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Top 10 Best Cantilever Tool Boxes in 2024 Reviews

A good handyman or contractor stores his working tools securely in an organized manner, and that’s what the cantilever toolbox is meant to help you do. With several compartments and a base unit, the handy toolbox offers ample space for your tools, leave alone organizing them into distinct positions for quick accessibility. The cantilever toolbox is in vogue for ease of use and portability, not to mention affordability and other stuff.

A search for the best cantilever toolbox can quickly fail without such a guide to the top 10 best cantilever toolboxes in 2024. Besides our list of tried, tested, and recommended cantilever toolboxes, we take you through the key points to consider before buying one that’s appropriate for your activities. Read through the features and descriptions of each toolbox keenly before making an informed buying judgment. Here we go.

List of 10 Best Cantilever Tool Boxes in 2024

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#10. Aircraft Tool Supply Cantilever Tool Box

Aircraft Tool Supply Cantilever Tool Box

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This double-welded box features two layers of sturdy enamel on the surface to enhance its durability. Its heavy-duty steel core gets people talking. While it gives you maximum storage for your tools, the box makes it quick to access the tools, even for emergencies. When you open it, all the tools are visible at a glance.

Taking the Aircraft cantilever toolbox with you to the garage (or any other working place) is made convenient by its ergonomic handles, lightweight design, and weight balance. Feel the comfort of the vinyl-cushioned handles that keep fatigued at bay, even after a long term’s use.

  • It adopts a brown wrinkled-finish
  • The steel material is 16 gauges
  • Size: 22.5″ (W) by 11″ (D) by 12.625″ (H)
  • It contains six trays with removable partitions
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds

#9. GROZ Cantilever Tool Box

GROZ Cantilever Tool Box

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If you have a whole lot of tools to carry, the GROZ toolbox has got you covered. Its high load capacity and voluminous space work together to give you more than enough space for your essential engineering tools. Enjoy the ultra-light, ultra-strong design of the box that makes it simple to carry it around.

The box uses die-cast aluminum as the core material. Its lid consists of cast iron hinges with non-removable pins for enhanced security. The aluminum material features an attractive powder-coated finish with waterproof and rustproof properties.

  • The box is lockable
  • It features five trays
  • Weight capacity: 110 lbs
  • The size: 18.1″ by 9.45″ by 8.66.”
  • Its weight is 6.7 kilograms

#8. The NovelBee Portable Cantilever Tool Box

The NovelBee Portable Cantilever Tool Box

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Your often-used drill bits, wrenches, screws, and other engineering tools will fit the sizeable NovelBeee box and give you easy access whenever you need them. The three-tray cantilever toolbox features sturdy hinges, a lockable top, and heavy-gauge core metal, all of which work together to enhance security against theft.

Ergonomic handles at the box center give you a relaxing time and task carrying the box to your desired working spot. With all these features and more, the box is still highly cost-effective. If you need the original version, please use the ASIN code included above to get it on Amazon at an even better deal.

  • 13.75 by 6.7 by 6.89 inches
  • It’s a 2-level, 3-tray box
  • The surface is easy to clean using a damp cloth
  • Its coating is weatherproof and rustproof
  • Material: steel
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#7. Stalwart 75-3082A Box

Stalwart 75-3082A Box

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The plastic Stalwart cantilever toolbox is an excellent option for your automotive, painting, household, and hobby tools, among others. Two trays on either side (total four) — plus a base bin — will organize your tools for easy access. When open, the two top trays balance on either side of the base bin to keep the box stable.

Place your often-used tools on the first level of trays for easier access. The top two trays feature clear, separate lids, which you easily snap open to access the top compartments. To access all the other tools, you need to open up the whole top of the box. This is the toolbox you’ve been looking for to help you solve easy storage and easy access problems. Its weight is an easily portable 1 pound. It comes in a variety of colors.

