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Top 10 Best Fireplace Grates in 2024 Reviews

A grate is vitally essential for your indoor/outdoor fireplace. By lifting your burning materials, it improves air circulation around them, giving complete combustion for quality fires. What’s more, it proves fire management, proper flow of smoke, and protects the floor of your fireplace, amid significantly more advantages. Owning such a boon is quite a fortune and a necessary thing. So you’ll set off for the market, only to be overwhelmed by the sundry brands to choose from.

To make the right choice, you need a buying guide and my list of the top 10 best fireplace grates in 2024. This article reviews the latest and top-notch fireplace grates as tried, tested, and endorsed by gurus. Likewise, there’s a buyers’ guide to point you in the right direction with regard to your specific needs. Despite gurus’ endorsement, the products listed herein are customers’ best choices, leave alone being the highest-selling. The list begins.

List of 10 Best Fireplace Grates in 2024

Last update on 2024-03-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

#10. Hi-Flame Fireplace Grate

Hi-Flame Fireplace Grate

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Hi-Flame’s design of center beam and extra legs will not allow your firewood to fall, neither will its stability be compromised by anything. The solid steel grate features 5/16-inch thick bars that only work with wood. It’s usable both indoors and outdoors. The look is appealing, and the structure is stable. You can use it both for your stove and fireplace.

It leaves a four-inch space beneath the bars for improved air circulation. Customers have praised Hi-Flame for its durability, which’s whispered to almost be as long as cast iron grate types. Others are also excited about its cost-effectiveness. The grate holds your woods like a champ, even in scorching temperatures. Take a look at other features of the fortune below.

  • Measures: 27″ (Length) by 14″ (width) by 6.5″ (height)
  • Features a heat-resistant paint
  • Weighs 19 lbs
  • Bars are closely placed — one inch apart
  • Made of stainless steel

#9. Htanch Fireplace Log Grate

Htanch Fireplace Log Grate

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If you need a wide, long, and heavy stainless steel fireplace grate, here’s your chance. The Htanch gives an ample air circulation space below its bars to enhance the quality of fire. Likewise, it can hold more and more substantial firewood than most other steel grates for longer burning hours. The V shape allows for more comfortable lighting and fire management, not to talk about having the potential to reduce fire accidents.

This grate comes at a very cost-effective price on Amazon, and this is one of the reasons for winning a spot on my list. Its finish is heat-resistant, so you don’t need to be worried about how long it will last — it will live as long as your fireplace lives. It comes with a three months guarantee from the manufacturer.

  • Features 12 steel bars
  • It’s 24 inches long and 15 inches wide
  • Has central supporting legs
  • Black on color
  • The legs are 4 inches tall

#8. 1.GO Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

1.GO Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

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This heavy-duty steel fireplace grate has a flat bottom that can hold both firewood and coal. It has s basket design that keeps your wood within the burning zone. Air circulation is enhanced both on the sides and under the grate so that you get the hottest flames. The structure further reduced smoke, channeling the little one produced directly through your chimney.

After purchasing the grate, you don’t need anything else to make it work — it’s ready for work! Also, this is one of the most effective options on this list. So put it on your radar as you also take a look at the others if you have a low budget. It will come in a black color, which is the best for maximizing heat distribution. Take a look at the following features, too.

  • It is 14.6 inches deep
  • The legs are bout 3 inches long
  • No assembly is needed
  • The bars are coated with a high-temperature paint
  • It’s 27 inches long and 15 inches wide
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#7. INNO STAGE Fireplace Log Grate

INNO STAGE Fireplace Log Grate

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This wrought iron fireplace grate is a perfect addition to your indoor fireplace or outdoor fire pit. It will hold your burning materials (wood or coal) safely and in the right burning position that needs not much management. Its high capacity and appealing appearance make it suitable for heavy-duty burnings and outdoor displays. Its cast-iron construction is there to assure you of a long-lasting burning without destruction.

