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Best Clear Desk Pads in 2024
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Top 10 Best Clear Desk Pads in 2024 – Plastic Table Cover Protector

Modern office desks have many accessories for decoration and protection, and clear desk pads are no exception. These desk pads or plastic desk cover protectors are preferably great for their stylish purposes, practical looking, and capacity to provide soft & flat working surface area. These cover protector you protects from any possible damage. They are available in various options. It’s made of stain-resistant & soft eco-leather, and a wider working space characterizes it. These plastic desk cover protectors are ideal for routine use in any home office.

However, there are various option to pick from, but with below compilation, will always enjoy the best comfort and protection of your desk. The listed option is of great durability and quality.

List of 10 Best Clear Desk Pads in 2024 – Plastic Table Cover Protector

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#10. BUBM 16×16″ Clear Rectangular desk Cover protector

BUBM 16x16" Clear Rectangular desk Cover protector

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If you need a desk pad, get a clear one from BUBM. To begin with, it features a heavy-duty and eco-friendly PVC plastic vinyl construction. The BPA-free PVC allows you to spray with water or wipe to clean. This desk pad is fit for tables with dimensions measuring 16×16″. It is also suitable for glass, wooden, marble, and granite dining tables.

For long term use, it is wipeable, waterproof, and heat resistant. This prevents your tabletop from scratches, oil stains, scales, and spillage. In addition to that, it is non-scratch and has a non-slip design. This makes it comfortable to use. Next, it features a cut to fit option with a little more reserve. With this, you can mark the table measurements using a pencil then cut the pad with sharp scissors or knife.

  • BPA-free PVC material for an easy cleanup
  • Fits tables measuring 16×16″ in dimension
  • Wipeable, waterproof, and heat resistant for long-term use
  • Non-scratch and non-slip for comfort
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#9. Leoewo Dining Room Desk Cover Protector

Leoewo Dining Room Desk Cover Protector

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By: Leoewo

The Leoewo desk pad is made from a clear PVC plastic acrylic material to protect the cabinet, desk, table, or furniture tops against scuffs, scratches, spillage, and stains. Also, it is 1.5mm thick, dustproof, and waterproof with clear color design. Then again, it is easy to clean since it is wipeable. Uniquely, it has different sizes and shapes, including round, oblong, square, and rectangle.

Another advantage of this plastic desk pad is that it is multi-purpose. This means that one can use it for a variety of furniture tops. These tops include wooden, marble, TV bench, stainless steel, kitchen countertop, and many more desks. Further, you can use it for an office chair mat, computer desk mat, and garage floor to ensure long time use.

  • Clear PVC plastic acrylic material for protection
  • It is 1.5mm thick
  • Dustproof, and waterproof for easy cleaning
  • A multi-purpose design to fit different furniture tops
  • Round, oblong, square, and rectangle shapes
  • Made of Vinyl, Acrylic, Plastic, PVC and BPA-free materials

#8. Artistic Clear Antimicrobial Non-Skid Clear Desk cover protector pad

Artistic Clear Antimicrobial Non-Skid Clear Desk cover protector pad

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By: Artistic Store

Next on this list is the Artistic desk pad. Firstly, it allows you to clearly see information such as lists, schedules, and notes beneath it without finishing the desktop space. Secondly, it is easy to lift and flexible. This allows you to make changes to the documents and photos quickly.

The smooth writing surface is enjoyable, whereas the non-skid grip ensures the desk pad remains in place. On top of that, this plastic desk pad features antimicrobial protection for keeping the desk clean for long. With dimensions measuring 20″ by 36″ by 0.15″, it is large enough and efficient. Nevertheless, it is not ideal for use on acrylic, urethane, or lacquer finishes.

  • Dimensions are measuring 20″ by 36″ by 0.15.”
  • Easy-to-lift and flexible for quick changing of documents and photos
  • Antimicrobial protection for keeping the desk clean
  • Transparent and clear for better visibility of documents
  • Cushioned smooth surface for pleasant writing experience
  • Non-skid grip for keeping the table pad in place

#7. ZBRANDS Desk Pad Blotter Protector

ZBRANDS Desk Pad Blotter Protector

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This desk pad by ZBRANDS features long-lasting leather construction for enhanced quality. Also, this construction adds an executive, modern, and sleek look to the desk. Its desk pad mat offers a restful and comfortable surface for the arms and hands while writing, typing, and browsing. The smooth desk pad mat allows the mouse to glide freely. Having a 1/8 thickness, the desk pad is firm for an easier pen to paper writing. Then again, it has a surface area of 24″ x 17″. As a result, it protects a wider desk surface from spills and scratches. Moreover, it is easy to clean it using a damp towel or a paper towel.