  • Center loops on the lid give you room to add a lock to the box
  • Top compartments: 14.8 by 3.5 by 2 inches (L×W×H)
  • Middle cases: 15.9 by 3.5 by 1.8 inches (L×W×H)
  • The base compartment: 16.2 by 7.9 by 3.7 (L×W×H)
  • The whole box: 18 by 8.25 by 11.8 (L×W×H)

#6. Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Cantilever Toolbox

Trusco ST-350-B 2-Level Cantilever Toolbox

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This is one of the most excellent tools from the Japanese-native, top-quality manufacturer, Trusco. The steel box is made of heavy-gauge steel that makes it hard for thieves to get illegal access. The top of the box features padlock holes for even more security.

If you have a few but heavy tools, this is the ideal box; it seems to be able to carry more weight than space can contain. It comes in blue. You can easily adjust its removable dividers to create larger or smaller compartments. Use the large and soft handles to carry the box for more extended periods without feeling fatigued. Take a look at more features below.

  • Weight capacity: 35 lbs
  • It measures 350 by 160 by 215 mm
  • It features two top compartments and a bottom bin
  • Weight: 5.25 pounds
  • Material: rustproof steel
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#5. TEJAL Husky Cantilever Tool Box

TEJAL Husky Cantilever Tool Box

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If you own a horde of tools, you need a secure and large-enough cantilever toolbox to keep them safe, organized, and secure. TEJAL is a sturdy 25-inch cantilever toolbox made of a durable plastic cover. The wheeled box makes it easy to move around with your tools and parts. It features all-terrain wheels with a diameter of 8 inches.

You can keep your tools and small parts inside the multiple compartments of the toolbox while keeping the large parts in the large bottom compartment. The ability to lock the job box using a padlock is an essential addition to its security. Its extendable metal handle makes it easy to move the box around.

  • Storage capacity: 3465 cu. in.
  • It features 18 compartments
  • It comes with a canvas tool bag
  • Size: 25.4″ (W) by 14.7″ (D) by 16.1″ (H)
  • The compartments are customizable

#4. Jetech Cantilever Metal Tool Box

Jetech Cantilever Metal Tool Box

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A strong, spacious, and easy-access toolbox is the basis of an engineer’s convenience, and that’s what you get from the Jetech cantilever toolbox. The friendly-priced box features large and foldable trays that, when open, give you an open view of all your tools for quick access. At the center of the box is a large base bin for your larger tools and parts.

Twelve sturdy metals connect the base bin and the other four compartments. You’ll find it easy to move the box around your garage using the ergonomic and sturdy pair of long handles. The surface of the steel box is coated using zinc phosphate, which is corrosion and rust-resistant.

  • Material: heavy-gauge, cold-reduced carbon steel
  • It features five compartments
  • A lock hole at the top is available to help you secure the box further
  • Size: 420 by 200 by 210mm
  • It comes in black
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#3. The Keter Resin Cantilever Tool Box

The Keter Resin Cantilever Tool Box

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Store, transport, and easily access your screws, assorted nails, bolts, and other tools inside the popular Keter cantilever toolbox. The box consists of multiple removable compartments in which you store your tools in distinct positions for easy identification and access. Use it for your home, garage, DIY, and other projects.

While most cantilever boxes will tip over when open (and loaded), the Keter box has hind legs to provide more stability when open. Its weather-resistant properties make it usable in all weather conditions without a fret. The metal hinges and handle reinforce the box for better security against break-ins.

  • The box’s body is made of top-quality polypropylene
  • It contains 27 removable compartments
  • The joints are smooth and strong
  • Size: : 6. 57″ (H) by 22. 52″ (W) by 12. 09″ (D)
  • It features a transparent lid

#2. The Homak Cantilever Tool Box

The Homak Cantilever Tool Box

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The solidly-constructed Homak cantilever toolbox uses thick metal for its indestructible body. Its top is loaded with sizable and customizable compartments, which can balance on either side of the base bin. Strong metals connect the base bin to the compartments for balance and integrity. You’ll love the box’s beautiful, brown finish that suits any environment.

