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Top 10 Best Belt Sanders in 2024 Reviews

A belt sander is a vital tool that you should add to your tool supplies. The belt sanders are designed to handle most tasks plus have ergonomic designs for comfy hold. In addition to this, they are built using heavy-duty rugged materials for long-term services. To add more, they also function at variable speeds so that you get what will suit you better. The machines are ergonomically designed with soft-grip handles that you can hold for long when sanding. What is more, they have different power sources thus get what suits you better.

Some of the things that you should have in mind when shopping for belt sanders include; motor and speed, construction, design and portability, noise level, cost, and warranty.

List of 10 Best Belt Sanders in 2024

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#10. Craftsman Belt Sander


Craftsman Belt Sander

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Are you looking for the ultimate belt sander for your sanding needs? This is a professional and reliable sander that has been ergonomically designed to handle most sanding tasks. It is a rugged durable unit that has been built using quality steel material for long-term use. Besides this, it has a heavy-duty powerful motor that brings about efficient sanding. Other than this, it also functions at variable speeds so that you can adjust to handle every sanding task. More interestingly, the unit has a Vibra shield grip that brings about great comfort and better control when sanding.

The machine is very convenient for use during the day or night thanks to the LED work light that offers proper illumination. It also features an adjustable auxiliary handle. This provides great control as you can adjust to fit your needs and working position. It is a versatile unit that you can use for preparing the floors, evening the edges of the doors, and removal of materials among others.

  • Adjustable auxiliary handle
  • Variable speeds design
  • LED work light
  • Ergonomic sleek design
  • Wide application
  • Vibra shield grip design
  • Heavy-duty motor
  • Durable rugged steel built

#9. Ryobi Belt Sander


Ryobi Belt Sander

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Fitted with a powerful and low noise brushless motor, this is a very powerful belt sander that you should consider for handling your tasks. The motor also guarantees a longer lifespan thus a great machine that will suit you better. In addition to this, the unit also has an adjustable pommel that you can move to five variable positions for maximum comfy and ergonomics. To add more, the unit has a sleek compact design that makes it a breeze to use and store after use. It is run by an 18V lithium-ion battery; hence will provide hours of runtime.

More interestingly, it also has a reusable dust bag that will keep the work surface clean. The good thing is that the sander comes with an 80-grit sanding belt that allows for ergonomic operation. It has a rubber molding grip, which makes it very comfy to hold when working. The rugged body built gives it a longer lifespan thus a selection you never want to miss.

  • Powerful brushless motor
  • Comfy rubber grip handle
  • Sleek compact design
  • Rugged steel body built
  • 80-grit sanding belt
  • Reusable dust bag
  • Five-position adjustable pommel
  • Wide compatibility

#8. 3M File Belt Sander


3M File Belt Sander

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With a lightweight of just 2lbs, a belt sander is a user-friendly unit that will handle your sanding tasks. You can, therefore, hold the machine for better maneuverability and less fatigue. Second, to this, it is an ergonomically designed unit that you can comfortably hold when working and use even in tighter places. Run by a powerful 65HP motor, the sander will deliver amazing speed and performances thus a selection you never want to miss. Due to the high power and speeds, it is a versatile tool that you can use for handling collision repairs, finish, and cutting among others.

Again, the sanding machine features rotatable housing. With this, you can easily apply the unit even in smaller tight places. Other than this, it also has a sleek compact design for convenient storage when not in use.

  • 2lbs lightweight design
  • 18-inches long machine
  • 65HP powerful motor
  • Sleek compact design
  • Rotatable housing
  • Wide application
  • Rugged durable built
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#7. Skil 7501-01 Belt Sander

Skil 7501-01 Belt Sander

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Use the Skil belt sander to eliminate guesswork using a variety of sophisticated technologies and features. For example, the machine’s pressure control function warns you not to apply excess pressure during use. It also features a visible dust canister that helps you eliminate guesswork on when you should empty the canister. With the automatic track belt alignment feature, you don’t need to struggle to keep the belt at the center.

For comfort and stability, the sander comes with two ergonomic handles. Coupled with its lightweight design, this is one of the simplest-to-handle Sanders you’ll ever meet in the market. If you want a sander to use alongside a vacuum hose, Skil is your ideal choice. It comes with an attachment for all standard vacuum hoses (1.25 inches). The power trigger comes with a lock button that helps you work continuously without much effort.

  • It comes with three 18″ sanding belts (80-grit)
  • Power: 6 amp
  • It’s a corded machine
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • Size: 12.25 by 6.25 by 5.75 inches
  • It uses a strong brushless motor
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds

#6. Metabo HPT Belt Sander


Metabo HPT Belt Sander

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The motor is an important feature that you should look for when buying a belt sander. This is a powerful and efficient unit powered by a 9.0 1020W motor. Because of this, the machine brings about exceptional speed and performance, making it a pick that will suit you better. In addition to this, it is a sleek compact machine that you can easily store and with the lightweight design, it allows for easy usage.

The belt drive machine has a flush surface design so that it brings about even and quick sanding. It also features a soft elastomer handle grip so that it doesn’t cause hand strain when holding the machine. It is ruggedly built using premium quality material that guarantees a prolonged lifespan. Other than this, it also operates at variable speeds that you can adjust from 820 to 1475 ft/min thus will handle different sanding tasks.

  • 0Amp 1020W motor
  • Soft wear-resistant V-belt
  • Flush surface design
  • Tracking window system
  • Soft elastomer grip surface
  • Variable speed dial
  • Sleek ergonomic design
  • Wide application
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#5. Black+Decker Belt Sander

Black+Decker Belt Sander

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The Black+Decker Belt sander has been tested for maximum output with the least risk. It also consumes the least amount of power while staying easy to use. You can use it to sand any surface no matter its position. Working with the sander gets easier with the two adjustable handles that make it easy to hold firmly.