The iron is also thick to last long and bear heavy-duty tasks. This rack is v-shaped. A v-shaped rack has many advantages, including holding the fire starter in position and keeping the firewood burning at the center of the grate — which is safe and secure. It also clears four inches from the ground, which allows for the best air circulation.

  • Made of 7 bars
  • It’s 24 inches long
  • Made of ½-inch iron
  • The stand legs are thicker than the bars for a firmer stability
  • Black in color

#6. The InnFinest Fireplace Log Grates

The InnFinest Fireplace Log Grates

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This superior metal wood rack is equipped with thick and well-spaced wrought iron bars for longevity and proper burning. Each bar has a size of 0.75 inches. The hexagonal bars are arranged to form a v-shaped grate, which also clears enough space beneath the bars. InnFinest is suitable for both indoor and outdoor fireplaces.

It guarantees to burn with little smoke, which is also channeled via your chimney. There’s no doubt that the material will hold up in scorching flames. A high-strength diamond hexagonal bar design adds to the grate’s weight capacity. It comes with a 4-month warranty, which gives a hint on how much it is trusted to be durable.

  • The grate is 27 inches long
  • It clears 4.25 inches below its bars
  • Has got 6 bars
  • Weighs 10.7 kilograms
  • Front: 27 inches. Back length: 23 inches
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#5. Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Grate

Rocky Mountain Goods Fireplace Grate

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The stellar weld and iron quality of this grate guarantees is one of the rarest in the market. Each of the grate’s bars has been heat-treated to make it withstand the hottest of flames. It has an ember retainer that keeps all unburnt wood on the burning surface. Consequently, no wood is left unburnt so that there’s no wastage at all.

This grate is made of cast iron, which withstands the densest woods and coals. Likewise, each bar is thick enough to add to the lifetime of the grate. Again, this is one of the most cost-effective options on this list. It has a high-quality powder coating that makes it look new all the time, including immediately after use.

  • 0.5-inch bars
  • The grate is 27″ long
  • Features a retainer
  • Has thicker, stronger legs
  • Uses five bars

#4. Panacea Products Corp Fireplace Grate

Panacea Products Corp Fireplace Grate

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The Panacea 15450Tv is a high-quality wrought iron fireplace grate trusted and recommended by both buyers and experts. Its reviews on Amazon have the evidence. Its strength and durability carry another proof. Due to its length, this grate is recommended for use with smaller fireplaces. Mostly, it will suit indoor use, but there isn’t harm to using it outdoors.

The bars are places quite longer apart, which means that wood is the preferable burning material to be used. However, you can also buy a separate mesh and weld it on the surface to use other fuels like charcoal and coal. I like the powder finish that keeps each bar looking new and unused, always.

  • Uses four bars
  • It is 18 inches long
  • Comes in a black color
  • Clears 4 inches under it
  • Has 0.5″ bars
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#3. SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

SteelFreak Heavy Duty Steel Fireplace Grate

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The SteelFreak grate can be used both for the fireplace and stove for quality and complete burning. It’s a long one that can accommodate massive fuel amounts for a longer burning — you don’t have to keep adding firewood all the time. However, the manufacturer also offers shorter and smaller versions of the same. The grate’s finish is heat-treated so that it doesn’t deform upon exposure to high temperatures.

This grate is made of super quality steel of a US origin. It can be used anywhere, including in a natural gas fireplace and outdoors. Due to the length, there is a pair of additional support legs, which are shorter than the four original support legs. They’re designed to prevent sagging in case of much heat.

  • Clears 4.5 inches beneath it
  • Measurements: 27″ by 14″ by 6.5″
  • Uses eight bars
  • Made of steel
  • Each bar is 0.75 inches thick

#2. The Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Grates

The Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Grates

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This is the second-best and also the cheapest (yet feature-packed) option on my list. It’s also among the smallest, featuring a length of only 18 inches. Nevertheless, it lifts firewood off your chimney floor for proper air circulation as well as appropriate smoke flow to the chimney and out of the house. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty.

