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Top 10 Best Leg Pillows in 2024 Reviews

When you struggle sleeping comfortably because of knee surgery or struggle sitting on the couch for long as you watch the television, find a leg pillow. It will improve your life quality and alleviate all these problems. Leg pillows help in releasing tension in people’s thighs and legs as they sleep. Most leg pillow models have a comfortable and supportive foam core. Also, they have a non-irritant and soft fabric cover. Additionally, they are machine washable. They exist in different shapes and sizes for both women and men.

However, there are so many leg pillow models, but identifying the best is difficult. Below is a guide that will help you in your decision making. Choose the one that meets your need.

List of 10 Best Leg Pillows in 2024

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#10. OasisSpace 8-inches Leg Pillow

OasisSpace 8-inches Leg Pillow

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The OasisSpace leg pillow is good for therapy. It helps to relieve hip, back, and knee pain. Then again, it reduces swelling, improves blood circulation. Other than the firm base foam, it has a 1.5 inches memory foam layer. This layer is therapeutic, and it offers comfortable support. Also, for positioning and support, it has an ergonomic design. It has no bad smells or chemical smells.

For versatility, it has an elevation. Further, the plastic dot situated at the bottom is non-slip. Therefore, it does not move around. When working at home, simply put the laptop on this leg pillow, and it will work as a desk. Moreover, it features a removable, washable cover. This leg pillow has a size of 23″ by 21″ by 8″. The soft, breathable cover maintains comfortable temperatures. And to ensure perfect permeability and air circulation, its surface has small holes. Other than being soft to fit your body contours, it is sufficiently firm and retains its shape. Finally, it has a one year warranty.

  • Firm base and a 1.5 inches memory foam layer
  • Ergonomic design for positioning and support
  • It has no bad smells or chemical smells
  • Non-slip plastic dot situated at the back
  • Size of 23″ by 21″ by 8″
  • Surface with small holes to offer permeability and air circulation
  • One year warranty included

#9. Lenora 8-inches Leg Pillow

Lenora 8-inches Leg Pillow

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When you use the Lenora leg pillow, it is simple to get the right position for resting your legs. Also, it can boost the flow of blood to reduce pain, swelling, or leg discomfort. Every pillow has dual-layer comfort. This includes 1.5 inches high-density foam found on the top. On the other hand, the strong foam base offers comfort and good support. This leg pillow has dimensions measuring 23.6 by 16.5 by 8 inches.

Additionally, it is suitable for back sleepers. This is because it is built to reduce the pressure over your hips and back. To better your health, it improves circulation and reduces lower back pain. Therefore, it helps one to recover from certain conditions like pregnancy, surgery, and muscle ache. Uniquely, it has a washable and removable cover. It is very simple to remove and wash the pillow covers for maintenance. Finally, they are made from 100 percent high-quality polyester. This ensures a comfortable rest.

  • Its dimensions measure 23.6 by 16.5 by 8 inches
  • Strong foam base for comfort and support
  • Machine washable cover for easy maintenance
  • 100 percent high-quality polyester construction
  • Premium memory foam has dual-layer comfort
  • Has zippered, detachable cover

#8. Bekweim 6-inches Leg Elevation Pillow

Bekweim 6-inches Leg Elevation Pillow

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The Bekweim leg pillow has a design that fits all sizes comfortably. To be specific, it exists in two sizes, and the dimensions measure 28.5 inches long, 24 inches wide, and 6″ High. Furthermore, it includes two covers that are sweat-free, breathable, and hypoallergenic. The primary cover features premium bamboo. Similarly, its quilted design is proved to have better airflow. The other sheet features soft polyester. For convenience, it is zippered and washable.

Being made from dual visco-elastic premium foam layers, it is more durable and dense. Also, it has an extra one-inch memory foam topper for unique comfort. Additionally, it is ideal for relieving lower back pain. This leg pillow elevates the legs to promote proper blood circulation, relieve hip, leg, knee, and ankle muscle tension. Most importantly, it has a non-slip bottom. With this, it is easy to change positions and maintain support.

