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Top 10 Best Baby Floats in 2024 Reviews

We all know that toddlers relish playing in/with water. Allowing them to have fun inside the swimming pool could be the best news for them, but it’s a pretty dangerous idea. However, trust me there’s a safe way to let your baby free into the swimming pool. Using the right and best safety accessories will never let you down — it has never let anyone down. The primary swimming safety gear for children is a baby float.

You still don’t want to take chances, and you’ll only shop for the best baby floats that guarantee 200% (or more) safety for your kid. Don’t worry. My review of the top 10 best baby floats in 2024 is a godsend. It lists individually tested baby floats from the most popular brands in the world. All the products on my list live up to their descriptions. Besides my review, I’ve also added a buying guide for my readers. The buying guide should further point you in the right direction, based on your preferences. Here goes the review.

List of 10 Best Baby Floats in 2024

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#10. The SunnyLIFE Pool Float

The SunnyLIFE Pool Float

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SunnyLife is a promising baby float that gives your toddler a reason to smile in summer. The safe float is packed with unparalleled features that keep you worry-free while your child is having fun in the water. It also retails at a highly affordable price for all.

The float’s material keeps your baby comfortable due to its exceptional softness; thus, your baby will enjoy lasting, fatigue-free swimming. The material is also not irritant to the skin, unlike most others. Your baby will love this pool float’s design, too.

  • It is made of PVC
  • Features leg and headrests
  • Comes in a flamingo design
  • There’s a wide selection of colours
  • There are minimal chances of the float tipping over

#9. HECCEI Baby Swim Float

HECCEI Baby Swim Float

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HECCEI is a compressible swim float for both boys and girls. It’s made of three layers of BPA free materials, and that’s one of the reasons why it’s safe for your kid. This swim float’s buoyancy is on another level. When you buy it, you’ll be gifted with an extra hat and a pair of sunglasses for protection from the harmful sun rays.

Your baby will enjoy the grip from this float’s soft safety buckles that keeps him in position without tripping over. The cute swimming float is a perfect gift idea for your baby. You’ll enjoy carrying with you the swimming float to any location due to its compressible design.

  • Suitable for: 3-24 months old babies
  • Weight capacity: 40 lbs
  • Made of 3 layers of soft fabric
  • The no-air construction makes it free from air leaks
  • Easy to travel with

#8. V Convey Baby Swimming Float

V Convey Baby Swimming Float

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You need a non-inflatable baby swimming float if you want to take safety to a higher level. This one from V Convey is one of a kind — you don’t need to buy a pump for inflating the float. It leaves your baby’s neck and hands-free, to facilitate easy breathing and struggle-free play. This V Convey’s baby float is made of durable materials alone.

You should expect no leaks with this float. It’s made of high-quality, BPA-free materials only. Your baby will grow old while it still lasts for a younger one(s) (if available). You’ll get it at a wallet-friendly price on Amazon.

  • It’s easily foldable for storage and travel
  • Prevents flipping over
  • It leaves all limbs free
  • Features dual buckles for safety
  • Meets all the toy international safety standards
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#7. Iefoah Baby Floats

Iefoah Baby Pool Float

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If you want to introduce your baby into the waters in a stylish way, you’ll need the Iefoah pool float. It comes in a flamingo cartoon design that’ll be loved by all the babies. You can inflate and deflate the float whenever you need. When collapsed, Iefoah occupies a minimal storage space.

For protection against the sun’s harmful rays, this float features a canopy. Its two air chambers will protect against air leakage. A comfortable seat is built in the canopy to add your baby more comfort and safety. Always keep your baby close to you, as this float isn’t a lifesaver.

  • Weight Capacity: 60 lbs
  • material: non-toxic PVC
  • The canopy is removable
  • Suitable for babies between 6 and 48 months old
  • Suitable for both males and females

#6. The Flyboo Baby Pool Float

The Flyboo Baby Pool Float

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To let your child splash, sprinkle, and do all sorts of plays in the water safely, you need a piece of baby float, and the Flyboo has got you covered. The swim training device is made of a heavy-duty material that’s both durable and safe for your child. The PVC material is also non-irritating to the skin.

This swimming device comes in a shark’s design. It features four airbags that work together to ensure that your child doesn’t quickly turn or simply sink into the water. Always remember to keep your child at an arm’s reach every time he’s in water.

  • Suitable for 12 months old babies and up
  • Features a soft, inflatable seat for your baby
  • It comes with handles for more safety
  • Easily transportable
  • PVC material thickness: 0.35mm
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#5. The Intex Kiddie Float

The Intex Kiddie Float

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Purchasing the Intex kiddies swim float means saving a fortune. It retails at a price lower than all of the other floats on my list. The float has an inflatable roof that protects your baby from the merciless sun rays. You can use them when the sun is up and deflate them when the sun isn’t too harsh.

This swim tool is designed to give your child both happiness and safety. However, you should always keep the child as near to you as possible, as this isn’t a lifesaver. The swim float is made of both durable and skin-friendly materials that’ll keep your child safe and save you some money.

  • Size: 32 by 26 inches
  • The sunshade is foldable
  • Comes with two air chambers
  • Features smooth leg holes for more safety and comfort
  • It also comes with play balls

#4. SwimSchool Baby Pool Float

SwimSchool Baby Pool Float,

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The SwimSchool baby pool float is made into a fish design to give your baby more fun. It features comfortable parts that allow your baby to have fun without fatigue. The float has a vast base that provides more stability in the water. It comes with a comfortable seat as well as an open mesh play area.

