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Top 10 Best Boot Dryers in 2024 Reviews

There are many reasons why people prefer wearing boots as compared to ordinary shoes. For starters, boots are heavy duty and keep our feet well protected. They are also a symbol of elegance and style. Unfortunately, wearing boots for an extended period causes moisture to build up. If this is left unchecked, it can lead to the growth of odor-causing bacteria that makes your feet smelly. This is where the best boot dryers come in. These ingeniously designed units will effectively dry your boot, eliminating the bad odor.

Besides, moisture tends to accelerate wear and tear. The boot dryers will effectively dry all the moisture, extending your shoe life. Additionally, drying shoes in the sun causes the color to fade. However, the unit will enable you to effectively dry your shoes indoors, in only 2-3 hours. This will safeguard their look, performance while ensuring that your feet stay comfortable and healthy. After sorting the multitudinous products on the market, we narrowed our choice to the following 10 best boot dryers.

List of 10 Best Boot Dryers in 2024

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#10. LAVIEAIR Boot/Shoe Dryer

LAVIEAIR Boot/Shoe Dryer

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The primary reason for smelly feet is wearing wet/ damp boots. The damp conditions are ideal for mold growth, and if left unchecked; could lead to serious conditions such as an athlete’s foot. LAVIEAIR electric boot drier is designed to efficiently dry your boots providing a comfortable and safe environment for your shoes. It is designed to dry various materials including rubber, leather, canvas, neoprene, felt, fleece, and more.

It comes with an ingenious design that dries two pairs of shoes simultaneously. When it comes to construction, it is equipped with a 250W heating coil and a powerful motor that is capable of drying your wet shoes in only two hours. There is also a timer, which enables you to set different drying periods to suit your needs. What’s more, this set is also ideal for removing sweat dampness as well as neutralizing smelly odors.

  • Equipped with a powerful heating coil that allows for quick drying
  • It dries two pairs of footwear simultaneously
  • Comes with a 0-180 minutes timer
  • Perfect for neutralizing the smelly odors

#9. Dr.Prepare Shoe Dryer

Dr.Prepare Shoe Dryer

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While a waterproof boot is ideal for walking on mud, hiking, and taking part in other water activities, sometimes, water finds a way inside the shoes. As you probably know, walking in soggy shoes can be very uncomfortable. However, with this model from Dr. Prepare, you can easily eliminate damp, odor, and sweat from your shoes.

The best part of this unit is that it dries your shoes in less than two hours. It also perfects to use on all shoe types regardless of the construction materials. Another notable feature is the smart panel timer that enables you to chooses the suitable drying time for your shoes. Moreover, this unit comes with a folding design that enables simple portability and storage.

  • Multifunctional boot/shoe dryer
  • It dries your shoes in less than two hours
  • Comes in a folding design for simple storage
  • The rack is adjustable to accommodate various sized shoes

#8. DryGuy Travel DX Shoe/Boot Dryer

DryGuy Travel DX Shoe/Boot Dryer

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DryGuy Travel Dry DX shoe dryer pairs forced air and conventional drying to come up with a superior drying system that cuts the time almost half when compared to other models. Unlike other models, this device integrates a fan at the front that circulates fresh air over the heating coil. The hot air reaches even the tight spaces, removing all the moisture and dampness. This will prevent the growth of bacteria, mildew, and odor-causing fungus.

What sets this model from the rest is the AC/DC power adapter that allows you to use it not only in your home but also in your car. This makes it the perfect choice for a long road trip as well as other outdoor vacations. Additionally, this unit comes in a clever design that fits most footwear and doesn’t damage any of the fragile materials.

  • Equipped with an AC/DC power adapter
  • The ingenious design allows for fast drying
  • Designed to fit in most shoes and boots
  • Powerful drying while remaining gentle on fragile materials
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#7. LAVIEAIR Ultra Quiet Shoe Dryer

LAVIEAIR Ultra Quiet Shoe Dryer

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With wide experience in this field, LAVIEAIR boot deodorizer is a great pick when you are looking to effectively dry your boots. This powerful and energy-efficient shoe drier offers continuous drying. At only 36, this unit utilizes less electricity than a standard bulb; therefore, you don’t have to worry about paying high electric bills. Besides using it for drying your boots, this unit is also ideal for drying your gloves and thick socks.

