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Top 10 Best Kayak Carts in 2024 Reviews

Taking your kayak or canoe to the sea, lake, or river from home and back might be a little cumbersome. Also, let’s say you have a car, you can easily take your kayak to the shore, but it gets a bit difficult to drag it to the water. You might be wondering about easier methods of transportation for your kayak to the much-intended destination right now. Well, worry not as there has been a proper remedy for your problems. The kayak carts emerged to specifically ship kayak from the mainland to the water.

However, in the market are several carts designed for different types of kayaks. Some of these carts might be designed to carry all types of kayaks, but rather in different styles. Due to these difficulties, we review and guide the top 10 kayak carts available in the market to help you choose the one that suits you best. These are the top 10 kayak carts in 2024:

List of 10 Best Kayak Carts in 2024

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#10. Malone WideTrak SB Large-Kayak/Canoe Cart

Malone WideTrak SB Large-Kayak/Canoe Cart

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Are you looking for a long-lasting and large cart for your kayak or canoe? Here we present a solution for you; the Malone Kayak/Canoe Cart got large enough for comfortable transportation of your fishing canoe/kayak. On top of that, the cart has been ergonomically designed; with a foldable design, it saves the storage space in your store as well as making it easy for you to carry it along.

Additionally, with the stainless steel fittings that help in preventing rusting and corrosion due to water and sea salt, the cart remains durable long enough. The cart comes with twin kick-stands that enhance the degree of stability as you load and offload the boats. When it comes to the wheels of the Malone kayak cart, transportation becomes easier and intriguing due to their balloon-like design. Again, the 12-inch wheels are airless, and that saves you the worries of replacements due to frequent bursts. With this kind of make, you rest assured you can pull the cart in rough and harsh terrain without making any destruction on the wheels.

  • Sturdy and durable stainless steel
  • Portable and easy storage
  • Twin kick-stand for stability
  • Airless wheels that are less susceptible to destruction
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel fittings

#9. Perception Large kayak Cart

Perception Large kayak Cart

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Everybody wants to puzzle out day-to-day activities in much simpler techniques. One way of making it effortless for kayak carriage is by finding an efficient cart. This keeps you less agonized by the weight of your kayak or a canoe as it is one of the most efficient kayak carriers. Don’t hinder yourself the comfort of getting to your spot of fun while the Perception Large kayak Cart is available in the market. Two tubeless tires that come with this cart make it possible to use it in all kinds of terrain, and they hardly wear off.

Besides, the storage of the cart is a lot easier and convenient due to its compact and foldable design. With aluminum frames coated with iodine, the cart is sturdy and hardly corrodes upon the salty seawater exposure. The weight of this carrier adds up to 75kg, which makes it eligible for both a boat and canoe carriage. With all its adorable features, the Perception Large kayak Cart leaves you satisfied for a long period.

  • Eligible for both a kayak and canoe
  • Iodized coating prevents corrosion
  • Sturdy and long shelf life wheels
  • Foldable design makes the cart convenient to store

#8. Onefeng Sports Universal Kayak Cart

Onefeng Sports Universal Kayak Cart

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Here comes an uncomplicated carrier for kayak and boat yet so operative to its course. The Onefeng sports company specially designed this cart to offer optimal carriage gains for your boat or kayak. The most outstanding features of this cart include a newfound strap design and a spring button. The spring button comes inserted into the trolley tube to prevent its loss. For comfortable fastening, the 10ft (ca. 3 m) strap is well-connected to the rubber cones.

The cart’s distance between poles adjusts from 330mm to 520mm to increase space for a larger boat/kayak. Moreover, with a heavy-duty galvanized steel construction, the cart ensures a maximum weight of 175 pounds and serves for an incredibly prolonged time. Do not worry about your boat’s hull getting destroyed as the cart comes with rubber bumpers to prevent that as well as reducing shock.

  • Resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Adjustable width for various boat sizes
  • Protective rubber bumpers
  • Convenient and effective strapping
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#7. Wilderness Systems Heavy-Duty Kayak Cart

Wilderness Systems Heavy-Duty Kayak Cart

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As the name suggests, this kayak cart never disappoints in terms of practicability as well as durability. On purchase, the cart comes with balloon-like wheels designed for sandy shores never go flat, and that keeps their shelf lives for an incredibly prolonged period. The wheel system allows you to easily and quickly assemble and breakdown for easy and convenient storage. You can as well opt for another set of all-terrain wheels for this cart, though sold separately.