  • Non-slip bottom for easy change of positions and maintaining support
  • The quilted design proved to have better airflow
  • Dimensions measure 5 inches long, 24 inches wide and 6″ High
  • Two covers that are sweat-free, breathable and hypoallergenic
  • Zippered and washable for convenience
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#7. Back Support Systems Leg Pillow

Back Support Systems Leg Pillow

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Coming seventh on this list is this leg pillow from Back Support Systems. To begin with, at a 45-degree angle, it supports the hip flexors. It is clinically proven to reduce back pain and improve the circulation of blood. Apart from sleep, this bed wedge is good for therapy. Decompressing the back reduces pressure on your muscles.

For you to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep, it has the Be Cool Technology, which absorbs and releases energy. This helps to maintain the appropriate sleep temperature. Additionally, it features two in one back support pillows for immediate comfort. With 4 sizes, this leg pillow is fit for all individuals. It is also proved to be environmentally safe and of medical quality. For easy washing, it has a washable and removable cover. Lastly, it weighs 2.4 pounds. With this lightweight, it is easy to lift.

  • It weighs 2.4 pounds
  • Be cool technology which absorbs and releases energy
  • Two in one back support pillows for immediate comfort
  • Clinically proven to reduce back pain and improve the circulation of blood
  • Four sizes fit for all individuals
  • Washable, detachable Certi-Pur Certified bamboo zippered cover
  • Made of medical-quality, environmentally safe polyurethane foam
  • 5-year warranty

#6. Back Support Systems Leg Pillow

Back Support Systems Leg Pillow

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This leg pillow is the best for pain relief during the night. Having an ergonomic design, it fits between the knees comfortably to provide maximum support. In like manner, it is anatomically accurate to offer comfort and reduce back pain for those who are side sleepers. Then again, it features medical-grade foam to offer long-lasting comfort. Its unique patented design supports and holds the legs to reduce back pain. This is achieved by aligning the legs, hip, and spine.

This tool is designed by doctors to meet different requirements. Advantageously, it comes with firmness and a sizing guide. The sizing relies on your weight and height. Further, it is has a washable, removable, bamboo zippered, or hypoallergenic cotton blend cover. Its dimensions measure 25 by 10 by 3 inches. Last but not least, it weighs 16 ounces. To conclude, it has a 10 years warranty

  • Ergonomic design for maximum support
  • It weighs 16 ounces
  • Medical grade foam to offer long-lasting comfort
  • It comes with firmness and sizing guide
  • 10 years warranty
  • Dimensions measuring 25 by 10 by 3 inches
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#5. Xtra-Comfort Leg Pillow

Xtra-Comfort Leg Pillow

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To enjoy extra comfort for your legs, get the Xtra-Comfort leg pillow. This pillow relieves fatigue and discomfort. This is because it has an 8.25″ elevation and 45 degrees incline. Furthermore, it can accommodate both legs since it is wide enough. For longevity, it is made from a layer of gel-infused memory foam and a resilient foam base.

In addition to that, it is extra stable with a non-slip base. Having a machine washable, breathable, and removable cover, it is easy to wash it.  Next, the dual foam construction ensures comfort and support. It maintains its shape because of the high-density foam. To conclude, it has a 60-day guarantee.

  • 25 inches elevation to relieve discomfort, promoting blood circulation
  • 45 degrees incline for comfort
  • It accommodates both legs since it is wide enough
  • Resilient foam base for longevity
  • It has a non-slip base to make it stable
  • Constructed of two foam layers for greater support
  • The top layer is tailored with gel-infused, cushioning memory foam for better comfort
  • Removable breathable, zippered soft, non-slip cover for added convenience

#4. Ebung High-Density Leg Pillow

Ebung High-Density Leg Pillow

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The Ebung leg pillow has a design that comfortably supports your legs when you sleep. Other than support, it improves the circulation of blood in your lower leg. With all this, it ensures good health. Being ergonomically designed, it ensures added comfort along the lower leg curves. This leg pillow is very sturdy. Therefore, it retains its original shape and lasts longer.

Remarkably, its dimensions measure 24″ by 21″ by 8″. Its washable cover is hypoallergenic. With this, it is easy to maintain hygiene. Also, it is dustproof and gentle on the skin. For versatility, you can use it to prop your feet as you watch the television. Most importantly, it has an optimal density. This prevents it from heating up and collapsing.

