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Top 10 Best Glass Tea Kettles in 2024 Reviews

The modern kitchen has got so many electric and manual appliances, and glass tea kettle is no exception. The glass kettles are increasingly becoming the most preferred appliance for brewing tea in the contemporary kitchen. For that reason, they are becoming more and more common nowadays. The glass kettles also bring an elegant look, not to mention fresh modern chic to your kitchen. These kettles are made of lead-free glass and stainless steel. The right glass tea kettles offer an unimaginable alternative to the plastic & metal models that bring unnatural chemicals, metallic taste, and rust to your flavored tea.

However, identifying the best model requires you to consider some key aspects and fail to that; you will end up getting the wrong choice. Fortunately, here are some models of a glass tea kettle for you. Have a look.

List of 10 Best Glass Tea Kettles in 2024

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#10. Aicook 2021 New Glass Electric Kettle

Aicook 2020 New Glass Electric Kettle

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This glass tea kettle from AICOOK is the 2021 model of the tea maker. This 1.7L tea kettle is characterized by a one-touch tea kettle, auto-shut-off function, boil-dry protection, and a 5-precise variable preset. It is a one-tough maker of your favorite oolong tea, green tea, and black perfectly. The set temperature is reached, this kettle shuts off automatically while Boil dry protection function will shut the kettle off when the water runs out.

Besides, the kettle has an accurate temp sensor inside that helps in protecting the burning of your tea leaves. The other function is memory and keeps warm function. All materials are BPA free and FDA approved. Unlike other glass kettles, this one has a warranty of 2 years.

  • Superior Safety Protection
  • Auto Shut off function
  • Boil dry protection
  • Made of BPA free & FDA approved material
  • Accurate temp sensor
  • Has two years warranty
  • Memory Feature & Keep Warm function
  • Removable kettle lid and wide opening
  • One-Touch Tea Maker
  • Five-precise temperature presets

#9. Teabloom NEW DESIGN 40 oz Glass Teapot Kettle

Teabloom NEW DESIGN 40 oz Glass Teapot Kettle

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Enjoy exceptional quality and durability with this glass tea kettle from Teabloom. The Teabloom new design was built to be extremely versatile and functional for years of routine use. It features detachable stainless steel parts, which are microwavable. The crystal clear borosilicate and extra-thick glass is lightweight yet strong and feels ideal in made with premium-grade materials, which never mislay their new appearance.

What’s more, it has lead-free borosilicate and heat-resistant glass. It has an attached lid and robust infuser insert, which will never discolor, rust, or corrode. Whether you want a gift for graduates, friends, newlyweds, relatives, it comes with a full money-back guarantee.

  • Non-drip spout for smooth pouring
  • Capacity: 40 oz / 1
  • Handcrafted premium quality glass
  • Lead-Free Tea Kettle
  • Superfine stainless steel microdot laser-cut infuser
  • Multi-functional brushed hinged stainless steel cover
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Infuser
  • Elegant clear, extra-thick borosilicate glass for durability
  • Premium feel enhancing stable temperature
  • Safe & extra-large comfortable ergonomic handle
  • Safe grip

#8. Willow & Everett 40oz Glass Tea Kettle

Willow & Everett 40oz Glass Tea Kettle

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If you are in pursuit of a 40oz glass tea kettle that is convenient to use. Fine, this tea kettle has got an ergonomic handle with a narrow pitcher style for saving treasured kitchen space. It makes you feel natural if you are handling hot or warmer tea. The incorporated infuser & lid can be easily detached to make cleaning quick and simple!

With its 40 ounces, this teapot is an ideal kitchen accessory for brewing loose tea and hosting guests. This teapot is constructed with stainless steel & glass is designed with great design and convenience in mind. Moreover, it is characterized by rust-proof and spill-free steel lid locks.

