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SurPro aluminum drywall stilts
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Top 10 Best Drywall Stilts in 2024 Reviews

No matter how much of an old-school mind we claim to have, drywall stilts with their modern innovations are indispensable. When ladders would require you to go up and down repeatedly, drywall stilts provide you an adjustable height that changes instantly and also space to carry your tools with you. It is indeed a godsend that lets you invest all the focus in your work to grow it to the fullest.

We have the top 10 best drywall stilts that would turn out to be a worthy investment. Before delving into this, let’s see the main features that make it so extraordinary.

List of 10 Best Drywall Stilts in 2024

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#10. SurPro aluminum drywall stilts

SurPro aluminum drywall stilts

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By: SurPro

SurPro provides you the best drywall stilts because of the versatile aspects it depicts. Firstly, you may use it for any purpose, to embellish your drywall, drop ceilings, and much more. They are easy to handle and don’t require you to cram the instruction manual. Unlike the other market stilts, this company has chosen Aluminum as the key component to increasing its durability.

It has a wing bolt design which lets you change the height without the tools. This is the time you replace the outdated ladders that constantly need you to climb up and down for the same purpose. The manufacturers have advertently designed it to be light-weight so that you may easily carry it from one place to another. The new patented silhouette keeps the falling incidents at bay. With this drywall stilt, you get double balance and much-improved mobility.

Moreover, in addition to all these features, you do get a year warranty and 24/7 email support that can help you master these stilts overnight.

  • Easy to handle
  • Aluminum composition
  • Wing bolt design
  • One year warranty
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#9. Circle Brand drywall stilts

Circle Brand drywall stilts

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By: Circle Brand

These drywall stilts offer the height from 24 to 40 inches which lets you paint all the pending projects at a faster pace. The ankle spring makes the walking easier than before and you don’t have to go for the intermittent climbing. The thing that makes it among one of the best drywall stilts in 2024 is the way it accommodates the user-weight. You and your workforce can change it as per the user’s weight.

Next comes the security, and these stilts have calf, ankle, and toe straps that keep you safe from the falling incidents and you can paint your drywall peacefully. The company uses high-quality material for the feet and calf paddings so that you can cut down on all the excessive sweating. These stilts can make painting the topmost work area a piece of cake for you. You may use it to fix the roof embellishments or for the residential renovation as well.

  • 24 to 40 inches
  • Easier motion
  • Adjusts to user-weight
  • Multiple usages

#8. Warner Manufacturing drywall stilts

Warner Manufacturing drywall stilts

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By: Warner Manufacturing

These drywall stilts let you increase the height up to 40 inches that are an ideal height for the drywall painters. Let us tell you the feature that makes it distinctive from the rest of the others. It is the added heel cup which increases the support and makes it more secure for you. The ankle strap is adjustable so this makes it useable for a greater proportion of staff.

The footplate is wider than the ones mentioned above. This helps in increasing the efficiency of these stilts and burgeons the comfort level. It isn’t too heavy to carry you can move it through different workplaces proficiently. The design is such that it reduces all your fatigue and lets you enjoy your work in the true meaning. Furthermore, you may also carry your tools with you as it can cope with weight up to 230 pounds.

It does have an aluminum composition to promote the durability factor and also the longevity of the product.

  • Bigger footplates
  • Weight capacity up to 230 pounds
  • 40 inches
  • Heel cup

#7. Toolpro magnesium stilts

Toolpro magnesium stilts

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Toolpro magnesium stilts provide your height from 24 to 40 inches. The most exciting aspect that we loved is the dual spring action. You can increase the height in a simpler way and without any glitches. The dual springs ensure that your pace is safe from any hurdle and absorb the surrounding pressure to keep the balance intact. This is the first time you have such stilts that depict repairable parts and a replaceable field too.

The calf braces are padded which provide comfort to your legs especially when your work requires you to stand for long hours. The feet plates are covered with multiple sweat-resistant layers so that you can cope with the slipping risks and have a stronger grip. It can withstand almost 225 lbs. of weight so that you have the full liberty to carry your toolbox with you. The composition has magnesium as the key component so it would go for good years.

With all this, the yellow color appeals to the eyes to the maximum.

  • 24 to 40 inches
  • 225 lbs. weight
  • Magnesium composition
  • Dual spring action

#6. Dura-stilt deluxe stilts

Dura-stilt deluxe stilts

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By: Dura-Stilt

Dura-stilt deluxe stilts are available in three different sizes which means that now you have a choice to select a stilt that comes up to the par considering your working conditions. Each size does have extra straps that are also adjustable so this lets you share your drywall stilts with your companions. The company has followed a very concise design, and that’s why you get to save more space. The support it provides is incredible with an exquisite height range of 40 inches.

To assemble this stilt is a walk in the park, it won’t take more than a few seconds and you can do it all by yourself. The rotatable bolt on the side lets you change the height without getting off the stilt. You can work at a faster rate and in the long run, this can have a positive result on your business growth. Furthermore, if you are thinking of decorating your home drywall, this stilt can be of the greatest help. The padded footplates can let you stand for hours to put your favorite design on the wall.

