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Top 10 Best Adult Board Games in 2024 Reviews

Whether you’re a regular gamer or a newbie in pursuit of extra fun, adult board games provide an excellent way to pass the time in a constructive and jovial fashion. While they keep you entertained, these games also enhance your critical thinking. There are quite a few of them in the market, but all you need is an enjoyable one that gives you room to play with friends without getting bored repeatedly.

I’ve made a list of the top 10 best adult board games in 2024 for you. So, you don’t have to rake through the web and ask friends about the “most challenging and enjoyable” games again. I’ve got them right here. My list contains top-rated adult board games on popular platforms like Amazon and others. I have also included some of the main points I used to choose the games — to help you select the ideal game for you and your friends.

List of 10 Best Adult Board Games in 2024

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#10. The Codenames Deep Undercover 2.0

The Codenames Deep Undercover 2.0

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In this game, two teams are competing to identify all their agents. The first team to identify all their agents is the winner. While each team struggles to find all the agents, they’re both avoiding the assassin and the other team’s agents. In the game, there are two spymasters, each for one team, who give single-word clues to their teammates.

The single words can lead to many names, which is where the game becomes challenging. Codenames is an exciting and challenging game that’s easy to learn but hard to master. You can play it during parties, under the tree, in bard, and many other setups.

  • It’s suitable for those aged 18 years and above
  • It’s a great game that promotes social distancing
  • You don’t have to spend the whole day playing it, but the enjoyment will have you playing repeatedly
  • 25 agents are to be identified
  • It’s very cost-effective

#9. Drawing Without Dignity

Drawing Without Dignity

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I hope you know what it means when someone says “without dignity.” This game makes you draw uncensored pictures that you wouldn’t love to draw near mom or dad. It also features NSFW terms, so it’s not a game to play with “sensitive” family members or at work.

While at it, you’ll enjoy seeing friends draw inappropriate images; sometimes, the game cracks your ribs instead of making you understand your friend’s drawing. The game involves throwing a die, drawing a card, then finding a clue. You have sixty seconds to draw the clue. Then, you need to tell what the clue is, and win points.

  • Perfect for the night
  • No drawing skills needed
  • It’s rated 670 NSFW, so it’s not for children
  • It comes with a comprehensive user guide
  • Also comes with a timer, dice, drawing cards, and all the necessary tools for the game



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No! You’re not a bad person by merely playing this one; you only make fun and earn points voting the member that best suits a question. The dictator randomly picks a question and reads it for all. Then, each member secretly votes for the member who s/he thinks best suits the quiz. The dictator then votes last.

If your vote matches the dictator’s, you earn a vital one point. If you use your Double Down card, you make two points. Otherwise, you deserve none. The first to get seven wins is the overall winner. You can start over again. After the game, you can laugh at someone or make fun of them. The game is for adults. Kids may laugh and fight. Luckily, the questions aren’t offensive as well.

  • No relegation; all players are in the game all the time
  • The rules are straightforward
  • Players: 3 minimum, 10 maximum
  • Only for players above 17 years
  • It comes with the question cards, voting cards, and Double Down cards
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#7. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

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This game gives you a chance to laugh away your greatest life regrets. It can motivate you, break your ribs (while you laugh), and let you learn more about friends. To play it, you start by removing all the rule cards from the box and placing them on the table. Dealing each player with ten cards each is the next step.

If player X chooses to start the game, s/he takes one rule card (that explains what is to be done in the game) from the pile and read aloud all the instructions for everyone to grok. Then, the playing card is read. If you’re guilty of the card, you take it and place it in front of you. Others can laugh, chuckle, smile, mock, but none should judge the other.

  • Most of the cards provoke wild debates and joy
  • The game pairs perfectly with drinks
  • Allows for player ages above 17
  • Player count minimum is four and maximum 12
  • 550 cards

#6. Telestrations After Dark

Telestrations After Dark

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Telestrations After Dark is an adult-only game that focuses on assessing your smartness. You get to draw what you see and then guess what you saw. The result will be hilariously wrong! Don’t say I didn’t warn you. And this is where the fun of the game lies.

The game suits a party and your friends will get to laugh at you when the results are out. You can laugh all the way through the night. And, you don’t have to know how to draw correctly for this one. Even the worst drawer can win!

  • Playtime: 15 minutes
  • 4 to 8 players
  • Players’ age: 17+ years
  • Drawing skills aren’t necessary
  • You only draw within a 60-second duration; the timer, plus all the essential tools, are included
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#5. The 5 Second Rule Game

The 5 Second Rule Game

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The game is to name three things in a category in only five seconds. Your friends will be waiting to laugh at the way you’re panicking, leave alone your funny answers. If you’re smart, friends will appreciate your…promptness — for lack of a better word.

Think about being asked not only to name three breeds of dogs but in five seconds! That’s challenging, isn’t it? And, when your good friends are watching, it gets even more complicated and fun. While the countdown is on, the timer makes a “zoop” sound that adds even more fun to the game.