If you need protection from the sunlight, it helps to use the foldable canopy. The float’s dual air chambers add to its safety features. Folding and inflating the swimming aid will take the user a little while. When folded, the float is effortless to store and take on the go.

  • Suitable for: children aged between 6-24 months
  • Sunshade: UPF50+
  • Dual air chambers
  • Size: 91 by 91 centimetres
  • The broad base promotes stability
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#3. Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swimming Float

Free Swimming Baby Inflatable Baby Swimming Float

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This baby float will keep your toddler in the right posture that doesn’t fatigue him/her. The correct posture is also said to help with proper digestion, enhance immunity, and offer a lot more advantages. At the chest, the float features non-inflatable support. It’s soft support with outstanding health benefits.

Both sides and front of the swim float are raised to prevent tipping over and sideways. The device has passed CE, CPC, and ASTM safety standards, and this is an assurance that it will offer the safety that you need for your toddler.

  • Made of PVC material
  • Comes in different sizes for three months to 3 years old babies
  • material thickness: 0.35mm
  • Uses two air chambers
  • Certified by regulatory bodies for safety

#2. SwimWays Baby Pool Float

SwimWays Baby Pool Float

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SwimWays offer you yet another great way to introduce your baby to the swimming world. At his/her first experience, your baby will interact with not only water but also a few toys like a squeaker fish and others. A 360° rotatable octopus head is installed at the top of the float.

A canopy is also available for protection against sunlight. An innerspring is sewn within the float. It adds stability and comfort to your baby and the float alike. The float also features mesh sides through which you can see and easily monitor your baby. You’ll be able to fold and store or travel with the swimming tool easily.

  • Sun protection: UPF 50+
  • Size: 34 by 30 inches (length by width)
  • Suitable for 9-24 months old babies
  • Includes four toys
  • Features safe dual air chambers

#1. The V Convey Mambobaby Swimming Float

The V Convey Mambobaby Swimming Float

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So this is the best swimming float in 2024. The non-inflatable Mambobaby float has no leakage risk and features a mesh side for easy visibility. It comes with a sun protection canopy that can be removed when not needed. You can place your baby in both the breaststroke and backstroke positions on this float.

The strong but comfortable and non-irritating straps will hold the baby in the right position. V Convey’s base is large, and there’s no chance of tipping over while the float is on water. It provides the best first-time water experience for your baby, leaves alone safety and comfort.

  • The sun canopy: UPF 50+
  • Comes with a sturdy carry bag and user manual
  • Suitable for 3-24 months old babies
  • Made of irritant-free materials
  • Easily foldable for convenient travel and storage
  • Comes in a beautiful and safe design

Baby Float– Buyer’s Guide

Safety: You’re mainly buying a baby float for safety. However, the wrong choice can rob you of it. For example, if your baby weighs 50 pounds and you purchase a pool float that can only bear a maximum of 40 pounds, you’re risking a life. There are a lot more things to look at while shopping for a safe baby float. You must ensure that the manufacturing material is leak-proof. Also, check of the pool float has safety straps, durable tubes, safety valves, and others. Still, you must keep the baby under watch (preferably at an arm’s reach).

Size: Baby floats aren’t of conventional standard size. Some are larger than others, and you may be worried about which one to go with. It would help if you bought one that grows with your baby. Yes! Some swimming floats are designed to get bigger with time. Otherwise, you can still choose to purchase smaller ones for smaller babies and bigger ones for older babies.

Material: Your choice of the baby float material should be excellent. The material will dictate a lot of features that include safety and durability. You must look for a material that lasts long and doesn’t easily tear or wear. Likewise, the material should be soft, so that your toddler’s skin doesn’t feel irritated. A good material should as well be easy to clean. It should look stylish, too. Some of the best materials with most of these features are PVC and vinyl. Poor quality materials can easily cause accidents, leave alone, making you incur frequent replacement costs.

Sun Protection Feature: Direct sunlight is harmful to your toddler’s weak skin, say paediatricians. Most of the time, you’ll throw your baby into the swimming pool during summer when the sunlight is harsh. Pool floats with canopies will, therefore, be safe for your small children. I have some of them on my list. If you can’t find one, however, you can use a baby hat instead.

Comfort: It won’t help if your baby feels fatigued rather than comfortable and happy on what is supposed to bring joy. Always ensure that the seats are soft and non-irritating, yet strong enough to resist wear and tear. The float’s size is also directly proportional to its comfort. So look for one that just fits your child.

Design: Children love beautiful and pleasant figures. A baby float made in the shape of a shark or duck will please children more than the ones made without a distinct figure. Your choice of design should match what your child loves.


Babies not only have fun while playing in the water but also get to learn swimming, improve their flexibility, learn to float and sink, and gain even more. Baby floats ensure they’re safe while gaining all these advantages. They’re indispensable tools when it comes to baby safety in the water. My review has just recommended to you ten exceptionally useful, durable, cost-effective, and comfortable baby floats of 2021.  I hope this review and its buying guide will prove useful in helping you purchase the ideal baby float for your child, pals.

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