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Infrared Sauna Blankets
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Top 10 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets in 2024 Reviews

The infrared sauna blanket has been designed to provide a wide range of functions like weight loss, enhancing skin texture, for leisure chambers, and more. They are also fitted with quality heating elements that produce higher infrared heat radiation to deliver effective results. Other than this, they have been designed using waterproof and safe materials; hence will serve longer and keep you safe. The infrared sauna blankets operate at variable temperature ranges and available in various sizes to suit all users.

When you need to purchase an infrared sauna blanket, here are some of the things to look out for; the size, infrared radiation, design, material, safety, and more.

List of 10 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets in 2024

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#10. Fencia Body Shaper Sauna Blanket

Fencia Body Shaper Sauna Blanket

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Fencia Body Shaper Sauna Blanket is a fantastic unit that is very beneficial and convenient. The blanket functions by transforming the far light into heat energy that will activate the cells, boost blood circulation, and get rid of toxins from the body. Apart from this, the blanket has been built using quality oxford cloth material for the exterior and waterproof PVC for the interior. Due to this, it is a comfy and smooth durable unit that will serve longer. With the size of 180 x 180cm, the blanket provides a full body cover. It is a versatile unit that you can use for enhancing the skin texture, improving sleep, and reduction of excess body fat.

To add more, the blanket has two hand zippers allowing you to do things like reading and controlling TV when in the blanket. It functions at an adjustable temperature of 25 to 80-degrees C, making it very convenient for most users. Again, it has a time setting that ranges from 15 to 60-minutes.

  • Two hand zippers
  • 180 x 180cm size
  • Quality oxford cloth exterior
  • 25 to 80-degrees C adjustable temperature
  • Wide application
  • Waterproof PVC interior
  • 2 zone temperature control
  • 15 to 60-minutes timer function

#9. Ejoyous Digital Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Ejoyous Digital Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Do you need a fine sauna blanket that will aid in weight management? This is a special and effective sauna blanket that will use far infrared rat therapy function so that it easily burns the excess body fats. Besides this, the unit is also ideal for enhancing blood circulation and boosting the metabolism for a healthy and strong body. That said, the blanket has been designed using premium oxford fabric material, making it appropriate for long-term use.

It is an odorless unit that has a detox anti-aging beauty to keep the skin looking smooth and younger. In addition to this, the sauna blanket has a safety protection system switch that you can switch off when the blanket gets to a higher voltage. It has a bigger size that provides a full-body cover. The versatile blanket is ideal for beauty salon, spa, and weight loss among others.

  • Safety protection switch
  • Far infrared ray therapy function
  • Larger sauna blanket
  • High-grade oxford fabric material
  • Detox therapy function
  • Wide application
  • Abnormal temperature protection
  • Adjustable temperature range

#8. T iNlovEaRTs Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

T iNlovEaRTs Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

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You should check the size of the sauna blanket that you wish to buy when shopping for the products. This is a large piece that has a size of 70.8 x 31.4-inches, making it ideal for all users. Second, to this, it is a very safe unit thanks to the safety switch that you can use for regulating the temperature of the blanket. The unit functions within a temperature range of 95 to 167-degrees F so that it suits different conditions and users. To add more, the blanket has 15 to 60-minutes timer for easy control.

It is built using top-grade oxford cloth for the exterior and waterproof PVC material to the interior. Due to this, it is both comfy and durable blanket that will serve longer. The infrared heating system has two temperature zone control, making it very convenient.

  • Infrared dry heating
  • Waterproof PVC interior
  • Top-grade oxford cloth exterior
  • 95 to 167-degrees F adjustable temperature
  • 8 x 31.4-inches size
  • Safety control switch
  • 15 t0 60-minutes timer function
  • Wide application
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#7. SKYTOU Sauna Blanket 2 Zone Temperature Far Infrared Blanket

SKYTOU Sauna Blanket 2 Zone Temperature Far Infrared Blanket

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Here is another exceptional quality sauna blanket that has been designed to benefit all users. It is a widely applicable sauna blanket that you can use for sliming, boosting the blood circulation, and skin beauty among others. Other than this, it is an effective unit that produces 9-14um far-infrared radiation so that it delivers a proper heat that will burn the excess body fat. To add more, the sauna blanket is very safe thanks to the safety protection switch that you can control when the voltage is too high. It has a working temperature range of 35 to 37-degrees C plus 60-minutes timer you can preset for reliable services.

