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Heat Blocking Curtains
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Top 10 Best Heat Blocking Curtains in 2024 Reviews

If you need a dark environment so you can sleep peacefully as a light sleeper or work at night, and you don’t want lights to penetrate outside, then the heat blocking curtains will help. These blackout curtains prevent almost 100% light penetration. Precisely, the curtains do not have to be black to be categorized under the blackouts; they can be of any color, including white curtains. What matters the most here is the craftsmanship and design of a curtain to achieve the blackout qualities. Apart from blocking unwanted lights, these curtains will as well muffle noise from outside, and keep your house temperature controlled.

We now come to assist you in finding the best quality of the blackout curtains with the help of intensive research we did on them. There are plenty of models of these curtains in the market, and we’ve broken them down and reviewed them in a list of 10 best you can find. Regarding your taste and preferences, you can pick on one or several from the list below:

List of 10 Best Heat Blocking Curtains in 2024

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#10. RYB HOME Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains

RYB HOME Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout Curtains

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We begin with this adorable and functional-looking curtain. The curtain is 2-layer and blocks light penetration 100% as it is crafted with a black liner, which makes its drapes thicker than the regular curtains. Additionally, the curtain is heavy-duty, so it will hardly get damaged and serves you for a reasonable amount of time. Apart from 100% artificial light and UV penetration, the curtain’s heat-insulating property repels heat in summer and cold in winter. With thermal insulation ability in these curtains, your temperature regulation energy budget gets to be minimized.

The structure of these curtains appears in the combination of traditional and modern sew craftsmanship. With the unique construction, these curtains act as noise shields making your environment comfortable and quiet. The curtains are ergonomically designed; they feature silver grommets on top with a diameter of 1.6 inches; this space fits most rods, making it easy for you to install the curtains. Additionally, maintenance of these curtains requires no much strain and is machine washable. Importantly, avoid as much as possible not to use chlorine bleaches.

  • Heavy duty and long lasting
  • 100% blackout
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Minimizes noise pollution around your room
  • Saves your budget on heating and cooling energy

#9. HLC.ME 100% Complete Blackout Curtain

HLC.ME 100% Complete Blackout Curtain

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Are you looking for blackout curtains that provide the utmost light blockage? This two-layer curtain serves those needs and also regulates the heat and temperatures of your room effectively. This is to say these curtains are compatible with cold, hot, and noisy environments. With all these qualities, you get to save on energy bills through all seasons. The curtain is put together with heavy-duty and sturdy polyester material that won’t easily fade or weather off upon its use and washes. The drapes look classy and can be used for both home and office windows.

The curtain features durable steel grommets sturdy enough to hang them for years, unlike the plastic ones. The curtains are beautifully crafted with soft fabric that provides stunning décor for your room. Also, these panels are easy to wash and that saves you a lot of time. You can find the curtains in quite a large range of colors and patterns, just pick the one you feel suit your needs.

  • Highly durable and sturdy steel grommets
  • Anti-fade material
  • Thermal-insulated thus saves energy
  • Comes in various colors
  • Looks classy and beautiful

#8. Warm Home Designs Heat Blocking Curtain

Warm Home Designs Heat Blocking Curtain

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Here comes another blackout curtain that collectively serves your needs. The curtain comes in one panel at a favorable and affordable price. These curtains help you enjoy your deep and sound sleep as light and noise are optimally minimized. RYB HOME Thermal Insulated 100% Blackout curtains come in 100 different colors and several different sizes that will fit your different window sizes and designs. Apart from the windows, you can also get the same type of curtains for your doors.

You might opt for a 54″-piece or 38″ pair as per your needs. These curtains also come in different sizes as room dividers, and they can be applied at home, hospitals, or even business places. No weather is exceptional for the curtains as they ideally adapt to all temperatures through all seasons. During winter, the Warm Home Designs blackout curtains keep. Those offices in noisy areas might need these curtains as soundproofs to make it a more conducive work environment.

  • Come in different sizes
  • You can choose various designs
  • Are easy to set up
  • Effective UV blockers
  • Elegantly designed
  • Minimizes disturbing noise and echoes
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#7. WONTEX Thermal Blackout Curtains

WONTEX Thermal Blackout Curtains

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Create comfort and privacy for your room with WONTEX Thermal Blackout Curtains. The curtains make your place 100% impenetrable by light, and that’s your need served in depth. This achievement is a result of 3-layer polyester material with a lining. The WONTEX heavy-duty curtains are a straightforward method to save energy bills. The curtains are thermally insulating and thus control and maintain the required temperatures in your house at all seasons.

