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Top 10 Best Drones for Kids in 2024 Reviews

It is fascinating to keep your children a little advanced in their activities, mainly in what they do for fun. Playing makes your child develop physically and psychologically, and by making their toys, fancier will upgrade the effect of the fun. Flying drones is a sophisticated and more fascinating form of having fun for both kids and adults. However, there’s a line drawn between the drones meant for kids and those adults due to control and performance.

Due to the two factors mentioned above, drone manufacturers have developed drones that are friendly to kids because they come with more straightforward controls and more safety parameters. There are however a variety of kids drone in the market and we did find the 10 best models on our research. Go through the reviews below and pick on the one you see will sustain the needs of your child.

List of 10 Best Drones for Kids in 2024

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#10. XINHOME Hand-Operated Drive For Kids

XINHOME Hand-Operated Drive For Kids

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Surprise your kids with this upgraded hand-operated kids’ drone from XINHOME. The drone is safe and seamless to fly, with minimized accidents and less destructive collisions. Simply toss it in the air and watch it fly around as you use your hands to control it. It uses top-notch motion sensors to detect obstacles and avoid them appropriately. The drone can fly at two speeds; normal (blue color) and fast (red color).

With protected propellers, this drone goes old school with risk issues. Your children can now play without risking cuts and bruises by propellers as with traditional quadcopters. The drone also comes with a powerful, built-in Li-Po battery that recharges for only 30 minutes via an included USB connector. It will fly for eight minutes before running out of charge.

  • It comes with 5 motion sensors that maximize sensitivity
  • It’s made of ABS material which is sturdy and lightweight
  • Weight: 30 grams
  • It is recommended for 3 year-olds and above
  • Size: 4.8 by 4.8 by 2.8 inches

#9. Power-Your-Fun UFO1 LED Mini-Drone

Power-Your-Fun UFO1 LED Mini-Drone

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Having a drone with versatile flying mode could be such fun at different times. The Power-Your-Fun UFO1 LED Mini-Drone can be flown in 3 ways, depending on your preference and comfort. 1-Key ignition/Stop with a straightforward joystick directional control option on the regular controller, begin with the 1-button remote, or operate by hand – wave to launch and use your palm to lead its flight direction. The beautifully lighted quad-copter features three flying speeds, which are low, medium, and high. The four propellers on the drone are durably guarded and have glowing blue and green lights.

If your child is a beginner, you don’t have to worry as this is not difficult to operate. With the help of 360-degree motion sensors, you can manage the drone at zero-crushes, and you can do it indoors and outdoors. Precisely, the headless mode and altitude hold make the drone even safer and more comfortable for the starters.

  • Durable and safe propeller guards
  • Obstacle sensors
  • Easy to operate
  • Comes with three control modes
  • Altitude hold function

#8. Dwi Dowellin Mini Drones for Kids

Dwi Dowellin Mini Drone for Kids

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Get your child a playtime companion gift brought to you by the Dwi Dowellin. The drone comes with two rechargeable batteries that can prolong the flight up to 6 minutes. With controllable lights blinking in different colors makes flying fascinating even in the dark. The safety precautions for your kid have already been observed as the drone is crafted in a kid-proof design; this is to say, upon the drone’s falling on your kid, he/she will hardly get hurt. It is advised that you use the original drone charger to avoid damaging the batteries.

However, you can perform several stunts with the drone as you fly it; use one critical takeoff to start it, and as it is in the air, you can do the one-button spin and 3D flips to add more fun. To meet proficiency in the airborne operation, the device comes with three modes of speeds that can be adjusted one after the other. The drone gives you the headless control option that when it is not on your site, I won’t lose direction.

  • Kid-proof design
  • Durable propeller guards
  • Powerful batteries
  • Headless mode to keep drone in the right direction
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#7. ATTOP Mini- Drone For Kids

ATTOP Mini- Drone For Kids

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The ATTOP Mini- Drone has more to do within your leisure time. It comes with a camera, and you can use it to explore your house and the backyard while you are still seated in one position. To create images with the drone’s camera as indicated in the user’s menu, you have to pair your ATTOP Mini- Drone to your Smartphone with a preinstalled app for the drone. The app does not aid entirely on technical control of the drone; it assists in monitoring images from the drone’s camera, and also trajectory control. When fully charged, this mini drone can fly for 5-6 minutes on continuous effect.

