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Best Hand Trucks in 2024
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Top 10 Best Hand Trucks in 2024 Reviews

If you think of it, hardly a month goes by without moving heavy stuff. This goes for both your home and business. You may need to create additional space in your garage or move boxes from your office to your store. Unfortunately, lifting these boxes manually will take a toll on your back and shoulders. Make your life easier by investing in the best hand trucks. This versatile equipment will not only rescue from the back strain but also enables you to move your luggage in no time.

Unlike the traditional models, these hand trucks come with simple transitioning designs that enable you to move your equipment effortlessly. They also come with oversized wheels that allow for a smooth maneuver on different terrains. But, there is a catch, while these units may look the same; the performance isn’t always the same. To make an informed decision, go through the following list and pick the model that suits your needs

List of 10 Best Hand Trucks in 2024

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#10. Harper Trucks 300lbs truck

Harper Trucks 300lbs truck

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By: Harper Trucks

When you have various luggage to move, the Harper hand Truck makes your life easy. With solid all-steel construction, this unit is rugged enough to withstand daily use. It also comes with decent weight capacity and a platform that enables you to carry oversized loads with ease. Better still; the weight capacity saves you multiple trips as you can carry a large load per trip.

Besides the stable structure, this unit also comes with oversized rubber wheels that require no maintenance. These wheels ensure a smooth maneuver on most terrains. Equally, we love the ergonomic handles that allow for easy maneuver. Unlike other models, this unit also boasts of a powder coating finish that is corrosion, rust, and shatter-resistant.

  • Decent 300-pound capacity
  • All steel construction for enhanced durability
  • The continuous loop handle allows for easy two hands operation
  • UV resistant, rustproof and corrosion resistant powder coat
Reason to buy
  • It comes pre-assembled, saving you time and energy
  • Lightweight construction materials
  • Comes with maintenance free wheels
  • High stability allows for a smooth maneuver
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#9. Rubbermaid Commercial Products Landscape Dolly

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Landscape Dolly

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By: Rubbermaid Commercial Products

Save your back and hands by using this ingenious landscape dolly from Rubbermaid commercial. It comes with a decent weight capacity of up to 250lbs. this saves you having to go multiple trips. Incredibly, this unit retains a super light design despite having been constructed using heavy-duty materials. It is also equipped with large rubber wheels that roll smoothly on various surfaces.

In the same breath, this unit has a large platform. This enables you to carry oversized loads with ease. It also folds into a small size, making it easy to use and store. Moreover, this model is also easy to transport to the job site while the ergonomic handle allows for easy maneuver.

  • Brute construction to ensure above-average performance
  • Oversized, maintenance-free rubber wheels
  • Ergonomic cruiser handles ensure easy maneuverability
  • Foot ledge offers maximum advantage
Reason to buy
  • It has a decent load capacity of up to 250lbs
  • Superior construction to ensure enhanced durability
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Easy to maneuver over various terrains

#8. Liberty Industrial 10001 Hand Truck

Liberty Industrial 10001 Hand Truck

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By: Liberty Industrial

The next time you need to carry heavy boxes and other oddly sized luggage, you should consider this model. We love the super lightweight design yet decent capacity. This will reduce the number of trips especially when you are carrying several boxes. Another main selling feature is the smooth-rolling wheels. From gravel, grass, and uneven surfaces, this handcart serves you well.

More importantly, thanks to the lightweight design, this unit takes less effort to push. Still, on the convenience, it also comes with ergonomic handles that don’t take a toll on your hands. Moreover, this unit folds into a compact design for easy storage and portability.

  • It has a decent load capacity
  • Solid, aluminum construction
  • Equipped with five-inch maintenance free wheels
  • Folds into a compact size for easy storage
Reason to buy
  • The soft handle ensures a secure and comfortable grip
  • Lightweight, easy to use and maneuver
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Smooth-rolling on gravel and grass

#7. Magliner GMK81UA4 Gemini Hand Truck

Magliner GMK81UA4 Gemini Hand Truck

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By: Magliner

Are you tired of carrying multiple heavy loads on your shoulders or by hand? Don’t let the heavy loads take a toll on your hand while the Magliner hand truck can save you all the stress. This versatile hand truck combined aluminum and iron materials to come up with a high strength truck that withstands repeated use. It has a decent 220 pounds weight capacity.