Also, the curtain’s substantial duty properties are effective noise barriers from the outside, so they are ideal for your bedroom and thus give you a quiet sleeping environment. The curtains can as well be used as room dividers as they effectively curb unwanted views and viewers. The WONTEX blackout curtains can be washed by machine, and some precautions are put across to keep them serving you for long; please use little detergent on them, no using bleach on them, do not tumble dry them, and use low-temperature ironing.

  • Silky and soft
  • Block light 100%
  • Easy to install
  • Washable by machine
  • Heavy duty and durable

#6. StrangH Extra Long Velvet Blackout Drapes Curtain

StrangH Extra Long Velvet Blackout Drapes Curtain

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As you know, room darkening is one of the fundamental factors to have sound sleep. For the light sleepers and those who are not light, the StrangH Extra Long Velvet Blackout Drapes come are 100% blackout, so it’s an adequate remedy. The entire qualities of these drapes provide total personal privacy. In this case, they are suitable for TV viewing as they make your room look like a little cinema hall. Their heavy-duty nature completely blocks dust from the outside, unlike the ordinary curtains; hence your house stays tidy and comfortable to living in.

The 100% UV blockage plays a more significant role than just preventing unwanted illumination, as this curbs floor and furniture damages by the rays. With the MONTEX drapes, you get to balance your room temperatures as they will repel too much heat in summer and keep it warm on winters and cold nights. As per the drapes’ thermal insulation property, you don’t have to use much heating, and cooling energy and thus saves your budget a great deal. The long silky and soft velvet curtains are also designed uniquely and elegantly for décor and therefore, can be suitable for the living room, bedroom, and office, among other places.

  • Elegant and decorative
  • 100% blackout
  • Thermal insulation that saves your budget
  • Machine washable (easy to clean)
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance
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#5. PrinceDeco Primitive Textured Linen Blackout Curtains

PrinceDeco Primitive Textured Linen Blackout Curtains

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Are you looking for decorative curtains that are also functional? The PrinceDeco Primitive Textured Linen Blackout Curtains offer both. Each pack of these curtains comes with two panels measuring 52″ W x 96″ L each. Every functional panel is trimmed with thread and is not susceptible to unpleasant wrinkles. Each piece of these curtains is crafted with eight rust-resistant grommets that perfectly fit up to a 1 ½” rod for straightforward installation and sliding.

Alongside the total blackout function, the curtain drapes are considered effective energy conservation. The additional thermal insulation properties keep your house temperature standard regardless of the changing weather outside. The primitive linen gives the curtains a burlap look that projects a classic and vintage appearance in your room. Every pair has the beauty properties that add décor to your home and workplace. Not to mention, the heavy-duty drapes effectively keep low the external noise transmission to the room.

  • Decorative nature
  • Easy installation and slide
  • Rust-resistant grommets
  • Total blackout effect
  • Water resistant linen material

#4. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Curtain

Deconovo Thermal Insulated Curtain

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Deconovo Thermal Insulated Curtains will bring comfort and beauty all together in your home with their distinctive features. To begin with, curtains are expertly crafted with polyester material with a thermal insulation lining that provides temperature balance. This is to say, when the weather is scorching outside, the curtains aids in retaining the required coolness inside, and when the cold comes, again, the curtain keeps standard warmth inside. Therefore, the natural insulation properties in these curtains minimize more involvement of electric thermal control and save you a great deal of energy budget.

Also, the curtain’s material isn’t a view-through; hence it provides proper privacy; therefore, you will do your inside activities with no worries. A lot of blackout detailed effects have been incorporated in these curtains to offer sufficient light reducing capabilities. With a blackout environment, you will enjoy sleeping and also TV viewing in your house. These curtains play a significant role in protecting your furniture and floor materials from fading by total UV rays blockage. The polyester curtains are meant to last with a little effort of care and maintenance, and they are machine-washable.

  • Elegant and decorative
  • 100% blackout
  • Thermal insulation that saves your budget
  • Machine washable (easy to clean)
  • Straightforward installation and maintenance
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#3. Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtain

Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtain

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Do you want a totally dark environment for your sleep and TV time? You can achieve this by purchasing the 84 Inches Long Yakamok Blackout Curtains constructed with two layers of 100% Polyester material. This, therefore, provides a totally dark environment and that meets your needs quite perfectly. The heavyweight material and sewed together with a black liner to enhance thickness for total UV rays blockage and proper privacy needs.