Thanks to the innovative design, this unit is noise-free. The tubes allow warm air to circulate inside the boots without making any distracting noise. Speaking of air, the unit supplies warm but not hot air that causes no damage to your shoes. This makes it ideal for all material types including rubber, leather, canvas, microfiber, and synthetics.

  • Eliminates moisture and deodorize all your footwear
  • Powerful drying while remaining energy efficient
  • It supplies warm air that is gentle on your shoe
  • This is an ETL certified product

#6. DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer

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When moisture penetrates inside our shoes, it will not only cause our feet to smell but also weakens the construction materials. This accelerates the wear and tear, rendering your favorite shoe useless within a short time. DryGuy Force dry boot dryer delivers gentle forced air to remove moisture and damp air at a moment’s notice. Thanks to quick-drying, this unit will dry your shoes in less than two hours.

Equally, this multifunctional dryer is also a perfect pick for drying and warming your boots. The drying mechanism is safe on most materials including leather, rubber, synthetics, neoprene, and canvas. Also, this unit comes with rotating, articulating drying ports that are capable of handling boots that are up to 10 inches tall. Along with other models from this brand, this unit also includes a long power cord for flexibility and a three-hour timer.

  • The sturdy base enables it to handle heavy boots
  • Effectively dries your boots, gloves, and shoes in 1-2 hours
  • Comes with a long, heavy-duty power cord
  • Utilizes gentle force air, making it safe for most shoes regardless of the construction materials
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#5. KOODER Boot/Shoe Dryer

KOODER Boot/Shoe Dryer

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Protect your shoes from humidity damage as well as eliminating the bad odor with KOODER shoe drier. This multifunctional drier supplies warm air inside the shoes allowing your shoes to dry fast and evenly. This will promote healthy feet as well as boosting your comfort. It comes as a set of two with a long flexible cord to suit your needs.

To foster enhanced performance, it utilizes a powerful PTC heat generator that delivers even heating as well as precise temperature control to prevent overheating. Equally, this unit comes with 360 degrees vertical and horizontal air holes that ensure optimal heat distribution. Thanks to the precise heat control, this unit is safe to use on all shoes despite the construction materials.

  • It dries, sanitizes and removes bad odor
  • Equipped with a long durable cable
  • Integrates PTC heat generator for precise temperature control
  • The 360 all-rounded air holes allow for even heat distribution

#4. MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Glove and Boot Dryers

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Glove and Boot Dryer

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MaxxDry is another high end, multifunctional boot dryer that utilizes forced air technology to dry two pairs of shoes or boots in only one hour. We love the multifunctional design that enables you to dry boots, shoes, and gloves. This unit is also a perfect choice for warming your shoes or gloves whenever you want to head out especially in cold weather.

The unit will quickly eliminate moisture and sweat precipitation, preventing the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungus. For added convenience, this unit comes with adjustable heat settings, making it ideal to use for various types of materials. Besides, it comes with a six-foot power cord and a three-hour timer.

  • Multifunction forced air dryer for your shoes, boots, and gloves
  • It has adjustable heat settings making it safe for all materials
  • Equipped with a heavy-duty, 6-foot power cord
  • Also includes a three-hour timer
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#3. DryGuy DX Garment and Boot Dryer

DryGuy DX Garment and Boot Dryer

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Enjoy dry, odor-free, comfortable boots, and gloves with no shrinkage, no stiffness, and damages with DryGuy DX boot dryer. As its name suggests, this model uses forced air to dry your shoes in only 1-2 hours. From your soggy gloves to rain-soaked canvas, this unit will eliminate moisture and dampness quickly boosting your comfort.

