also has a white noise machine function, with various sounds that soothe you into slumber. The sounds include cricket, summer night, waves, birds, and more. It’s good to hear that there are also nine colors of the clock.

  • Has a white noise function with 23 soothing sounds
  • Features 23 soothing sounds
  • Has adjustable volume
  • Has a child lock function
  • Comes with a USB charger cord and charger

#9. Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock

Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock

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The Sony Projector Dual Alarm Clock from HeroFiber is ninth on my list, having passed my test of quality standards. It helps you keep in time while asleep or awake. The device’s flexible, built-in projector displays time anywhere you want it, like on walls. You can tilt the projector onto your wall so that you read the time and date, even from the other rooms.

There are five different nature sounds that can lure you into sleep. Likewise, you can choose the same sounds as your alarm sounds or use the buzzer/radio as your alarm sound. The display is wide and easy to read. You can always adjust the alarm clock’s brightness, or turn it off during the night. The Sony Nature Sound Alarm Clock also allows you to set two different wake-up times and effects for two people — perhaps you and your partner.

  • It features a built-in FM radio function
  • A USB port is mounted on the side to help you charge other smart devices
  • The projector adjusts through 180°
  • Brightness levels are low, medium, and high
  • It has a battery backup in case of power loss

#8. Sharp Projection (SPC585) Alarm Clock

Sharp Projection (SPC585) Alarm Clock

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Apart from wake-up sounds and effects,  the SPC585 offers white noise to cancel all unfavorable background sounds that can stop you fr sleeping. It features a projection arm that rotates through 90° to display time on your walls and ceiling. The soothing sounds are of 8 different types that include my favorite rain, ocean waves, rainforest, and stream. To ensure that your alarm is set and ready to go off in the morning, check if the alarm bell icon is on.

You can always set different brightness levels of this alarm’s LCD display screen, depending on the time of the day. There are two alarm modes; one for the weekend and another one for weekdays. I like the clock’s size and aesthetics that match any home décor. Also, the clock isn’t unnecessarily heavy but highly efficient.

  • 2-AAA batteries for backup
  • The projector rotates through 90°
  • Features eight soothing sleep sounds
  • Cancels all the disruptive noise outside
  • Beautiful appearance
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#7. DOSTYLE Alarm Clock With Wake-up Lights

DOSTYLE Alarm Clock With Wake-up Lights

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Waking up and tracking your sleeping hours doesn’t have to be an uphill battle. DOSTYLE wakes you up as though you’re surrounded by nature. It uses a combination of sounds and light to make you open your eyes from sleep in a natural manner. A half an hour before you wake up, the brightness of the alarm’s light is 5% as your alarm is nearing to go off, the light gradually increases to 100%.

For the heavy sleepers, there’s a snooze button that helps in giving you an extra 5-minute lap. Happily, this isn’t only an alarm clock but also a very convenient studying lamp. Just tap on the button at the device’s top to reach a convenient bright light that can be used to study. Sounds range from the piano music, windbell, thrush singing, and more others.

  • It has five natural wake-up sounds and three volumes
  • Comes with a convenient USB cable and power adapter
  • The snooze button is always easy to reach
  • The sound can go as high as 90db
  • Has 7 different colors to switch between

#6. The LBell Alarm Clock

The LBell Alarm Clock

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Begin your morning with the LBell alarm clock. The color-changing clock has a variety of colors for the night, day, and morning. All the colors have a brightness adjustment function that seeks to fit each person’s preferences. LBell wakes you up with either radio or built-in sounds that can also be used to lure you into sleeping. I like the clock’s design and compact size that makes it fit any space in any décor.

There’s a snooze function that allows you to add five minutes to your sleeping time. You can use it to add sleeping time to your kids, too. The seven different colors it uses to soothe you into sleep and wake you up as well include blue, orange, purple, red, indigo, and warm white glow for waking up and studying as well. Here is additional information about the clock.

  • Brightness levels adjustable from 0-10
  • Features six alarm sounds
  • The clock has an HD speaker and an FM radio function
  • Comes with an easy-to-understand user manual
  • Features a large snooze button to add you 5 minutes of sleep
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#5. Homedics Multipurpose Alarm Clock

Homedics Multipurpose Alarm Clock

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Homedics saves you a fortune while helping you to keep up with your schedule, too. This is yet another alarm clock that projects the time on your wall and ceiling for easy reading, even while not fully awake. The FM radio function can keep you entertained before sleep or wake you up as an alarm sound — you are free to make a choice. Apart from this, there are alarm sounds for the same function.

Homedics offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product. That shows the amount of trust that has been invested in its quality. The clock also has a calendar so that it also displays the date (also projected). The time and date are ever right, as the device uses an automated time-setting technology.

  • Uses 8 variable sounds to wake you up
  • Doubles up as a white noise machine
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Wakes you up using both light and sound
  • Stunning design

#4. FITFORT Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

FITFORT Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

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With a high level of adjustability, FITFORT adds to the options you may already have with your current alarm clocks. It allows you to set two different alarm times; one for yourself and another one for your wife and or kids. Each alarm will sound differently and produce different lights to make the wake-up experiences different but both natural. It can be a great gift to friends and family.

With the highest adjustability ever seen, the lamp has twenty different brightness levels. At one time, you can use it for studying or lighting your way through walkways, among other uses. As the time nears the morning (when you set the alarm to go off), this clock’s light will change from a dark red color to a bright sunlight color. This wakes you up in a very natural way.