  • Has ergonomic handle with narrow pitcher style
  • Stainless steel infuser
  • Functional & comfortable
  • Rust-proof construction 
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#7. Hiware 1000ml Glass Tea kettle w/ Removable Infuser

Hiware 1000ml Glass Tea kettle w/ Removable Infuser

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This teapot from Hiware is purely hand-constructed, crafted with heatproof borosilicate glass construction for optimized and daily freely use. And to start with, there is a spout for precise control and effortless pouring. Therefore, this tea kettle is dishwasher safe, and it requires rinsing gently after use with detergent and water. Brewing up your tasteful tea has become much convenient with this Stovetop & Microwavable Safe glass teapot.

Correspondingly, the included mesh infuser is made of a detachable high-grade and rust-free body. This infuser is ideal for blooming teas and loose teas. Then again, the incorporated tea basket and lid fit when removed or removed.

  • Detachable & rust-free mesh infuser
  • Borosilicate glass body
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Spout for precise control and effortless pouring

#6. Buydeem K2423 Glass Electric Kettle

Buydeem K2423 Glass Electric Kettle

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Brew your tea in style with this electric glass kettle from Buydeem. It uniquely comes with auto keep warm-One hours automatically auto-shutoff & keeps warm feature. The kettle also boasts about its removable stainless steel, infuser One-click pre-programmed temperature, switch with lights Indicator stop by one-touch anytime. It comes with a 6-in-1 preset program that includes oolong, boil protection function, white, stop/off, and herbal/ black.

In addition to that, the glass tea kettle is made of a rust-free steel infuser, German Schott Duran with FDA certifications. It also features a smarter preset steep procedure for unique flavors and delicious taste of your herbal-icious, most exotic, and fruitiest infusions. The deal is accompanied by a 1-year warranty and 30-day money-back for satisfaction guarantee.

  • Auto Keep Warm
  • Integrated with removable infuser
  • BPA Free construction material
  • Has capacity: 1.2L
  • 1-year warranty
  • Has a 30-day money back
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#5. CHULUX 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle


CHULUX 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle

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This glass tea kettle from CHULUX is made of stainless steel and glass. The kettle features a removable tea infuser. Then again, this kettle will not only brew tea but also boil water. It has an inner wall that is manufactured using glass and stainless steel material. Don’t worry about bad odors or flavor contamination. In addition, wide-mouth opening & detachable lid is another powerful feature that makes it ideal for convenient filling water.

It is also equipped with advanced safety technology, which includes boil dry protection & auto shut-off for safety reasons. Luckily, it comes with a food-grade glass that resists scuffing and scratching. It has an FCC certificate that offers a powerful safety assurance for you.

  • Removable Tea Filter
  • Seven Colors LED Indicator
  • Auto Shut-Off
  • Large capacity: 1.7 L
  • Precise temperature control: 104℉-212℉
  • Wide-mouth opening & removable lid
  • LED light indicator with seven beautiful colors
  • Auto shut-off & Boil-dry protection
  • 360°Swivel Base
  • BPA free glass
  • Detachable tea infuser

#4. HAUEA Electric Glass Tea Kettle

HAUEA Electric Glass Tea Kettle

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If you are in pursuit of low noise and low power glass tea kettle, then HAUEA has encouraging news for you. To start with, this glass kettle from HAUEA is delicate, and small with a unique design. And to provide you with health, this kettle is constructed with food-grade silicone and the best Borosilicate glass body. On top of that, led indicator and pour-over tea is a unique aspect for proper functioning.

Unlike a hot water kettle, this glass tea kettle is energy efficient and more professional. The tea kettle features a lock-type vapor hood design. Moreover, this electric teapot is characterized by four modes, namely, light, boiling, strong, and heat preservation modes.

  • Boil-Dry Protection
  • Warm Time: 5 Hours
  • More power saving & low power consumption
  • Auto-Shutoff protection
  • Has four modes
  • Easy to Clean
  • Led Indicator
  • Boil power: 600 watts
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#3. TOYO HOFU Glass Tea Kettle w/Infusers

TOYO HOFU Glass Tea Kettle w/Infusers

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Sleek and attractive, this glass tea kettle from TOYO HOFU is much impressive and gorgeous to your guests. The kettle is specifically designed together with a non-dripping spout. It has an ideal handle that provides a sturdy grip. More importantly, this beautiful tea kettle can be put directly on electric or gas stovetops to brewing beverages on medium level heat.