The frames of this cart are constructed with the marine-grade aluminum alloy treated with heat. These frames, therefore, create a sturdy structure that firmly endures the maximum weight of 450 pounds. Additionally, for different kayak sizes, the width of the cart can be adjusted. Summing up all these super features of the Wilderness Systems kayak cart, you rest assured of smooth and steady transportation of your kayak to the intended destination.

  • Durable and sturdy aluminum alloy frames
  • Adjustable width for different sizes of kayaks
  • Collapsible wheels for easy storage
  • Endures heavy loads [maximum of 450 lbs]
  • All-terrain wheels

#6. Seattle Sports Paddleboy kayak cart

Seattle Sports Paddleboy kayak cart

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Everyone would like a versatile cart that can as well carry fishing or sporting canoes beside kayaks. This cart might be your best selection for its large variety of salubrious hallmarks. The frames of the cart are made of steel and coated with powder to minimize the intensity of corrosion. Additionally, the wheels’ tires are made of solid urethane, which helps to reduce the frequency and intensity of vibrations. With vibration arrest, your kayak/canoe hardly gets loose or damages out of shock.

Moreover, the kayak cart comes with a kickstand loaded on a spring which is easy to use. Also, the cart frames are collapsible for low-profile storage as well as easy transportation if not in use. The top bars are adjustable and come padded for a comfortable and tight grip. Besides, the heavy-duty cart endures the maximum weight of 350 lbs and that means it can carry a wide variety of small boats and kayaks of different sizes.

  • The tires don’t go flat
  • Collapsible frames and wheels for convenient storage
  • Powder coating that prevents rusting and corrosion
  • Weight capacity that runs across a wide range of kayaks and canoes
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#5. Wilderness Systems Heavy-Duty Kayak Cart

Wilderness Systems Heavy-Duty Kayak Cart

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Here comes another kayak heavy-duty cart from the wilderness systems. Back in 2018, the cart was rated the best and strongest in the paddling magazine. The cart has been crafted with specially engineered frames that are incredibly sturdy for transporting a maximum weight of 450 pounds. As there are no kick-stands of scoopers required, offloading and loading become effortless.

Besides, with a bunker frame, you can flexibly adjust the cart’s width to prevent the kayak from losing balance and twisting sideways. Interestingly, it comes with two height options; the high option is for the kayaks with odd shapes on the hulls to prevent rubbing on the cartwheels, and the low option is designed to establish a lower center of gravity so that the kayak may not tip over. Last but not least, the integral cart parts are collapsible for simple storage.

  • Adjustable width for proper kayak balancing
  • Endures large weight capacity
  • Collapsible parts for proper storage
  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Padded handles for comfortable and secure grips

#4. ATC Seattle Sports Paddleboy Kayak Cart

ATC Seattle Sports Paddleboy Kayak Cart

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Do you have a range of crafts that you may want to use one cart for all of them? Don’t worry as the Seattle Paddleboy cart is compatible with a large variety of kayaks and boats. It works with Jon boats, canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards among other large crafts. The cart is specially designed to break down the integral parts for low-profile storage and easy portability to long distances. Also, the cart comes with air-filled wheels which you can use as an air pump when deflated.

You rest assured that this cart will effectively resist corrosion as the steel frames have powder coating on them. More so, it comes with a spring-loaded kickstand to allow you to load and unload your craft at ease. As you are aware, this cart supports a variety of large and small crafts, due to differences in sizes, for proper support and stability the cart’s width is adjustable. Besides, the top bars are well padded for comfort and a more secure grip. The cart supports the maximum load capacity of 300 pounds.

  • Versatile in terms of a wide range of crafts compatibility
  • Collapsible for low profile storage
  • Durable and sturdy frames
  • Adjustable and padded top bars
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#3. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart

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Looking for a reliable carrier for your kayaks? The DLX cart offers you high quality of service for an expanded period as it’s custom-made and materials are of high quality. The frame is made of steel then coated with powder to completely evade corrosion and handle exceptional weights. It comes with a V-shaped structure with rubber padding to ensure optimal hull protection. This versatile kayak cart features airless wheels with quality rubber tires that provide an extra comfortable ride as compared to those of plastic.