Removable partitions in the cantilever box’s top compartments make it possible to adjust the size and number of custom compartments. You can create up to 12 compartments. Weighing only a few pounds, the box doesn’t add much mass to what you have to take with you when moving your tools around the garage.

  • Weight: 18.25 lbs
  • It features a lockable pad design
  • It’s made of thick steel and a wrinkle powder coating
  • The size: 10″ (W) by 18.13″ (L) by 12.63″ (H)
  • Before adding partitions, it contains five compartments

#1. Gedore Cantilever Tool Box

Gedore Cantilever Tool Box

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For us, no cantilever toolbox ever gets better than the Gedore. The large, highly stable, and beautiful toolbox has enough space, strength, and beauty to make it win the first spot on our list. Its stability is unquestionable, even when the box is fully loaded on one side. It mostly comes in blue, but there are a few other color variations to choose from.

The heavy-gauge metal used to construct it is hard to break, fold, or deform in any way for illegal access. When open, it’s easy to see and quick to pick up an often-used tool from the cantilever toolbox. Sixteen strong metals connect the base bin to the other compartments for more integrity and strength.

  • It features riveted joins
  • The base bin has a large bottom that enhances stability
  • Material: heavy carbon steel
  • Its metal body is powder-coated for proof against rust and water
  • It features five compartments
  • Size: 210 (H) by 420 by 225 (D) mm

Cantilever Tool Box – Buyer’s Guide

The Storage Capacity: It helps to find the right size and type of storage space for your specific tools. Cantilever toolboxes are partitioned into compartments/trays, each of which has a specific size and shape. Knowing whether or not your current collection of tools can suit the spaces is an essential consideration. The number of compartments is also significant. Do not go for too much (or too little) space. Moreover, check if the weight capacity of the toolbox is sufficient to hold your tools. Some low-quality cantilever too boxes have more space with an unmatched weight capacity.

Portability: This isn’t a fixed gadget, so you need to consider quite a few aspects of portability in it. It doesn’t matter whether you own a home garage or you need to travel to other sites to do some repair; portability is a mandatory requirement. Things to consider regarding this attribute include the compactness, lightweight design, ergonomics, and ease of movement of the toolbox. It should also be light and compact, with ergonomic handles to keep fatigued at bay. You can also consider wheeled cantilever tools whose capacities are often quite large.

Construction Materials: The market has cantilever tool boxes made of different materials, and you only go for what you need. Steel and plastic boxes are the most popular, but some are also made of such materials as polypropylene and others. Steel is quite durable, sturdy, and supportive. It also has the best weight capacity. However, it’s also heavy and expensive. It’s the best choice for those with a whole collection of heavy tools. Plastic cantilever toolboxes are also durable but not as sturdy, supportive, and capacious as steel. They’re far less expensive. The properties of polypropylene lie between steel and plastic.

The Weight: The weight of your cantilever toolbox plays an important role in its portability, durability, and other essential things. Think of a metal toolbox that’s heavier than the tools it can contain. Such a box will inconvenience its portability while wasting your money (since it’s likely to be expensive). But that’s not what you’re looking for. The best cantilever toolbox is one that has a distinct line of balance between its weight and its weight capacity. Only such are on our list above.

The Colour: We have different opinions when it comes to colors. Some prefer low-profile (less brightly colored) boxes, while others have a taste for conspicuous types. Here, you’re free to choose your taste. Meanwhile, it’s wise to go with a brightly-colored interior that makes it easy to identify the tools. Some industries also need the toolboxes that are used inside their premises to be of a specified color. Of you work for such, you know what to do.


The daunting task of finding the ideal cantilever toolbox for your tasks isn’t a scare anymore with this guide at your disposal. Our unmatched collection of ten of the best toolboxes to choose from — plus the buying guide — is sure to help you get the best deal. Join other happy readers by choosing one of our expert-chosen cantilever toolboxes that serves all your needs without a second thought. Share the review if you find it helpful. Happy shopping!

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