With the voice control mode, you can control the ATTOP Mini- Drone with major voice commands such as “takeoff”, “right side,” “left side,” “front,” “landing” etc. as mentioned earlier, you can use the app to perform a gravity trajectory flight. In this case, you just have to tap on the option and then draw the flight course, and the drone will follow the outlined path smoothly. This sophisticated form of drone control makes it easy for kids to operate drones. Additionally, the drone features a one-key takeoff and landing, which gets so easy to maneuver with. For convenient storage and portability, the drone is crafted in compact size and foldable design.

  • Voice command control
  • Gravity trajectory flight mode
  • Compact and has camera
  • One-button takeoff/landing which makes it easy for kids
  • Compact size and foldable design

#6. Dwi Dowellin Kids Drone

Dwi Dowellin Kids Drone

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Color your children’s world with a piece of D10 LED drive from Dwi Dowellin. The perfect kids’ gift is an ideal source of fun with a plethora of settings aimed at giving a facelift to every user’s experience. Set it to 3D flips, auto hovering, or any other mode that suit your preferences among the options provided. You also have three-speed options to choose from according to your best flying experience.

The Dwi Dowellin drone is controlled using an included remote controller. It can fly as far as 260 feet away under control. The device comes with two rechargeable batteries that keep it flying for as long as a whopping 20 minutes. Its remote controller uses 3 AA-sized batteries. Utilize the included instructions if you need help with performing various operations without many struggles.

  • One of the batteries has a capacity of 850 mAh
  • It comes with a fast-charging USB cable
  • Size: 6.3 by 6.3 by 2.95 inches
  • It charges fully within 80 minutes
  • It’s safe for your curious kids; they won’t get harmed
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#5. SNAPTAIN SP350 Mini Drones For Kids

SNAPTAIN SP350 Mini Drone For Kids

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If you are for a fancy looking and high practicable drone for your child, the SNAPTAIN SP350 Mini Drone ideally fits your needs. This quad-copter features 3-removable and chargeable batteries and flies for 21 minutes when fully charged at intervals of 7minutes on each battery. There are durable circle guards on all the four propellers that protect them against impacts on unstable control. You can enjoy flying this drone anytime anyplace, as it is compact and portable.

SNAPTAIN SP350 Mini Drone features direction indicators in the form of bright LED lights, and that reduces your worries of losing control. The altitude holds function enabled by the built-in barometer, aids the auto-hover for this quad-copter mini-drone, and is ideally designed for kids and beginners. The drone supports the headless mode where the drone movements are aligned relative to the controller, which provides flying confidence despite the direction it’s headed.

  • Prolonged battery life and flying time
  • Proper propeller protection
  • Bright LED lights direction indicators
  • Thrown-go function
  • Headless mode

#4. EACHINE E58 WiFi FPV Quad-copter

EACHINE E61HW WiFi FPV Quad-copter

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Would you like a super cool way to have fun with your kids indoors and outdoors? The EACHINE E58 Wi-Fi FPV Quad-copter is one practical solution to your needs. The quad-copter comes with a 720P HD camera that you can use to create clear aerial footage and photos. Aided by a built-in Wi-Fi module, you can live-stream what images picked by the drone right from your phone preinstalled with the app. With several automatic stunts in this drone, your child will have the expert’s experience; play a bit with the drone by flipping in any direction by an automatic 3-D flip mode button.

With the trajectory flight mode, you can draw your flight path on your phone screen, and the drone will follow it. Additionally, you can opt to fly the quad-copter in the headless mode where the drone flies on its axis regardless where its head points. If you feel that you will lose your drone, just use the one key return, and it will come back locating the direction of its remote. You will not only use the remote control to launch the drone’s routes but also your smartphone with the aid of gravity sensor. You can as well use VR to preview the images picked from the quad-copter mini-drone’s camera.