Additionally, it is designed for a rugged or smooth experience. So, it suits your style because the mat is reversible. Another advantage of this desk pad is that it has a large surface area. With this large size, it can fit a mouse, full-size laptop, and a notebook.

  • Long-lasting leather construction for enhanced quality
  • Smooth for easy gliding of the mouse
  • 1/8” thick to ensure easier pen to paper writing
  • 24″ x 17″ surface area to prevent scratches and spills
  • Reversible mat to suit your style
  • Anti-slip backing for keeping it place
  • Timeless and sleek sophisticated design

#6. Awnour Clear table Pad protector

Awnour Clear table Pad protector

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By: Awnour

The Awnour desk pad features a premium quality PVC material. Therefore, it safeguards the desk from dirt, moisture, scuffs, scratches, and stains. Having a round edge design it protects the elbows and forearms from cuts, pokes, and injury. This also helps to boost your productivity when working and makes the desk long-lasting. Furthermore, it is transparent and clear with an anti-slip textured design for smoothness and stability on the desk. It lays flat on glass, wooden, and plastic desks.

You can use this multi-purpose desk pad on the office desk, activity table, workstation, and the dining table. With its beautiful see-through, you can clearly view calendars, notes, and family photos placed beneath. Cleaning this desk pad is easy with a soft wet cleaning cloth. Unlike other desk pads, the Awnour desk pad includes a mouse pad that has anti-slip features. Lastly, it has a lifetime replacement warranty.

  • Easy to clean using a soft wet cleaning cloth
  • Transparent and clear for easy visibility
  • Anti-slip textured design for smoothness and stability on the desk
  • Quality PVC material to prevent dirt, moisture, scuffs, scratches, and stains
  • Round edge design for protecting injuries on elbows and forearms
  • Lifetime replacement warranty
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#5. Mirstan Anti-Slip Desk Protector Mat

Mirstan Anti-Slip Desk Protector Mat

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By: Mirstan

This anti-slip desk mouse pad from Mirstan is a waterproof, large-sized desk protector with a pen holder, phone stand, dividing rule, pockets, calendar, and note pad. It will not only be a perfect companion to keep your desk neat in the school, home, or office. Moreover, it’s a perfect gift option for your co-workers, family, and friends.

And along with that, this clear desk pad is constructed with soft pad and high-density PVC material, offers a silky smooth countertop for comfortable operation. Moreover, this clear desk mouse pad offers a lengthy large-sized book or keyboard and provides you with good movement space.

  • Multi-function Desk Pad
  • Small calendar cards and monthly Plan cards (12pcs each)
  • Smartphone stand design make your work and study more focused
  • Anti-slip backing design to keep the cover in place
  • Constructed with soft pad and high-density PVC material,

#4. Ilyapa Clear Plastic Computer Pad

Ilyapa Clear Plastic Computer Pad

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By: Ilyapa Store

Protect your attractive desktop from spills, scuffs, scratches of any kind. And to start with, office desk mats are well textured to provide scuff and slip-resistant, thus giving your cover a neat and new look. This computer desk mats are heat resistant and built to last with its durable construction and premium materials. When it comes to spill cleaning, this desk cover protector requires you to wipe it with a wet cloth.

Moreover, this heavy-duty cover protector stays in place no matter whether you are moving your computer around, offering convenient protection. Whether you want to this mat for use on your activity table, office desk, kitchen table, coffee table, this cover protector has you covered. Lastly, this desk mat from Ilyapa allows an automatic warranty of 1 year.

  • Lifetime replacement warranty
  • Tough, durable design with its premium materials
  • Scuff & slip resistant with its textured design
  • Easy to clean
  • Offers invisible protection giving it an aesthetic appeal

#3. Floortex Desktex Anti-Slip Desk Pad Protection

Floortex Desktex Anti-Slip Desk Pad Protection

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By: Floortex Store

If you have a luxurious tabletop that requires the ultimate protection or a wooden desktop that is exposed to rigorous routine use, select a tabletop mat and Polycarbonate desk mat from Desktex. Besides, this material provides clear, dependable protection from spillage, scratches, and scuffs. It is effective and resistant to higher temperature heat.