The other best thing about this unit is that it converts from a two-wheel to a four-wheel in no time. This feature makes it handle various loads, boosting your productivity. Additionally, this unit comes with smooth-rolling wheels that require no maintenance. This makes it a perfect pick for intense work.

  • High capacity of up to 220 lbs reduces the number of trips
  • Sturdy, lightweight steel construction
  • Ergonomic handle reduced muscle strain
  • Solid, modular design makes it last for years
Reason to buy
  • Comes with oversized maintenance free wheels
  • It has a high load capacity
  • Replaceable parts are available to ensure a lifetime performance
  • Converts from 2 to four-wheel truck

#6. Milwaukee 30019Hand Truck

Milwaukee 30019Hand Truck

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By: Milwaukee

Having been crafted by the famous Milwaukee brand, this hand truck promises you high endurance and reliable service to carry your entire heavy load. As expected, this unit is crafted from high strength materials while still maintaining a lightweight design. The rugged steel frame provides you with an amazing 800 lbs capacity.

Better still, this unit comes equipped with heavy-duty wheels that never go flat. These wheels allow for effortless movement on various terrains including gravel, concrete, grass, and so on. Some of the other features that make this unit stand out include an ergonomic handle, a large carrying platform, and superior corrosion resistance.

  • Great 800lbs load rating
  • Equipped with all-terrain Pneumatic tires
  • The D shaped handles make it easy to maneuver
  • Large carrying platform
Reason to buy
  • Completely corrosion-resistant and rustproof
  • Works well on all terrains
  • A reputable company makes it
  • Molded handle for enhanced grip and comfort
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#5. Mount-It! Folding Hand Truck and Dolly,

Mount-It! Folding Hand Truck and Dolly,

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By: Mount-It!

Another high-end hand truck and dolly from a reputable company. This versatile dolly converts from a two-wheel to four wheels. This gives you the versatility to carry more luggage. This will also reduce your effort and the number of trips that you have to make. Another great feature that comes with this model is the folding design. This allows for easy portability in your vehicle. This will also save space when in storage.

When it comes to the construction materials, this unit boasts of solid aluminum allow that enables it to carry a decent weight. As a bonus, this unit also comes with a bungee cord that allows you to secure your load. Moreover, the large rubber wheels allow for easy maneuver on all terrains.

  • The telescoping handle has two height settings
  • Well-padded handgrip for enhanced comfort
  • It has a decent weight capacity for up to 264 lbs
  • Folding design for easy storage and portability
Reason to buy
  • It comes with smooth-rolling wheels
  • Also included a bungee cord to secure your luggage
  • It has a large platform that accommodates a large load
  • Easy to maneuver on various terrains

#4. Rock-N-Roller R2RT-BL Hand Truck

Rock-N-Roller R2RT-BL Hand Truck

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By: Rock-N-Roller

Regardless of the load that you are hauling, the Rock N roller hand truck has you sorted. This innovatively designed hand truck comes at an incredibly sturdy yet surprisingly lightweight construction. This means it enables you to carry heavy loads with ease. Like nothing else you have seen, this unit transforms instantly into eight different shapes.

This means it replaces up to eight regular carts. This versatility makes it applicable to various applications. When it comes to weight capacity, this unit has a 350-weight capacity, which is great for dealing with most loads. What’s more, this unit comes with a large pneumatic tire that allows for easy maneuverability on various terrains.

  • Decent 350Lbs weight capacity
  • Rugged tubular aluminum construction
  • Equipped with foam-filled 6 inches rear wheels
  • Transforms to fit various load sizes
Reason to buy
  • Carries large luggage with ease
  • Powder-coated frame for enhanced durability
  • It comes with an ergonomic handle for easy maneuver
  • Lightweight and foldable design

#3. Harper Trucks Lightweight Hand Truck

Harper Trucks Lightweight Hand Truck

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By: Harper Trucks

Don’t let the compact size that comes with this hand truck fool you, this unit is smartly engineered to meet all your needs. First, this unit comes with a unique frame design that is 30 percent lighter than the steel frame. Better yet, it has an impressive 300-pound vertical capacity and a massive 400lbs platform capacity.