  • Supports 3D VR for video streaming
  • One-button return option
  • Gravity sensor direction control
  • 720P HD video and images
  • Entertaining 3D flip automatic button
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#3. Spacekey FPV Wi-Fi Drone

Spacekey FPV Wi-Fi Drone

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Get your kid a child-friendly, compact and elegant-looking drone. Not only can it be bought for kids, but also for adults. The mini-drone comes in a foldable design for convenient portability and you can take it anywhere. For more fun, Spacekey FPV WI-Fi Drone features 720p/ 30fps HD CAMERA that has wide view vision of 120-degree rotation; the camera takes a wide range of panoramic images. You can take the drone for hiking, partying, travelling adventures, among other places to collect memorable moment footages

For more stable flights that allow you to shoot clear photos and videos, the drone features altitude hold function enabled by the built-in barometer. If you have iOS or android phones, you can download the drones App as indicated in the menu and through them you can use Wi-Fi Real- time FPV TRANSMISSION to live stream what’s the camera is viewing.

  • Elegant-looking design
  • Foldable and compact
  • Altitude function
  • One-key take-off and landing

#2. Sanrock U161W Kids’ Drone

Sanrock U161W Kids' Drone

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If you need something sophisticated with lots of functionalities yet affordable, Sanrock serves your interests with its U161W kids’ drone. The beginner-friendly drone comes with an HD camera featuring a wide-angle view, WiFi connectivity, protected propellers (for enhanced safety), and a headless mode, among other features. Use the drone’s attitude-hold function to keep it stable in the air for video recording and picture-taking.

This drone is operable via the Flyingsee App that’s compatible with both iOS and Android.  Use the Gravity Induction mode to fly the drone with your phone’s movements. You can also switch to the Custom Route mode, where you only need to draw the path of flight on your screen and the drone will fly along the well-defined trajectory. It also features one-button take-off and landing functions to make your controls simpler. The weak signal alert will let you know when you’re flying out of range, and the emergency landing function makes the drone land fast whenever there’s danger.

  • Camera: 720p; 90° view angle
  • It comes with three-speed levels
  • Material: durable plastic
  • It uses two rechargeable batteries that last for as long as 14 minutes
  • It features four propellers with protective cases

#1. DJI Ryze Tech Tello Kids Quadcopter Mini Drone

DJI Ryze Tech Tello Kids Quadcopter Mini Drone

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Here is the most sophisticated and most practicable drone for the kids on the list. It is straightforward to learn how to fly this drone and even practice it for more advanced ones. The build structure and materials are flexible and thus give the drone high agility. It comes with a 5-mp camera with a high-quality image processor and shoots HD720 videos. Tello comes with a high battery capacity that provides incredibly long time flights. The drone also features two antennas that provide more stable video transmissions.

The lightweight Tello can maneuver even in constricted spaces and can be used for obstacles and chase gaming. Like other high-grade drones, with the Tello, you can do flips and rolls in the air. Besides providing fun, Tello can be a learning tool for IT as it is programmable and can be beneficial to IT students. It would help if you flew the drone confidently as it has a lightweight but durable casing with propeller protection.

  • Programmable and can be a learning
  • Quality image processor
  • Quality hardware and software protection
  • High-quality batteries
  • Stable video transmission

Drones for Kids– Buyer’s Guide

Below are the factors you should consider when buying drones for kids. These factors include:

Safety: Safety should be put in the priority both to your child and the drone. Consider purchasing the kind of drone with child-friendly construction and materials that will not cause physical and chemical harm to anyone operating it. The drone also should be well secured with durable casing to protect the propellers and the internal electrical components.

Ease of Usage: Buying a drone for a child should be well contemplated to ensure that you don’t purchase the one with complicated features and controls. Children need simple to operate drones, and that will offer optimal enjoyment.

Battery Life: Purchase drones with batteries with life that will cover your needs at the desired duration. The longer the battery life, the more beneficial it is.


As we wind up on the top ten kids’ drones available in the market, we hope the list above has covered much of your tastes and preferences. You can use these drones for various kinds of fun such as aero chasing, just flying, aerial photography. It’s upon you to decide what form of fun to gain from the drone, and it’s essential to find out the type of drone ideal for that activity.


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