With the large size, it is a comfy blanket that will offer full-body cover for effective services. Again, it is a highly durable unit built using eco-friendly top-grade PU oxford and waterproof PVC materials.

  • Waterproof PVC interior material
  • Top-grade PU oxford cloth
  • 35 to 37-degrees adjustable temperature
  • Upper double zipper design
  • 60-minutes timer
  • 9-14um far-infrared radiation
  • Wide application
  • Safety protection switch

#6. Hurrise Infrared Sauna Blanket

Hurrise Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Here’s one of the safest, multipurpose sauna blankets you’ll ever find online for fat melting, muscle relaxation, metabolism improvement, detoxification, spa treatment, and other health perks. It uses infrared radiations alongside thermal grease to emit heat to your body. With a long and wide sleeping bag design, the flexible blanket will work for many people with different body sizes and different sleeping positions.

The blanket also comes with a safety protection feature (with an alarm) which stops operations in extreme conditions, for instance, when it heats to 85°C. It’s made of durable and waterproof materials which make it easy to clean while standing the test of time. Use it in the spa, at home, in the leisure Chambers, or anywhere else of your choice.

  • Exterior material; durable PU
  • It weighs around 6850 grams
  • When laid flat, it measures 70.47 by 31.69 inches
  • It comes with a remote controller
  • Infrared rays: 9-14 micrometers
  • The inside is made of waterproof PVC
  • The main machine measures 9 by 6.29 by 2.75 inches
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#5. Salmue Heat Sauna Blanket

Salmue Heat Sauna Blanket

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Salmue is yet another durable “doctor” with myriads of health benefits including metabolism acceleration, toxin elimination, fat burning, and many more. The long and wide sauna blanket allows you to make custom adjustments to the temperature and time of operation. Combined with its memory function, you get exceptional flexibility. It consumes the least of power to save your electric bills.

Each of the blanket’s three infrared output zones can be controlled independently. With its durable oxford cloth and ABS materials, you get more than the value for your money. You can use the blanket for your aching back, waist, hips, and legs. Don’t hesitate to add it to your leisure Chambers, salon, or spa for commercial purposes.

  • Heat is adjustable between 95° and 167°
  • Size: 80 by 31.5 inches
  • It weighs 6200 grams
  • It comes with a remote controller and easy-to-follow user manual
  • Temperature anomaly protection starts at 80°
  • It uses 1 CR2025 battery
  • Rays: 9 to 16 micrometers

#4. VANELL Sauna Blanket 2 Zone Controller Remote Controller

VANELL Sauna Blanket 2 Zone Controller Remote Controller

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With this user-friendly sauna blanket, you can now get exceptional services that will suit you better. The blanket comes with a handy wireless remote control that makes it excellent for adjusting the temperature. It functions within a temperature range of 86 to 176-degrees F, making it a great pick for all users. More interestingly, it also has two-zone temperature control and a 60-minutes timer function for convenient use. The unit provides exceptional services like burning excess body fat, enhancing the skin texture, and boosting blood circulation; hence highly versatile and effective.

It has been built using 2nd generation oxford cloth material for the exterior and waterproof PVC for the interior, making it great for long-term use. The unit has safety protection features that make it a pick that will suit you better.