The sander’s belt will seldom derail, and if it does, it’s can quickly be repositioned using the belt tracking knob. Replacing the belt is also a cinch. In a single action, you can quickly release the old belt and replace it with a new one. You get a satisfaction guarantee when you purchase an original Black+Decker belt sander. Use our link to access it on Amazon.

  • The handles can be adjusted into three different positions
  • Weight: 7.74 pounds
  • It’s made of sturdy materials
  • The rubber handles give a firm and comfortable grip
  • Its dust bag is reusable
  • Powerful motor

#4. Grizzly Industrial Belt Sander

Grizzly Industrial Belt Sander

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Here is a combination of belt and disc sander in one machine. The innovative belt sander from Grizzly comes with two adjustable cast iron working surfaces to serve you custom flexibility with both the disc and belt. It comes with a single-knob belt tracker that helps you keep the belt in a central position without having to stop the machine as with other brands. Its powerful brushless motor powers both the 1″ (thread) and 8″ (disc) belts throughout your working period.

Enjoy cleaner working surfaces with the machine’s two dust ports (2 inches each). The machine is heavy and stable to keep it firm during the sanding task. The tables tilt up to 45 degrees to allow you to sand every surface without difficulty. This is the type of sander that you’ll meet in professional woodworkers’ shops. Its sturdy and durable design makes it your best bet if you want to take your woodworking business to the next level.

  • It has two cast-iron tables
  • It uses a 1/3 horsepower motor (1725 RPM)
  • The sanding disc’s size is 8″
  • Weight: 63 lbs
  • The belt sander’s table measures 6 by 7 inches
  • Disc sander: 4 by 10 inches
  • Each sander table comes with a Milter slot
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#3. WEN Belt Sander Machine


WEN Belt Sander Machine

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You should get a machine that has been ruggedly built for long-term service. This is a special pick that has a sturdy cast iron base for a longer lifespan. The sturdy base also aids in preventing heavy vibrations. Second, to this, it is a powerful machine with a 4.3-Amp motor so that it offers a great speed of 3600 RPM, making it excellent for most tasks. Again, the machine has a tension release lever so that you get to elementarily alter between the sandpaper grits.

It is a user-friendly machine that has a soft-grip handle for easy hold and control. Besides this, the belt of the unit will tilt from 0 to 90-degrees; hence a machine that will solve your sanding needs. The 2-in-1 unit has both belt and disc, making it a highly versatile machine.

  • 3-Amp motor
  • 3600 RPM maximum speed
  • Sturdy cast iron base
  • Tension release lever
  • 2-in-1 belt and disc sander
  • 0 to 90-degrees belt tilt
  • Sleek compact design
  • Soft-grip handle
  • High versatility

#2. JET Disc Sander


JET Disc Sander

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Here is a 2-in-1 sander machine that has both belt and disc systems. This means that it is a versatile sander you can use for handling most tasks. In addition to this, the unit features an idler hinged wheel cover for better protection. It is fitted with rubber capped feet that reduce vibration. Again, the machine has been built using premium quality material for a longer lifespan.

Besides this, it has a powerful 3/4HP motor that gives a great sanding experience, making it ideal for quick sanding. The unit has been ergonomically designed and with the soft-grip handle, you can comfortably hold for top-notch services.

  • Hinged idler cover
  • Disc and belt sander
  • Deluxe miter gauge
  • Rugged metallic built
  • Rubber capped feet
  • Wide application
  • 3/4HP powerful motor
  • Abrasive belt unit

#1. Makita Belt Sander


Makita Belt Sander

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Due to the sleek compact design, this is a user-friendly and portable machine that you can store even in smaller spaces. The belt sander has a lightweight design, which makes it excellent for easy hold when working. Other than this, it delivers a high speed of 1,640 ft/min, making it great for handling your sanding tasks. Other than this, it also has a large front grip that has been positioned to offer maximum comfy.

Additionally, the belt sander quality labyrinth built will keep the motor plus bearings from any kind of contamination. It also operates at a lower noise level of 84dB.

  • Powerful motor
  • 1640 ft/min speed
  • 4 x 24-inches size
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Lightweight portable design
  • Quality labyrinth built
  • Soft grip handle
  • 1-year warranty

Belt Sander– Buyer’s Guide

Construction: You should find a high-quality machine that will suit your sanding needs and guarantees a long-term service. Such a sander should be crafted using premium quality metallic material like steel or cast iron among others. Besides this, it should have a heavy base or rubber capped feet to reduce the vibration.

Motor and Speed: Again, ensure that the unit has a very powerful motor that will deliver great torque and higher speed. You may consider machines that have 3/4HP motors or 7+ Amp motors. Such a unit will bring about excellent sanding to suit you better. It should also operate at variable speeds that you can adjust to suit your needs.

Power Source: Do you need a battery-operated or AC adapter unit? For the battery-operated units, they are likely to run out of power though convenient as you can use them outdoors. On the other hand, machines with AC adapters are limited to use where there is a power source. For better convenience, get a unit that has both AC and battery-operated.


For all your sanding tasks, we have picked out the best belt sanders on the market you may consider. They are very powerful and efficient machines that will provide exceptional sanding at variable speeds. Other than this, they are also easy to use and hold thanks to their sleek designs. These units are easily portable plus you can hold for long; hence quality picks that you should try out.

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