  • Dimensions measure 24″ by 21″ by 8″
  • Has hypoallergenic, washable cover
  • Dustproof and gentle on the skin
  • Strong to retain its original shape
  • Ergonomically designed for ultimate support
  • Made of premium grade high-density foam
  • Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic design
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#3. Milliard Foam Leg Pillow

Milliard Foam Leg Pillow

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Next on this list is the Milliard leg pillow. First and foremost, it is good for varicose veins, leg casts, surgical procedures, post-trauma, ACL tears, and leg and knee injuries. Furthermore, it helps to reduce blood pulling. This leg pillow keeps the legs in a position to prevent injury from turning and tossing. Then again, it features polyurethane foam for longevity. Uniquely, it features a thigh ramp angle of 45 degrees.

On top of that, the dimensions measure 32L by 13W by 9.5H inches. For full expansion, allow about 48 hours. In conclusion, it weighs 4.3 pounds only. With this lightweight, it is easier for you to lift.

  • Keeps the legs in position to prevent injury from turning and tossing
  • Dimensions measure 32L by 13W by 9.5H inches
  • It weighs 4.3 pounds
  • Polyurethane foam for longevity
  • Made with supple polyurethane foam alongside 45-degree angled thigh wedge and sculpted leg channel

#2. InteVision Ortho Bed leg Pillow

InteVision Ortho Bed leg Pillow

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This leg pillow from InteVision is long-lasting and comfortable. This is because of its sturdy construction. With a unique profile, it allows for the elevation of the legs to a higher point in order to achieve a spinal arrangement. Another important feature of this leg pillow is the machine-washable bamboo cover. This ensures easy cleaning.

In addition to that, it has two layers. Firstly, we have a firm base which offers support. Secondly, the memory foam layer for a soft and comfortable feel. With a size of 8″ by 21″ by 24″inches, it helps to improve the circulation of blood. The product also has a net weight of 3.2 lbs. So, it is easy to carry.

  • Machine washable bamboo cover for easy cleaning
  • Net weight of 3.2 lbs
  • Size of 8″ by 21″ by 24″ inches
  • The firm base which offers support
  • Memory foam layer for a soft and comfortable feel

#1. MABIS DMI Healthcare Ortho Bed Leg Pillow

MABIS DMI Healthcare Ortho Bed Leg Pillow

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In case you suffer from knee pain, back pain, phlebitis, varicose veins, or restless legs, then the DMI leg pillow is ideal for you. You can use this versatile leg pillow both above and underneath your covers. Its removable cover has a zipper. Also, it is machine washable for faster and simple cleaning. Then again, it is made from poly-cotton foam. Therefore, it does not wear off or flatten even after many years of constant use.

Another feature of this leg pillow is the dimensions measuring 7 7/8 by 19 by 23 inches. Hence, it can work for both legs. This pillow helps to improve the flow of blood to the brain. Additionally, it improves blood circulation. Other than being lightweight, it is usually blue in color.

  • Versatile for use above and underneath your covers
  • Dimensions measuring 7 7/8 by 19 by 23 inches
  • It is lightweight
  • Detachable poly-cotton cover has a zipper
  • Exists in blue color
  • Machine washable cover for faster and simple cleaning
  • Made of firm, dense, durable foam

Leg Pillow– Buyer’s Guide

Material: You should buy a hypoallergenic leg pillow if you are allergic. Besides, if you need a smooth and soft leg pillow, get a memory foam pillow. The material should also be long-lasting in order to offer long-lasting comfort.

Height: To get the best leg pillow, you should ensure that the height of the pillow matches your height. This means that it shouldn’t be extremely high or too short. With this, you will feel comfortable using it.

Degree of Elevation: The best leg pillow should have an inclination degree between 30 and 45 degrees. Very high inclination can cause sleep apnea. Otherwise, a pillow with low inclination may not meet your expectations. Therefore, ensure that you pick the one with the most appropriate elevation angle.

Sleeping Position: People sleep in different ways. In case you are a stomach or back sleeper, you need to choose a thin and soft leg pillow. For the side sleepers, they need to use a firm and thick leg pillow.

Brand Reputation: It is usually important to consider the reputation of the brand. Notable brands manufacture quality pillows and then offer warranties and satisfaction guarantees. Moreover, they have customer support to ensure maximum satisfaction. Lucky enough, the ones listed below are from leading brands.


Do not allow conditions such as muscle cramps, varicose veins, leg pains, knee pains, and back pains to stop you from reaching your daily goals. The above-reviewed pillows are top quality. Therefore, this means that you can choose any leg pillow from the list. The one you will choose will help to eliminate every complication.


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