  • 86 to 176-degrees adjustable temperature
  • Wide application
  • Handy remote control
  • Powerful far-infrared heat function
  • Waterproof PVC interior built
  • 2nd generation oxford cloth material
  • 2 zone temperature control
  • Infrared dry heating
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#3. ETE ETMATE Body Shaper Weight Loss Sauna Blanket

ETE ETMATE Body Shaper Weight Loss Sauna Blanket

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The material that makes the sauna blanket is an important feature to have in mind when buying the product. Here is a highly durable and comfy blanket that has been designed using waterproof PVC to the inside and high-grade PU material cover. Second, to this, it is a larger blanket that will provide a full-body cover for maximum performances. To add more, the blanket is widely applicable as you can use it for spa, leisure chambers, home use, and salon among others.

It produces an exclusive infrared heat of 9-16um that will provide effective burning of the body fat and enhance blood circulation.

  • Wide application
  • 9-16um infrared heat
  • Security warning settings
  • Adjustable temperature function
  • High-grade PU material
  • Waterproof PVC inner
  • 16 to 60-minutes timer
  • Wireless remote controller

#2. The Montex Sauna Blanket

The Montex Sauna Blanket

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Instead of PU/PVC, the Montex Sauna Blanket uses top-quality oxford material to give more flexibility, strength, and waterproof properties. The blanket looks nice and functions properly all the time, thanks to its sophisticated machine and materials. Use it, in the long run, to burn a significant amount of fat, detoxify your body, soothe pains, and other health benefits.

The Montex Sauna Blanket comes with a heat protection feature. That is, it will automatically switch off and turn on an alarm if the heat reaches 185°C. That helps you stay out of danger quickly. What’s more, the temperature and time of operation of the blanket are also adjustable. Use the included user manual to understand how to use the blanket in the best way. You can always clean it without worries of damage.

  • Far infrared radiations: 9 to 14 um
  • Size: 70 by 32 inches
  • Temperature us adjustable between 95°F and 167°F
  • The time is adjustable between 10 and 60 minutes
  • Material: oxford cloth
  • It features two heating zones
  • It comes in a variety of colors

#1. Nmeisi Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Nmeisi Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

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Nmeisi uses three far-infrared heating zones to help you feel the fat-burning and detoxifying effect of the heat. The blanket also soothes pains in your joints by offering you a unique heat therapy. It’s both tensile and large to give you sufficient room no matter your size or sleeping position. A sophisticated and easy-to-use controller comes with the blanket. The controller features a digital display and a micro-computer program.

When the blanket heats to 80°C, it will automatically shut off to protect you from any accidents. Four pieces of thermostats are there to help with this, and you don’t expect them to go wrong. The whole blanket will always get hot except the edges. Please utilize the user manual for better usage. Always remember not to plug in the blanket before folding it out. Otherwise, you may trigger damages.

  • Infrared radiation: 9 to 16 um
  • It’s made of waterproof PVC materials on the interior
  • Power: 300 W
  • Weight: 8.5 kilograms
  • It heats to a maximum temperature of 80°C
  • The cover is long and wide to accommodate various body sizes
  • Maximum time is 90 minutes

Infrared Sauna Blanket– Buyer’s Guide

Infrared Radiation: The IR sauna blanket release different intensities of radiations, which determine their effectiveness. For instance, some of these units produce 9.87um whereas some release 9-16um. You, therefore, need to get a unit that has higher radiation so that it can effectively burn the excess body fat and keep you comfy.

Materials: You also need to get a sauna blanket that is comfy and durable. The blanket should be made using waterproof PVC material to the inner for protection. To the outer part, you may get a piece that is designed using top-grade PU material or high-grade oxford cloth. Such blankets will serve you longer and efficiently.

Size: Again, they are designed in different sizes so that everyone gets what suits him/her. The most sizes are 70.8 x 31.4-inches that will suit most users. You can also get other smaller sizes like 69 x 38-inches or even larger pieces; hence go for what suits you best.


Here are the ideal selections of infrared sauna blankets that are very effective and durable. They produce higher IR radiation heat that makes them excellent for most tasks like weight loss management. In addition to this, they are of various sizes plus designed using quality and soft materials for long-term use.

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