Apart from the 18-inch size, Pleasant Hearth offers other versions (longer) of the grate. Each of the five bars of this grate has a hexagonal shape that is ideal for the proper placing and burning of wood. The grate retails at around only $30 on Amazon. So many customers have reviewed it as an excellent option that fits all budgets. Here are more features.

  • Uses 0.75″ thick steel
  • Has 5 bars
  • Black finish
  • Measurements: 19.5 cm (H) by 47 cm (W) by 34.5 cm (H)
  • It weighs 17.5 pounds

#1. The Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Grate From AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME

The Black Wrought Iron Fireplace Grate From AMAGABELI GARDEN & HOME

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There’s no better grate than this thick-barred grate from AMAGABELI GARDEN AND HOME in 2024.  The v-shaped grate holds firewood close to the firelighter for a smooth start. Each of its bars is 0.75 inches thick to guarantee a long-term service, not to mention a heavy-duty burning and loading. It’s usable both indoors and outdoors. A length of 30 inches needs a large fireplace and can be used for burning the whole day without having to keep adding firewood.

Under the bars is a clear space of four inches that allows for air circulation so that the fuel can burn both entirely and adequately. The grate’s price favors all budgets from low to high. The whole system is made of a solid steel material that assures the user of durability. Here are even more features.

  • Measures:
  • The space between bars is 1.3 inches
  • Uses eight solid steel bars
  • Weighs 23.1 pounds
  • It clears 4 inches beneath the bars
  • No assembly needed

Fireplace Grate– Buyer’s Guide

Material: Fireplace grates come in two materials; stainless steel and cast iron. These two aren’t the same in functionality; neither do they rhyme in durability. The stainless steel grates have a shorter lifespan, and they’re mostly made to be used with firewood. Their tubes are placed such far apart that they can’t hold smaller burning materials like coal and or charcoal. On the other hand, cast-iron grates often last longer, usually a lifetime. They feature smaller spaces between their bars. The spaces can hold anything from firewood to coals and charcoal. It’s upon you to know what you need a fireplace grate for before choosing between these two materials.

The Size: Not all fireplaces have the same sizes, and neither do their grates. The grate you’re supposed to use should fit into your fireplace and leave some little space. Make sure that you take the dimensions of your fireplace to the shop. The dimensions should be accurate — you don’t want a disappointment. For the avoidance of doubt, measure your fireplace thrice. You can find someone to do it on your behalf if you don’t know precisely the right dimensions to take.

The Price: Obviously, we budget for everything. So what’s your budget for a fireplace grate? That’s up to you. But, there are grates for a wide range of budgets, and that’s excellent news. My list includes both cost-effective and a bit costly grates. Luckily, both are of high quality, except for the fact that some have extra features. I hope you’ll proceed to Amazon to see the prices for yourselves.

The Shape: The shape of a grate is crucial for many reasons. You’ll need a concave grate that, by gravity, allows for the burning materials to move to the center as they burn. By so doing, the grate makes it easy to manage the fire and avoid cases of fire spread because of scattered firewood, charcoal, or coal. Fortunately, all grates on my list are of this gem shape.

Other Factors: You can’t also ignore factors like thickness of the tubes, spaces between the tubes (mostly in case of the stainless steel types), number of stands, and height of the grate, among many more factors. Just make sure that you find what fits your needs and serves you best. You’re the customer — the boss, so take your time to choose the best of the best grates that are worth your hard-earned cash.


Fireplace grates are meant to better your experience at the fireplace, but the best ones will make the experience seem surreal. They’ll also last a lifetime, give you the value for your money, and so on. I hope this review has shed light on your way to getting the best grate for your house or home. Don’t keep this vital guide to yourself. Sharing is caring. See you soon, pals!

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