It converts within seconds from a 2-wheel dolly to a four-wheel cart, making it practical to use for multiple applications. In the same breath, this unit comes equipped with eight-inch rubber wheels for easy maneuver on all terrains. For added convenience, this unit also comes with stair glides to enable you to move your luggage down or upstairs.

  • Advanced Nylon filled plastic frame that light and durable
  • Chemical, rust, and corrosion-resistant construction
  • Converts from a two-wheel to a four-wheel cart
  • Equipped with oversized rubber wheels
Reason to buy
  • It has a large carrying platform
  • Super easy installation
  • Easy to maneuver on all terrains
  • It comes with a three position-telescoping handle

#2. Magna Cart Folding Hand Truck

Magna Cart Folding Hand Truck

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By: Magna Cart

What’s the real story? Magna cart folding hand truck brings you high strength folding structure. This makes it one of the kind hand truck that you can transport and store with ease. Despite the portability convenience, this unit comes with a decent weight capacity, which enables you to move most household and office supplies.

It is crafted from high-quality aluminum, which ensures solid performance while remaining lightweight. As expected, this unit comes with maintenance-free and oversized wheels that allow for effortless maneuverability on all terrains.

  • Perfect home or office hand truck for moving luggage and boxes
  • Crafted from high strength steel
  • Transform to various platforms with a touch of a button
  • Boasts of oversized, maintenance-free wheels
Reason to buy
  • It has a decent carrying platform
  • Easy to assemble and transition
  • Folds into a compact size for easy storage and portability
  • Comes with easy-rolling wheels

#1. Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Hand Truck

Cosco Shifter Multi-Position Hand Truck

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By: CoscoProducts

With Cosmo Multi-position hand truck, it is now easy to move all the heavy and oversized items around your office and home. Whether you are unloading heavy office supplies from your car or rearranging your garage at home, this unit will save you the hard work. The best part? This unit comes in a multi-function design that transforms it from a two-wheel upright hand truck to a four-wheel cart without using any tools.

And this is just a start, when the job is done, this unit folds into a compact design that you can stow away in your cabinet. Notably, the transitioning from one design to the other is tool-free. Additionally, this versatile unit comes with maintenance-free wheels that ensure smooth maneuver on grass, grass, and other terrains.

  • Converts from a two-wheel dolly to a 4-wheel cart effortlessly
  • The durable steel frame ensures solid performance
  • No tools needed for transformation
  • Folds flat for storage
Reason to buy
  • Decent 300 pounds weight capacity
  • Extra strong weight capacity
  • Comes with nonmarking wheels
  • Ergonomic handle for easy maneuver
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The Best Hand Trucks | Buyer’s Guide

Undoubtedly, a hand truck is crucial for any home or office. It will save you multiple trips and worse the back issues, which are commonly associated with heavy lifting. But you are in luck; the above models will sort out your needs. If you are still confused about the best models, lets us look at some of the crucial tips that will help you in making an informed decision.

  • Check the construction materials: Similar to any other product, you ought to ensure that your hand truck serves you for the longest time possible. The key here is to ensure that it is made from premium materials. Make no mistake; just any metal doesn’t make the cut. You don’t need an overly heavy hand truck in the name of finding something that is solid. Luckily, today we have decent materials that offer you something that you can rely for years. Go for the steel model if you need the best weight capacity, aluminum for easy portability, and carbon fiber models for the best lightweight handcarts.
  • Check the Weight capacity: As you can tell from the models we have reviewed, these units come in different weight capacities. As discussed previously, the weight capacity is often determined by weight capacity. However, not unless you are moving industrial or gardening tools, you don’t need a handcart with a capacity of over 1000lbs. for home or office use; ensure that the model you pick has a weight capacity of at least 150lbs.
  • What about the Wheels: Another crucial aspect of the hand trucks is the wheels. First, you will need to consider where you want to use it. Be as it may, your hand truck should have solid wheels. We recommend going for the maintenance-free rubber wheels. This means you will never have to deal with a flat tire. On the other hand, the wheel should be large enough to maneuver through various terrains.


There are numerous advantages of having a high-end hand track for your home or office. These versatile units will make the process for hauling the heavy luggage effortlessly. Luckily, for you, each of the above models is designed to make your life easier. However, you will need to ensure that you pick a model that serves your needs. Therefore, note down the exact specifications that you need and pick any of the above models that meet your needs. Happy buying!

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