  • The snooze button allows you an extra 9 minutes
  • Has an FM radio function with 60+ channels
  • Features 7 natural sounds
  • The volume is adjustable in 16 levels
  • Has 7 light colors
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#3. hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

hOmeLabs Sunrise Alarm Clock

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Another money saver is here — the hOmeLabs sunrise alarm clock. As the name suggests, it doesn’t scare, but naturally stimulates you to wake up using lights that imitate the sun. The warm LED light will turn on 30 minutes before your actual wake-up time, increasing its intensity into a morning bright sunlight-like light. Alongside the light, there are gentle sounds to help you up, too.

To set the alarm, simultaneously press the volume up (+) and volume down (-). Then, choose the time using the volume buttons and confirm your setting using the alarm button. To set your preferred tone, press the alarm button —and scroll through the seven options. If you don’t feel like rising at the moment when you hear the alarm’s sound, simply push the snooze button and award yourself an extra 5 minutes of sleep.

  • Features 8-colour options
  • Incorporates a built-in FM radio
  • Uses three brightness settings
  • Comes with a backup battery
  • It has a big and easy-to-hit snooze button

#2. HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

HeimVision Sunrise Alarm Clock

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HemiVision has quite a number of features for convenience, and that means it has a higher selling price — though a bit significantly high. The alarm clock simulates both sunset and sunrise to help you into and out of sleep, respectively. Its adjustability is on another level, as it has 20 different brightness levels, to mean that it can shine as bright as shedding light on your books as you study.

There are seven alarm sounds to choose from. They include everyone’s favorite birdsong and other sounds, including an FM radio. The volume of this clock can be adjusted 20-fold. Five minutes isn’t enough, so this alarm’s snooze time is 15 minutes. The snooze button isn’t hidden but big and exposed so that you can reach it while half-asleep.

  • Lights can be adjusted for studying
  • You can set four different alarms on the same clock
  • Controllable via the phone
  • Has seven alarm sounds plus an FM radio
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa

#1. Philips HF3520/60 SmartSleep Alarm Clock

Philips HF3520/60 SmartSleep Alarm Clock

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I guess you already know Philips as a perfect light products manufacturer of all time. Its product — the SmartSleep HF3520/60 is unparalleled in 2024 and perhaps beyond. The UV-free light wakes you up both healthily and happily. It makes getting out of bed a voluntary experience, and most customers agree with this on various platforms. The light will be on, 30 minutes before the alarm goes off. At this te, it’ll be dim, but the brightness will increase as the time approaches when you are set to wake up. By the time you’re supposed to be up, the light will resemble the morning’s sunrise light.

The sleek, modern design makes it placable in any room, more so your bedroom. The device is powered by electrical power, but when power isn’t available, there’s a backup battery on the device. This battery can last for as long as 8 hours before power reinstates. All customers agree that this is an efficient alarm clock, and that is evident from the innumerable positive customer reviews on Amazon and other retailer platforms.

  • Has twenty light intensities up to 200 lux
  • Features five natural wake-up sounds
  • Usable as a study light
  • Has both sunrise and sunset simulations
  • Has UV-free lights
  • FM radio wakes you up to your darling show

Nature Sounds Alarm Clock– Buyer’s Guide

Look For Gentle Wakes: It’s unhealthy to wake up from the noise. The best alarm clock should increase the sound volume gradually as it “waits” for you to wake up. Also, if it has wake-up lights, such lights should behave in the same manner as sound (increasing its intensity). A variety of sounds must also be a feature. The sound I prefer is likely different from what you’d like to start your day. And, the sounds should be natural. I like bird sounds in the morning. So I’ll go by an alarm that features the same. Which sound(s) do you like?

Power Source: It never gets worse than waking up late on your own, only to discover that the alarm clock hadn’t any power left to wake you in time. Better be safe than sorry by ensuring that you make the right choice with regard to the power supply. I prefer rechargeable alarm clocks with high battery capacity. I can also take those that use dry cells and have a battery low alert feature. My list has a variety of reliable nightstands with regard to the power supply.

Display: You can argue that the sounds are primary, but everything in an alarm is vital. The display isn’t an exception. It shows you the time, temperature, battery levels, and more. You should find a clock whose display is large enough to be read across the room. Some alarms feature displays that project onto your walls so that you can r and the time while half-asleep. Dimmable displays are also better.

Operation: There’s not much to operate on your alarm clocks, only setting the alarm, snoozing it, changing the sounds, and perhaps a bit more. I like large snooze buttons that are reachable even while still half-awake. I also love easy-to-navigate interfaces that don’t need one to have a user manual. With the operation, you should make sure that you’re in control.

Additional Features: Apart from the sounds and lights, you may desire to have additional features on your clock. Some of these nightstands are compatible with smart home operators like Amazon Alexa. Some also come with soothing sounds to help you to fall asleep. They can have so many features, and the choice of a feature depends on you.

Also, Look For…Other attributes like the price, color, shape, and material are inevitable. You must make sure that the clock has your favorite design and color that fits your bedroom décor. The material has to be durable as well.


Hopes are high that you’ll find an alarm clock of your choice among the ten above. In the unlikely event that you don’t, you have the buyers’ guide above to point you in the right direction. Meanwhile, I wish you the best of luck in your shopping experience, pals.

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