To ensure maximum safety, the manufacturer provides buckled straps to support your crafts. This adorable cart can support an extended range of large and small carts. For convenient storage, the frames can be folded and wheels effortlessly and conveniently removed. After the removal of wheels and the collapse of frames, you can pack up the integrals in the mesh bag proffered to you for free. The above-mentioned qualities are the ones that accord this carrier a third position of the best kayak carts in the list.

  • Collapsible for convenient storage
  • Rubber tires for a comfortable ride
  • Adequate strapping for maximum support
  • Used universally [all kayaks, canoes, and other large crafts]

#2. RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak/Canoe trolley

RAILBLAZA Ctug Kayak/Canoe trolley

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Looking for a reliable carrier for your kayaks? The RAILBLAZA kayak cart offers you high quality of service for an expanded period as it’s custom-made and materials are of high quality. The steel frames coated with powder completely evade corrosion and handle exceptional weights. It comes with a V-shaped structure with rubber padding to ensure optimal hull protection. This versatile kayak cart features airless wheels with quality rubber tires that provide extra comfort. The RAILBLAZA trolley can be easily assembled even without using a single piece of equipment. Another outstanding quality of this product is that it features two heavy-duty plastic wheels (more durable than air-filled tires).

With the provision of an adjustable kickstand, loading and unloading a canoe/kayak in this cart is effortless. The carriage with this cart offers a comfortable and steady ride; you are provided with adequate straps and rubberized pads that fit most types of hulls. Rest assured that all the integral cart’s components with durable construction serve you for a long period; the elastomeric hull pads are thermos bonded, the axles are made of reinforced steel and the reinforced composite material. The canoe/kayak trolley takes the maximum weight 0f 300 pounds.

  • Non-puncture plastic wheels
  • Rubberized pads for hull protection
  • Fits a wide range of hull types
  • Heavy-duty material for long shelf life
  • Easy to assemble with no equipment [within 20 seconds]

#1. TMS Deluxe boat kayak CART

TMS Deluxe boat kayak CART

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You might probably be looking for a practicable cart that will last long and used for a variety of sea crafts. Well, here comes the TMS Deluxe boat kayak CART. The trolley has a firm frame, and bumpers made of foam on both sides of the cradle to prevent damages to the hull. Loading and unloading the kayak from this cart is such a simple task since the manufacturer provides a double-leg kickstand. Also, the cart features 12ft buckled straps for fastening your craft tight to avoid sliding or falling off to the side.

Another set of built-in straps provided prevent frequent and unintended cradle opening. The cartwheels can be easily removed and the frames folded for low-profile storage. However, with all these quality properties and services the cart offers, it saves you a fortune as it lasts for a long period. You can easily pull or push this cart steadily and smoothly with the kayak on top for a long distance without getting tired. Consider purchasing it and you will not be disappointed.

  • Quality and durable material
  • Convenient storage
  • Universally applied
  • Comes at an affordable price

Kayak Cart – Buyer’s Guide

Material: Mostly, the materials used to craft these carts are the ultimate determiners of degrees of their durability and effectiveness. Well, due to frequent exposure to water and acidic soil at the shores, the corrosion-resistant frames are excellent. Moreover, sturdily assembled frames with robust materials enable a cart to endure different weights of boats and kayaks.

Straps: Auxiliary, the straps play an extremely crucial role in supporting the kayak or a boat on top of a cart. It’s necessary to find a cart well equipped with proper strapping. If not, you can install them in the cart if it worth your needs. Additionally, the straps do not have to be difficult to handle and they should be strong enough for kayak pressure endurance.

Versatility: Having a more adjustable and affordable kayak cart saves you time and money. A cart with adjustable height and width may not require you to go buying another one when the time comes to purchase a craft of different sizes from the one you have.


As we conclude, we presume that every bit of the kayak carts listed above has an outstanding quality that you may like. However, you might also have come across the one that wins all your specifications in terms of quality and practicability and that’s the one you should opt for buying. Most of these carts are resistant to corrosion as their role revolves around water, and most commonly on seawater. Therefore, there should be no reason for you to suffer the weights of your crafts with the available tools to make it easy.

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