With superior durability and heat resistance, it can withstand 100°C/212°F to offer long-lasting table protection against hot drinks, equipment, and hot computer. It is characterized by a low profile design that helps in reducing wrist strain and a comfortable writing surface. With its super-strong polycarbonate, this protective cover protector with a non-slip backing for option stability. And more increasingly, this non-toxic polycarbonate lays impeccably flat instantly. Also, it will not get curl, crack, and dent, discolor, or smell.

  • Anti-slip polycarbonate with super-strong backing to offer ultimate stability
  • Mat features a low-profile ergonomic design to reduce wrist strain
  • Superior heat resistant of 100°C/212°F for unbeatable desk protection
  • Rectangular mat size: 19-inches x 24-inches

#2. LovePads Clear Desk Cover Protector

LovePads Clear Desk Cover Protector

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By: LovePads

Are you fed up with the untidiness of your working table/desk? If yes, then LovePads has you covered. LovePads presents the table cover protector of two thicknesses; 2mm and 1.5mm. Firstly, this desk protector is crystal clear and transparent, providing you with unsurpassed beauty. Secondly, it protects your desk against damaged, spillage, scratches, and scuffs.

Thirdly, the 1.5mm thick table cover protector is heavy enough to remain in place while 2.0mm thick one is suitable for the dining room and kitchen countertop, which provide better heat resistant of about 176°F/80°C maximum. This CLEAR pad can be a better option for textured desktops. These plastic desk covers are not only used as a clear desk pad, desk protector, but also rectangular tablecloth. Moreover, this cover is also ideal for your furniture desktop, kitchen, dining room table, coffee table, tablecloth, writing desktops, office desk, etc

  • Come with two thickness; 1.5mm & 2mm
  • Easy-to-clean hence making it ideal for routine use
  • It is made with Phthalate-free PVC, BPA-free material
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR vinyl table cover
  • Weighs 2.99 pounds

#1. BUBM 35.4″ x 17″, Desk Pad Protector

BUBM 35.4" x 17", Desk Pad Protector

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Are you concerned about your lovely wooden desktop or glass desktop will be scratched while using the keyboard, mouse, or other items? If you’re facing these problems, BUBM desk covers protector deliver better choices for you! This Desk Pads from Desk Pads are constructed of durable, heavy-duty PU leather. Apart from that, it plays a major role in protecting your journal, keyboard, mice, sketchbook, and laptop.

What’s more, its surface is non-glare, wide, soft to offer a nice tactile feel, and enables smoother writing. It is double sides have got different color alongside a large protective mat. Its waterproof surface is great for protecting accidental spills on the counter mat; it wipes easily with towels or paper. Finally, this table cover protector is characterized by roll flat surface hence no unpleasant smell.

  • Made of durable heavy-duty, PU leather easily wipes clean
  • Matte Finish, Anti-skid surface enables smoother writing
  • Has wide waterproof surface area with a protective mat
  • Soft surface offers nice tactile feel
  • No unpleasant smell due to its flat roll surface
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How to choose the best clear desk pads

There is various plastic desk cover protector available out there with varied functions. And to acquire the idea clear desk pad that delivers working experience or comfortable gaming, here are few aspects you should consider.

  • Easy Cleaning: It is cleaning your desk cover protector after extended use. Some are tough to clean. Select a clear desk cover protector that is convenient to wash or clean with water & detergent without interfering with its quality.
  • Materials: Different clear desk cover protectors are made with different materials. In all honesty, the most prevalent materials are plastic. What you require the clear cover protector for will define which type of material you should purchase. For placing your PC, you can opt for an anti-static table cover protector. Also, for over-all use, a clear plastic desk cover protector is okay.
  • Multipurpose Use: If you’re gaming personnel, then you need a plastic desk protector with a large mouse pad. With the use multi-purpose desk protector, you will simply fulfill your purpose and deliver a comfy gaming session. A multi-purpose clear desk pad can still work as a writing pad, mouse pad, and table surface cover protector.
  • Non-slip Backing: Anti-slip clear desk cover protectors are always satisfactory as they safeguard your keyboard, mouse, and laptop from possible slipping. Rubber and foam material are desirable for a superb non-slip experience on any desk pad.


You have just viewed the top 10 best clear desk protectors of the year for great durability, the best quality, and practical design search no further than this compilation. And to keep your PC safe, protect your mouse from scratching or staining, and smooth desk surface for writing, the superb item you need to buy the best clear table protector. With the above buyer’s guide and detailed review, making a wise decision regarding the clear desk cover protector that outfits your needs is possible. Consider every attribute outlined above, and you will make a superb purchasing decision. Get yours today!

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