  • 40 inches
  • Three different sizes
  • Adjustable straps
  • Easy assemblage
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#5. Blackhorse racing drywall stilts

Blackhorse racing drywall stilts

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Now let’s talk about some of the more high-end drywall stilts. This one counts as the best drywall stilts and it is for all the right reasons. Primarily, it is available in two different colors which are blue and silver so you can buy the one that lets you blend with the workplace. Secondly, this company has stepped up the stilt game by coming up with two different sizes which are drastically different. Up till now, most of the drywall stilts’ height ends at 40 inches but what if we tell you that there’s more to it?

Yes, because if 24 to 40 inches don’t work for you, you can go for their other stilt that is about 48 to 64 inches. We know that former may work just fine if you want one for your home, but if your work includes painting, wiring, or such tasks then the latter i.e. 48 to 64 inches is a more practical choice. In addition to this, you do get 5 different height positions to make it more user-friendly. The wing design lets you change the height without messing with any tool.

  • 48 to 64 inches maximum height
  • Two different sizes
  • 5 height positions
  • Wing-nut design

#4. SurPro S2.1 drywall stilts

SurPro S2.1 drywall stilts

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By: SurPro

The reason that we prefer magnesium drywall stilts over the aluminum one is that they are more light-weight and hence easily portable. If you need an extra hand to carry the stilts between different places, then its sole purpose dies. That’s why the lighter it is, the better and same goes for one of our favorites SurPro S2.1 drywall stilts. It has quad lock technology which makes the legs of the stilts stronger than ever and more resistible to the external force.

The unique “Dually” design has dual directional support that promotes a safer working environment. The new wrap-around leg band system leaves no stone unturned in keeping you safe from all the falling incidents. The wider footplates are capable of providing you a tighter grip and the sweat-proof paddings keep the slipping to the minimum. The new interlock side pole bracket binds the support poles to the frame system for the most increased safety.

  • Quad lock technology
  • The wrap-around leg band system
  • Dual directional support
  • Wider footplates

#3. Yescom drywall stilts

Yescom drywall stilts

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By: Yescom

Yescom drywall stilts depict aluminum alloy that comprises of a mixture of different metals. This innovation makes this stilt more unique because it provides you a greater degree of flexibility and more enhanced durability. The rubber soles aren’t the low-end ones but are of premium quality which makes it non-skid. The 3 position heel bracket can accommodate a vast variety of sizes and also protects you from falling off the stilt.

It is also available in different colors i.e. blue and silver. The buckle straps are changeable and wrap around the legs to increase the support to the peak. The height range exists between 24 and 40 inches that cover most of the general drywall heights. You may use it for all purposes like painting, wiring, parade or drop ceiling, etc.

  • 24 to 40 inches
  • Blue and silver colors
  • Aluminum alloy
  • 3 position heel bracket

#2. Pentagon professional drywall stilts

Pentagon professional drywall stilts

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By: Pentagon

If you are looking for something that comes up to the oar for your home needs, then this one is the best choice. It is because the pentagon drywall stilts are of 6 inches so you may place them anywhere you like, they take a little room. The height range it provides is around 30 inches, which is more than enough to work on home wiring, paint the walls, or change the electrical plugs.

The blue color is captivating and the scratch-resistant layers keep the first-day shine intact.

  • 30 inches length
  • 6 inches height
  • Blue color
  • Best for home tasks

#1. GypTool drywall stilts

GypTool drywall stilts

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By: GypTool

Here comes our top drywall stilts, the GypTool drywall stilts that can bear the heaviest weight as much as 225 pounds. The height it offers is up to 40 inches and the composition is other-worldly. The high-grade aluminum increases its durability factor while the rust-resistant layers keep the deterioration at bay. The braces are adjustable which you may change as per your requirements. Footplates are wide enough to accommodate the largest proportion of the labor force.

It has a wide variety of usage, let it be painting, wiring, or any professional job, this stilt has got your back.

  • 225 pounds weight capacity
  • High-grade aluminum
  • Rust-resistant layers
  • Wide footplates
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How to find the best drywall stilts

  • Height range: To sort out the best drywall stilt, we’d suggest you figure out first why do need one? If it’s just for the domestic purpose, then a drywall stilt with 40 inches height would suffice. Although for professional work, there are stilts that can take you as high as 64 inches.
  • Safety features: Safety features are always a must-have when you work at heights. Drywall stilts have straps that keep your legs tied to not let you fall off. These straps are adjustable as well so that your entire workforce can benefit from one stilt.
  • Composition material: Most of the time, aluminum and magnesium are used in making drywall stilts. Both work perfectly fine, however, aluminum is a little heavier while magnesium drywall stilts are more portable because of their light-weight.


All in all, drywall stilts are the basic home or job essential that can have the widest impact on your project. They are far more contemporary, advanced, and adaptable in comparison to the centuries-old ladders, and on top of everything, their user-friendly aspect makes them everyone’s favorite.

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