  • It fits three players and above
  • Player ages: 10+ years
  • There are 576 questions to answer
  • The package comes with a beautifully twisted marble timer (for only 5-second countdown periods)
  • You can play the game at any time

#4. These Cards Will Get You Drunk

These Cards Will Get You Drunk

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The name has it right; the playing cards get you drunk. You pick a card, follow the instructions, and they the game. For example, a card may instruct you to ask everyone that is single to drink. Some cards protect you from drinking; they simply instruct you not to drink when you’re asked to do so.

This is one of the best games that help you stylishly start the night’s party. You always have the freedom of what to drink. You can even choose water when your fellow gamers drink alcohol. The amount you drink will depend on how you game.

  • No two games look alike
  • Recommended for ages 21 and above
  • The minimum number of players is two while the maximum is eight
  • This game can be played at any time of the day, though night time is the best
  • It features 100 cards
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#3. That’s What She Said

That's What She Said

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When friends (of both sexes) meet, this is the best game to put on the table. One of the players reads a red setup card to the rest, while each player selects the hilarious card of all in their hands. The judge then awards the winner a red setup card.

The first winner to collect five red setup cards win the game, and you can start over and over again. It’s hilarious all the way until the game ends. This is the best game for a bachelorette party or get-together occasion.

  • It needs four players and above
  • Players should be aged 17 and above
  • The game lasts for 30 minutes to an hour
  • It features 48 red setup cards and 400 white phrase cards
  • It’s safe for family members, too

#2. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

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This is an adult board game that’s friendly to family members and any other intimate group. The highly strategic game involves each player drawing cards from the table. When you draw an exploding kitten, you’re out of the game! However, you can avoid leaving the game when you play a defuse card, distracting the exploding.

There are also cards that, when you play, you get the power to relocate the kitten, skip your turn, and do more. The game is fun, and up to no players can participate. It’s a great one for a family or college reunion party. This game has over 9 million sales, and myriads of splendid reviews, too.

  • The one who doesn’t explode is the winner
  • It’s suitable for a minimum of two players and a maximum of nine
  • Player ages: 7 years and above
  • Playtime: 15 minutes
  • You only need two minutes to learn how to play

#1. What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme?

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This is the best adult board game in 2024! It’s oh-so-interesting, engaging, and fun. You need to create a meme for the photo in your dealt card. A rotating judge then decides the winner that will be crowned as the member king/queen. If you don’t win, you get to laugh at the other players’ memes. So either way, you win; it’s a win-win.

What Do You Meme is a game with millions of lovers from all corners of the globe. You’re probably the next lover. While you compete to be the best, you’re exploring your creativity and learning more about your friends (some friends are funnier than you thought).

  • Players should be 17 years old and more
  • The game is safe for family members
  • The package contains 360 caption cards and 75 photo cards
  • The game is easy to learn; you can’t master it
  • It’s recommended for four or more players for maximum fun
  • No repeat photos

Adult Board Game– Buyer’s Guide

Player Reviews: If myriads and myriads enjoy it, why not you? There’s no better way of evaluating how interesting a game is than getting an idea from those who have got a taste of it. If many users have recommended the game, and they actually quote how challenging and enjoyable it is, please don’t hesitate to take it up, too. However, you can’t make user reviews your sole buying guide. There are more attributes to consider. Read on.

The Game’s Strategy: The best adult board games should not have a single dominant approach that gives other users an edge over their opponents. It should instead have several strategies to learn and balance it with luck to make it more challenging and interesting. A game that features a dominant strategy isn’t fair, and one player can always do out the rest without them even enjoying the game. Ensure that the game you want to play is quite easy to get into but “hard” to master.

Game Length: For a game to remain interesting, it has to create a distinct line between time and boredom. A boring game can last hours without a winner, or yield the winner too soon (which isn’t something you’ll enjoy). User-friendly games will even give you the liberty to choose your preferred playing time. My list has included games with reasonable play durations alone.

Number of Players: The great adult board games should allow participators to choose the number of gamers themselves, or have a conventionally convenient number of players. For example, those that are restricted to two, three, or four people aren’t bad. If you can choose the number of players, the better. Games that need, for example, ten people to play, aren’t great. What if a friend couldn’t make it that day?

Ease of Learning The Game: The game should be easy to learn, yes, but hard to master — I hope you get the point. A game that you can learn easily will attract many people into playing. When it proves hard to master, no one has a winning advantage; the competition is, therefore, fair. Such games are the ones on my list. You have no option but to enjoy them throughout the gaming duration.

Interactiveness of The Game: Among the main purposes of gaming is having fun with friends, relatives, and acquaintances. An interactive board game gives you more and more of this. While playing it, you get engaged with the other participators in different ways. You can compete, cooperate, build, or interact in many other ways. Moreover, a board game that eliminates some users too early isn’t interactive. They make the relegated users stay long before a new one is started again for them to join.


It never gets old to enjoy adult board games, but only if they’re interesting. My research has used all the best research resources to discover top adult board games for you in 2024, and the results are in this review. All the games included here are suitable for playing in different setups, including bars, at home, and in other locations. I’ve added Amazon ASIN codes to help you find each game on Amazon — happy shopping, pals.

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