What’s more, this appliance occupies limited space due to its exquisite and small design. The top rack is dishwasher safe. This attractive tea kettle comes in an exceptional design suite and thus making a powerful gift for events like birthdays, housewarming, anniversaries, mother’s day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, and New Year.

  • Non-dripping spout
  • Sleek and attractive design
  • Small and Exquisite
  • Capacity : 20oz/600ml
  • Ease of Use
  • Spill-Free Design

#2. Chefman Electric Glass Tea Kettle

Chefman Electric Glass Tea Kettle

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Brewing favorite bagged teas, or loose-leaf tea is much possible with this borosilicate glass kettle. This appliance includes a bonus tea infuser for brewing green tea. Additionally, the integrated led lights are of five different colors, which correspond to the right temperature for better brewing. For instance, at 195°, you can brew oolong tea by selecting a yellow color, while at 185°, you can preparing white tea by selecting blue heat settings. When preparing Green Tea, you also need to set your glass teapot to Green to make it boil water to 175°. You can even select purple if you want to brew French press. The red color is set to boil water up to 212°, ideal for preparing black tea.

What’s more, this kettle incorporates added safety features like an insulated handle to keep your hand safe from burning. Otter internal temperature regulator that boils water rapidly and offers added safety feature by turning the appliance off when the water reaches the set boiling temperature.

  • 360° Swivel Base,
  • Includes Removable Tea Infuser
  • Automatic Shut-off
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Has 5 Presets
  • Easy Temperature Control

#1. Decen Electric Glass Tea Kettle

Decen Electric Glass Tea Kettle

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Brew the purest taste with this glass tea kettle from Decen. With this kettle, you can customize the temperature or preset 6 programs. With 6 preset programs, this kettle is ideal for preparing coffee, boiling water, green tea, black tea, delicate, oolong tea, and white tea. Along with that, this kettle has a borosilicate glass construction, which is resistant to scuffing, scratching, and high temperatures.

Besides, its bottom surface and inner lid are manufactured with 304 stainless steel of high quality, and no plastic material touches the boiling water or tea. It is characterized by a wide mouth opening that makes the filling and cleaning possible.

  • Removable Tea Infuser
  • Boil dry protection
  • Temperature Control LCD
  • Finest-quality borosilicate glass construction
  • Two years warranty
  • FDA/UL/CE certifications
  • Food-grade steel
  • Inbuilt auto-shut-off protection

Glass Tea Kettle– Buyer’s Guide

Handle: As a rule, a glass tea kettle should feature a non-slip insulated handle that will minimize the likelihood of injuries & spills to some extent. Therefore, the appliance of your choice should have an insulated handle.

Durability: No buyer would want to acquire a glass tea kettle that would only last for days and become useless. For this reason, you need to consider the best glass material. The right glass tea kettle of your choice should feature a glass material that will not crack, break, and chip easily.

Capacity: You must also make some comparisons on the size of various glass tea kettle selections. Some opt for smaller glass tea kettles since they thought that a small capacity kettle usually works perfectly for personal use. However, you are encouraged to acquire a large glass tea kettle if your family is large.

Features: Before buying any glass tea kettle, you need to have some unique features in mind, because each model out there has got different features. However, the model should have a timer, temperature control function, auto-shut-off function, boil-protection function, cordless models, and accurate temp sensor. The model with the above features is good enough for convenient brewing.


In sum, the above models of glass tea kettles are equipped with a comprehensive description & customer’s guide, thus making your selection easier for you. The outlined features include everything you ever wanted in a glass tea kettle. Therefore, you can pick from the list above and start enjoying a better tea brewing experience.


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