When it comes to noise reduction, this curtain is a top-notch tool. The two fabric layers block annoying and excessive noise from the surroundings and keep your room comfortably quiet. The collective features of the curtains idealize them for bedroom, living room, and office among other places. Their thermal control capabilities cut the cost of energy throughout the year and control your home temperatures in all seasons. Do not worry about your health and environmental hazard by using this curtain as its materials contain any toxic chemicals.

  • Have no toxic chemicals
  • No awful odor
  • Elegantly looking
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Thermal control capabilities
  • Soundproof capabilities

#2. PONY DANCE Bedroom Heat Blocking Curtains

PONY DANCE Bedroom Heat Blocking Curtains

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Do you live in harsh climate conditions, and you want a curtain that cuts across all your needs? The PONY DANCE Bedroom Blackout Curtains bring home the solution to your needs. Unlike most blackout curtain packages, this one comes with 3-inch rod pockets in each of the two panels instead of grommets, which fit most standard rods. For each curtain panel, there are two layers of the same material with no liner and are of the same color. You can find the set of these curtains in multiple colors and sizes for large and small windows.

If you live in a region of strong street lights that might disturb your sleep, you can eradicate that with these curtains as they block 85-95% of the light. Your furniture gets to serve for a prolonged period with a high degree of protection from the UV rays with the aid of heavy-duty PONY DANCE curtains. It will only take the one-time cost to buy the curtain to save on the energy bills throughout the year, as the curtain regulates temperatures in your house optimally to the preferable state.

  • Ready made
  • Comes in multiple colors and sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install and slide

#1. NICETOWN Heat Blocking Curtains

NICETOWN Heat Blocking Curtains

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NICETOWN Blackout Window Curtain-Panels is one of the best blackout curtains in the market. With respect to total room darkening, the curtains feature a sewed-in liner on quality polyester, hence makes the drapes thick enough to put away 100% of the sunlight and other strong unnatural lights. Additionally, those sharp noises during the day and night got no chance to penetrate your house as the two thick curtain layers have the double ability to absorb sound.

The draperies, which are crafted with double-layer polyester, give the curtains the capability to balance the room temperature by insulating winter chills and hot summer weather; meanwhile, the structure creates total invisibility will hardly see-through and thus gives you optimal personal privacy. Topping up to the benefits, the curtain materials are eco-friendly and have no toxic chemical coating. It is commendable due to its high endurance through years of use at effortless maintenance. The curtain is washable by machine strictly below 86℉, and you should not use too much detergent, don’t apply bleach agents, and iron it at a mild temperature. The only drawback of this is that sharp objects may pose a scratching threat on the curtains.

  • ECO-friendly and no harmful chemicals
  • 100% blackout effect
  • Energy saving by the thermal insulation capabilities
  • Beautiful designs
  • Double-absorption for noises

Heat Blocking Curtain– Buyer’s Guide

Below are the important factors you should consider when buying heat blocking curtains:

Size: Size is a crucial and essential factor to consider while purchasing heat blocking curtains in conjunction with its application. You might require curtains for windows, room dividing, or extra-large windows. At this juncture, you should first check on the size of your window or the dimensions of the required place of application to ensure perfect fit and compatibility.

Material: Material type of curtain may entail multiple purposes. We are just going to give you a little breakdown; some materials might contain some properties which you might be allergic to, and so you should refrain from buying any curtain with those agents.

Designs: The heat blocking curtains in the market can be found in multiple configurations and colors. If you are sensitive to models, first compare the state of your place of application and decide whether the curtain you choose rhymes with that place.

Cost: The price of a product is one of the significant factors. Before kicking off the purchase, make sure you are in the best financial position to afford a particular blackout curtain.


On the verdict, we would like to remind you that the above-listed curtains are useful for day and night sleepers. Also, in every single blackout curtain, there are distinct features that might be of attraction to you as an individual, so you can go for it if it serves your needs to detail. Most of these heat blocking curtains are made from polyester material, which is washable by machine, and we always remind you that to keep your curtain’s shelf-life for long, you should not use bleach, use mild detergents, and iron it at low temperatures.



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