Eliminating moisture from your shoes will also extend their life. At the same time, this will prevent the growth of odor-causing fungus and bacteria. Notably, this unit also comes with extension tubs that make it capable of drying boots that are up to 16 inches tall. Moreover, this unit is completely safe to use on all materials, as it is gentle on delicate materials.

  • The removable extension tubes make it ideal for drying large boots
  • Dries your shoes, boots, and gloves in only 1-2hours
  • It dries up to two pairs of shoes simultaneously
  • Comes with a long, heavy-duty power cord

#2. PEET Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryers

PEET Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer

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Ensure that your feet and hands are dry, comfortable, and healthy with this multi-purpose shoe and boot dryer from PEET. It removes moisture, odor, and sweat from up to four garments in a limited time. As expected from a high-end model, this unit utilizes gentle thermal convection to dry your boots thoroughly. Unlike other models from the market, this model also maintains a silent operation and safe drying.

Another feature we loved in this unit is the oversized base that enables it to handle two pairs of heavy boots. The low wattage-heating element is also a welcomed feature as it utilizes less energy than your regular bulb. This minimizes your monthly electricity bills. What’s more, this unit comes with a subtle yet effective design that will safely dry rubber, leather, microfiber, neoprene, canvas, and other materials without any damage whatsoever.

  • Subtle yet effective in drying your shoes, boots, and gloves
  • Safe to use on all construction materials
  • Accommodates up to four garments at a time
  • Comes with a large, sturdy base

#1. OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer

OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer

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There is more to just a fancy design. The OdorStop Boot and shoe Dryer boasts of an advanced design that works effectively to get rid of moisture, sweat, and dampness that is responsible for wear and tear. This will also get rid of the odor-causing fungus, mold, and bacteria. Better still, this efficient dryer fastens the drying process, making the cleaning process super easy. What sets this unit from another model is the adjustable configuration that enables it to fit most shoes.

In the same breath, the unit utilizes gentle heat that is safe in drying various materials without causing any shrinkage or other damage. The dryer also comes with a long cable that is made of heavy-duty materials, ensuring durability and flexibility. Also notable, this unit operates silently; therefore, it will never distract you. It is also energy efficient and very easy to set up.

  • Equipped with a high output fan and heating element
  • Comes with a three-hour timer with automatic shut down
  • The adjustable tube configuration fits all your gloves and footwear
  • It removes odor-causing bacteria, fungus, and mold

Boot Dryers – Buyer’s Guide

The best boot dryers are a valuable addition to any household. They will not only cut down the drying time for your boots but also ensure optimal extend the life of your boots. While this is the case, it is important to pick a model that suits your needs. Below are some of the pointers to get you started.

Drying Time: A high-quality boot dryer should help you dry your shoes in a short time. This will enable you to dry all your shoes, making the cleanup process super easy. A model that dries shoes faster is also crucial, especially if for people who love mountain adventure or lives in places that rain regularly. We recommend going for a model that dries your shoes in 1-3 hours.

The Drying Mechanism: Next, you’ll need to consider the drying mechanism. These models come with different drying mechanisms. Unfortunately, some of these mechanisms might not be ideal for drying certain materials, especially delicate ones. For this reason, we recommend going for a model that comes with a gentle, heat adjustable system that is perfect for drying various material types.

Quiet Operation: Since these boot dryers circulate air inside the shoes, it can result in a lot of noise. Most often, the noise level is determined by the machine’s power. The more power it has, the noisier it is. To curb this unit, we recommend going for a model with adjustable power. Some recent models also adopt ingenious designs that minimize the noise significantly.


If you have smelly feet or athlete’s feet, the best boot dryers will make your life easier. Even if your shoe feels dry, some damp areas will accelerate the growth of fungus and other bacteria that causes the foul odor. Additionally, these units will come in handy during the rainy and winter as they allow you to not only dry the shoes but also warm them before heading out. Take your time to go through the above models and pick the one that suits your needs. Happy shopping!




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